The Weird, the Wild, and the Outright Hilarious Tales of Oklahoma Private Investigators

Experienced private investigators in Oklahoma often see some pretty fascinating cases. These can range from things that are dangerous to those that are just plain odd. Here you will hear about a tale from a private investigator that might just make you laugh!

One day a private investigator was out with his video camera watching a woman whom the insurance company had suspected of pretending to be hurt. The lady in question was a fourty-year-old exotic dancer, and she had supposedly gotten hurt while on the job. However, the insurance company suspected fraud, so they sent this Oklahoma private investigator out to look into the matter.

After sitting in his car in the hot sun for some time, guess who emerged from the house? Yes, the woman came out into her backyard. However, apparently she was hardly far from hurt, as she began bouncing up and down on her trampoline. This in and of itself would definitely prove, short of some new “trampoline therapy,” that she was uninjured, but the story doesn’t end there.

What makes this story so interesting is the fact that the lady was in fact dancing in the nude! Yes, her boobs were bouncing up and down as the private investigator caught everything on tape. Trying to contain himself from laughing and getting slightly turned on at the same time, he could not wait to get the video back to the office. It is believed that many people found the tape to be very interesting indeed.

Now, one might ask what kind of defense the woman would have used against this? Trampoline therapy? Insanity? Who knows? Whatever the case, the private investigator got this case solved and the woman probably had to go find another job. The evidence against her was too overwhelming, and this shows how private investigators can often get work done that the police simply do not want to mess with.

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Expert Witnesses Testifying in Important Legal Cases in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers hires expert witnesses to work with attorneys to provide objective, professional, and highly specialized testimony about matters litigants are seeking to solve through the courts.  These experts use their talents and skills to assist plaintiffs and defendants in both criminal and civil trials and what they say can potentially have an enormous impact on what the judge and/or jurors decide.  Indeed, there are many types of these experts from a very broad range of fields who work as expert witnesses.

An expert witness in a case involving medical malpractice might involve another licensed, trained, experienced physician who can testify about the mistakes that another doctor made and what should have taken place.  Of course, if the physician did nothing wrong, the expert witness can definitely testify about that, too, and perhaps help serve to exonerate the other medical doctor from any wrongdoing.  There are other examples of different types of expert witnesses plaintiffs and defendants also use in court cases in Oklahoma.

Expert witnesses could also come in handy in cases like the Exxon Valdez and British Petroleum oil spills.  In such cases where these oil spills have killed a large number of living beings at an enormous financial and emotional cost, plaintiffs could bring in expert witnesses who are skilled in petroleum, environmental issues, wildlife, business economics, and more.  The oil companies might likewise try to use expert witnesses of their own to try to mitigate responsibility, downplay the economic impact, and minimize as much of their legal liability.

Another example where an Oklahoma Private Investigators could come in very useful is in a trial involving child abuse.  An expert witness who is working on behalf of the child and the prosecution might outline typical behaviors of child abuse, what certain DNA evidence such as semen, hair samples, clothing fibers, etc., is and how it pertains to the defendant’s guilt, and so on.  Likewise, an expert witness for the defendant could easily have expert witnesses of his or her own assert that the DNA belongs to someone else, is flawed, etc.

Sometimes in cases where both sides use expert witnesses in a court case, the impact on the judge and/or jurors may potentially rest more on which expert witness they believe is the most credible.  If different expert witnesses are saying two very different things, jurors might become confused and not know what to think.  Thus, the experience levels of the expert witnesses, their ability to communicate in plain language or laymen’s terms that others can easily understand, and their ability to connect with the judge and/or jury can also prove to be crucial.

Much like other forms of evidence, expert witnesses are not always “perfect,” either.  Cases exist where expert witnesses have been known to lie and send innocent people to jail.  Joyce Gilchrest, a former forensic “expert” who worked for the Oklahoma City Police Department maliciously sent many innocent people to jail with her false” expert” testimony, and she got away with it virtually unpunished.

Indeed, John Grisham even wrote a book called An Innocent Man, which outlined how innocent men went to jail and only got out after having suffered through years of incarceration from an evil prosecutor in Oklahoma and testimony that was changed by a supposed “expert”.  Dr. Grisham has made his aversion of DNA evidence widely known and even refers to it as “junk science”.  To this very day he remains very skeptical of DNA evidence and experts in the field.

