Being a Process Server in Oklahoma is a Relatively Safe Profession: Tips and Tricks to Staying Safe and Having Fun

Many people have asked the process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers whether or not serving as a professional process server in Oklahoma is a dangerous job. With a few exceptions, it is not nearly as dangerous as many people think, though few jobs come with absolutely no risk of some sort. However, there are some very helpful tips that can prove invaluable to those who are process servers in Oklahoma, as they strive to remain extra safe while on the job.

One of the most obvious things any good process server can do is to keep himself or herself in excellent physical condition. If a conflict ever arises where a process server must defend himself or herself, having extra strength and an ability to run without tiring can come in quite handy indeed! Investing in a gym membership or simply lifting weights, riding a bicycle, etc., can prove invaluable in confrontational situations.

Having skills in basic self-defense can also prove to be very useful, as can carrying such weapons as pepper spray, stun guns, and guns, provided you are licensed, trained, and authorised to do so. Knowing how and when to properly defend yourself is crucial, as each process server has the right to protect himself or herself from harm. No one has the right to hurt you as an officer of the court in Oklahoma.

Few, if indeed any, serves are ever worth a gun battle, and it is important to know when to call the police for assistance. If someone becomes violent or verbally threatens a process server in any way, a person should take great caution and use discretion when deciding whether or not to use force. If at all possible, contacting the city police or county sheriff’s department can resolve these types of issues, and thus it is important to have a good working relationship built up with law enforcement officials. But wait – didn’t we say that working as a process server in Oklahoma was relatively safe?

Most people and places a process server delivers papers to are fairly harmless. It is important to inquire in advance from your client as to any potential violent history a person one is about to serve might have. In such cases, a process server can take extra care or can even bring along backup (i.e., a spotter). A vast majority of cases, especially those at businesses, take place without incident.

If a person you are serving ever gets upset and mistakenly associates you as being the one who has filed the legal case, one of the best things a process server in Oklahoma can do is to try to diffuse the situation and downplay his or her role. Such phrases like, “Hey. I’m just the delivery boy,” or, “Think of me like the mailman. You don’t get upset at the mailman [or mailwoman] when he brings you the mail, right? Well, I’m not involved in this case in at all, so why be upset with me?” These simple phrases can potentially diffuse anger, frustration, and other negative emotions people may have toward a process server who has brought them bad news.

Another effective technique to help keep process servers safe is to always let someone know where you are going to be and when. This is just basic common sense, yet if something ever happened then someone would know where you were and when. Keep in contact with your employer, a spouse, friend, etc. It might be somewhat time consuming, but one just never knows when it can help you out!

Bullet proof vests are yet another idea for added protection, though these are often what most process servers would consider overkill. Police officers often wear these to help protect them from dangerous criminals, but most or all of the cases process servers handle do not involve criminal complaints. If a gun is involved, it is better to get police assistance than to try to handle the matter yourself. Besides, bullet proof vests cannot stop many kinds of bullets, thus placing inherent limitations on their effectiveness.

Sometimes wearing an officer of the court badge and having your license on you can prove to be a helpful deterrent. Having a pair of handcuffs on your belt can also help give people the impression that you are not someone to mess with. Most people have no idea what an officer of the court in Oklahoma is – a process server – and they are more likely to focus on your handcuffs, the stun gun you are wearing on your belt, etc.

Process servers should use the aforementioned approach with caution, as doing these things could also make neighbors, colleagues, and the person you are trying to serve much more suspicious of you. Indeed, they might choose not to answer the door, neighbors might provide less assistance, etc. This is a judgment call that each person must make for himself or herself, and wise discretion is the key.

Sometimes the “innocent approach” is the most effective, nonthreatening method. The less threat you pose and the more innocent, unsuspecting you look, the better the results you are often likely able to get. If people do not feel like you are out to get them or cause them harm, they might be more likely to open the door and accept the papers. Once again, each situation is different and requires careful discretion and careful consideration of all factors involved in the case.

