Helpful Telephone Tips for the Private Investigator

Private Investigation

Private InvestigationContrary to popular belief, the standard weapon of choice used by private investigators is not a gun, but rather a telephone. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a private investigator in Oklahoma City, can attest to that. Knowing all that you can about your telephone is wise. There are many working parts of both landline telephones and cellphones that you should be familiar with to conduct your business appropriately. This article will give you some hints, tips, and techniques on how you can perfect your phone performance skills as a Pi.



Anonymous Calling Both Outgoing and Incoming

  • Obscure your phone number by calling the operator and telling her every time you dial a certain number; you get an “all circuits are busy” message. This will prompt the operator to dial the number for you on her end, thus not exposing your phone number on the recipient’s caller ID. You might even be able to skip this step if your carrier offers caller ID blocking services.
  • On most phone systems, you might be able to punch in *67, and your phone number will not be visible on the recipient’s caller ID.
  • Consider setting up an unlisted and unpublished line in your office for receiving calls. You can give this number out when you are under pretext or do not wish to disclose who you really are or what you do.

Cell Phone Tips

Private Investigation

  • If you’d like to find out what cell provider a person has, simply call their phone when you know, it isn’t in use. Typically, there will be a recorded message that’ll disclose that the phone is not currently in use and disclose the carrier.
  • If you’d like to trace an old cell phone number. Go to the cell phone company and tell them you are interested in using the number but want to know who had it beforehand. The company will usually look this information up for you.

Keep Your Line Secured and Free from Eavesdropping

Private Investigation

  • Did you know that there is new generation telephone line monitors and analyzers on the market that keep your phone line free of bugs, wiretaps, hidden tape recorders, and extension line pick-ups? Not only do these units detect when your phone line is being tampered with, but it also stops it from happening. Check out Safeline software.

Telephone Lie Detector

  • Did you know that you can turn your computer into a live polygraph device when on the telephone? Check into Truster software and learn more about their live analysis software or software for tape recorded phone conversations.

Educate Yourself about Your Telephone Company

  • You can easily find out information about your local telephone company for free by reading the front pages of your telephone directory. All the information you could ever want to know is listed right in the big yellow book.

It’s so important to understand all of the ins and outs about telephone usage during private investigating. You’re going to be using your phone a lot when researching a case. The way you handle your phone could either make or break you. Learn everything there is to know about landlines, cell phones, the different companies, and their equipment.

Resorting to “Nail and Mail” Process Serving as Described by Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Private Investigation in Oklahoma

Private Investigation in OklahomaThere comes a point, after several failed attempts at serving a defendant, to embark upon the “nail and mail” method of process serving. John Keefe II has had to turn to this method a time or two to get the job done.

To serve a defendant in this manner, a process server should follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Affix the summons to the door of either the actual place of business, dwelling place, or usual place of abode within New York Sate of the person to be served and..
  • Step 2: Mail the process by first class mail to the person to be served at his or her last known residence or mailing them to his or her actual place of business. CPLR 308(4)


Here are some very important things that you should keep in mind:

  • The envelope used for the mailing must be marked “Personal and Confidential” and must not show in any way that the envelope contains papers about a legal action against the person being served.
  • The affidavit of service by “nail and mail” must describe in detail the times and places of all the previous attempts at personal service, before “nail and mail” service was used.


Let’s face it; you cannot spend every moment of every day chasing after the same defendant. In extreme cases, other measures such as “nail and mail” need to be taken. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II fully endorses these measures and applies them to his process serving duties as he sees fit. No defendant wants to be served so he or she is going to do everything that they can to avoid it.

It is never a fun thing to come home to, as a defendant. However, these things just simply need to be handled. The “nail and mail” method can also be utilized at the defendant’s place of work. John Patrick Keefe tries to avoid doing this if at all possible because of the embarrassment that it can cause. Can you imagine showing up to work and seeing a summons for your appearance in court hanging on the door? Talk about embarrassment!

