Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties

Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties
Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties

Tinsley Keefe Serving Documents via Process Server Parties

As a process server, there might be times when the objective seems like more than just a friendly challenge. Running out of options does not happen often for Tinsley Keefe when working as a process server in Oklahoma City, but a few gems do stand out.

Once upon a time, Tinsley was desperately trying to serve some legal documents to a specific client, but with no luck. After days of chasing pavement, she finally devised the ultimate plan: a process server party. As crazy as it might sound, the party ended up being a huge success and is now a somewhat regular event.

The party was well-planned and completely diabolical. For starters, Tinsley Keefe – along with a dozen other process servers in Oklahoma – put their heads together to devise the ultimate scheme. Organizing the party started with renting a venue, hiring entertainment, advertising at every radio station and bulletin board possible, and then whispering rumors into the grapevine that would attract the targets to the event.

The key is learning to play both strengths and weaknesses; likes and dislikes. When you put a dozen process servers together with the intent of serving some legal documents, not only will the objective be met, but it will be met in a creative and impressive way.

After word of the cleverly disguised process server party got around to enough people, the real planning started. Tinsley and the rest of the OKC process servers plotted their intelligent means of serving their documents to their clients. After that, all they had to do was wait. On the night of the party, all of the attendees – the suspecting and unsuspecting alike – were enjoying themselves.

In the middle of the party, Tinsley summoned the rest of her process server sisters and brothers and announced the night’s main entertainment feature. The people being served could not hide, nor could they run or scheme their way out. Every single person was successfully delivered their papers at the first official process server party.

In response to the first process server party’s success, dozens of similar events have been popping up across Oklahoma City and neighboring areas. Tinsley Keefe offers advice to the process servers out there looking to organize their own process server party, starting with the necessity of kindness. Just because you are cunningly conspiring the serving of legal papers to an unsuspecting third party does not mean you need to be rude while doing it.

In fact, when Tinsley Keefe is hosting a process server party in OKC, she urges the clients to enjoy the party after the main objective is met. Most of the time, this invitation is respectfully (or not so respectfully) declined. It is the thought that counts, at least.

When it comes down to it, a process server party can make or break multiple cases all at once. In most occurrences, the party will be a huge success and you will be able to enjoy a night of fun while still doing your job.

Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving

Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving

Tinsley Keefe on Disabilities and Process Serving Unfortunately, the world is filled with people suffering from disabilities. Some disabilities are easier to spot than others, but a good deal are unnoticeable to the public eye. Because of this, it is a dangerous game to assume that someone is completely healthy. This is why, as a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe makes it her mission to uncover as much information about her clients as possible before serving them papers.

If they have a disability that might affect the way she moves forward in her job, Tinsley takes a second to step back and think of alternative options. For example, if person that you are trying to serve papers to is avoiding you at all costs – but they have a disability like MS that can cause them to collapse during moments of stress – it is probably not the best idea to back them into a corner in an intense process serving situation.

On the other hand, if your research on a person has provided you with reason to believe that your client might be dangerous, you have the opportunity to bring a bodyguard or armed officer with you for extra protection. Furthermore, if you discover that the person has a criminal background for something extremely dangerous like harassment or assault, you have the opportunity to tell the person requesting that the papers be served “no”.

Although that is a worst case scenario, as process servers almost always accept cases; no matter the possible consequences. In fact, Tinsley Keefe can recall several situations during her process serving days in Oklahoma that have ended in successful disaster. By looking ahead at the person she was serving papers to, Tinsley was able to see that the person was mentally unstable. This caused her to bring an armed detective with her when delivering the papers. It was a good thing she did too, as the person ended up “freaking out”. Needless to say, the detective was put to good use.

When it comes to the harmless disabilities though, it is necessary to use some tact when approaching a person. When serving papers to people with disabilities in OKC, process server Tinsley Keefe always approaches the person with a sense of kindness and comfort. She wants the person to realize that she means no harm and is not a threat – rather, she wants to help them. And if they do not give her much trouble, Tinsley makes it a point to help them through the process as much as she can.

