10 Major Challenges That Process servers Face

Process servers are essential parts of the justice system. Not only do they have the difficult responsibility of tracking down the individuals or businesses that need to receive the summon, but they are usually the ones to face a lot of the challenges associated with it.

And despite the misconceptions that people have about Process servers, their job is anything but easy. OKC process servers can face numerous challenges while on the job, especially when members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The challenges that Process servers in Oklahoma face

Process serving is a difficult and sometimes thankless job that can lead to servers facing many difficulties and challenges. Some of these include:

1. Negative Feedback from Lawyers and Law Firms

The art of process serving relies heavily on the results that a server can provide. So if an OKC process server receives a task, they will have to complete it and give the lawyer or law firm their desired results. Of course, the real problem comes when the process server cannot provide the lawyers or law firms with their desired results.

If a process server in Oklahoma City fails to provide their client with their desired results, they may receive a negative review. And in an industry as competitive as that of the process serving, a negative review can be a very difficult thing to recover from.

2. Choosing between Contractors or employees

Another major issue that most process servers in Edmond, Oklahoma, face regularly is their employment. Most law firms will hire process servers to work with them, as they can be a valuable part of their firm. However, the task of a process server does not take very long, so it is not uncommon for them to find themselves with nothing on their hands to do. This free time can seem like an unnecessary expense for law firms, which is why they prefer going the contractor route instead. The only problem with contractors is that they receive money for notice they serve and do not get other employment benefits.

3. No Notice No Pay

When it comes to payment, OKC process servers can have a very difficult time. For one, they will only be receiving money once they have managed to serve the notice. So if they fail to serve a notice to an individual for any reason, they will not be receiving any money.

The real problem stems from individuals who are not looking to receive their notice or who will sometimes assault process servers. Therefore, serving the notice is never quite as easy as just giving a piece of paper to someone and walking away.

4. Assault and Threats

Speaking of assaults, these are something that process servers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also have to consider when serving a notice. While it does not happen too often, especially since many states have added laws to protect process servers from assault, there is still a chance of it happening.

Serving a notice is never the nicest thing in the world, and getting one can usually lead to people getting into a bad mood. Therefore, they will usually lash out at the first person they see, who might, unfortunately, be the process server themselves.

5. Refusing to Accept Notice

Another major challenge that most process servers face is when a party refuses to accept the notice. So other than possibly being assaulted, process servers might also be refused by other parties on the spot. And if they happen to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, then the chances that they will be refused can skyrocket.

However, denial can be a small or big problem depending on the state where the process server operates. They can use substitute or drop services to reduce the stress of facing some parties head-on.

6. Not Finding the Right Party for the Lawsuit

Easily one of the biggest problems that any process server in Oklahoma City can attest to is not being able to find the right party for the lawsuit. Since they will only receive payment for their efforts once they deliver the notice, finding the necessary party can be very stressful.

There is also the possibility that the secondary party is living in a separate state. So now, the OKC process server will have to travel miles to deliver notice and will even have to consider the state’s laws and regulations.

7. Physically Handover the Notice

Unfortunately, process serving is never as easy as sending an email to the receiving party and hoping for a response. Instead, it is a tiring process, always including a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, having to deliver it personally. Therefore, finding the necessary party and ensuring that they receive it is their responsibility.

8. Crossing paths with the sheriff’s office

In some instances, Georgia’s sheriff’s office has kept process severs in Oklahoma at arm’s length. Therefore, it is not unusual for process servers and the sheriff’s office to butt heads now and then.

9. New Changes to the Industry

As with every industry in the world, evolution is a major part of the industry. And as it continues to evolve, process servers in OKC have to evolve with it. If they fail to adjust to the times, they will be left behind.

10. Complicated Laws and Regulations

Several states in the US have unique rules and regulations for their process servers. They might have to sign multiple affidavits, carry a GPS tracker, or even provide proof of their ability to serve.

Find the Right Process servers for the job

The job of a process server is never as simple as just handing over documents to the receiving party. Fortunately, the process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the skills and training necessary to complete the task. Not only will they surely serve the notice to the required party, but they will also do it efficiently and quickly.



5 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph examinations are popularly known as lie detector tests. In addition, it is an instrument that measures a person’s psychological response when they are asked a question to test if the answer is truthful or not.

The polygraph examination is the most popular, curious, and exciting topic. It has gained its limelight over the recent years.


