Private Investigator checking Internet cheating

Private Investigator checking Internet cheating

Marital infidelity is the most common reason for citizens to turn to detective agencies practicing the professional search for adultery evidence. Such tasks are classified as particularly delicate assignments, so a private investigator involved in the execution of an order must not only be an experienced detective agent, but also have a good understanding of the psychology of marital relationships.

Importance of Confidentiality

A private detective agency that accepts orders for the identification of facts of marital infidelity assumes the obligations of unconditional confidentiality of all events and information obtained in the search process.

Importance of Equipment

Such work requires good technical equipment of private detectives, since most deceived wives and husbands want visual evidence in the form of photographs or videos showing the fact of treason and infidelity. Starting to clarify the fact of infidelity of a husband or wife, a private detective studies the object’s lifestyle, the circle of his acquaintances, and identifies potential sexual partners at home and at work. At the same time, there is a search for the object on the Internet on dating sites, a study of its daily routine.

How Internet Cheating works?

The widespread popularity of the Internet in modern society brings both positive and negative factors to the life of modern society. This is especially true of relationships within the family, endangered by Internet cheating, starting with the fact that one of the spouses is too often left alone with a computer. Virtual affairs very often lead to adultery or harm to internal family relations.

This is largely dictated by the fact that people communicate with their old friends, people with whom they were passionate many years ago and felt sympathy for them. They can get attracted, especially when it comes to unfinished relationships that have not become something more than just communication or a short romance. Very often, such feelings from the past harm the current relationships.

Old stories flare up with renewed vigor, and a person begins to feel attracted. they completely forget that there is another person next to them with whom he they have a family, obligations and rules that must be observed. Practice shows that sometimes it causes disagreements between spouses, as Internet relations bring more bad than good, and often times lead to betrayal.

Social Networks and Adultery

Social networks are very popular in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – statistics say that almost 75% of all Internet users are registered in them, and the number of dating sites is ahead of the number of sites that classmates and colleagues communicate on. From the point of view of the detective agency, social networks to some extent can be dangerous to family relationships. In particular, if your spouse decides to use the Internet to find entertainment on the side, it’s good to have a check on it.

How Private Investigator OKC helps?

As a counterbalance to such phenomena, Private Investigation OKC located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma provide services to check how dangerous it is for your relationship by examining the links, sites and blogs that your spouse suspected of Internet cheating visits. Based on this information, we prepare relevant information about the time spent on a particular site, about the subject of the site, etc. All this ultimately can help you avoid unnecessary troubles and timely avert threats from your family relationships. We would like to emphasize separately that more than half of adultery stars on the Internet, and it is in our power to help you not replenish these statistics through timely actions by checking for Internet adultery.

How to save money on a notary?

How to save money on a notary?

The short answer is to know the official rates and to insist on their compliance.

Many operations related to money require the participation of a notary public: certification of powers of attorney, signatures, many types of contracts; evidence of fidelity of translation; issuance of a certificate of inheritance, etc.

All these actions are paid. But not every notary client wonders where the price of operations comes from. In fact, it consists of two components: the state fee and the payment of “technical services” of the notary public. At the same time, the fee is usually very gentle, but the additional “technical” payment can be several times, or even an order of magnitude, making notary services expensive or completely meaningless (if the operations are carried out for small amounts).

In some cases, “technical” services are really necessary. But it often happens that a competent person has already prepared all the documents, wrote the text correctly, printed it, etc., i.e. The notary, for example, can only verify that the client signs the document and verify the signature. Such a service should be paid strictly at the state rate. However, in the vast majority of cases, a notary public (or more often his assistant) will insistently demand to pay for additional services that were actually absent. How to deal with this?

Let’s try to describe an ideal procedure.

You need to understand that you are able to properly execute documents. Think: if you are not sure that you are doing everything right, it is better to trust the professionals. Say, writing a letter about the payment of money from a deposit in a bank that has burst is really simple – its form is standard and known. You can simply enter your data in it and print it out, after which you can verify the signature.

If a notarial action allows you to choose a notary, call several notaries with a question about the prices, saying that everything is ready for you, you just need to carry out the standard notarial action at state prices. Sometimes some agree.

If you couldn’t find an honest notary public, go to anyone and inform that you don’t need additional services, that by law you are not obliged to receive and pay for them, and that the notary should only pay for the services actually provided (in this case amount of state duty). If you are serious and show that you do not intend to retreat, there is a chance that they will not want to contact you and, as an “exception”, they will accept a fee in the correct amount with an unhappy expression on their faces.

If you are still refused to be served, write down all the data of the notary and, preferably, his specific assistants who spoke with you, and contact the notary chamber of your region with a complaint about illegal actions. The list of notarial chambers with addresses, phone numbers and names of executives is here.

A small secret: the number of notaries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is limited, for each of them there is often a “turn” among those who are waiting for the current notary to leave or die. This is a very tough competitive market, therefore complaints, customer dissatisfaction, especially courts are not needed by anyone. If the notary is not too friendly with the notary chamber, they can take advantage of your complaint against him, and he knows this. Of course, there are influential “eternal” and “impenetrable” notaries with whom no one can do anything, but there is still a chance to get to the “weak link”.

