Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Rescuing A Family Member From A Cult


When a family member disappears, the last place we think they are is in a cult. However, this scenario is quite real and happens every day. Sometimes loved ones will join groups like this on their own, because they are looking for community, companionship, and someplace where they feel accepted. The community never advertises itself as a cult, but the actions of its members often say otherwise. cult

Convincing a family member that he or she is indeed in a cult can be difficult. Trying to get that person to break away from the group can be next to impossible, if you do not have the right skills. However, before these two things can even be thought about, you must first locate the family member. That is where Dr. John Patrick Keefe II comes in. John Keefe II and his private investigation team will do everything that they can to find your loved one.
What if your family member didn’t join the cult of his or her own will and was kidnapped? Naturally, your first course of action would be to call the police. After you give your statement and the officers leave, you begin to notice days going by without any word. The police aren’t always as helpful as you’d like them to be, because they often have an overabundance of missing person cases to work. Calling a private investigator in OKC can be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Cults are the real deal folks. Helping people escape them can be tricky, especially if they joined willingly. For one, you have to deal with the element of brainwashing. Cult leaders will often use scare tactics, abuse, and other forms of mental and physical warfare to keep their members in line. Many times, people are brainwashed into thinking that God wants them to be part of the cult, and if one should leave, he or she will be punished. Hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma such as Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is the right thing to do.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City understand how bad you want your loved one back from the cult. They will apply covert operations to reunite you with your loved one. There is a technique for locating people that do not want to be found, such as those voluntarily involved in cults. There are also particular tactics used to find victims of cult kidnappings. Dr. John Keefe II and his team are privy to all of these. Allow them to bring your loved ones home from the cult. If anyone can do it, private investigators in Oklahoma City can.

Even if a loved one seems “happy” living in the cult community, he or she is still in danger. Most cult followers are waiting for something miraculous to happen such, as aliens to visit or angels to fly down from heaven and take them back with them. When these things do not happen, cult members get frustrated and sad stuff like suicide can ensue. If you know your loved one has been scooped up by a cult, Private Investigator John Keefe II will help you find them.

The Perks of Being a Bilingual Notary Public

multilingual notary okc

multilingual notary okc Being a notary public is not all that uncommon of a job. In fact, there are thousands of notaries public in the United States today. So, how do you give yourself an edge over the competition? Well, for starters, you could be bilingual.

Knowing more than one language will get you far more business than the notary public who can only speak English. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a prominent notary public in the Oklahoma City area and can speak fluent Spanish. That gives Dr. Keefe a distinct advantage over other notaries public in the area. When signing legal documents, clear, concise communication is key.

Imagine being a Spanish-speaking immigrant who just arrived in the United States and that you trying to gain legal citizenship. You have paperwork that needs to be notarized, but you only speak Spanish. You might not even understand what your paperwork says. That is where a notary public in OKC comes into play. Dr. John Keefe II will gladly read the paperwork over to you and will help make sure that you fully understand it. He will then watch you sign it, and he will also sign the document all the while communicating with you in your native tongue.

Can you imagine being in this predicament and not being able to find a bilingual notary public in OKC? It would be heartbreaking. In fact, you might end up with a notary public who just signs the documents without helping you to understand clearly the process or what is going on. That can lead to many problems.

When John Keefe II acts as your notary public, you can be sure all the bases will be covered, especially if English isn’t your first language. An honest notary public in Oklahoma will see to it that you fully understand what you are signing and will not try to take advantage of you in any way, shape, or form.

As a bilingual notary public in Oklahoma City, you are not only supplying additional services for people, you are showing them that you have character. Not everyone is capable or willing to learn a second language. Most people would choose the services of a bilingual notary public in Oklahoma City over a company that can only speak English. It shows that you have initiative and you are dedicated to your cause.

If you have other notaries public under your charge, you can encourage them to learn a second language. For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a Spanish, French, Chinese, and German-speaking notary public under one roof? Imagine the possibilities! Your company would have so much business you wouldn’t know how to handle all the traffic coming through your front door.

As stated, notaries public in OKC are a dime a dozen. Give your business a boost and become a bilingual enterprise. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for your reputation. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II took the bilingual plunge and is now one of the most successful notaries public in all of Oklahoma.

24/7 Notary Public Services

24/7 Notary OKC

So many notaries public are only available Monday through Friday. We have to admit that these hours are sort of crappy. This is why Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has decided to make his notary public in Oklahoma services available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas Day or the middle of the night. If you need something notarized, John is the guy to call.

