Use our GPS locator to have more control over your business

Use our GPS locator to have more control over your business

It is normal for a business to have highs and lows, despite the fact that in a business its processes are simple, there will always be external factors that make it not work completely or at its optimum capacity.

Thanks to GPS devices, it has been shown that you can increase the productivity of your business by up to 35%, which means more revenue and less waste of time; We will tell you immediately why GPS locators can greatly favor your business.

There are currently a wide variety of GPS trackers on the market and they are so versatile that they can be used in many companies. However, if your employees drive vehicles, these locators can be more advantageous for your business.

GPS tracking technology can control the speed and location in real time of the car, sending the information to a mobile device such as laptop, phone or desktop computer.

Another advantage of using a GPS tracker in your company is that it can help reduce the costs of insurance premiums, this will also give your business the peace of mind that its employees are constantly monitored no matter where they are, thus giving customers guarantee that their product is being taken care of.

One of the main functions of GPS is to monitor the activities of vehicles and / or people quickly and easily.


Do you know how a GPS locator works?

This locator will allow you to track people, objects, cars, trucks, trailers, boats, boats, among other vehicles. Generally, for a locator to function properly, a SIM card must be inserted so that it connects with the satellites and manages to provide the information required in your company.

With us you can maintain business relationships with both your customers and your products or services, this is a way to control both what goes in the vehicle and an entire fleet.

In what aspects does it help you to have a GPS in your company?


In addition to helping improve driving habits by providing data about aspects of how to drive in the vehicle, fleet managers will also know exactly where a vehicle is when assistance is required. In case the transport breaks down or is in an emergency situation, administrators can send roadside assistance in addition to mechanically assisting the vehicle to support the driver.

Cost reduction

Among the best benefits of using a GPS locator is the ability to analyze the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, the monitoring software will help reduce the amount of money spent in this area by eliminating idle times in which find the vehicle, another point is the speeding in which the driver usually drives.

Accident prevention

In order that any company can react in time in case of theft or some other accident, the system will notify with alerts on the platform, panic buttons, real-time mails of the incident data on maps to quickly identify if the vehicle has been stolen, so that the location can be subsequently informed to the corresponding authorities and thus have a rapid recovery.

Reduction of operating costs

The use of tracking software will also allow fleet managers to see which routes are the most used to make a comparison and verify if they are really efficient or if vehicles are being used for unauthorized purposes.

Technical service to answer your questions about how to use the system.

Although at first you will usually be given an explanation or tutorials with different cases in which you may need help from system specialists, there is nothing better than having a technical support phone with people behind who can help you with any questions or complication that you may have with the service, especially because they are technological things that in most cases are continuously updated.

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Server, we offer these services mentioned above, we are also sure that when you hire any of our services for your company, business or family, you will undoubtedly have greater security and will be an important key to increase the effectiveness in particular things such as efficiency in your vehicles and a fleet of more controlled and satisfied workers.

Penalties of Wrong Notarization

wrong notarization

Under state law, if notary public performs any wrong or criminal notarization, this may leads notary public being found in guilty of a misdemeanor in wrong case. Consequently, notary public has to face some penalties as suggested by state law. Following are some possible penalties of wrong notarization which they may have to face if  found involve in any misconduct. 

Notary Commission Suspended and Revoked

Commission will take away or suspend the authority of notary public, if notary performs any misconduct or any criminal offense. This suspension may be temporary or permanent based on the nature of his misconduct.

Commission can revoke or suspend the notary public on the following grounds

  • If notary public fails to comply with the state of law.
  • The notary make fraudulent mission statement on commission’s application
  • If notary public does not follow the rules and regulation of commission.

Criminal Penalties

State’s law also set some criminal penalties for notary public if they perform any illegal act or involve in any fraudulent activities. Notary public will have to pay criminal penalties in the following case.