We all watch detective movies that use polygraph examination on criminals and ordinary people. For instance, using by FBI, CIA, NSA. Many police departments also use polygraph examinations such as LAPD and Virginia State Police.

Moreover, if we see, there are many places and organizations which conduct polygraph examinations. For instance, Polygraph examination Oklahoma City provides different kinds of polygraph examinations.

So, let’s jump into the topic for further curious and exciting details about polygraph examination.

How Polygraph Examination Works

Police and intelligence departments mainly carry out polygraph examinations. So, let’s see how it works.

Sensor’s attachment:

Four to six sensors are attached to a person. It is a high-tech machine in which these sensors record a person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. It also records a person’s movements like leg movement or arm movement.

Many expert examiners have years of experience in the field. For instance, polygraph examiner Oklahoma City can tell just by looking at the person whether he is lying.

Moreover, the significant changes in the graphs, such as faster heart rate and blood pressure, signal that this person is lying.

What should you know before taking a polygraph examination? 

Let’s have a look over the exciting rules to keep in mind if at any point you need to go through a polygraph examination.

Follow your daily routine:

The most common worry of people is that having caffeine will affect their polygraph test. For instance, if you take any medication, you need to continue taking it. Even on the day of your polygraph test as well. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.

Moreover, inform the polygraph examiner if someone is on any medications before taking the polygraph test. In addition, pregnant women must see their health before taking a polygraph examination.

Stop overthinking:

Stop assuming anything. It’s just like a routine test. Investigators ask you most of the yes or no questions. And there is nothing to panic over it.

You can respond in Yes or No Only:

Only answer what they ask you; you don’t need to impress them on a job interview. There is a simple yes or no to the questions they ask you.

For instance, if they ask you to explain the answer, you must think wisely and state the facts.

Don’t waste time in research to beat the Polygraph test 

Investigators might ask you the questions like, do you have discussed the test with someone else? Or did you research the polygraph test? But, of course, people conducting the test are professionals and dealing with the people is like their daily task, so stop thinking that you can manipulate them with some witty yet stupid logic.

Is Polygraph Examination Accurate?

There is a popular opinion that when people lie, they go through a phase of different feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Modern polygraph machines easily catch these emotional ups and downs. In most cases and proven research, polygraph examination, also called lie detector, works 87% accurately.

Polygraphy or lie detectors are mainly used for criminals, like some spies. Let’s take this example when some guilty person is asked, where were you last Friday? But, of course, he will hesitate and try to hide the answer.

For instance, if we think of danger, our heart starts to beat fast, and our palms sweat. Hence, in most cases, a polygraph examination is accurate. Moreover, a polygraph examination is also conducted by Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations.

Polygraph examination and lying?

There are a lot of theories and arguments related to, if you can lie during investigation or not. Let’s see deeply into the curious details.

Many professionals argue that a suspect cannot cheat during polygraph examination test. We all know this is human nature to accept challenge and prove it wrong.

Let’s suppose if you and I are there we will try our level best to beat the test, this is quite funny but it’s natural to go against what people say that you cannot do it.

Well, lying during polygraph examination is not possible, keeping in mind that polygraph machine even detects a minor muscular movement. Thus, this proves that you must need a proper training form a professional if you are dumb enough of thinking to beat the polygraph examination.

Moreover, professional psychiatrist claim that many suspects actually think of tricking the polygraph examination by taking drugs, unfortunately they always get caught as there are always most expert people who are conducting the polygraph examination.

What are the Questions asked in Polygraph Examination?

The main element of the polygraph examination is how a person responds to the questions asked. Polygraph examiners use four different combinations of questions: relevant questions, comparison questions, control questions, and irrelevant questions.

Relevant questions:

Relevant questions are the focused questions. For instance, related to theft, the question asked might be ‘Did you steal that car?’. Moreover, these are the questions that are related to the investigations. Mostly, they are asked to evoke the reactions of the suspect.

Comparison questions:

Examiners use comparison questions to build any comparison. However, only relevant questions do not lead to the perfect investigation, so the experts need to ask some comparison questions, ultimately leading them to the required results.

Control questions:

Examiners use both control and relevant questions. Then they compare the response to both relevant and control questions. For instance, asking the suspect question like, ‘Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend.’ If the suspect might have done something like that, he must get concerned and control his response, making the polygraph examination machine detect small movements.