Why did John Keefe II decide to leave his notary public open sign on all the time? Because he’s smart, that’s why. Dr. Keefe’s first concern is for the people of Oklahoma City. He understands that stuff happens, and sometimes you might need a document signed on the weekend versus a Monday. In many cases, people simply cannot wait until the following business day to have their paperwork notarized.
Think about it. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’ve just purchased a new vehicle from a friend. Before you can drive the new car off your friend’s property, you must have some documents notarized. A notary public in OKC should meet you at the location of your choice and help you get behind the wheel of your new car. That is exactly what Dr. John Keefe II does for you.

Dr. John Keefe II makes himself available at all times for public notary business. That includes weekends, late nights, early mornings, and holidays. John Patrick Keefe II will happily come to you, or you may come to him for services. For John Keefe II, it’s about making his clients happy. That is why many of Dr. Keefe’s clients are repeat customers.

Here is another scenario of a notary public in Oklahoma City going above and beyond the call of duty for his or her clients.: It’s Easter Sunday. You’ve been waiting months and months to close on your dream house. The people you are purchasing the home from have finally gotten all the paperwork together, and they said if you’re ready to sign, so are they. Yippee! call john

How in the hell will you ever find a notary public in Oklahoma City on Easter Sunday to help you get this paperwork signed? Typically, the answer would be “no one.” However, Dr. John Keefe II will come to your rescue and help you sign the documents that need signing, so you can spend the rest of your Easter coloring eggs in your new home.

You see, there are not many people who would step up to bat for you the way that Dr. John Patrick Keefe II would. Seeing his clients happy is paramount to him. You are not just a number to John Keefe II but a friend. Doing business with this outstanding notary public in Oklahoma City will leave you feeling confident and at ease. You’ll always be left thinking about the day John Keefe II helped make your dreams come true with his mad notary skills.

That is how all notaries public should handle their business, but for the ones who don’t John Keefe II will be ready and willing to take their clients.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Helps Bring the Homeless Home


Not being able to locate a family member or friend is morose, but knowing that they are homeless is even sadder. In today’s society, homelessness is a major problem not only in American cities but rural areas as well. Finding these people can be tough, as they don’t have phone numbers, addresses, and sometimes social security numbers. However, there is help when you call upon the calvary of private investigators in Oklahoma City.

A seasoned private investigator has access to in-depth databases that can help lead them to your lost loved one. In many cases, the private investigation team will throw on their sneakers and pound the pavement in search of a homeless family member. Dr. John Keefe II has been known to recover homeless loved ones in record timing, when other private investigators in OKC simply threw their hands in the air and said, “We quit!”

John Keefe II will never quit on you, nor will he end a case without a recovery of some sort.

Think about the last time you saw your family member or friend. What did it feel like to talk to him or her, hold his or her hand, or to give that person a hug? We fully understand that you want to experience these things again, which is why calling upon a private investigator is essential.

Picture this:

After days, months, and even years of searching for someone special to you, he or she has finally been found. When you see your loved one, he or she looks different. The streets have been harsh. You don’t care about any of that; you’re just happy to have them back in your life.

So, where do you go from there?

Once a homeless person has been taken off the streets and given a place to stay, his or her entire life has been rocked. Sure, it seems like a good thing, and it is, but there will be a significant adjustment period that needs to take place. Homeless people are always on guard. They fear strangers, police officers, and treat anyone and everyone as if they are trying tot ake advantage of them. You must be patient during this time of transition.

Private investigators of Oklahoma City will explain all of this to you, before your loved one is recovered. Dr. John Keefe II wants you to understand that things are going to be wildly different from the last time you saw your friend. A good course of action is to prepare yourself mentally for the recovery. That can be to seek out counseling, a spiritual advisor, or any support group that deals with the reuniting of loved ones.

The best thing you can do after the recovery of a long-lost homeless person is not to have any expectations. Just go with the flow and allow the universe to do its job. Time is the healer of all pain. Once Dr. John Patrick Keefe II of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers reunites you with your loved one, a new chapter in both of your lives can begin.

Video Recording: It’s Essential When Process Serving

Process Server Video Surveillance

Picture it. You’re in the middle of serving court documents to a hot-tempered individual who doesn’t want to see your face right now. One thing leads to another, and you get socked in the eye by the little firecracker. Naturally, you defend yourself by delivering a swift roundhouse kick to the face of the unruly document receiver, who was obviously never taught any manners. Once you throw the papers at the shmuck who hit you, you’re on your way down the dusty trail and all is well within the world. Or is it?

Before you know it, you’re the one being served or arrested for assault. The person who attacked you decides to press charges against you and your company for defending yourself. The only issue is; you have no proof that you were defending yourself. That is where video recording of all process serving gigs is imperative.