Warn the notary and, later, the notary chamber, that you are ready to make a precedent out of your petty case and go all the way, including go to court, disseminate information on social networks and transmit to the press.

If you show seriousness of intent, calmness and a certain legal background, it is likely that you will be met. If the notaries and the chamber stumble, it’s up to you to decide what to do next – really realize your “threats” or look for another option. Oklahoma Judicial Process Server offers professional notary services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma region. Call us and learn more from our experts.

“Should Private Businesses Have the Right to Turn Away Customers Based on Prejudiced Views?” Tinsley Speculates

"Should Private Businesses Have the Right to Turn Away Customers Based on Prejudiced Views?" Tinsley Speculates

We have dabbled on this topic before with Christian bakers and the LGBT community, but it goes much deeper than that. While it is true that the LGBT community receives some of the worst treatment from prejudiced business owners, the intolerant views also extend to different races, religions, and other similar things. For example, some private business owners will not allow African Americans into their establishments because of the stigma society has attached, while others will not allow Muslims for those very same reasons.

As a notary public in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is a member of a privately owned business. This prompts her to say that no, private businesses should not have the right to turn away customers based on intolerant or prejudiced views. Some might argue that because it is their privately owned business, they have the right to serve those they want to – and not serve those they do not want to. Maybe that is right to an extent. For example, do not serve someone that is threatening violence or acting like a bigot.

On the other hand, if you deny service to someone based on sexuality, race, religion, or other similar things, you might find yourself in trouble with more than just the community. People are exercising their right to sue a lot more in recent times; and with good reason. There is nothing more demeaning than being denied business for something you cannot help. While working as a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe has had the pleasure of helping clients of all races, sexes, religions, and everything in-between.

She has also had the displeasure of hearing horror stories her clients experienced prior to finding a more tolerant notary public. After hearing all about the terrible experiences, Tinsley has since made it her mission to not only welcome the human race as a whole, but spread tolerance to those that refuse to acknowledge it. The way she sees it: if you do not give up, eventually they will either have to accept it and gather more tolerant views or they will have a very difficult life as society changes without them.

If you are an owner of a privately owned business or company, you might want to consider all of your options – the pros and cons – before picking and choosing your customers. With the digital age we are entering, a reputation is easily built on social media . . . and easily destroyed.

If you deny services to someone based on something they have no control over – like race, religion, or LGBT status – chances are that word will travel fast; at the speed of digital light, to be exact. You might realize that it is better to serve all kinds of people. Furthermore, by keeping your intolerance a private affair, you are also making more money. If your business gains the status of acceptance and support in the community as a whole, life will be much more enjoyable and profitable.



If there is a risk of kidnapping, an assassination or a classic attack, professional personal protection becomes a lifesaver. The monitoring of the data subject or group of people by third parties is intended to avert hazards. Both state and private bodyguards in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can be active for security. Professional personal protection usually applies to a small group of people. Mainly due to the high costs and the financial burdens, professional personal protection mainly applies to wealthy people or to vulnerable people with a social interest, for example politicians. Security technology is also an important aspect of personal protection.

What tasks does personal protection take on?

The most important task of personal protection is to maintain the physical integrity of the person being guarded. If there is a threat, the bodyguards come into play. If several bodyguards are necessary for the efficient protection of the protective person, the protective persons are referred to collectively as the Personal Protection Group People in public life or people are particularly at risk. While the first group mainly includes actors or professional athletes, the second of the groups mentioned are important witnesses, members of criminal connections or victims of organized crime, for example.

In order to meet the requirements of professional personal protection, various aids are used and the training of bodyguards also plays a very important role for success. The professional bodyguards are trained in hand-to-hand combat, for example. In addition, firearms and modern means of communication are among the most important equipment features of bodyguards. If there is a particularly high risk, several bodyguards are often used directly to maintain physical integrity.

Personal protection

Personal protection requires constant attention

The professional bodyguards are usually in the immediate vicinity of the person to be protected. Only when monitored by several bodyguards is the environment directly involved and is also monitored. The most important task is to be fulfilled through permanent attention in combination with the appropriate training of the employees: The timely detection and prevention of dangers. To ensure this, for example, the people in the immediate vicinity can be observed, whereby conspicuous behavior, unusual appearance or striking processes and objects should be given special attention. The bodyguards work particularly often in civilian clothes, so official clothes or uniforms are rather rare.

Armored vehicles, for example, provide further options for more security in professional personal protection. This is divided into different protection classes. Also, thanks to today’s modern technology, modern vehicles for efficient personal protection can hardly be distinguished from classic vehicles.

The tasks of professional personal protection can be performed by both state and private providers. In general, however, protection by state institutions is rather rare. This requires a very high-risk assessment. For the most part, surveillance is carried out by private service providers in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who then ensure the necessary security for the data subjects.


Sound training plays a very important role in everyday life as a bodyguard. At Oklahoma Judicial Process Server, you are welcome to hire high-end security professionals from us. We welcome you with patience, motivation and commitment for your safety.