  • Notary who knowingly executes a notary certificate containing a statement, the notary knows to be false or, perform any act in the intent to deceive or defraud is also a guilty of misdemeanor.

Civil Penalties

Some types of misconduct may require the notary to pay a fine or other civil penalty.

For example , a person who acts as notary after their commission expires can be fined $100-$500 .

  • In Virginia, a notary who uses notaries in his or advertise this title or any other term in the  language will be  subject to a maximum civil penalty of $500
  • In New York , committing certain advertising violations may result in a civil penalty up to $1000


Law Suits and Financial Liability

If a state does not fine notary or levy other punishment of misconduct, notary  will still be liable for the signer in the court for financial loss, whether  the notary commit the fraud intentionally or unintentionally.

A notary is not the only one who can held  liable for the misconduct, employers and bosses  are also held liable for that misconduct as well, if they ask  notaries to perform  that task which violate laws of commission and states.


Notary public may held liable for imprisonment in some cases. For example; if someone lost his life due to the misconduct of the notary public then, he will be imprisoned for some years. Further, He will also liable for imprisonment, if someone bear heavy damage due to notary public criminal offense or misconduct.


According to law no one is free from law. So, if notary public commits any fraudulent activity or performs any illegal act then, notary public will held liable for various penalties of wrong notarization.Which we have described above. It is moral duty of a notary to perform his duties with loyalty and purity. Further, these penalties are used as coercive force for many notaries who are not loyal with their job.

Bounty Hunters Approach Fugitive Criminals


Generally, people consider skip tracer and bounty hunters synonyms. But, in reality, there is a clear difference between their roles. More specifically, a bounty hunter is always a skip tracer too but, a skip tracer is not a bounty hunter. Skip tracers are hired for investigation purposes and for spying the people. They get hired by civil people for their personal issues. On the other hand, a bounty hunter never gets hired for civil cases. They are specially trained for criminal cases. They work for locating the hidden criminal, fugitive criminals cases. Also, he works to spy and locate those criminals that have got bail. The main motive is to ensure that the bailed criminal attend all the hearings of his case and do not escape.

Criminals On Bail

Generally, criminals usually have higher approaches that save them from being punished for their crimes. They commit crimes for people and demand heavy amount of money and protection from court in return of their services. Else, these high profile people can commit major crimes by themselves too. Consequently, when police arrests them for their crime, they usually get bailed. From here, the role of bounty hunter gets start. The bail-bond-person has to make sure that the criminal should regularly attend the case hearings. For spying purpose, the bail bond person hires the skip tracers and gave him 10% of bail amount as his fee.


Fugitive Criminals

As mentioned above, the bounty hunter is specifically appointed for fugitives. First, it is important to understand who fugitive criminals are.  Those criminals they are successful in hiding themselves from the law authorities, after committing a crime are known as fugitive. Also, those criminals who ran away to other countries, after committing crime, to escape arrest. Therefore, the concerned authorities hire the bounty hunter so that the criminal can’t be escaped and justice can be prevailed. They used their special hunting skills are reveal the hidden truths. They are more efficient than the skip tracers.


Like policemen, private investigators and skip tracers, bounty hunters also have some authorities given by the law. They can arrest the suspected person directly. Also, they can enter the home of people (suspected) without notifying them. They can also hack into their financial and other personal account as for the purpose of investigation. Yet, they have no authority to harm anyone even the suspected one. They are meant to just investigate and prove or disprove the accusation. Typically, they are agents of bail bond recovery. Some people question about the legality of bounty hunting. Undoubtedly, it is legal as allowed by the law of state

Claim Against Bounty Hunters

Though, bounty hunters are authorized to enter in accused person’s property and belongings without and prior notification. Yet, a person has opportunity to claim against him. The law has granted the right of “Civil Claim” in which a person can complaint against a bounty hunter. These claims can be several natures. Like; a bounty hunter has damaged to property of a person. Further, he has injured any of the members. Or, he has misused any of his granted authorities.