The moral of the story is, do not duck a process server who is trying to give you court documents. If John Keefe cannot properly serve you in the traditional way, he will have to resort to other means such as “nail and mail.” You don’t want to go there. Save yourself the time and embarrassment and just take the papers, and do what you have to do to rectify the situation.

What Happens When Your Best Friend Is The One Being Served? Tinsley Responds

What Happens When Your Best Friend Is The One Being Served? Tinsley Responds

Sometimes, life hands us shitty situations. Those situations can be overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing, but they are also a part of life that we cannot avoid. They are something we have to get used to. As a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is no stranger to shitty situations. In the process serving world, the possibilities involving undesirable situations are endless. One of those situations involves serving one of your good friends the necessary paperwork to complete your job.

While the situation is definitely one best avoided, there are times when you cannot get around the fact: you need to serve them papers, friend or not. This leads Tinsley Keefe to offer tips on dealing with the state of affairs. No one wants to be in such an awkward situation, but if that time comes regardless of wants . . . you will need to be prepared. You will need to know how to deal with it. For starters, Tinsley suggests the cliché approach of running with your tail between your legs.

Okay – so maybe not that exactly, but at the very least you can phone colleagues/other skip tracers in Oklahoma in an effort to hand off the job. However, there are several downsides to that option. For example, you are missing out on business which means you are missing out on money. Even more, you are risking the possibility of appearing unprofessional. Tinsley Keefe has operated as a process server in OKC long enough to know that the best course of action is acting completely normal. You should treat your friend like any other client.

Of course, explain to them that you are only doing your job. What do they expect you to do? You cannot bend the rules for them – and you should never bend the rules for them. Do not put your ass on the line for a mistake made by another person. If the situation becomes really sticky, even after explaining to your friend, you can try the open communication method. Speak calmly, and if nothing else, ask them to drop the subject and move on. If a friend cannot respect your job, they are not worth it.

Finally, Tinsley reminds you to not focus on the negative more than the positive. One shitty situation is nothing in comparison to dozens of good situations. It is very unlikely that every person you serve papers to will be someone you know. If that is the case, you need to take a step back from the spotlight and reconsider your priorities.

Whether you are a process server or a police officer, your job should always come first in the legal sense. Do not hand out freebies when you are not allowed to. Do not abuse the job you are given by breaking the rules. And definitely never break the law for a friend – because any friend that asks you to break the law for them is not a very good friend at all.

Is A Notary Public Allowed To Decline Notarization?

Notaries often come across people, whether their bosses, co-workers or customers that ask them to illegally notarize their documents. Sometimes, a notary public may not be able to tell the difference or know completely whether they should or should not notarize a document, especially if they are being pressured by powerful people. However, there are rules as to when a notary public can or cannot decline notarization. Let’s explore these rules in detail.

At What Point Can Notaries Refuse Notarization?

It is important to know when to decline notarization in order to prevent the fraud from being committed. Different states have different laws for notaries to follow regarding the refusal of service. However, it is safe to say that if there is any doubt of the documents being illegal or fraudulent.

If a signer does not follow the correct protocol or meet the requirements for the notarization to take place, the notary public from Oklahoma City. Some of the disqualifications may include:

  • The signer not making a personal appearance
  • The signer has not given their proper identification
  • If there is a language barrier
  • The signer is disoriented or seems like they are being forced to sign
  • If the signer is refusing to take an oath or affirm their documents

Sometimes, the documents may lead the notary public from Oklahoma to decline notarization, such as:

  • There are missing pages or blank spaces in the documents
  • If the required notarial certificate is not obtained

Then, there are also times when the notary public from Oklahoma may present a conflict of interest, and cannot unbiasedly notarize the document due to:

  • Being the signer of the document
  • The financial documents benefiting them as well
  • The signer is their parent, spouse, or child

Other situations in which a notary public from OKC can decline notarization are:

  • If the notary public is suspicious that the transaction is illegal, false, or deceptive
  • If the act being asked of them is not authorized for them to do
  • The signer cannot or will not pay the fee that is required for notarization
  • Being requested to notarized outside of your office hours
  • If the act that is being requested violates the guidelines of their workplace

Of course, notaries cannot refuse notarization due to a personal bias against the signer’s gender, race, religion, nationality, disabilities, or lifestyle.

