There is Hope: Locating a Drug Addict

drug addiction

Are you dealing with the pain of a drug-addicted family member or friend? Does this person disappear for days on end without calling or coming home? If so, you need the help of a private investigator such as Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. John Keefe II and his team will help quickly locate a drugged or drunk loved one, using the best techniques in the business.

Trying to find an addict is not an easy task, as these people typically don’t want to be found. For one, they are almost always in a stupor of some sort, which makes their ability to reason nonexistent. Once a junkie is located, you must have a plan of action put in place as to how you are going to approach them such as:

  • Hiring a therapist to accompany you
  • Staging an intervention
  • Creating a list of ways you will and will not help them
  • Bringing other family and friends with you
  • Understanding that you must be strong no matter what

Drug addicts and drunks are very manipulative people. They are willing to do anything to score their next fix. Their family, friends, children, and spouses mean nothing to them when they are looking to get high. These are the types of things you want to consider when trying to locate a junkie. The private investigator in Oklahoma can lead you to the drug addict, but your next course of action is up to you.

Private investigators in OKC, unfortunately, know the horrors of drug addiction and substance abuse all too well. Oklahoma City has a growing problem with drug abuse, and this issue contributes to a lot of the city’s crime. It is a pleasure for Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his team at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers to find your drug addicted family member and bring him or her back home. One less junkie on the streets is one less crime waiting to happen.

These words may sound harsh, but it’s the cold reality of the life of a drug addict. You need to be firm when dealing with these people, even when all you want to do is hug them and bring them to a warm place to stay. Enabling a drug addict makes you part of the problem and not the solution. Again, private investigators in OKC can lead you to the whereabouts of your drug-addicted loved one, but the steps you take next are your responsibility.

You must make sure that you have a plan put in place once your family member is found. One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is mentally to prepare for the fact that they just might not want to go home with you. Even though your friend might clearly be in danger as drug dens aren’t the safest places to hang out, you cannot drag them kicking and screaming out the door.

Do not be discouraged if things do not go as planned, once the private investigator in Oklahoma City finds the drug addict. Know in your heart you did everything that you could to help him or her. In the end, we all have to make our own decisions to change.

Stop the Violence: How Private Investigators Can Locate an Abused Woman

domestic violence

Domestic abuse is a serious crime, but it often goes unreported due to fear. When women are the victims of domestic abuse at the hands of a spouse or lover, they often feel trapped, scared, and unsure of what to do next. In many cases, this leads to isolation from friends, family, and the world itself. So, the question is, how do you find these vulnerable people and bring them home?

Hiring a private investigator can be a godsend. Unlike the police, a private investigator in Oklahoma will track down your loved one without having any reason to do so. The police will not do this, unless there has been proof of domestic violence or the victim is asking for help. It’s hard to know that your sister, best friend, or cousin is being beaten and terrorized on a daily basis by the man in her life and the cops won’t dig their heels in and help you.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II and his team of expert investigators will employ some of the best methods available, to locate and bring your family member home. It is key that the victim is safely removed from the grips of the abuse before it’s too late. Don’t be one of those people who receives the dreaded phone call that their family member has been seriously harmed or worse. Reach out for professional help in tracking down the victim, today.

Domestic violence leads to isolation for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the abuser doesn’t want the victim having contact with friends and family, as a way to control her into submission. An abuser knows that if a woman can reach out to her loved ones, they can talk her into leaving. The victim herself might isolate because of embarrassment and be ashamed of the predicament she’s in. These are the driving forces for people in abusive situations to suddenly disappear one day.

Private investigators in OKC have comprehensive experience in locating women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. It isn’t always easy finding them, but with the right team on your side, anything is possible. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II knows exactly which methods to employ and how to use them for the successful recovery of your loved one. Not a stone will remain unturned. John Keefe II understands the importance of quickly finding a battered woman, as time is of the essence.

In addition to hiring a private investigator, plan to have law enforcement on standby in case violence ensues once the victim is found. You may also want to bring an interventionist to help you convince the woman to leave the relationship. Victims of domestic abuse need to feel safe and know they have a place to stay and a place for their children. They need to feel comfortable walking out of the door and never looking back.

Private investigators in OKC will find your family member who is in an abusive situation and can help get her to safety. Rest assured that when Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is on the scene, good things happen.