Overall, working as a professional process server in Oklahoma is a very noble profession. An outstanding process server can help speed up the justice process for people, and can even help provide legal protection from harm (i.e., serving VPOs). The field of process serving does not have to be dangerous or something you should fear. Your disability insurance adjustor should not increase your rate, either.

When compared to other professions, just think of how many hardworking, dedicated, underpaid professional teachers and principals are assaulted by unruly students or parents. Likewise, people have shot doctors who perform abortions in Oklahoma and elsewhere, so even physicians are not exempt. Convenience store clerks and bank officials can get robbed and even killed, too. Thus, when looking at process serving as a long term profession of choice, it’s relatively safe!

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Establish Positive Relations When Filing and Retrieving Legal Documents

The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Positive Relations With Oklahoma Court Clerk Staff Members When Filing and Retrieving Legal Documents

Anyone who has ever found reason to retrieve court documents from the county court clerk’s office in Oklahoma, knows just how important it is to maintain positive relations with the staff members. Building and maintaining positive relations with these key people, whether the person requesting the items is a private individual or an Oklahoma document retrieval specialist, is vital. Indeed, the entire process should be an enjoyable and relatively stress free process for all parties involved.

The process to retrieve documents from a court clerk’s office in Oklahoma is usually routine. The document retrieval specialist should go down to the court clerk’s office with the case number, name of the person involved in the case, and cash or credit card, etc., in hand. Having this information readily available helps cut down on confusion, delays, and other time spent trying to locate it later on. This also speeds up the process for the staff and other individuals who are seeking to retrieve documents.

The court clerk’s office can sometimes be a stressful place to work. This is especially true in larger district court clerk offices such as the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office or the Tulsa County Court Clerk’s Office. The staff in these larger county court clerk offices can sometimes get so swamped by large numbers of customers with extensive orders. Other clients (i.e., attorneys, individuals, document retrieval specialists, etc.) can sometimes exhibit rude behavior, and this never helps. When taking holiday seasons, instances of high profile cases, etc., into consideration, these factors can exacerbate the stress levels of both the staff and those seeking to file or retrieve some type of document.

When either the court clerks or the clients begin to get rude with one another for any reason, the document retrieval process in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa, Stillwater, Norman, or elsewhere can begin to break down. Hard feelings can abound, and the staff might want to work slower, smile less, and not put forth as much effort to be helpful. Likewise, when an Oklahoma court clerk official says something offensive to a patron, the attorney, document retrieval specialist, etc., might retaliate by slowing down the line, “forgetting” items, etc. This is something everyone should avoid.

It is always crucial that Oklahoma document retrieval specialists always strive to maintain positive relations with all of the workers at all of Oklahoma’s court clerk’s offices. If they do not and if the workers retaliate against them in any way, it will hurt the clients that document retrieval specialists in Oklahoma are paid to serve. Equally important, if not more so, is the fact that no matter how rudely or nicely someone acts, it is always important for a document retrieval specialist to use good manners, have all pertinent information ready, and to thank the person who helped him or her.

Court clerk staff members in Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Canadian County, Tulsa County, and elsewhere are public servants. However, public servants, which include teachers, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, and others, are not around for amusement or for people to abuse. They are also people with feelings, thoughts, and families. They diligently serve others to the best of their ability, and like other public servants, they rarely get a great deal of thanks from others or the pay they deserve. The more that Oklahoma document retrieval specialists and court county clerk officials can help one another out, the smoother the process goes for everyone involved.

Oklahoma Private Investigator War Stories

One private investigator we at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers hired in had what we considered the best “war story” we had ever heard. It turned out to be one that no one else at our company could possibly beat, and it took place when he was working for another company as a private investigator. The case involved what the employer and their insurance company suspected as a fraudulent injury, and they could not have possibly proven to be more correct!

Kyle, the private investigator, had been asked to go out and perform surveillance on a woman suspected of faking an on the job injury. Thus, in his role as a private investigator, he went out and camped outside of her house. Kyle was just far enough away to where the woman could not see him very easily, and yet he also made sure that he was able to get excellent video footage of any time she left the house or did anything else that her supposed injury would not physically allow her to do. What he soon found, however, turned out to be much more than he expected!