Overall, the papers still need to be served even if the person has a disability. Although the circumstances are not the greatest, you have a job to do and the person is being served papers for a reason. With that being said, it is also a nice thing to take all conditions into account before deciding on your approach method. If you choose wisely, you cannot go wrong. After a while, you will also get better in general at serving papers to people with disabilities.

Tinsley Keefe Guides on the Ideal Sense of Humor for a Notary Public

Tinsley Keefe Guides on the Ideal Sense of Humor for a Notary Public

While your sense of humor might seem unimportant as a notary public, that is simply not the case. Some notary publics try too hard to have a sense of humor and end up scaring their clients away. Some just make clients feel really awkward. Other times, a notary public might use an offensive joke without realizing it.

Tinsley Keefe has witnessed a number of bad jokes that should have never left the lips of the deliverer, including ones told by fellow notary publics in Oklahoma City. Although Tinsley has been in similar situations in the past, she is now very successful when it comes to the perfect sense of humor while working as a notary public. Luckily, Tinsley is very generous in her knowledge and willingly shares it with us.

First and foremost, it is important to know that corny jokes are okay. Some people think corny jokes are stupid – because they are – but nobody will get outright angry at a harmless corny joke. On the flip side, dirty jokes and offensive jokes are out of the question. Even if the joke is just a little bit dark, you never want to test the waters.

Tinsley Keefe has told thousands of corny jokes while working as a notary public in Oklahoma, but she has managed to refrain from saying something unforgivably offensive. It is not a challenge to steer clear of humor danger; you simply need to think about the joke for a minute before saying it out loud. If you have any doubt in your mind on whether or not it is appropriate, then it is not appropriate. It is that simple.

The second piece of advice that Tinsley offers is easier said than done. If you want your clients to adore you, try laughing at every single joke they tell – even the terrible ones. Do not stress if your fake laugh is obvious; Tinsley Keefe has been in the same situation during her time as a process server in OKC. The trick is to find humor in the person’s attempt; not in the joke itself.

If you can find amusement at the innocence or cheesiness of another person, it will benefit both you and the person you are finding amusement in. Tinsley urges you to not mistake friendly laughter at a spoken joke as ridiculing laughter at a person’s “stupidity”. Do not be rude.

This leads to Tinsley’s last offering of advice: when it doubt, laugh it out. Maybe that is also cheesy, but it is true. When it comes down to it, awkward situations are plentiful and come more often than not. The easiest way to relieve the tension in one of those situations is by cracking a joke or finding humor.

If you always provide a light atmosphere, people will be more likely to return and recommend you to other. Although, Tinsley does urge on avoiding arrogance, as that can offset all good accomplished in an ideal sense of humor.

Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Finds Humor in the Possibility of Two Private Investigators Following Each Other

Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Finds Humor in the Possibility of Two Private Investigators Following Each Other

Picture this interesting scenario: you are hired to trail somebody who ends up being another private investigator that is also trailing you! The real question is . . . does this actually happen? Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe thinks back on her time as a private investigator in Oklahoma City in confirmation; it is definitely possible. The complexity of it is interesting, but that is not always how it actually is.

The situation could be something as simple as your spouse hiring a private detective in suspicion of you cheating. As a private detective yourself, would you not notice someone following you? Of course it depends on their skill level, but chances are they will leave some sort of clue even if it is a small one. Once you notice someone following you, it is common instinct to turn the tables!

At this point, the situation described above has just become a reality without any of the complexity originally thought necessary. One private detective is following another private detective. Dr. Tinsley Keefe finds humor in the idea of this happening, but it has also made her more aware during her work as a private investigator in Oklahoma. The idea of being followed is such a shock to the system, though should it not be expected?

After all, Tinsley is a private investigator who follows other people. So why exactly is the idea of somebody following her so alarming? The real question is why would it not be? Nobody in their right mind wants to be followed by anyone! A private investigator is probably higher up on the list – especially if you are innocent – but the problem is that you do not know it is a private detective. And you are not supposed to know.