Irrelevant questions:

An irrelevant question like, ‘is today sunny?’ or ‘what are you called.’ These kinds of questions are asked to see the subject’s normal baseline arousal. However, these questions have nothing to do with the investigations.

Final Thought:

So, these were some super fascinating details about the polygraph examinations. Above mentioned detail extensively elaborates the polygraph examination exciting facts which we all are always curious to know.

Importance of Document Retrieval

Working a case in one state doesn’t necessarily mean that you have access to all of the material you’ll need to develop your case while you’re working on it in another.

Consider the fact that, given the frequency with which individuals move these days, it’s relatively normal for a legal firm to need papers from a courtroom across the nation when constructing a civil, criminal, or workers’ compensation case.

What Is Document Retrieval?

It is described as document retrieval as determining where certain legal documents are stored and then getting any copies of those legal documents required.

In many circumstances, this procedure is more involved than just dialing up a courtroom and requesting copies of a particular piece of documentation. For example, you may not be aware of the location of the papers or the case number, and you may even be forced to get express authorizations to obtain the information.


When locating the papers you want, document retrieval in Oklahoma City, be sure to be familiar with the numerous regulations and legislation that apply in each jurisdiction. We search through various databases and other sources of information to locate the documents you want, complete the necessary paperwork, and interact with the appropriate individuals to get answers. As a result, you will be able to concentrate on all of the other vital areas of your case far more effectively than if you were to perform your research.

Document retrieval isn’t often as easy as it may sound; therefore, it is carried out by a document retrieval professional responsible for procuring and making accessible documents and records about persons and events.


What types of documents can be retrieved?

In the modern-day, in which data dated back to ages past are required and relevant for a legal decision, it is essential to have a wide variety of documents available. Almost all records are public for retrieval using the different document retrieval services. For example, document retrieval in OKC can access a wide range of papers on the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS). Examples of documents that can be retrieved includes

With document retrieval services, you can track down nearly any type of legal document as a public record.

Some standard documents we can retrieve include:

  • Marriage licenses
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Property transfers
  • Land records
  • divorce records
  • Publicly available evidence
  • Subpoenas and lots more.

Individuals, corporate bodies, and even Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations use these document retrieval services to help to save time while getting the information they need. A considerable advantage of this document retrieval service is that Rather than requiring a member of their team to spend hours scouring the internet and waiting on hold, our staff can manage the whole document retrieval procedure, enabling them to focus on their case.

The latest trend in records retrieval

Digitalization of document storage and retrieval has become the current trend. It eliminates the stress and significant space requirements associated with storing large amounts of various papers and documents regularly. Online document retrieval is the term used to describe this.

OIRS (Online Information Retrieval System) is a cutting-edge information retrieval system. The online information retrieval system is one system or approach by which users may access their desired information from numerous machine-readable online databases.

An online information retrieval system is a way a user searches for information from a machine-readable database and retrieves the information they are looking for quickly and conveniently.

Online Information Retrieval System Features:

The following are some of the features of an online information retrieval system:

  • Direct access: Users of information may directly access their chosen information storage by employing a computer input/output device and a communication connection.
  • Conventional mode: This method employs traditional media channels such as computers, software, telephone networks, the internet, and other technologies.
  • Communication in both directions: It’s a communication method between a terminal and a server network.
  • All contents discovered during the search process are kept in a centralized location or database.
  • Centralized control: A centralized server oversees the whole work process.
  • When this system gets a new search request from the server, it responds exceptionally quickly.
  • Real-time communication: Our system may respond soon when a new search query is discovered.
  • Communication that works: The Online Information Retrieval System (OIRS) is a valuable tool for bridging the gap between man and machine.

Advantages of online document retrieval

advantages of online document retrieval are:

With the use of a computer or other associated technology, online information retrieval is the process of finding information resources relevant to a particular information requirement from a collection of information resources that have been compiled. There are several advantages to using this approach. Here are a few examples:

  • When searching for new information, OIRS saves the reader’s time by reducing the amount of time they must spend.
  • Very simple to understand: The OIRS search technique is effortless to comprehend.
  • Information that is up to date: Information saved in a database is more up to date than information included in a printed publication.
  • We can search for information more efficiently since all information is kept in a database.
  • The ability to search across many databases simultaneously allows users to find the information they’re looking for faster.
  • Numerous notions: They can search for multiple keywords or concepts simultaneously.
  • Multi-user capability: It can serve several users at the same time.
  • Physical Barrier: Physical barriers such as distance and time zones hinder retrieving information from storage. Users may search for information from any location on the planet.
  • Preservation system: We can keep all of our search results on our computer’s hard drive.
  • There is a diverse form in which we may receive information from our search, including book, journal, PDF, and document format, among others.
  • Cost: The cost of searching is cheaper than manual searching.
  • Multi-access point: A multi-access point allows several users to access the same storage simultaneously.
  • Information that is up to date: The majority of the information returned by this system is current.
  • Users will have access to the search results in a brief period.
  • It can share resources with other programs and systems.
  • Search logic: Its search logic is straightforward.