More Creative Approaches for Process Servers in Oklahoma

Process servers in Oklahoma can utilize many creative approaches to serving individuals who just do not want anyone to be able to find them. In earlier posts, the staff at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has noted several meritorious ways in which a process server can use new methods to get legal documents to someone. Now it is essential to proffer a few other ways that might be of use to those professionals in the legal field.

One cool but seldom-used technique involves a baby carriage. Who can resist peeking out the door and seeing a baby’s little carriage right there in front of their door? If a process server is sure to add a realistic but nonliving human-looking baby and the papers to be served inside of the carriage, the person lurking in the house just might let curiosity get the better of him or her. It is important for process servers in Oklahoma to retrieve the carriage and the toy baby thereafter, and they should not be afraid to possibly lose the props.

Another creative method involves the use of a well-trained dog or cat. If the person being served is hiding out and a process server wants to verify whether or not the person in question is actually living there, a cute dog or cat just might do the trick. By delicately placing the papers right inside of the collar of a cat or in a little carrying case underneath a dog’s neck, the pet-loving person might just take the bait. If the dog or cat is adept at pawing at doors or meowing or barking when hearing a silent whistle, process servers will find this method even more effective. Process servers should, however, make sure to keep a close eye on their cats or dogs, as they could inadvertently become targets of possible violence with dangerous clients.

One trick for getting someone served can be when a process server pretends to be someone who is lost and just looking for directions – especially when carrying a small child! Most people would probably not suspect someone with a little kid to be serving papers? Of course, Oklahoma process servers should not use this trick when the guy or girl being served could be dangerous!

These are just a few of many tricks of the trade that process servers in Oklahoma can use when trying to get people who are avoiding service to come out of hiding. There are a variety of unique and creative ways to get the job done. Process servers who have done a little research about the people they want to serve can find out what their weaknesses and proclivities are. Remember that Knowledge is power!

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The Importance of Security Guards and Personal Body Guards in Oklahoma

Security guards in Oklahoma can play a vital role in the security aspect of protecting property. From promoting the company’s image to protecting others and keeping the peace, they serve in a variety of capacities and perform various functions. However, their importance and the potential risks they can face often remain undervalued by society as a whole. Without outstanding security officers, however, more crime could easily take place.

Many unarmed and armed security guards have posts or specific rounds at the companies for which they work. They may have been charged with the responsibility of keeping an entry gate secure or making sure that fights do not break out at specific events. Other security guards will patrol the grounds of a building to ensure that thieves and other crooks do not steal, vandalize, or otherwise hurt the property or the individuals on it. Safety must come first, and they are often the very first line of defense.

Body guards are often hired to protect individuals who are at risk. For example, if a pharmaceutical company is trying to kill someone who is only licensing a very monetarily valuable drug but refuses to sell allow them to sell it at large, then those at the company may try to have him or her killed off. Pharmaceutical companies can act like thugs, stopping anyone who gets in the way of their profits.

In this case, private bodyguards and armed private investigators in Oklahoma can prove to be valuable in setting up cameras and other monitors, while discreetly blending in with the crowds and scenery, in case of an assassination attempt. They have special tools, training, and knowledge about to how to protect people who have a reasonable suspicion that their lives may potentially be endangered. They may cost a lot to hire, but the money spent can very well save their lives!

Oklahoma Security guards, whether unarmed or armed, and personal bodyguards can prove to play an invaluable role in the field of security. From helping to keep the peace to protecting the lives of those who are in grave danger, they definitely have a proper place in our society. Perhaps with time more people will recognize the efforts they put forth and will begin to value and appreciate them even more.

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Oklahoma Process Servers Have the Right to Defend Themselves

A few months ago a process who works for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and other companies called to share a story of something that had happened on what was supposed to have been an otherwise routine serve. When he first shared his story, everyone was concerned for his safety but not completely shocked at what had happened. What should have proven to be an otherwise routine serve turned into something it did not have to be, and the result turned out poorly for the instigator.