John Patrick Keefe II is the perfect process server for any job. He and his team are located in Oklahoma City and are always prepared for anything that comes their way. Video recording is second nature to Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his crew. There will never be any sucker punches left undocumented, when John Keefe II is on the scene.
Process servers in OKC don’t just record their interactions between themselves and those they serve, because of the potential for physical violence. There are many reasons to document your dealings with the public. Check out why process servers in Oklahoma City need to protect themselves:

  • False sexual harassment claims
  • Claims that the paperwork was never served
  • Abusive and foul language
  • Uncooperative behavior
  • Threats

Imagine serving a member of the opposite gender of yourself. Everything seems to go smoothly. However, the person you served has other plans for you. A few days later you are being slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit. The person you served is claiming you made lude and lascivious comments to him or her. Remember, people who are trying to hide from the law, avoid having to pay a fine, or simply do not want to be inconvenienced will say and do anything to get the spotlight off themselves and onto you.Process Server Video Surveillance

If a video recording is created during the act of process serving, it can be used in the court of law to disprove any false claims that are made about you, your employees, or your business. Is it not worth investing in video recording equipment to protect your livelihood and good name? We certainly think so.

Life can get dicey for a process server on the mean streets of Oklahoma City. Don’t fall prey to selfish people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. As a process server, you need to protect yourself. Recording all interactions between yourself and the person or people you are serving in just as important as knowing how to defend yourself against acts of physical violence.

Dr. John Keefe II records all process serving engagements. His reputation and peace of mind have remained intact because of doing so. Dr. John Keefe II is smart. Be like Dr. John Keefe II.

Tracking Devices: Tools to Catch a Cheater

Oklahoma Private Investigator

OKlahoma Private InvestigationSo, you think your significant other is a lying, cheating, philandering scoundrel, do you? We are sorry to hear that, but we can help you get to the truth. Would you like to know how? Of course you would! For starters, you need to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma like Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. John Keefe II has been known to uncover the comings and goings of countless cheaters in the OKC area for years. You want the best results that money can buy, correct? Yes!

Dr. John Keefe II and his crew track down your lying and cheating spouse using traditional and unconventional methods. There is a little secret to following your lover’s every move with one, tiny instrument: a tracking device.

Check out some of the benefits of using a tracking device:

  • Peace of mind
  • Immediate availability of cheating spouse’s whereabouts
  • Easy to use
  • Access to data from any computer or smartphone
  • Supplies the proof you need to bust your cheating significant other

Some people might claim that tracking your spouse or partner is ethically wrong. Whatever. You know what’s ethically and morally wrong? Cheating. If your partner has decided to step outside the boundaries of his or her relationship, then that person deserve to be spied upon, plain and simple. You have every right to know what he or she are up to and to decide whether or not you want to terminate the relationship.

Private investigators in OKC know how to implement tracking devices into vehicles and cellphones without being caught. Once the instrument is in place, you and the private investigator can begin booting up the details of where the cheater has been going. Don’t be surprised if you follow the cheater using the GPS tracker directly to a Motel 6.

Sadly, most tracking devices will lead you right to the person your partner is cheating on you with. Private investigators advise you to be very careful when going to someone’s personal residence. Even though you may wish to punch that person in the face, you have to stay within the confines of the law. Keep your cool and be the bigger person.

Once Dr. John Keefe II finds out what your cheating spouse is up to, you’ll have some decisions to make. Remember, if your spouse or partner tries to lie about their extra-curricular activities, you have the proof of the tracking device to blow their false stories right out of the water. All you have to do is bring up the data history on your cell phone and, whamo! They’re caught like a deer In headlights.

Keep in mind that there are laws regarding the use of tracking devices and using these instruments without the other parties knowledge. Your private investigator in Oklahoma City will know all of these laws that pertain to the area in which you reside and will go over them with you. You don’t want to find yourself in any legal trouble for stalking.

Rest assured, with Dr. John Keefe II and an excellent tracking device on your side, you’ll soon uncover what your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend has been up to. There’s nothing more important in life than peace of mind.

How to Not Get Shot When Serving Rednecks with Court Papers

Oklahoma Process Server

Being a process server in OKC is no joke. We tend to run into some very colorful folks, such as angry husbands, misfit grandmas, and irate business owners. However, serving papers to a clan of rednecks is a whole ‘nother story, son. If you’re a process sever in Oklahoma City and haven’t served a gun-toting redneck from the hills yet, consider yourself lucky. It’s bound to happen one day, though, and you need to be prepared.