The importance of document retrieval cannot be overemphasized. With the availability of the online form of document retrieval, document retrieval in Oklahoma City can be quickly done by assessing the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and getting relevant information needed by individuals, private agencies such as Keefe Private Investigations (KPI)via Dr. Tinsley Keefe, and even the state, for example, Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations. and for more information, you can contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing of the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.

Private investigations: a useful tool against domestic abuse

Domestic abuse continues to be a serious issue throughout most marriages, as one of the individuals in the relationship takes advantage of their unfair power dynamics. While women are prime targets of domestic abuse, men can also fall victim to this. However, men are less likely to report these acts of violence, mainly because of unrealistic standards of manliness in society.


And despite the severity of the issue, it also remains one of the most difficult accusations to prove in court. Since the parameters for domestic abuse have gone on to include things like financial, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, these can be especially difficult to prove. Since none of these issues leaves scars on the outside, the most that people can do at times is rely on other people’s testimonies.

These can usually be individuals who witnessed the abuse, including friends, therapists, family, or even neighbours. But these are still witnesses, and there is no definitive proof of this abuse. So in situations like these, a good private investigator can be instrumental in getting the evidence necessary to prove a case for domestic abuse in a court of law.

In Oklahoma, a private investigation agency thrives in collective evidence that would otherwise be difficult to gather or collect. They can use a variety of tactics to gather that information that would otherwise be impossible for most other individuals.

How a Private Detective Can Help With Domestic Abuse

Private investigators thrive on the ability to be able to find new ways to catch abusers in the act. The only quantifiable proof that an abuser acted would be audio or video recording or photographs. And using their crafty methods, investigators will be able to gather the evidence necessary to catch an abuser in the act.

Domestic abuse is a hard line to cross, and when someone does, the chances are that they will do it again. Ask any private investigator in OKC about this, and they will tell you the same thing. And you will have to be ready for the next time it happens so that it will be the last.

The worst part about serial abusers is turning the narrative against the victim. They could play the victim card themselves, even when they could be psychologically abusing them. Or they can make other people believe that the abuse is only a figment of their imagination. Even if the friends and family of the victim suspect something, the abuser can wriggle themselves out of their suspicions.

Therefore, it can be difficult to rely on friends or family to stand a victim of abuse since the abuser can also hold the ability to control the narrative. And the only way that you can shatter that false narrative is by getting quantifiable proof of the abuse. Something that, usually, only a private investigator can help.

Performing a Background Check

The first thing that the private investigator in Oklahoma City will do is a background check on the abuser. Abusers rarely ever start of the blue, and they usually have a history of hurting other people, one that they would prefer not to know.

Your PI from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma city will go through the abusers’ history of relationships to find other individuals to whom they might have done the same. Even if that individual is just a witness, they can be more valuable in a court of law as they had a unique experience with the abuser.

Furthermore, the Private investigator in Oklahoma City might also get lucky and find that the victim has evidence against the abuser. But since the victim was scared, they couldn’t use it in a viable place.

Creating a Timeline of Events

Even if the evidence is hard to find, causation can be a powerful tool against an abuser. A private investigator in Oklahoma will record pictures of the physical abuse along with the date and time. They can create a timeline of events showing how the abuser could have hurt the victim. Even if there is no evidence, the timeline can prove a link between both individuals meeting and the victim showing signs of going through a traumatic experience later.

Installing Hidden Cameras

Private investigators in OKC will never do something without the victim’s consent. So if they were to bug their house or install hidden cameras, it would only be with the victim’s permission. Hidden cameras can either catch the abuser in the act or show how they treat the victim. It can also help create a timeline to show that there has been a history of abusing their partner.

If Hidden cameras are too difficult to place, then the private investigation agency Oklahoma City will try to add secret audio devices.

