Does a PI have access to state-owned data

Does a PI have access to state-owned data

While hiring a private investigator to manage a legal case, people often question the extent to which private investigators can go while solving an issue. What database do they have access to, and whether they can access highly confidential data that only federal departments can access? Let’s talk about private investigators in the locality of Oklahoma city. The rules and regulations about private investigators set by the state are well defined and strictly followed across the region.

Considering the reach of a private investigator, here are a few types of state-owned data that private investigators in Oklahoma City can access upon having a license.

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Credit Databases

A private investigator may have full access to credit records such as (scores, transactions, payment histories, etc.) unlike agencies often have. However, upon paying per-search and subscription fees, they can access some personal information like address, name, DOB, and full or partial social security numbers. PIs often have to oblige to specific rules in the process of obtaining confidential data, for instance, getting a license and permit, assuring no violation against federal and state laws, and no leakage of the data.

State Databases

Private investigators have access to state-owned data under federal licensing. Although they are not licensed law enforcement agents, still a PI can have access to state-owned data. However, before obtaining the license to do so, private investigators must undertake specific terms and conditions. They must not leak the data to anyone and use it only for the case. Also, the abuse of such confidential data in any way possible can lead them to some severe penalties. The penalties include confiscation of their license to practice or making it null and void.

Proprietary Databases

While solving a case for financial fraud, private investigators need specific proprietary data to investigate the matter, which may help them solve relevant instances.

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The deposit system in the United States has developed due to the legal and procedural situation there, which in some cases differs significantly from other countries).

In the United States, a defendant can be released on bail pending trial and is not required to be detained. By providing the deposit, the accused’s appearance at the main trial is to be ensured.

According to the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the amount of the deposit must not be disproportionate.

Bail bond office in Oklahoma, USA

The majority of the accused cannot raise the deposit themselves. This is how the job of bail bondsman (bail bond agent) arose in the USA. He places the deposit in court for a fee of approx. 10-15% of the deposit amount. The terms bail stands for bail and bond for surety, that is, the bail agent guarantees the bail, i.e. in the form of a bank guarantee.

Technically, the deposit takes place as follows:

  • The judge determines the amount of the deposit.
  • In the prison, the accused has the right to make limited calls. This includes calls to:
  • a relative who organizes everything, or
  • a lawyer or
  • a surety agent (the advertising labels of the local surety agents can be found right next to the phone in the prison or in the local branch directory).

The agent may request the provision of additional collateral such as a vehicle letter, real estate, a relative’s borrower’s note. He will get the number of a close relative or friend who has to pay the fee for his services in advance. Only then will he put the deposit in the form of a bank guarantee in court.

A normal bank would not borrow due to the risk. Therefore, bail bureaus have been given special rights by law to mitigate this risk. The surety agent has the right to determine his client’s whereabouts. He may arrest him – if necessary, also by force. Therefore, the surety agent needs a license to perform his job and is subject to professional law. Depending on the risk assessment, the surety agent will request that the accused, for example, appear daily in the agent’s office or make an additional call to convince the agent that he has not escaped.

Nevertheless, many bail agents also refuse to provide bail for certain suspects, such as traveling gangs of shoplifters.

For people in need, a system of bail was tried out by the public sector, but was rejected.

Bail bond office in Oklahoma

One differentiates depending on the size of the company

  • The independent security agent with his own office,
  • The subcontractor who provides the deposits on behalf of a general deposit agent, and
  • The small business owner who provides the deposits without loans, only with his own cash.

It is estimated that there were around 15,000 such bail offices in 2018.

Submersion before the trial

If the summoned accused does not appear for the main trial (which is an additional crime) despite the deposit, this is called skipping bail or jumping bail. The court then issues an arrest warrant and determines the date on which the bail is paid to the state. Until this expiry date, the bail agent must pay the guaranteed bail to the court. He can then also sell the additional security he has requested from the accused. However, he may not keep any additional proceeds from this.


Infidelity can be a painful experience. Some marriages get through this process and become more robust than ever, while some fall apart. One of the worst aspects of infidelity is perhaps the suspicion followed by doubt and if you should confront it. You deserve the peace of mind, and that comes from knowing the truth. Once you get to know the truth about your partner’s suspicious activities, the case rests in your hands, and if you wish to continue your relationship.

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Here are some benefits that can help make your decision.


People with potentially cheating partners benefit themselves by hiring a professional in many ways. Here are some of the benefits that you can get out of hiring a professional.


It is always good to know what is going on in your partner’s life. Whether you are only imagining it or having reasons to suspect, it is best to get it off your chest and consult a private investigator.


Hire an investigator and gain a reformed sense of trust in your spouse, and they will never have to know an investigation ever took place. This way, you can keep your relationship intact because if your partner is innocent, there won’t be any feeling of betrayal.


If infidelity is proven, it can quickly impact legal cases such as child custody. If the mater escalates towards divorce, it can affect the distribution of assets or other settlement negotiations.

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Tools and resources a private investigator uses to uncover mysteries

Tools and resources

When was the last time you needed to hire a private investigator to solve your problems? Can’t remember? Exactly! There is a reason you don’t hire a private investigator frequently to get yourself out of trouble. A PI is not someone to be bothered for something trivial. They only handle cases that are too complicated for routine agents to solve. Of course, a private investigator uses a specific set of tools and resources to uncover mysteries that are usually a part of the problems they are hired to solve.

Some resources that a private investigator may use while revealing some important pieces of evidence might be common, but some tools are used by them only. Here are discussed a few such tools and resources that a PI might use while solving a case.

Cloning a digital device

The use of spyware software is banned in many states; hence a private investigator might use the technique of device cloning to preserve valuable data. Cloning a hard drive is a common technique for a private investigator. The data obtained by detectives while solving a case is highly valuable because it converts into evidence. It is always a good practice to store such data in multiple storage. So, a PI uses the cloning technique to store their data in their hard drives.

GPS Tracking

A private investigator often uses a GPS tracking device to track the location of a suspect. These devices are common in this industry and can be easily installed on a vehicle. Private investigators install these devices on the vehicles of people who are suspected to be a cheating spouse or employees who use cars provided by their companies for their personal reasons. There might be several other reasons as well for a private investigator to track the geographical locations of a person.

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