Consider the following scenario:

You have court papers to serve the neighborhood hicks concerning unpaid merchandise from the local Rent-A-Center. Perhaps it’s a microwave or a gun rack. You drive down a long, winding dirt road that seems to go on forever. You find yourself heading into an area that’s densely populated with trees and other forestry. Your heart begins to race a little bit. What will you find out there? The people from the “Hills Have Eyes?”

Before you get too worked up, you touch your chest and remember you donned a bulletproof vest for this very countrified excursion. You also take comfort in the fact that you decided to take advantage of the concealed weapons law: 53 Oklahoma Stat. Ann. § 1290.4. You have a nice little Berretta resting under your shirt on your hip.
Finally, you see a dilapidated shack at the end of the road. There’s chickens and barefoot children running around everywhere. The kids take one look at your car and start running for the house yelling, “Pa! Pa! They’s a fancy lookin’ feller here!” It is at that moment that “Pa” emerges.

The man is a redneck bruiser of a human being. Not only is he giving you the stink eye, he’s carrying a shotgun. You contemplate just turning around, but you can’t. You put the car in park and open the door. You ask the redneck his name and he says, “Who wants to know?” You tell him that Rent-A-Center has a beef with him over unpaid merchandise. The redneck shakes his head and tells you to tell Rent-A-Center to get bent.

“OK, this is going well,” you think to yourself. You ask the man who looks like a cast member from “Deliverance” if his name is Cletus Sisterbanger. He shakes his head, “Yes.” You hand him the paperwork and say the infamous line of your trade, “You’ve been served,” and begin to walk away.

Cletus yells after you, “Them folks at that there Rent-A-Center ain’t gittin’ their microwave back!” You feel the hair on the back of your neck begin to rise. You know Cletus is pointing that shotgun at you. You slowly turn around and to your surprise, Cletus is not pointing a shotgun at you. Instead, he’s deep-kissing one of the chickens. You run to your car and do a burnout in the driveway.

Let’s reflect…

The reason you didn’t get your head blown off by Cletus the Redneck, is because you’re a trained process server of Oklahoma City. You said all the right words and didn’t waste any time serving Cletus with the court documents. You also protected yourself with a flak vest and a gun.
Moral of the story? A good process server never makes eye contact with a hillbilly redneck who’s making out with a chicken.

Special Cases: Dude, You Served Your Mom?

Process Server

Serving court documents isn’t only reserved for random people that owe you money. You might find yourself in a situation where your mom, brother, or grandma owes you a large sum of money, and you need to take them to court. Of course, you’ve made every attempt to settle this debt using individual methods, but nothing has worked. It’s always a tough situation when you have to take a family member to court.Process Server
The folks down at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers understand how to handle delicate situations that involve family members. Just because your family member has wronged you in some way, doesn’t mean that you hate them or wish him or her to be mistreated in any way. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his team understand this, and they’ll do all that they can to serve your family member with the appropriate papers as discreetly and painlessly as possible.
Sometimes, a spouse needs to serve his or her partner with divorce paperwork or child custody documents. Even though people in these types of situations might not be getting along very well, that doesn’t mean that the serving spouse wants to destroy the receiving spouse. Making the decision to serve any domestic paperwork is tough and certainly not a decision to make lightly.
Process servers in OKC are trained to serve court documents as quickly as possible, to avoid any problematic interactions between themselves and the one being served. However, they are also able to speak a few words on your behalf to your friend or family member upon whom you are serving, in order to lighten the blow a bit. Nobody wants to send a process server over to Grandpa’s farm or Aunt Sally’s cottage. However, life sometimes happens, and these things need to be dealt with.
What if the person you are serving isn’t related to you but is a respected member of the community, such as a pastor or rabbi? Believe it or not, this type of scenario happens all of the time. Clergy members, judges, police officers, doctors, and teachers are humans just like the rest of us. Sometimes, these folks need to be served with court documents, and Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is just the guy to do it. You can be sure that your papers will be served successfully but also with dignity. The goal is not to upset anyone or to make them look bad; they typically do this on their own.
You should never feel sorry about your decision to hire a process server to handle the delivery of your court documents to a loved one, friend, or high-profile client. If one of these people owes you something, it is your right to take them to court to resolve the issue. Process servers in OKC will successfully handle your case, and they will do so in a respectful yet diligent manner to ensure the job gets done. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II won’t let you down.

Notary Public: Spotting a Fake ID

Notary PUblic Spot Fake ID

A guy and a girl walk into your office to use your notary public services. No big deal, and quite typical. There are no red flags raised, as the couple seems charming, attractive, and very friendly. The paperwork that they need to have signed concerns the transfer of some property. Again, very common. As you get ready to notarize the documents, you ask them for their identification cards. That is when things take a turn for the worse.