When this fabulous Oklahoma process server went out to serve some papers on a young lady, her father was the one at home. The dad said that his daughter was not there, so the Oklahoma process server proceeded to give the papers to him instead. After having given the man the papers, the process server began to walk back to his car. Unfortunately, the dad kind of lost it.

The father came out after the process server from Oklahoma and began to tug on the process server’s clothes, trying to intimidate him and rough him up a bit. The process server warned him to kindly back off and just let the matter go. Besides, the process server was in no way involved in the lawsuit, right? Under Oklahoma’s laws, they are not allowed to be an interested party to either side of a legal case. Unfortunately, tempers can flare and people can sometimes take their anger out on the wrong individuals.

After the dad refused to back off and began to get more violent, the process server had to punch him in the face. Once that happened, the dad began to charge, and the process server pulled out his pepper spray. Undeterred, the father kept after him, so there was no choice for the process server from Oklahoma to do anything but use it. This, of course, put a quick end to the melee.

Once the lady’s father had been stopped with the pepper spray, the process server did the right thing and called the police. The police came out and arrested the girl’s father, as he was assaulting an officer of the court in the process of his official duties. That’s illegal for anyone to do, and the police handcuffed the man and took him off to jail. Needless to say, the process server who did absolutely nothing wrong left and went on to his next case.

This story is something police officers and process servers alike sometimes face, and Oklahoma’s stand Your Ground Law protects people from having to just turn and run away. Even if you are not licensed as an officer of the court and are not a police officer, you still have the right to protect yourself. Indeed, that is a basic right of all living beings.

The key to this is to make sure that one never uses excessive force. A fairly clear example of this involves the case of the pharmacist in Oklahoma who went too far by going back to shoot the robber over and over after he was already incapacitated. The key is to defend yourself if you need to. Process servers – or anyone for that matter – should never try to do more harm than they absolutely have to. This is an important principle that both process servers and non-process servers alike should strive to live by.

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Creative Process Server Approaches Can Pay Huge Dividends!

Process servers who know how to use their creative talents on those hard to serve cases often find that it prove to be extremely rewarding. Often time’s individuals who are avoiding service are especially suspicious of strangers coming to their house. Therefore, having someone who is less suspicious might just help a process servers get the job done right.

One wonderful example of a costume a process server can wear is that of a nun. Who would suspect a female nun who looks so reverent? While it is true that some may potentially gawk at the idea of using religious clothes to get someone served that is all the more reason why it could make the person one is trying to serve less suspicious. If that individual is Roman Catholic, then it could make it even easier to catch the guy off guard. Besides, even if someone gets served by a nun, how could someone possibly be angry with a nun?

Another good tactic is the “pizza delivery” approach. If someone is avoiding service, he or she just might show his or her face for someone delivering a pizza – especially if it is around dinnertime and they have a proclivity for hot tasty bread and cheese. Why not just hire someone to deliver a pizza to them and then hide so they cannot see you? If they should happen to appear, an Oklahoma private investigator will then know that the person is there and thus serve him or her. The person receiving the papers might feel the blow of being duped eased a bit if he or she has something nice to eat thereafter. If worse comes to worst and the individual never shows up at the front door, well, at least the process server will have something nice to eat!

Another tricky method is when you call a client up at his or her business and pretend to be a client. This works especially well with people who work as insurance salespersons and those who have to travel to their clients. The idea is to get them to travel to you and meet you at a coffee shop or some other place of business. When the person arrives, you can serve him or her papers. Watch out for scouts and decoys, however, and make sure you know what the person looks like! Otherwise, a savvy person may have you trying to serve the wrong individual.

In the event you happen to have a daughter and know the person being served is not dangerous, then why not send your daughter to the door? She can dress up in a uniform similar to one used by the Girl Scouts and can pretend to be taking cookie orders. Who can possibly resist a cute face and delicious cookies? When the person comes to the door, your daughter can simply run away and you can come out and serve the guy. Having prearranged hand signals helps in this endeavor.