Notaries must maintain their professionalism and use a respectful and calm tone when refusing the notarization. They must also explain why they are declining notarization. Lastly, the notary public has to document their refusal for any future questioning.

Avoiding Burnout: How Private Detectives, Process Servers and Notary Public Officials Can Thrive Longer

All too often in life, many people work extremely hard and then later find themselves tired of their jobs.  They no longer want to do the work and may not even try their very best.  While it is true that most people seldom find each and every single minute of their chosen professions enjoyable, it is important that individuals find themselves happy with their jobs at least 80 percent of the time.  This same principle holds true for process servers, private investigators, and those who serve as notary public officials.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers examines some of the ways in which individuals in these fields can avoid burnout and enjoy their work longer . . .

  • Keep Stress Levels Low:

Oklahoma private investigators, process servers and mobile notaries should always try to keep their stress levels as low as possible.  A strong correlation between high stress levels and faster burnout rates for those in these professions certainly exists.  Thus, minimizing the stress and maximizing output can help lead to a longer lasting career.

  • Do Not Overwork/Get Overzealous:

All too often, process servers can get extremely excited and will often want to do extra work when they first start.  This is sometimes even true of Oklahoma City private investigators who have served in the profession for an extended period of time.  Thus, viewing one’s work as a marathon rather than a 100 yard dash is vital to a lasting career in these legal fields.  It is vital that all Oklahoma process servers place limits on the number of hours they work and get plenty of sleep, so that they can arrive fresh and ready to go each day.

  • Ensure That You Get Paid What You Are Worth:

Many newer process servers, notaries and private detectives often work for too little money.  This often occurs because they do not fully understand their true value.  Thus, they tend to work for less than they are worth.  Many employers know about this tendency and will often exploit it.  Thus, process servers and private investigators who work for companies need to politely assert what their time is truly worth.

Sometimes it is not until a process server or Oklahoma private detective has been out in the field for a little while that he or she knows just how valuable he or she is!  For those who do not know what their time is worth, they can ask another process server, notary public, or private investigator and see what they charge.  This can help one have a better understanding of one’s monetary value in the professional world.

  • Take Vacations/Rest When Needed

The old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is quite valid.  Indeed, the same holds true for females.  Sometimes everyone needs a little vacation.  It is permissible to rest and relax, and private investigators and notary public officials in Edmond, Norman, Oklahoma City, Moore, Yukon, El Reno, Piedmont, Stillwater, Lawton, Tulsa and elsewhere need to take time off to rest up.  Going in to work sick, skipping family funerals, and seldom or never taking a break will almost certainly lead to early burnout.  This is not to say that process servers, private detectives and mobile notaries should always be on vacation, but every hard working individual deserves a rest.

  • Delegate Work And Authority When Possible And Needed:

Private investigators and process servers who work in administrative roles can and sometimes need to delegate authority and ease the workload.  Trying to do all of the work to make the most money or otherwise taking on too much job responsibility is simply not healthy.  Not only does it deprive team members from learning, gaining valuable work experience, and sharing in the profits, but it is another contributing factor to early burnout.

  • Avoid Taking Every Assignment:

Not every assignment is worth taking, as some of them are too dangerous and/or unprofitable.  Indeed, even if a process server, private investigator, or notary public could take every assignment, would that make doing so healthy?  Likewise, private investigators also do not need to investigate every single case they hear about and/or do not have an adequate amount of experience for.  For these same reasons, this is why many attorneys will often take only the best cases and will usually decline the others.

  • Get Help When Needed:

Sometimes all Oklahoma process servers and private investigators need help.  Notary Public officials often need additional training, advice, and mentoring, too.  One should not hesitate to speak up and ask for advice when needed.  Process servers should not shy away from asking for counsel or seeking guidance.  Those who are not as wise will tend to want to take everything upon themselves and convince themselves that they can do it all.  While “doing it all” might possibly work in the short run, it is not a realistic long term strategy.