The couple hands over their driver’s licenses and you do a double take. The man standing before you has brown hair, glasses, and a goatee. The woman is tall, blond, and very tan. The images on their identification cards resemble Father Time and Lucille Ball. Something just ain’t right here, Son.

Unfortunately, spotting fake ids isn’t always so clear. You might be handed a driver’s license that looks just like the person handing it to you. However, there are slight differences only the trained eyes of a professional notary public can see. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has a pair of these eyes and can spot a fake id from a mile away.

Here are some ways that a notary public in OKC can tell if an id is bogus or not:

  • The signer’s appearance does not match the description of the ID: It’s imperative to compare the signer to the description listed on the ID. If the ID says the signer is 6’2 with blue eyes, but the person standing before you is 5’4 with hazel peepers, you should be leery.
  • Misspellings on the ID: If you notice misspellings on the ID card, this should raise some red flags. Legitimate agencies do not make spelling mistakes, and the ID is most likely a counterfeit.
  • Check to see if the ID has been tampered with: Does the photo on the ID appear as unusually thick or bubbled? Is the laminate on the card peeling, cracked, or damaged? These are all signs of foul play.
  • Look for state-specific watermarks and security features: When a state issues a driver’s license or ID, there are going to be watermarks, logos, and icons apparent. A true blue notary public in Oklahoma City will be familiar with their state’s identifying markings and can spot ones that just don’t quite match up.

The Three Ways Notaries Public Can Identify Signers

  • Looking over the identification card is the most accurate way to determine whether a signer is who he or she claims to be. The notary public, as discussed above, can use some methods of determining whether the ID being presented to him or her is authentic or fake.
  • Personally knowing the signer is another way to determine whether he or she is who he or she says he or she is. However, not all notaries public have this luxury, so they must revert to #1.
  • Having credible identifying witnesses present during the signing helps. That means that a third party must know the signer personally and can attest to the validity of the person’s identity. This method is sometimes referred to as the “human ID card.”

In any case, as a notary public, it’s your job to make sure your signer is who he or she claims and to ensure that their IDs are not fake. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is a perfect example of how the notary public process should be handled.

The Curious Case of the Process Server and the Person Who Doesn’t Want to be Served

Process Server in OKC

Unruly people. As process servers, we deal with them on the daily. We can’t blame them. Who wants to be served with court papers suing for money, divorce, custody, or property relinquishment? Nobody. However, when people decide to make problems for themselves such as not paying their debts, consequences will ensue. We should feel happy that it’s a process server coming and not the mafia. We’ve heard notorious mobster Lucky Luciano took a different approach, rather than utilizing the judicial system to get back money owed to him.

Serving irate people with court documents is, unfortunately, part of the job description of a process server. There are no two ways about it. So how does a process server in OKC handle such shenanigans? Here are a few ways NOT to handle unruly people:

  • Do not spit at the unruly person.
  • Do not push the unruly person.
  • Do not make “yo mama” jokes about the unruly person’s mother.
  • Do not leave a flaming bag of dog shit on the unruly person’s porch.
  • Do not toilet paper the unruly person’s house.
  • Do not throw rocks through the unruly person’s windows.
  • Do not tamper with the brakes of an unruly person’s car.
  • Do not practice your karate skills on the unruly person.
  • Do not call the unruly person names.
  • Do not steal the unruly person’s cat.

How Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Dr. John Patrick Keefe II handle unruly people during process serving:

  • Always be courteous and polite.
  • Explain everything that needs to be explained as quickly as possible.
  • Allow senseless banter in one ear and out the other.
  • If you’re in physical danger, defend yourself.
  • Call the police, if necessary.

When it comes to process serving, you never know what you’re going to get. Don’t let the mindless chatter of those who are being served bother you. It’s not you who they are mad at; it’s the person who initiated the lawsuit.

In addition to the lists above, you must always be prepared and ready to defend yourself should things get really out of hand. Consider carrying a concealed weapon. Using a gun is, of course, the very last resort, but sometimes it can save your life. If a violent person is using excessive force against you and your life is in danger, by all means, do everything you can to protect yourself.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II also recommends using video recording equipment on every process serving job. This way, the actions of unruly people are recorded and can be utilized in the court of law if needed. Should you have to get physical to defend yourself, the court will see this on the video recording, protecting you as a process server. Video recording can be accomplished through video camcorders or a cell phone.

Remember, every time you serve someone with papers, your life is potentially on the line. Learn how to effectively deal with unruly people. Knowing how to verbally de-escalate a heated situation is the best weapon a process server in OKC can be armed with.
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