During the holiday seasons, it can be fun to go trick-or-treating with your kids. Well, why not make the most of it? You can be Santa Claus, a ghost, or another character of your choice. Go ahead and have some fun with the work you do! Just take care not to dress up as Santa and call the person a, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

If a process server had a bit more time and money to spend, a much more elaborate scheme could involve setting up a prize patrol. Get some balloons, a small crowd, a video camera, and an empty briefcase. Show up all happy and proud with smiles and cameras flashing and see just who comes out? What person would not come out when thinking he or she had just won a million dollars?

Some other especially helpful techniques can involve using process servers who are younger or much older or even using a sexy female process server over a male. Sometimes people being served might view Oklahoma process servers of one race (i.e., Asian) as less suspicious than another. It all depends on the perspective and viewpoint of the person who is about to get served. Always remember to ask yourself, “If I were he or she, who or what would I find suspicious and why?”

A successful serve not only makes for a happy client, but this also helps to keep your business up and running. Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order thinking skills no longer stops at “evaluate.” They have since changed it to include “create,” so it helps to use your right brain a bit when serving your clients by helping them serve others. A little creativity and common sense can really pay off!

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Oklahoma Process Servers Should Have Formal Training Courses to Help Them Succeed

For the sake of professionalism and the quality of work, Oklahoma process servers should have to take some kind of training class. Right now all a process server in Oklahoma to do is to go down to the courthouse with two passport photos, get a small process server bond, swear he or she is of sound moral character, be at least eighteen years of age, and make sure there are no felonies on his or her record. Quite frankly, that is far too easy, and it entices many people into the profession who have no clue about what it means to be a process server.

There are so many rules under both the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure that process servers have to follow. These laws not only benefit them, but they also help the clients they work for. For example, a well-trained process server should know how many attempts on service he or she should make, as well as the different types of allowable service (i.e., personal, substitute, posting, etc.). Knowing the laws can also help process servers in other ways, too.

If process servers do not know what their rights are and what they can do, businesses, individuals, and the federal government might try to exploit a process server’s lack of knowledge. For example, some federal penitentiaries like the one in El Reno, Oklahoma refuse to allow process servers to serve process on inmates. They will only let a sheriff’s deputies provide the service, and they claim to allow it by mail. However, an Oklahoma process server has the same right as a sheriff’s deputies to serve process. If a process server in Oklahoma does not know that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure specifically allow them make this type of serve, then they may think they cannot do it when they really can. This is just one of many examples where the laws can aid in the service of process. Of course, laws are not the only things process servers need to know.

An excellent process server will also provide creative methods of service and will know how to find and seek out someone who is hiding. How does someone serve an individual who is in hiding and does not wish to be found? These are areas in which process servers should receive continual training, and yet where is the school or training to learn this? It is true that some who enter the field of process serving may have a military and/or law enforcement background, and others will have a very natural creative ability. However, how many humans enter the field of process serving without any such experience or knowledge of creative methods? The number is probably higher than most people think.

Many process servers pay a large sum for their license and get their bond thinking that people will just automatically contact them. However, professional process servers who have served in the field for any given period of time know otherwise. To stay in the field, one must know how to form, market, and run a business and seek out and keep clients. Unfortunately, most new process servers find themselves lacking this vital knowledge, and thus their licenses often sit there largely unused.

These are some of the numerous reasons why process servers in Oklahoma should have to have some type of course or training like they do in Texas and in various other states. This type of training will not only help process servers become more effective as professionals, but it mightalso help raise the amount of money they can charge for their services. Until then, the field of process servers will remain saturated with an endless supply of individuals who very well may not know what they are doing.

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How to Find an Effective Oklahoma Process Server

Finding an effective Oklahoma process server is not always as easy as you think, but there are ways to make the process much easier and smoother. Indeed, process servers in Oklahoma can sometimes help make or break very important legal cases. If the process server does an effective and efficient job, then your case can proceed. On the other hand, if he or she botches it with illegal and/or untimely service, then it can unnecessarily delay your case, thus incurring more expenses and time. Here are a few tips for avoiding the pitfalls while simultaneously finding the best Oklahoma process server to fit your needs.