Adding Tracking Devices to a Car

The house is not the only place where a victim may experience domestic abuse. They may even be abused in a car or where not many people can see. Bugging the vehicle will give the private detective a sightline into the abuser’s activities. Furthermore, a tracker can help track where the abuser has been and if they have been lying. Trackers can also be effective in finding out if the abuser is stalking the victim at any given moment.

Find the Right PI for the Job

If you’re looking for the right Private Investigator to help you with your domestic abuse case, we might have the ones for you. Our private investigators in Oklahoma city have the skills necessary to find information about the abuser that will be effective in a court of law. Furthermore, as a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, we offer our expertise in various other fields of investigation, such as stalking and cheating.


Women have been reshaping the private investigations scene, yet no one has noticed

What comes to mind when you think of the stereotypical Private Investigator? Maybe you think of a man with a fancy British accent and a pipe, or you think about a man with an oversized trench coat and a fedora sitting in a moody car. Either one you pick, the common factor between all of these representations is that they are men.

Literature, TV shows, and movies have built these stereotypes surrounding Private Investigators OKC. And only when you start to dig into contemporary literature can you find a single female PI that has managed to reach even a small amount of popularity, Kinsey Millhone.

However, today there are plenty of female PIs that people know about, one of them being Jessica Jones from the Netflix show by the same name. But it’s not just pop culture where female private investigators OKC are making a name for themselves and are taking the entire industry by storm.

A Wave Coming

Private investigation was, and usually always has been, a man’s line of work. All forms of media pointed to that stereotype, with very little female representation throughout. But in the real world, research shows that more women are coming into the industry now more than ever. Almost 20% of the industry is all-female, with the wave showing no signs of stopping.

Of course, it might not come as surprising that women make for such naturally good PIs. They have an eye for detail, and their intuition is usually off the charts. They can usually feel like something is wrong or tell that something is off by reading a room. Most female PIs also have the intuition necessary to determine if something isn’t right.

But more importantly, women are just more empathetic than men, which allows them to better relate to their clients. More importantly, empathy is an essential part of the job and is necessary at every turn. Clients are desperate, confused, angry, scared, or all of them combined. Therefore, the PI will have to make them feel safe and will have to make them feel safe and secure. They need reassurance that things will be all right, and no one else can provide that special kind of reassurance like a female PI.

And it is becoming very clear that women are starting to understand their innate talent as a PI better. A few years ago, the industry barely had more than 15% of female private investigators. Now, in the US alone, there has been an astronomical rise of almost 86% of female representation in the past decade.

A Way with Words

While the depiction of women in most forms of media has been a little problematic, to put it mildly. Not only have they been objectified for nearly a century throughout film and television, but the patriarchy has also put them in less than favorable positions. But all those years living in such a strange environment, women have gathered skills that prove to be quite useful in the field.

Not only are they good at figuring out how to talk to certain people in specific situations, but they are also good at talking their way into most places. They can be sweet or threatening on a dime, and they are better equipped to deal with extremely sensitive situations or complicated ones.

Women can easily access more places than men. So while male private investigators will have to be crafty about getting into a specific place, women can usually walk right in or talk their way around it.

Furthermore, one of the most popular cases for a PI is that of a cheating spouse or partner. And since most clients coming in with that complaint are women, a female PI can naturally be more empathetic. A female client will also be more willing to share intimate or private details with a fellow woman.

And when it comes to tracking a person down and finding out more about them, a female PI can usually easily get information from a cheating partner. Either they can try to seduce them, or they can try to be more sympathetic to them so that they can open up.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Other than getting access to various locations that men would have trouble with, women tend to blend in easier. Women stand out a lot less in places like a grocery store, the gym, a clothing store, and even a community center. It also helps that if the subject is close to children, men can have difficulty staying in the vicinity for too long.

Female private investigators are can easily blend into these aforementioned locations and do not stand out as much. And since most stereotypes of a Private Investigator center around a man, they have an inherent, if not slightly misogynistic, an advantage over men in this regard.

It is easy to see that clients and individuals feel safer with women than with men. They have been able to prove time and time again that people are willing to trust them more than anyone else. And when things go well, they can prove to be an invaluable asset for any client. All of the benefits listed above are enough to sell female private investigators how valuable they can be.

Hire the Best of the Best

Female investigators are the best when it comes to solving a case. They can be efficient and precise while also being empathetic and caring. If you want someone to sneak into a specific place or need someone to hide in plain sight, they can do both with ease.

