Private detectives are hired by individual clients or agencies to investigate. They work on their own with agencies or companies like insurance or law firms. A vast majority of the job is surrounded by gathering information and fact-finding. These tasks are accomplished using computers and other surveillance gadgets, conducting interviews plus, going undercover. At times, private investigators also conduct follow-ups of even closed criminal cases.

In short, every day in the life of a private investigator is quite happening. Work that involves compensation fraud, suspects, and mystery puzzles does not offer time out.

It’s a tough job, indeed, but someone has to keep the city safe.

Let’s talk about the duties and responsibilities that come with a private investigator’s job description.


Here is a list of skills that the job of a PI requires;

  • Prepare Reports
  • Perform Surveillance
  • Conduct Background Checks
  • Gather Intelligence
  • Provide courtroom testimonies
  • Interview People
  • Assisting in locating and searching for missing people

Private investigators are not government agents; however, the information gathered can be used for later criminal investigations, which is why a PI needs to adhere to established rules of evidence like police officers.


An aspiring private investigator should have the below-mentioned traits to be successful in their respective field;

Analysis of Evidence

They should be able to analyze, interpret, and evaluate the evidence.

Curious & Justice Seeking

They have to be inquisitive and should right the perceived wrongs.

Problem-Solving Skills

They must train themselves quickly to be able to solve problems.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Private investigators must be good at getting people to talk and obtain the information relevant to the task.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of investigators will grow 11% from 2017-2026, which is faster than the average of all occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees continued demand for investigators in legal service industries for running more-intensive background checks that can’t be accomplished through online and other old school methods.

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A private investigator’s areas of expertise

When was the last time you went to a court of law to get justice and was served with it? With an increase in corruption among the authorities who are responsible for making the law in a state, people have lost a significant amount of trust in such bodies. They often take their cases and legal matters to a private investigator in hopes of being treated fairly and getting their issues resolved within legal boundaries.

The work of a private investigator is simple, they gather evidence and information from clues, keep an eye on the suspect, process the data, catch the perpetrator, if any, and present the evidence in the court to win the case. They apply the same approach in most of the cases they handle. Here are discussed some areas of their expertise.

Handling financial and legal matters for a family

A family can hire a private investigator to handle their financial and legal matters. Tasks like transfer of assets, maintaining documentation, keeping an eye on possible financial frauds among the family members, etc. are handled by a private investigator. A private investigator may also handle the insurance of assets for a family and deal with insurance companies. Such a hiring, of course, can only be witnessed in a rich family.

Finding missing people

Tracing evidence and clues and tracking the whereabouts of missing persons is almost a routine task for a private investigator. They are specialized in finding and interpreting clues that lead to a breakthrough in such cases. A family can approach a private investigator to locate one of their missing family members. Similarly, a business person can report for a missing partner in case of fraud.

Tracing properties and assets gone missing

A private investigator’s ability to trace missing assets and properties comes in handy when a family member or a business partner commits fraud and hides the ownership documents of an asset. Such events are common during a divorce or liquidation of a business. Private investigators are specialized in handling such matters and help in tracing the legal ownership rights for any missing property or asset.

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