When looking for an extraordinary Private Investigators in Oklahoma, it is important to consider many things. One vital aspect is whether or not the process server is familiar with the Oklahoma’s process serving laws, as well as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. If a process server serves someone in Oklahoma via substitute service who is not over the age of fifteen, that service will not count and the case can get temporarily dismissed for bad service. It is wise to ask your process server about laws pertaining to your case, and it will help you determine if he or she has much experience in the field.

Current Oklahoma law allows pretty much anyone who is at least eighteen years old, has no felonies, and can pay the licensing fee to become a process server. This necessitates checking into your process server’s educational background and practical experience. Does your process server have any other certifications as a private investigator? Has he or she undergone any specialized training? What, if any, experience in law enforcement does your Oklahoma process server have? These are fair questions to ask when trusting someone with such an important legal task.

Finding a meritorious, trustworthy Process Servers in Oklahoma is also vital. It is imperative that people (i.e., individuals, law firms, businesses, etc.) have the chance to find and build up trusting relationships with their process servers and vice versa. However, this means that you want an Oklahoma process server who is honest and will not just leave the papers on the front door and then claim that he or she personally hand delivered them to the person you wanted served.

It is good to do a Google, Yahoo! or Bing search of the Oklahoma process server and, if applicable, his or her company. Information others have provided about your Oklahoma process server could prove to be invaluable. Indeed, to help others learn about your process server, you should also consider leaving feedback on sites such as Yahoo! Local, Google Plus, etc. This will not only benefit others who use process servers in Oklahoma, but it will help process servers who have really gone out of their way to assist you with your task.

Extremely reputable Oklahoma process server companies will often have listed themselves with the Better Business Bureau The Better Business Bureau is one invaluable mark of excellence, and its members are held to a strict code of conduct. If a dispute between you and a process server arises, then the Better Business Bureau is one very helpful resource to help you resolve the matter – hopefully without having to go through a costly court battle with a constant quid quo pro relationship.

If an Oklahoma process server and/or the company he or she works for is truly reputable and experienced, then you should have no problem asking for some references if time allows. Extraordinary process servers should be able to provide you with a satisfactory list several references, which should include a wide variety of clients with whom they have worked with for an extended period of time. Oklahoma process servers you will want to work with should already have people and companies who are willing to vouch for them at their disposal.

Customer service is a very important aspect of any praiseworthy process server, and so is the amount they charge! Checking around with several companies is usually a good idea, as their prices may vary. Some Oklahoma process servers may have a proclivity for charging you twice as much as others would, but it is also imperative to consider each person’s/company’s experience, background, education, and general reputation in the process serving business. Sometimes you can even do a Google searchwww.Google.comand find special discounts. Try searching for “Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers discounts” and see what you pull up. You might be amazed at what a little research can provide!

It is often a fantastic idea to get a price quote in writing before you begin the services. Ask your Oklahoma process server for a good faith estimate at the very beginning. You should also have the right to provide a retainer for your process server to have some leeway, if needed, to do what is necessary. You can also agree to be able to authorize more funds for extremely difficult cases via e-mail, over the phone, etc., if you so desire. Keep in mind that you often get the quality that you pay for, so the cheapest Oklahoma process server is not always the best.

One plausible aspect of an Oklahoma process server’s quality includes creativity. How would he or she handle a situation in which the person you want served is avoiding service? What techniques and strategies would your Oklahoma process server implement to find the person quickly? What if you do not have much information to provide your process server with? Is he or she skilled at skip tracing and other techniques aimed at finding people who have gone into hiding? Creativity can speak volumes about the kind of service your process server in Oklahoma will provide you. Having said that, keep in mind that while discussing strategies can be helpful, it is important not to micromanage your Oklahoma process server, either.

