Personal Bodyguard in Oklahoma

Nowadays hiring a bodyguard in Switzerland is one of the most demanded services. Many businessmen, directors or famous people are forced to think about personal bodyguard. The Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers offers bodyguard services for professional protection. We guarantee your personal safety while your work or rest, important meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, during your vacations or service trips.


The Personal Protection or Personal Security service is aimed at people who have political, economic or media power. VIPs in their daily life may be subject to attacks, kidnapping, loss of confidential information or other threats.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is an organization specialized in the provision of security and surveillance services, aimed at corporate protection. Our services are confirmed by a team of professionals in private security and we offer services such as:

  • Security and Private Surveillance
  • Security and loss prevention
  • Personal Bodyguard.
  • Security for events.

Security services are provided by professionals through specialized security protection of our clients. Our personal guards or bodyguards are trained in:

  • Self Defense.
  • Protection of dignitaries.
  • First aid.
  • Shooting technique.
  • Defensive driving.



The Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers personal bodyguard and protection service consists of excellent professionals in the field of security. Our professionals have diverse experiences and receive continuous training.

Our staff providing bodyguard or custodian services go through the following assessments:

  • Psychological evaluation.
  • Personal Verifications (background, domiciliary, credit, academic, etc.)
  • Polygraph test
  • Record of fines and infringements (For the positions of driver safeguards)
  • 360 ° labor evaluation


All our staff is governed by the principles of permanent respect and confidentiality with our clients.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers cares about the safety of its customers and supervises the work of its different services, the transfer of dignitaries and personal protection from our control center that is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The services we provide are:

  • Personal protection and dignitary protection
  • Driver
  • safekeeping and custody (Driver plus safekeeping vehicle)


All our safeguards and custodian services are equipped with guns, anti-bullet vests, and smartphones.


Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has a team of bodyguards, many of which are former personnel of Military and Police. These personnel have gone through a process of evaluation and verification of their competencies necessary for the profile of this position. This ensures that we to provide a Professional Service of Personal Security, Guards and Escorts for all our clients.


Security intelligence services.

Seriousness, Professionalism and Commitment have been fundamental values that we take very seriously with our services. We always manage to work according to the preference of our clients in the most important circles of businessmen and people.

We are recognized by multiple economic, social and legal organizations. As a strict rule, we employ only and exclusively experienced and trained personnel for each of the specialties we cover.

Our services are characterized by the quality, discretion and honesty of our work, because we have the highest techniques in the field. Infidelity Specialists; That is why we are always at the forefront with cutting-edge equipment and technology, and we are always one step ahead of all our competitors.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers knows how important your home and your lifestyle is for you. We understand that VIP people attract both positive and negative energies, and sometimes they need special protection. We can offer you the best security and bodyguard service in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We will provide you with permanent physical security with a trusted bodyguard in Oklahoma. Our personal bodyguard will be with you 24/7 protecting your physical and moral integrity.

We offer all types of security for your home, office or any other place. You can rely on us if you want a guard to secure your home or need a team to accompany you throughout your stay in Oklahoma.

We can offer different types of options in terms of physical security and surveillance with reliable protection for any type of client by adapting to their rhythm of life. We can also help you with residential security, security for an event or a wedding, or simply a bodyguard service.

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The Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is the optimal combination of the reasonable price and the high quality of the services provided. Call us at the numbers indicated on our website to get the details. Our administrators can consult you and quickly solve all assigned tasks.

Best Skip-Tracing Services in Oklahoma City, OK

What is Skip-Tracing?

Skip tracing tends to be a very complex job in most cases. Disappearances can be caused by an unimaginable number of reasons; it can be voluntary or forced. The search radius is mostly a variable according to the case, such as local, provincial, national and even worldwide. Each skip tracing case is completely different from the others.

The most advanced Skip-Tracing in Oklahoma City, OK

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, we offer the best Skip-Tracing services in Oklahoma. When we receive an assignment for such cases, the first thing we do is verify the legal aspects of the investigation. We have to verify that the request is made by a person legitimately interested. In other words, our agency must verify that there is a link or demonstrable relationship between client and the investigated family, labor or a professional.

Can I locate someone I have to settle accounts with in Oklahoma?

It is not legal to locate a person to whom the client intends to “adjust accounts” personally. In cases of conflicts, the appropriate process involves locating the missing person and sending him a judicial notification or provide his address to the court.

Oklahoma Cases for “Intentionally” Missing People

We must understand that in many cases, the missing person does not want to be found. There could be several reasons for that, such as economic reasons (debts, defaults, insolvencies), personal (unwanted, double lives), conjugal (disappearance with children, non-payment of pensions), etc. Such cases are a lot more complex.

The information that we usually require in our agency for skip-tracing cases are the following:


Location of spouses, children, ex-spouses, missing relatives, children delivered for adoption. teenagers who are on the run.


Location of old couples, friends from childhood, from school, from the university.


Location of heirs for a distribution of inheritance in which one of them is missing.


Locating people so that our clients give them a judicial notice or provide their address to the court for the aforementioned official body to notify them directly.


We locate debtors or defaulters so that our client can take personal actions within the law or judicial aimed at collecting the debt. In case of “professional defaulter”, the name will not appear in any public registry or anything else that will make their tracing more difficult.


This involves location of witnesses of an event that occurred for their subsequent testifying testimony in a court of law.

Efficient Skip-Tracing Services in Oklahoma

In all cases, we try to act with maximum speed and get the location in the shortest possible time. Each situation requires different timeframe for various reasons. The person who wants to trace a loved one has that desire to have him by his side; the client who wants to locate his former partner may have professional conflicts; and the lawyer who wants to locate the defendant wants to streamline the procedure as much as possible, etc.

Dedicated Skip-Tracing Department in Oklahoma City, OK

In Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. we have a department in charge only of the skip-tracing of missing persons. The department is formed by expert detectives with extensive experience in this type of services. We also collaborate with other national and international agencies to find and locate these people.

How Skip-Tracing works in Oklahoma?

Interaction with the client

At first, in holding a meeting with the client during which we can collect all the information that they can share. We will invite you to communicate all the data you have and the circumstances of the contact loss. Later, we will ask you about all those aspects that didn’t cross your mind and we suspect might have happened.

Exhaustive Skip-Tracing Process in Oklahoma

Next, we will carry out an exhaustive registry tracking from public databases, census, population and housing census, internet, Land Registry, Commercial Registry, RAI, and social networks to determine possible addresses or points of location of the missing person. With the same aim, we gather information from human sources, contacting people who may have some type of information, relatives, spouses, children, friends, former neighbors, ex-work colleagues, etc.

Field Work

Finally, with all the information obtained, we will begin the field or street work. According to the demographics of the location, our agency personnel will appear at the addresses or points of a possible location for verification and gathering all the possible information. It effectively helps us retrieve new data and possible search points to continue with registry tracking. Finally, we track down the exact address and location of the missing person.


At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, we will be happy to study your case and help you find the missing person you want to locate. Our highly professional and human team will get you the required services immediately. Feel free to contact us!