Which means the possibility of who is stalking you is open. It could be a murderer, a kidnapper, a robber, or it could be none of the above; you just do not know. During her time investigating people as a private detective in OKC, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has also realized that a lot of suspicions end up being unjust and incorrect.

This means that the idea of someone hiring a private investigator to follow her around is not completely out of the question. Has she done anything wrong? Of course not! That is not to say that someone else might disagree, though. If it came down to it, Tinsley Keefe would out-investigate any private investigator out there which makes the entire situation a moot point. However, the reactions of each detective might make the entire situation worth it.

Although she has not experienced the situation secondhand as a private investigator in Oklahoma, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe does admit that witnessing two detectives fall prey to each other could be comical  . . . provided the outcome came drama free. As for experiencing it firsthand, Dr. Tinsley Keefe says no thank you.

Tinsley Keefe, OKC Process Server, Is Caught In the Middle of an Assassination Plot

OJPS - Oklahoma Judicial Process Server

Craigslist is not normally a place to try and hire assassins – especially not under the guise of a modeling job offer. Unfortunately, modeling job offers are frequent on websites like craigslist. This means many unsuspecting women are in jeopardy of experiencing something similar to what Tinsley Keefe just experienced.

In early May, Tinsley responded to a modeling job post in her local Oklahoma City section on craigslist. Extremely excited at the prospect of working on what seemed to be cloud nine, she was too happy to try and find deeper meaning – and why should she have? Finding a modeling contract on craigslist is fairly simple and definitely not out of the ordinary.

This is why Tinsley Keefe was so shocked when she finally met with her prospective employer. The woman introduced herself as Samantha Dowry, and acted very polite towards Tinsley in the beginning. Soon after however, things took a very dark turn.

“When I got there, this gal that called herself Samantha Dowdy, or something like that, she got some information from me,” Tinsley explains. “And then she said ‘oh, and by the way, this is not about acting and modeling’.”

The situation took a complete 180; changing from a light atmosphere to very uncomfortable circumstances.

“I was like ‘why would you ask me?’” she reflects out loud. “And she said because she was recruited back when she was in college, she’d been doing it for a number of years, but couldn’t do it this time around because she was pregnant.”

After this unexpected turn of events, Tinsley was forced to keep her cool while the woman explained her true intentions: assassination. Claiming to be from the Israeli Intelligence Agency, the woman provided Tinsley with a set of instructions on the assassination, as well as vials of a powdered substance meant to kill the victim.

“She had all these pictures and a slideshow presentation all ready to go. She had codes… and was teaching me how to do those. But she also said that the reason she wanted an American female tourist to do it was because they would be less likely to be suspected.”

Included in the instructions was the procedure: prepare two cups of coffee, add powder to one of them, offer the victim coffee every morning, monitor his health and report changes in illness, and finally switch hotels after the victim is dead or hospitalized.

The woman also offered Tinsley $1,000 spending money on her assassination trip, as well as a $4,000 payout upon completion. Of course, the second Tinsley reached safety; she called one of her good friends that happened to be a lawyer and asked for advice.

Ultimately, this led Tinsley Keefe to report the situation to the FBI – who then took several weeks to get back to her. When the investigations finally began, the information started rolling in. Samantha Dowry was actually Danielle Layman, a Ponca City citizen seeking to murder her ex-husband by hiring an assassin over the internet.

With Layman now in custody and her ex-husband free from an unexpected murder, the authorities are looking at Tinsley Keefe as a hero. Without her ability to keep her wits about her and her courage to come forward, a man might be dead and a murderer might be walking free.

If You Ate at Tinsley Keefe’s Breakfast Bar, How Long Would It Take Her to Figure You Out?

Private Investigation in OKC: If You Ate at Tinsley Keefe's Breakfast Bar, How Long Would It Take Her to Figure You Out?

As a private investigator, tying together the random pieces and events of a person’s life is the normal and expected way of figuring a person out. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has been a private investigator in Oklahoma City for years now, and recently she has brought to light a challenge: if you ate at her breakfast bar, how long would it take her to figure you out? We are not just talking about simple likes and dislikes.