  • Work With Colleagues, Not Against Them:

Unlike teaching, which is often but not always a field which requires more collaboration, the legal areas of private investigations, process serving, and mobile notary services tend to lean more toward the competitive, profit-driven side.  While schools can become very competitive, too, teachers tend to collaborate more with one another and help each other out.  Indeed, all private detectives, Oklahoma process servers, notary public officials, and teachers should all strive to be results-oriented.

Many skilled public school educators often have an upper hand on the corporate world, as corporations have to compete for their customers.  However, even those working for highly competitive private investigation companies and process serving firms should be able to collaborate with those within and outside of their own companies.  This can prove to reap many rewards for everyone involved.

If, for example, someone from another private detective agency calls and sincerely asks for advice, it is more beneficial to both them and to you to kindly provide it to them.  If a private detective really does not know what to do in that particular situation, then he or she should kindly say so and try refer the other private detective to another resource.  Indeed, there may be a time when the tables are turned and advice is requested from the other party.  Those who work at reputable private detective agencies know all too well that work referrals come not only from clients, but occasionally from other private investigators.

  • Work Easier Cases:

While working the easiest cases is not always advisable, it can certainly help to reduce the stress load.  Indeed, harder cases can sometimes help a process server in Oklahoma City or a private detective in Lawton gain more experience.  These same cases might also pay more money and sometimes carry more prestige.  However, trying to be the one who performs all of these types of cases will often make one feel overworked, tired, and can lead to burnout faster.  It is important for process servers, notary public officials and Oklahoma private detectives to share the best cases.  There is plenty of excellent work to go around.

  • Widen Your Sphere of Influence:

Every notary public, Norman process server, and Oklahoma City private detective should take it upon himself or herself to try to widen his or her social standing with others.  The more people in other influential places know and like you, the easier life becomes.   When clients, staff, law enforcement officials, and the general public respect a reputable Oklahoma private investigator, they are more likely to hire him or her, pay more money for services, go out of their way to provide assistance, and call upon that professional for advice.  Mastering social graces and taking the time to effectively and appropriately network with others is key to long term job success.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Stress, Strife And Conflict:

Lawton process servers and private investigators should take great care to avoid unnecessary conflict and strife with colleagues, clients and others in general.  Doing so not only makes the workplace safer and more fun, but it also increases productivity and maximizes profitability.  This can prove to be a wonderful boon to companies that wish to excel and get ahead of their competition.  It definitely helps cut down on burnout rates and also tends to attract and keep higher quality staff members.

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder:

It is true that many wise experts have often proclaimed the principle of working smarter, not harder.  Oklahoma private detectives, process servers, and mobile notaries should always strive to become more efficient, task-oriented, and solution-focused, making the most out of every possible resource and nurturing relationships along the way.  This is how people make their tasks easier, maximize profits, and enjoy more free time.  Knowing how to work smarter instead of harder is often a learning process, but it can and should be done.

These are a few of many examples of ways in which Oklahoma private investigators, process servers, and mobile notaries can help reduce stress, make their work environment more positive, and curb or even eliminate burnout.  Our society needs exceptional experts to remain in these invaluable fields and gain the experience needed to do the job right.  By making a few simple changes to workplace habits and the general environment, private detective agencies, process serving companies, and notary public officials in Oklahoma and elsewhere can find even greater long term job success and satisfaction.

Oklahoma City Private Investigators Need to Wear Proper Attire When On Duty

private investigators handle

Oklahoma City private investigators should be mindful about what they wear while on duty.  This is particularly true for armed private investigators in Oklahoma, who may carry weapons which they must conceal.  There are many factors when it comes to proper clothing attire which can affect an Oklahoma private investigator’s performance.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers examines some of the circumstances in which certain clothing could prove to be more desirable for private investigators.