All in all, hiring a female investigator can prove to be very beneficial for your case. Not only will you have a naturally empathetic PI working for you, but she can also provide better results.


Should you report notary public workers who do not accept LGBTQIA+ cases

Discrimination is a very serious issue that members of the LGBTQIA+ community have to contend with on almost a daily basis. Not only has their identity cost them jobs or housing opportunities, but it has also led to them facing discrimination from notary public workers OKC as well.

And even though the National Notary Board does have regulations when a worker can refuse to sign, discrimination based on sexual orientation is not one of them. And yet, members of the LGBTQIA+ community still worry about being turned down by a public notary worker in Oklahoma or a Process server in Oklahoma City. In that case, should people be reporting notary workers who openly discriminate against LGBTQIA+ individuals?

Where a Notary Worker Can Say No

Process servers OKC and Notary public workers are usually singular people offering both services. But to become a notary public worker, individuals will have to register to their state’s notary office and take an oath before they can start working. They will usually give this oath in person, as oaths are generally contentious on the telephone or through an email.

As public servers, they take an oath to serve and represent their clients fairly. And if they refuse to represent someone, it is usually in direct violation of the oath they have sworn. Of course, there are some very specific cases:

Disqualifying a Signer

There are a few situations where a notary public worker in OKC can refuse to offer their services. These are usually situations where the signer is not physically present for the signing or if the signer does not speak the same language as the notary. In these two situations, the notary worker can refuse to offer their services.

They could also refuse to accept a signer if they feel like the signer is not in the correct state of mind to sign or lacks the mental capacity to do so. They can even refuse a signer if they feel like the documents are forged, illegal, or the signer is not present of their free will.

These are the only exceptions that a notary public officer will have when disqualifying a client. And as it is very apparent, they cannot refuse to offer their services based on gender, sexual orientation, or race. If they do so, they are actively violating their oath and have their practicing license revoked.

Should You Actively Report or Call out a Notary Worker

If a notary worker actively refuses to offer services to an individual because of their sexual orientation, you can report them. Since the LGBTQIA+ movement has come so far, individuals no longer have to deal with bigotry of this sort. Instead, there are laws in place that will protect them, and the notary board of the state will bar them from offering their services.

Furthermore, it should be your responsibility to report these types of notary workers. These notary workers can leave a bad impression on people who employ them for the first time. You can save them from a potentially scarring experience, where they would otherwise have to make a very difficult decision.

The “Beliefs” Excuse

One of the main reasons LGBTQIA+ people face this sort of discrimination from process servers in Oklahoma or with Notary public workers in Oklahoma City is their personal beliefs. A notary can sometimes refuse to offer their services with an explanation as simple as, “it is against my beliefs.”

And even though the US does allow notary workers to work while still exercising their religious or personal beliefs, discrimination is usually where they draw the line. And as a public worker who is supposed to offer their services to a client, their personal opinions will have to take a back seat.

An Experience with a Trans Signer

Trans people can find it especially difficult to find notaries due to their unique appearance. A renowned notary once recounted one of her clients who had just gone through gender reassignment surgery, and many notaries refused to serve them. And when the notary finished signing, they recalled the experience as a moment of growth. It was the first time she had the opportunity to work with a trans signer. They better understood pronouns, and they even learned how to prepare documents for trans signers.

Unfortunately, many notaries have used the abovementioned guidelines to justify refusing to take on a trans signer. If the signer is more masculine or feminine presenting that is different from their sex, they could excuse the signer not being in the right mental state to sign.

On the other hand, notaries have also used the excuse that an individual dressed in a more masculine or feminine way may be trying to forge their documents. While these are usually wrong accusations, they still can do that.

Fighting Back Against Bigotry

While notary public workers in Oklahoma can use these excuses to avoid representing specific people, change is coming. There are plenty of trans notary public workers representing members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Furthermore, many allies to the cause have also started offering their services, which means that you can easily find a notary worker for you. It also helps that these notary workers understand trans identities and can understand specific cases.

If you want a notary public worker in Oklahoma city to represent you effectively, we can offer you the services you need. We have the certification necessary from the state’s board, and our notary workers understand your sexual orientation. They will not be asking any offensive questions and ensure that everything goes by without any issue.

We also offer other legal services you may require, ensuring that you have the smoothest experience.