It is easy to decipher that a person who grabs a chocolate chip muffin likes chocolate chip muffins. When it comes to private detectives, the information they take into consideration is endless. So let us discuss this interesting challenge led by Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe and why exactly eating at her breakfast bar might tell her more about you than you would expect.

For starters, she would not only be watching what you are eating . . . but what you are not eating. She would study your eating habits and your table conversation. The clothes you wear to the breakfast bar would hold significance, as would the belongings you bring with. During her experience as a private detective in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe realized that the biggest advantage any private eye can have is observation. Let us break this down into individual key points. First and foremost, you can tell a lot about a person simply by what they are and are not eating.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe noted that one person took a plate full of nothing but donuts and scones; easily telling her that this person had a sweet tooth. The person’s thin frame told of a fast metabolism, but what spoke volumes was the person’s curvy friend who had a bowl of oatmeal. The person with the oatmeal was involved in easy conversation, but her eyes kept going back to the plate of delicacies that her friend was eating. For Dr. Tinsley Keefe, it was easy to tell that this person was conscious of their weight and while they would prefer to be eating donuts and scones, their low self-esteem prevented them from doing so.

Working on several cases in OKC as a private investigator, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe is familiar with the process of identifying people. However, that does not mean that her assumptions are always correct. This is why observation is sometimes more important than direct interrogation. By observing the people at her breakfast bar, Tinsley Keefe was able to identify more details than she would have in a one-on-one conversation.

In the end, if you eat at Tinsley Keefe’s breakfast bar, you will not be leaving as an anonymous person. It will take her less than an hour to figure out you and everyone with you. Just remember that the quiet ones are almost always the intelligent ones with minds louder than the entire room of noisy people eating breakfast.

3 Things Tinsley Keefe Leaves at Home When Notarizing Documents

3 Things Tinsley Keefe Leaves at Home When Notarizing Documents

We are always reading/seeing articles about things to remember when going out to work as a notary public. In fact, Tinsley Keefe knows better than most due to her work as a notary public in Oklahoma City that it is extremely easy to forget important things. On the other hand, that is not the only challenge some notary publics face.

What we really need to be discussing is not what to bring with, but rather what to leave at home. There are some things that you might consider bringing with that you really should not. Whether it is for a professional reason (appearances) or a private reason (personal belongings), it is important to know what to leave at home when notarizing documents.

#1 – Accessories

This is a very broad term. Accessories can range from hats and sunglasses to unnecessary/excess makeup. When you are working as a notary public, the last thing you want to do is show up with a hat that hides your face and sunglasses that hide your eyes. Intimidating people might be a tempting notion, but Tinsley Keefe knows as a notary public in Oklahoma that it is not worth it in the long run.

If you want your clients to come back, you want them to like you. Wearing too much makeup can have the same negative effect, albeit in a different way. Your best bet is to stay naked of too many accessories (a necklace and ring here/there is fine), while also sticking to a subtle layer of makeup (if any).

#2 – Personal Belongings

While similar to accessories and also a broad term, personal belongings are still a bit different. For example, if you have prescription pills or other similar belongings, you should leave them at home. This is just as much for your protection as it is for your reputation. Some people are quick to make assumptions regardless of the consequences.

Some people are also quick to get their hands on certain drugs, and the last thing you want is to have any medication stolen. Another example: Tinsley Keefe learned the hard way during some work as a notary public in OKC that keeping things like books or cell phone chargers at home can save you from nasty self-indulgent rumors.

#3 – Negativity

Another broad term, though this one is not completely physical. Mentally, when you are out working as a notary public, you should leave your negativity at home. Negativity can count as a variety of things – from drama and anger to simply having an attitude.

As a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe has had too many testy clients to not know the temptation of utilizing the gift of bitch. Unfortunately, it is just not worth it. Instead, think what you want to say in your mind and take relief in knowing that the words are there . . . just not spoken.

If you follow these three tips on what to leave at home when notarizing documents, you will surely run into minimal problems (if any).