Why Process Servers and Private Investigators Who Steal Clients From Oklahoma Private Investigation and Process Server Companies Seldom Prosper

Anyone who has ever served in the field of process serving, private investigation, etc., has likely needed to collaborate with another professional in the field. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com does so all the time. Depending upon the other private investigators or process servers one is working with, this can prove to be relatively enjoyable experience or can turn out to be a major headache. Indeed, all too often in this competitive field, other process servers and private investigators have an inclination to get greedy, bossy, and sometimes even steal customers. This, of course, hurts all parties concerned and is extremely detrimental to the client.

A process server or private investigator who steals other clients or who makes sanctimonious, unreasonable demands excessive amounts of for money will quickly obtain a poor reputation in the field. No attorney, business, process serving or private investigation company, or private individual wants to continue a business relationship with others who try to cheat, steal and gouge. Unfortunately, whereas collaboration can work to the benefit of everyone concerned, not everyone is willing to collaborate and work together.

Likewise, sometimes a process server in another state (i.e., California) that an Oklahoma process serving company has hired to assist them will sometimes try to start interacting directly with the client. This is almost always done without permission and with the intention to undermine the Oklahoma process server’s own business. Once again, this short term gain will eventually cause much greater losses for the private investigator or process server who is busy stealing clients.

One way to combat this is to have each process server or private investigator hired in sign a non-compete agreement. These contracts can specify that the other process server or private investigator is not allowed to contact the specific client(s), have someone else do so, etc. If they do, the process server or private investigation firm that hired them can sue them and win damages in court, etc. However, some Oklahoma process servers would contend that getting this accomplished is easier said than done.

Not all process server and private detective agencies are willing to sign such agreements. These professionals might be “insulted” that one would even ask them to consider such a thing. However, those private investigators and process servers that are unwilling to sign them are often the most likely to go behind the back of those who first hired them anyway. Thus, their unwillingness to do so should serve as an enormous red flag, and all process servers and private investigators should avoid enlisting their help.

Other Oklahoma City private investigators and Yukon, Oklahoma process servers might note that tracking the people they have hired to determine whether or not they are going behind their backs to steal clients is quite difficult. Fortunately, by doing “quality assurance checks” on them occasionally, one can usually find out who served the papers. Thus, an Oklahoma process server goes online and checks to see who has been filling out the affidavits of service for an certain attorney. If the person listed on the affidavit of service for the new cases is the same one the Oklahoma process server originally hired in to do the work, then he or she is violating the terms of the agreement.

While trying to track whether private investigators have engaged in this unethical practice can be a bit more difficult, a significant red flag might emerge whenever the Oklahoma private investigation firm sees a sudden drop in what is otherwise steady business from a customer. This drop, of course, could be coincidental (i.e., the attorney is ill), but it could also require a bit of investigation on the part of the private investigator who hired the staff member or independent contractor to begin with.

Trying to monitor the activities of process servers and private investigators can prove to be a very time consuming task. Therefore, taking great care in who is hired in is extremely important. Performing background checks, asking for references, etc., can be vital. Any process server or private investigation agency that refuses to provide references is one to avoid.

While even the best and supposedly most trustworthy process servers and private investigators can betray the trust of those they have hired in, anyone who steals clients from others is seldom prosperous for very long. Reputations spread, and other process servers, private investigators, law firms, governmental agencies, and more will find themselves much less likely to want to provide business to those unscrupulous individuals. It is far better for all concerned to play fairly and to treat one another with respect and dignity.

What Many Private Investigation Companies Look for When Hiring Oklahoma Private Investigators

Oklahoma Private investigation agencies often look for a broad range of skills and backgrounds when hiring private investigators to work with them. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers www.OklahomaJudicialProcessServers.com has outlined a few of the numerous items that are very important to our firm when hiring private investigators in Oklahoma. There are many factors to consider, and we value all of them. These factors and the importance that each company places on them may, of course, vary from one private investigation agency to the next.

One value that is really important not only as a civil rights issue, but also as a matter of business, is diversity. Having a diverse workforce is important in that it helps keeps Oklahoma private detective agencies from becoming stagnant and too homogeneous. Valuing people based upon their different races, religions or lack thereof, sexual orientations, genders, ages, height, weight, nationalities, political affiliations, transgendered status, etc., can definitely work to a private investigation company’s advantage!

All too often private detective agencies in Oklahoma tend to hire in staff who are a lot like they are. If the owner or hiring manager of a private detective agency is a middle-aged, white, conservative, Christian male, then he is likely to hire in other people who are like he is. Of course, the same can hold true for females, those who are black, Hispanic, more liberal, Muslim, Buddhist, female, etc. Unfortunately, this happens all too often across all backgrounds, countries, etc. This often unfairly excludes private investigators who are otherwise very qualified candidates from the job market.

It is noteworthy to mention that this may not apply if the guy is heterosexual wants to hire in what he considers to be hot young females. Likewise, this general principal may not apply if the person is trying to hire in the cheapest labor possible, which may include undocumented workers. Of course, some private investigation agency owners actively try to hire those from diverse backgrounds, and this is very helpful, too.

One of the problems with Oklahoma private detective agencies that mostly or exclusively hire those who are “too similar”, is that that this can lead to homogeneous thinking and functioning. This can cause stagnation and can reduce the effectiveness of Oklahoma private investigators. However, hiring a diverse range of Oklahoma private investigators has numerous benefits, not the least of which includes making one’s Oklahoma private detective agency more effective.

Let us assume that the individual an Oklahoma private investigator is trying to monitor and track happens to be gay. Well, if the Oklahoma private detective agency employs private investigators who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc., then it has an enormous advantage! An Oklahoma private investigator who is gay or lesbian is, on average, much more likely to feel more comfortable going into a bar that those who are gay, lesbian, etc., may possibly frequent. In addition, someone who is gay or lesbian, on average, is much more likely to feel have some greater insights into certain other activities and the general mindset of someone else who is gay or lesbian.

This same principal, while it is very important not to overgeneralize, is also applicable to those who are older. A private investigation agency who hires in Oklahoma private investigators who are in their sixties or seventies is probably going to find that, all other things being equal, they are not always suspected as much as younger private investigators. This can make it easier for them to blend in with a variety of situations, and that is good for both the company and the client!

The aforementioned concept applies to those of different races, genders, etc. The more that Oklahoma private investigators can blend in to their surroundings, the better the chances are that an Oklahoma private investigator will successfully gather the intelligence he or she is seeking. This is one reason why diversity is such a wonderful thing for private investigators.

Diversity comes in a variety of forms, and Oklahoma private investigation agencies also look for private investigators with a broad range of work and education backgrounds. Indeed, private investigation agencies like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers also highly values applicants for Oklahoma private investigators with previous or current military experience, law enforcement backgrounds, and those with advanced degrees in job-related areas such as criminal justice, sociology, psychology, etc. Having the right work background and skill set is especially important!

Another very valuable quality Oklahoma private detective agencies often look for in applicants may include the private investigator’s work history, his or her ability to get along well with others, one’s attitude, promptness, dedication, honesty, dependability, etc. You can be a black, lesbian, Muslim female with a splendid background in law enforcement and a doctoral degree in criminal justice. However, if that person cannot get along well with others at the company and is always steeped in conflict and turmoil, then it is unlikely he or she will stay for very long.

These are just a few of the many things that various owners of Oklahoma private investigation agencies look for when hiring Oklahoma private investigators. It is important to note that these principles and their effects cannot be overgeneralized, and that each employer may value different qualities and backgrounds. This is why it is important for private investigators to thoroughly conduct research into the companies they are going to apply to work with beforehand.