Some critics view expert witnesses as “hired guns” used solely for the purposes of testifying for people in court cases.  In order to make sure an expert witness is considered more credible, it is important to inquire as to how many times they have testified for defendants and for plaintiffs in cases.  If they have favoured one side or the other too much and attorneys bring this to light in the middle of a very important trial, the judge and/or jurors might view them as inherently biased and not take their testimony as seriously as they otherwise would.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers only hired the most reputable, reliable, honest, credible expert witnesses.  If expert witnesses used in court cases do not have a solid background in their field and are not well-respected within their profession, their services are not used.  Hiring expert witnesses can have potentially decision changing impacts on court cases and those involved in them, and choosing the very best people for the job are vital.

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Oklahoma Notary Public Services Enhanced by Certification Training

Another professional field in Oklahoma which could certainly benefit from mandatory training is the notary public profession.  An individual who serves as a notary public in Oklahoma essentially just has to pay a fee, sign an affidavit, and get his or her commission.  This is probably acceptable for many types of basic services that mobile notaries perform, but it still leaves those in the profession, well, untrained and less professional.

A wide variety of training exists that can help notaries get enhanced training. These types of programs, many of which are online, also help notaries learn more about the applicable laws that pertain to their profession.  The National Notary Association (NNA) offers some helpful training through its site, which can be found on  Those who are serious about the profession should not only consider joining the National Notary Association, but they should also give great consideration to joining the NNA.

The National Notary Association also offers wonderful errors & omissions (E&O) insurance.  This helps protect notaries and even owners of companies from liability, in the event they make some kind of mistake.  A notary public in Oklahoma that does general work for the public should probably carry about $25,000 of E&O insurance, while those doing much bigger jobs for banks, etc., should carry about $100,000.  However, many notaries do not even know that such insurance is needed or even exists, as few companies or other organizations take the time to explain this to those seeking to serve as mobile notaries in Oklahoma.

Training of some sort always helps in almost any profession, and professional notaries are no exception.  Certifications and further education in the field will not only enhance a notary public’s ability to perform his or her job, but training also builds confidence and trust in a notary public’s ability to perform the job correctly.  Thus, a little investment could pay off some big dividends to both the notary public in Oklahoma City and the clients he or she serves.

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Oklahoma Private Investigators Help People In Need

There are many times when a private investigator in Oklahoma can really help people in need.  Too often the police either will not assist or are not equipped to assist with various areas that private investigators cover.  Police officers and other law enforcement officials are often overburdened as it is, and this can make their ability to assist limited.  This is where private investigators can prove to be especially helpful.

One instance where an Oklahoma private investigator can really assist others is when they suspect that a spouse might be cheating on them.  From video surveillance to recording conversations and tracking devices, an experienced private investigator can often find out whether the person really is cheating or remaining faithful.  The evidence they collect can be especially helpful in court, where a judge or party to the case might call upon the private investigator to testify.

Another instance where private investigator can come in particularly handy is when someone is suspected of committing a crime.  For example, cases have come up where a son or daughter is thought to be “overmedicating” an elderly parent in order to speed up the death process and thus the accompanying inheritance.  In this instance, a private investigator might be able to catch the offender and make the arrest right then and there.

While the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and the local police departments could get involved in the matter, they are often hesitant to want to do so for liability purposes.  Private investigators are often willing to go the extra mile and have to be covered by liability insurance.  Making an investment in hiring a private investigator could end up saving the parent’s life!

Sometimes people think that someone has bugged an appliance or other part of their houses, their cars, etc.  Listening bugs, video cameras, and other illegal surveillance material really might exist in a person’s home.  This is not a matter private investigators take lightly, and they have just the right equipment to handle the job.  They can easily sweep the area and tell you what they find.  Oklahoma private investigators might not find anything at all or they could find something that someone has put in place to spy on someone.  Either way, finding out can bring peace of mind and can help the client know what action to take next.

Needless to say, private investigators have a multitude of uses and can assist in a wide variety of ways.  From video surveillance to looking into burglaries and more, hiring an Oklahoma private investigator can prove to be a noteworthy investment.  They will charge a fee for their services, but the results can often prove to be invaluable.

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