It goes without saying that private investigators should dress professionally.  That being said, an adept private investigator also has to blend in with his or her environment.  Thus, whereas a coat and tie might work in one situation, a T-shirt and a ball cap might be most appropriate in another.  While dressing professionally for any profession is indeed vital, wearing the right attire for the occasion is equally essential, if not more so, for Oklahoma private investigators.

Private investigators should also be mindful about the various weather conditions they will be working in.  If it is going to rain, then the need for rain jackets, umbrellas, and other such gear could come in quite handy.  If, on the other hand, it is going to be extremely hot, then sunglasses, a light T-shirt and shorts will probably prove to be much more desirable.  Given Oklahoma’s sometimes bizarre and volatile weather conditions, the weather can change at any moment.  A skilled Oklahoma private investigator will often keep a set of backup clothes into which he or she can change as the need arises.

Oklahoma City private investigators who carry firearms also need to wear clothing that will help them easily conceal protective guns, tasers, etc., that they carry.  Most private investigators do not want those they are investigating to know what they are carrying, if anything, or where it is located.  By wearing jackets with special pockets and other loose clothing, a licensed private investigator can help conceal what he or she is carrying.  This helps put the private investigator at a tactical advantage and aids in decreasing his or her risk level.

Private investigators working for private detective agencies might have other corporate attire that they must wear.  While most private investigation firms do not require their Oklahoma private investigators to wear clothing which will distinguish them as working for a private investigation agency or as a private investigator, some do.  However, anyone working as a professional private investigator who is sporting easily recognizable clothing which associates him or her with a private detective agency or as a private investigator, is going to find himself or herself at a significant strategic disadvantage.

There are a plethora of reasons as to why Oklahoma private investigators should dress professionally and appropriately.  What private investigators wear and when they wear it can have a significant impact on their overall success or failure.  The overall goal of private investigators is to follow the laws, try to bring his or her clients the greatest amount of success, and to stay safe in the process.  Clothing can indeed play a significant part in this process.

How Process Servers Catch Those Evading Service

For those who think it’s easy to evade being served papers- think again! You will only make it harder for yourself if you think that avoiding a process server will get you out of being served, as there are other ways a process server can adopt to serve you and sue you. Here are the ways process servers catch those evading service (and no, it is not illegal or as dramatic as some movies may portray it to be) or use plan B or C to serve papers.

Asking Neighbors

Neighbors of the person being served papers can be a valuable source of information for process servers, as they might know their whereabouts. If a neighbor is willing to comply and give information to the process server in Oklahoma City, they may contact them as soon as the target is at home.

Following them on social media

You can find out a lot about a person through social media. A process server in Oklahoma can follow their targets on social media to know about their whereabouts through their posts. It is legal, as oftentimes social media pages are public.


This is a lengthier and more determined way to find evasive subjects, as many times process servers can stakeout to familiarize themselves with their target’s daily routine, and where they may be. This can ensure that process servers in OKC find the subject on purpose rather than by chance.

Posing as someone else

Process servers may at times act as delivery persons so that they can contact or come face to face with their target. There are other creative ways process servers may contact their subjects (legally) however, if disclosed, those ways may prove to be ineffective.

Plan ‘B’ and ‘C’

Process servers have a plan B and C to effectively serve the subject papers if physically finding them is proving to be difficult or impossible. Here is what plan B and C entail:

Plan B

There are two steps that the process server can take when carrying out plan B:

  1. They can leave the court papers at the subject’s house or at their place of work with another adult or
  2. They can mail a copy of the papers via certified mail to the subject’s home or place of work’


Plan C

Even though it is hard to avoid the strategies listed in plan B, if the defendant still manages to evade being served papers, plan C entails the process server will get a grant by a judge to serve the defendant through publications. This is highly effective as ads of the subject being sued and called into court can alert them far quicker than any other method.

How the Top Mortgage Lenders Put Customer Experience First

the client experience implies everything in the home loan industry. In an undeniably focused beginning business sector, little motions can have a sizeable effect. At the point when everybody makes the client venture their top need, it’s these unpretentious differentiators that help separate your association from the pack.