How LGBTQIA+ wedding Photographers Helped Capture the Joy of Being Part of the Community

How LGBTQIA+ wedding Photographers Helped Capture the Joy of Being Part of the Community

The LGBTAQIA+ community is one that has been at the receiving end of some of the worst persecution in history. Not only were they unable to marry the people they loved at the hands of a wedding officiant OKC, but they could not even live normal lives either.

For context, the Supreme Court’s decision, although praised for its sweeping change, only came out in 2015. And while members of the community were able to host weddings in dedicated wedding venues OKC, this sweeping change only came after nearly 40 years of protesting, lawsuits, and fighting.

A Brief History of the Fight for Same-Sex Marriages

Make no mistake; the fight for legalizing marriage was very much a civil rights issue. The fight for same-sex weddings began sometime in the early 1970s, as individuals began filing lawsuits against state banned weddings of same sex individuals. However, despite the best efforts of these individuals, they lost in court. So even if same sex couples could find a wedding officiant in Oklahoma willing marry them off, the court would not recognize it as a legal union.

Despite suffering a loss in the 1970s, the community refused to stand down, and continued their protests. In 1990, three LGBTQIA+ couples filed a lawsuit against the state of Hawaii on the grounds of their marriage laws.

This was the tipping point for the movement, as the lawyers for the couples argued that banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The case lasted for nearly a decade, with the case concluding in 1999, as the court dismissed it entirely. The three couples’ entire case rested on the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause. And despite the team’s best effort, state constitution amendments in 1998 and the signing of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, left them with no legal standing.

It was almost harrowing to see the president at the time take such an incredibly harsh stance against same-sex marriages, especially in hindsight. But that would only be a minor speed bump on their track, as the movement would go into overdrive by 2004.

Massachusetts would become the first major state to recognize same-sex marriages, which created a trend for other states. Now wedding venues OKC could not deny couples access based on their sexual orientation. In a span of 10 years, states continued to fall in the fight against gay marriage, as states with over 70% of the US’ population protected the LGBTQIA+ community’s right to weddings.

Finally, the Supreme Court stepped in and legalized marriages for all couples in the country. And many tried to undermine the decision, and filed suits in court to reverse the decision. But most suits failed to gain any momentum, and some were almost instantly shot down.

The Depiction of Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community in TV and Film

The Supreme Court siding with the LGBTQIA+ community in legalizing marriage with a dedicated OKC wedding officiant was a big win. And following the sweeping law, couples throughout the country celebrated their newfound freedom through massive wedding ceremonies. Couples went all out by hiring wedding photographers OKC as well as wedding videographers OKC.

But despite the incredible progress that the movement has been making in the past few years, the representation in the mainstream media has not been stellar. While it is certainly better than offensive portrayals of LGBTQIA+ members in the 70s and 80s, it is still a far cry from proper representation.

One of the most popular gay couples in all of mainstream media, Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett in Modern Family was a 80s stereotype on display. While the couple did do a lot in shaping the perspective of loving monogamous gay relationships where they raised kids, it was also very problematic.

Two white men living in posh houses where one of the partners throws irrational fits on a dime. The actor for Cameron Tucker, Eric Stonestreet, also stated in an interview that he took influences from his mother when portraying the character. This notion feeds into the stereotype that gay men are feminine.

Furthermore, a lot of gay story arcs revolve around their persecution at the hands of their community. While prejudice against gay individuals is a very serious issue that has yet to “disappear,” the fact that they were only portrayed as victims completely overshadowed the experience of being part of the community.

Of course, that is not to say that there was no good representation of LGBTQIA+ people in mainstream media. Sex Education explored various aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community like non-binary individuals, as well as meaningful commentary on the joys of being gay. Moonlight focused on the struggles of gay men in the African American community juxtaposed to the loving relationships that one could have if they accept themselves.

Wedding Photographers OKC Show Off the Bright Side of the Community

While the silver and big screens continue to focus on the struggles of being gay, wedding photographers Oklahoma are usually bringing that bright side of the community forward. The union between same-sex individuals is a beautiful thing to witness, which is why you should cherish it through wedding videographers Oklahoma. The joy, happiness, and love on display shows how there is much more than just gloom in the community.

Wedding videographers OKC have been especially effective in bringing the joys of being part of the community to light. As they record the wide display of emotions throughout each event. Furthermore, these videos and photographs of weddings show off how similar these ceremonies are to weddings of straight people. They show that there is more to the community than weathering adversity and trying to find a place in society, as they say their vows in front of an OKC wedding officiant.

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