Process servers in Oklahoma should also strive to keep you well informed as to how your case is proceeding. Phone calls, e-mails, and even special equipment can help you know exactly what is happening with your legal case. If you do not hear something from your Oklahoma process server, do not hesitate to initiate the calling, e-mails, etc. Communication about your case is vital, and you have the right to know what is happening.

Another thing you will want to watch out for are companies that merely hire untrained process servers they do not even know, paying them a small portion of the fee you have provided. These kinds of Oklahoma process servers may not have much of a clue as to what they are doing, and many are quite new to the field. If a company you hire is going to subcontract your important legal case out to another individual, you have the right to know who that person is and what educational background and experience that Oklahoma process server has. Sometimes it can pay off to go with smaller companies that do not do casesen masse.

This article has discussed a few of the many aspects of finding an exceptional Oklahoma process server. It goes without saying that there are many aspects that comprise a noteworthy process server in Oklahoma. Take your time and be careful when selecting someone you entrust with this process, as choosing the wrong one could cost you a lot of money and time.

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Process Servers With Their “Officer of the Court” Badges Can Find More Success

Process servers in Oklahoma who utilize an “officer of the court” badge can often find more success over those who do not. Process Servers in Oklahoma are indeed by law considered officers of the court for the purpose of serving legal papers. Therefore, it is important to consider having a badge made from a store such as and to keeping it handy when out on official business. There are many reasons why this is important, as well as times when using this type of badge is not such a good idea.

A badge which states that a process server is an officer of the court makes him or her look more professional. While process servers do not have the same rights and responsibilities of deputies and police officers and should not present themselves as such, badges make process servers look more official. Unless a police officer is undercover, one would not expect him or her to perform his or her duties without wearing a badge, right? Well, process servers are no different, and a badge can often afford extra benefits and protections to a process server.

Sometimes getting needed information from people when a client is avoiding service can be tough to do. At other times, individuals being served might even ask process servers for identification, which by law they are required to show. However, putting a laminated copy of one’s license inside of the holder that process servers carry their badge around in and showing it with their badge, when appropriate, can sometimes in and of itself convince people to be more cooperative.

Most people have no idea what or who an officer of the court is or what he or she can or cannot do. Indeed, many could care less about providing helpful information to a process server, as they often bring bad news for the person(s) they are serving. However, an officer of the court on official business is often a very different matter.

Individuals process servers meet out in the field might think to themselves, “What could they do to me if I don’t help them?” Well, in truth there is usually very little that a process server can legally do. However, they may not know that! What other people do not know can benefit process servers!

Additionally, even though process servers are not involved in either side of a court case, some people may not know this and/or are unable to disassociate facts from reality. Ergo, individuals having court papers served on them may feel less inclined to want to hurt process servers if they view them as more professional and official. While there is no guarantee either way, it is less likely that someone will want to hurt someone bearing a badge and carrying pepper spray, a stun gun, handcuffs, etc., as opposed to a process server wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

Another excellent use of an officer of the court badge comes into play when someone is skittish about opening a door to another person he or she does not know. Having the badge and your license there with it to present to people who ask, “Who is there?” from behind a closed door can often help people feel more at ease. Of course, it is true that some might feel scared off by those they view as an authority figure or official – especially if they are running away from the law or have a negative mindset and/or or hold stereotypes about anyone “official.” However, wearing this type of badge or showing it from its case is not always a plausible idea.

There are also times when wearing a badge can negatively impact an Oklahoma process server’s ability to make the serve. One of these examples is when a process server wants the element of surprise. If an officer of the court goes somewhere that has a population with a proclivity to be suspicious of the police, FBI, officers of the court, etc., then wearing or flashing a badge could backfire and close many doors. It could also encourage the gentleman or lady being served to go into hiding or flee the area altogether.

Whether to use a badge largely depends on the population a process server is around and the best tactical approach. Wearing an official officer of the court badge can indeed have various uses and drawbacks. They do cost money to order, but sometimes a little investment can pay huge dividends in the field. Essentially, it all comes down to being an important judgment call and doing a cost/benefit analysis of a badge’s worth.

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