So what are those distinction producers? Here’s the way the best home loan banks put client experience first.

Speak with Customers Early and Often

Numerous starry-peered toward purchasers become baffled with the way to homeownership. Home loan preparing and endorsing require some serious energy. Banks must vet purchaser records and ensure the evaluation warrants the credit. There’s regularly little correspondence from the credit originator to the buyer en route.

Purchasers don’t comprehend the subtleties that go into the home loan process. They essentially need the procedure to be done as quickly as time permits. From their perspective, their fantasies are suspended noticeable all around without an unmistakable perspective on the ground beneath.

Some portion of this is viewpoint. A quality advance originator will experience the home purchasing process something close to 8-12 times each month. They become acquainted with the intricate details of the procedure and become personally acquainted with how everything functions. Inevitably, everything winds up old cap.

Be that as it may, the normal individual may just purchase, sell, or renegotiate 6-7 times in their whole lives. That implies the procedure can scare even experienced purchasers.

That terrorizing develops when you think about that banks require significantly more data to settle on a choice than they did preceding the Great Recession. Times and innovation have absolutely changed the home purchasing process, however the human component has never been increasingly significant.

One simple approach to keep purchasers cheerful is by expanding contact and shortening reaction times. Speed of contact is basic to keeping purchasers cheerful. Purchaser fulfillment decays forcefully for every day they hold up subsequent to connecting with a loan specialist, as indicated by the J.D. Power 2018 US Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study. Clients who convey through computerized channels – by means of content or email – esteem speed of contact the most.

Assemble a Response Plan

Your association ought to have an unmistakable responsiveness procedure that causes your purchaser to feel a piece of the procedure, not an observer.

Plainly characterize runs about returning to individuals. The more you abandon conveying, the more noteworthy the disappointment from the purchaser, and frequently that can strain your originator’s association with the realtor. Set a few rules forthright to stay away from disappointment over the long haul.

See how individuals need to convey. Don’t simply expect youngsters need to content and more established individuals need a telephone call. Ask how, when, and why your clients need you to connect. Some will need you to share each new update. Others will need you to refresh them on enormous achievements – only not during business hours.

Call in any event, when you don’t have news. No news can likewise be uplifting news. Offer your purchasers a chance to pose inquiries of you in any event, when you don’t have something to share. They’ll value that you did.

Offer Methods of Accountability

Your responsiveness system ought to be a piece of a progressively complete arrangement around responsibility. In case you’re not kidding about keeping your clients and accomplices connected with and educated, there must be an approach to quantify the accomplishment of the arrangement, just as an approach to record when and where it’s missing the mark.

Add your director’s data to your email signature. This is a straightforward, far reaching update that enables your clients to search out answers from power, when important. Possibly you missed their email or you’re in the midst of a get-away. This helps ensure nothing goes unaddressed.

Update your out of office as required. Talking about excursions, advance officials can’t be available to come back to work 24×7. They become ill, have dental specialist arrangements, and need to lift their youngsters up from school. Notwithstanding, in the event that you can foresee and impart the occasions that you hope to be out of the workplace, it will enable clients to see any defer accordingly.

Set up available time. Have an inclination that you’re generally on edge? Put aside a fixed time each day for reacting to calls and noting messages. This time square doesn’t need to disturb the remainder of your work or keep you from doing different tasks, however it sets up a reasonable time where individuals should feel good reaching you. Maybe it even shields calls and messages from interfering with the remainder of your day.

None of these recommendations mean your client confronting representatives are accomplishing things wrong, yet introducing proportions of responsibility will go far to keeping clients glad and sustaining your responsiveness methodology.

You ought to engage your representatives to gradually play a job in organization responsibility. Each worker will have a remarkable situation, yet you’ll see that usually your partners make the correct calls and accomplish the correct things for the correct reasons.

Effective Ways for Process Servers in Oklahoma to Keep Their Clients

There are many methods that process servers can use to help retain loyal clients who will often provide business year after year. Repeat customers also save the time required to always have to go out and find new ones. A professional process server can benefit greatly from following a few principles that should help ensure much success for years to come. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers would like to share what a few of these are.

One of the main tenants of retaining customers is to have very competitive prices that meet or beat those of other process servers. If others have prices that are lower, clients might choose the other company and/or individual. Economy-crushing companies like Wal-Mart followed this principle by matching or beating all of their competitors’ prices, and thus people looking for a bargain flocked – and often still flock – in droves to its stores.

Money and lower prices will not get a process server very far if the clients find service he or she provides to be wanting. If a professional process server in Oklahoma is rude, does not do the serves correctly, etc., then lawyer or other individual will often go elsewhere – even if it costs them a bit more. Promptly answering E-mail, returning phone calls, and providing case status updates are also vital! Low prices are great, but without excellent service to go along with them, they just won’t cut the mustard.
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Often law firms and other professionals will complain about how a process server took too long to do a job or did not even really try at all. This goes back to the entire customer service experience. Those who are the most successful in this field provide quick, accurate service and are very nice to their customers. Likewise, they try to be respectful to the people they serve, as anyone – even process servers – can get served at almost any time.

One combination of customer service and affordable prices necessitates the sending out of business cards, thank you notes, magnets with company logos on it, etc., to customers. These help promote one’s business and are often kept on hand for future use. Secretaries and others often remark about how they still have a business card or mug from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers which bears its logo. Including a little coffee that has a process server’s business card taped to it when sending out mugs always adds a nice touch! These are little investments that can potentially pay dividends for quite some time.

Clients who send coupons with discounts on the next serve and a short handwritten note of thanks can score big points with the people they help. Who doesn’t love a discount and really feel and know that their process server appreciates them? Once again, this goes back to fantastic service and dedication to the profession.

These are just a few of many things that Oklahoma process servers can do to help keep their clients loyal for quite some time. It is a sound business practice for process servers in Oklahoma to keep relations with the people they serve positive and to let them know how much they really are valued and appreciated. After all, there is so much more to the field and life in general than just making money.

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Skip tracing

It often happens that people travel to different cities and countries and so over the years you want to find each other and find out how your old friend lives or maybe your first love. In this case, a detective can also help you, who will help you find a contact to contact your old friend.

Do you suspect your partner of infidelity and do not know how to dispel doubts? Your teenage child has recently become very suspicious, and you think that he is affected by bad company? You do not know whether you can trust a new business partner or a new lover? With any suspicions, we will help you clarify them with our popular private investigator service that we offer, including skip tracing or outdoor surveillance of a person.


The easiest way to monitor a person is direct observation. You secretly observe from the side what the object is doing, with whom it communicates and how it behaves. However, there is one caveat. If the surveillance is conducted by a layman, then it will be easy to suspect and reveal. Any careless movement of the observer will lead to the fact that the one who has been set up for surveillance will immediately recognize everything and begin to conflict. It turns out that this is not the result that a person wants to achieve. So, surveillance should be professional.

To establish an observation and find out all the necessary information about the object, just contact a private detective. Depending on what exactly you want to know about the object, we will determine our approach, such as pedestrian observation, car tracking or other analytical methods for obtaining information.


Since everyone today has a mobile phone, it’s easy enough to track a person using geolocation, unless of course you have direct access to the telephone. This location tracing method of the object depends on where it is now located with mobile phone. Such supervision is preferred by parents for their children.

Another parental method is installing spyware on a child’s computer. By pressing a single button, it will be possible to understand with whom, how and when a person is talking, and which sites he visits.

The second method of observing an object is to monitor a person’s car using an anti-theft system or study recordings from a car video recorder. Of course, such surveillance can be prevented, but only a few know how to do it correctly.

If you decide to establish surveillance of a person, do it secretly without unnecessary suspicion and questions. With a competent approach to this issue, a private detective will do everything for you, and you will already receive a detailed report. We are here to offer you skip tracing and detective services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.