What is Ban the Box, and how is it Changing Criminal Background Checks?

Changing Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks in OKC have long been a point of contention in various industries, especially how they have been used to discriminate against a large portion of the workforce. Even though they started with good intentions, many have abused the systems to forward their bigoted beliefs.

Changing Criminal Background Checks

One of the reasons why companies and businesses continue to discriminate against such a large population of the workforce using criminal background checks is that there is close to no oversight. Companies have relegated their background check processes to the simple check of a box, which is usually a lose-lose situation for anyone with a criminal record.

Another major reason why companies continue to abuse criminal background checks in Oklahoma is that they want to avoid any potential risks to the company or their employees. Even though it is certainly a noble way of thinking for the many men and women at your firm, there are better ways of doing so. Specifically, there are ways for companies to properly filter out any threats from criminals out of their company without brushing aside individuals that even have the slightest criminal history.

Why Did the Ban the Box Movement Start?

The ban the box movement has been working diligently to improve the chances of people who have a criminal history. And the name mainly derives from the applications that most people fill out when applying. The question would usually be along the lines of if the applicant has been to jail or has a criminal history.

If the applicant ticks the box that says no, the company will still perform a criminal background check on them. If they cannot find anything, the individual can proceed to other steps of the application process. But if the company does find that the individual did spend time in prison through a nationwide criminal background check, the company will decline their application. Even if the individual did not commit a serious felony, the company would not consider them for the job.

However, if the individual ticks on the “yes” box, the company will instantly decline their application, usually without conducting a background check in OKC. The company does not look into the individual’s possible crime or why they were in prison. Instead, the company will simply put possible employees aside because of their criminal history.

Stopping Obvious Discrimination

Criminal background checks in Oklahoma can often take on a very wide meaning. So even if a person was not convicted of a crime, even if they were only arrested, a company might consider it a red flag. And when African Americans can face higher convictions and arrests than any other ethnicity, you can see how this can create an unintentional, and sometimes intentional, racial bias.

Therefore, seeing the very obvious way that these companies can discriminate against potential employees, the ban the box movement has fought to bring real change to various states. And even though the name implies banning the box, it aims to bring about a revolutionary change to the entire criminal background check system that many companies continue to use.

They have even been able to bring about radical change to various states, taking some of the control that these firms had and giving it back to individuals. They have been especially effective in empowering people who have a criminal background, giving them hope that they can start a new life. And with the different changes that it has brought statewide, criminal background checks are nothing short of incredible.

Changing Criminal Background Checks Forever

Even if criminal background checks started with good intentions to keep the workplace safe, it does so by discriminating against a large portion of the American workforce. And with them reducing a complicated criminal history to a simple yes or no answer can be very offensive to the applicants who want to try to be better.

Impressively though, the movement has been able to bring about massive change to how companies can go about a criminal background check. Here are some of the biggest changes they could bring to different states.

Providing a Reason before Rejecting the Prospect

One of the best changes that the ban the box movement was able to bring was that companies could no longer automatically refuse an employee without providing a dedicated reason. While some states require them to state a valid safety concern, others will require them to provide a legitimate business concern that the applicant could pose.

If the company cannot provide a proper reason for rejecting an applicant, they could face the risk of a lawsuit for discriminating against a prospect.

No Criminal Background Checks At All

States like Rhode Island have put laws that remove nationwide criminal background checks on job application forms. While the decision was met with some backlash, the law has since included various cases’ exceptions. But overall, the law does show that criminal background check questions in job applications are arbitrary.

Background Checks after a Job Offer

Many companies reached a compromise with the movement, ensuring that they would only perform a background check on an applicant after offering them the job. And even though this still fails to address a lot of the movement’s issues with statewide criminal background checks in general, the movement still considered it a win.

Performing Background Checks Responsibly

Despite them getting a bad rep in mainstream media, background checks can be an essential tool in finding the best candidate for the job. And with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, you will no longer have to worry about potentially dangerous employees in your business. With Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing working with you, you will never miss out on a good potential employee.


Why Do Lesbians in Oklahoma Need Process Servers

Do Lesbians in Oklahoma Need Process Servers

As far as the US constitution goes, the right of property, life, and liberty cannot be taken away from someone unless decreed on the basis of legal reasons. These rights should be extended without discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. Without due process of the law, it’s nearly impossible for someone to be deprived of their right of life, property, or liberty legally.

Do Lesbians in Oklahoma Need Process Servers

In case someone hires a process server, it’s the right of the defendant in the case to get a lawsuit copy and learn about the legal proceedings that can or are taking place against them. In simple words, the other person can also hire a process server and lead investigations for their rights’ defense. It’s clearly visible that some people in the US and other countries still vividly discriminate against lesbians and other LGBTQ+ members.

Who are Process Servers in Oklahoma (And Other States)?

A process server refers to a person who handles legal documents, warrants, subpoenas, and writs. Such persons handle and serve said documents, especially when they are required for a court appearance. They will deliver the said type of legal documents to a person who is more likely to be a defendant in a court case. Also, they serve other purposes, including retrieving legal documents and filing legal court documents or applications for clients.

They are essential personnel in a court case. There are various process servers in Oklahoma, but finding the right one for your needs and requirements is essential. Due to the widespread inequalities, biases, and discrimination, finding a lesbian-friendly process server is important.

Why Do People Need Process Servers?

In reality, despite the efforts of many people, discrimination is still deeply embedded in the realities for many Americans. Fortunately, recent “black lives matter,” “#me too,” and other movements like the “Pride Movement” gave a significant boost to the voice of minorities residing in the US.

In multiple jurisdictions, including any process server in Oklahoma, the age of someone who can serve process must be 18 years or above. Also, another condition requires that the process server in Oklahoma or any other jurisdiction must not be connected to the action directly. Some people, including those who discriminate against lesbians, tend to seek immediate service processing. Therefore, they send legal documents to the local police sheriff rather than a professional process server. This is clearly an attempt to bypass jurisdictional law. Hence, legal proceedings could take place on another level.

We must realize the reasons most people, including lesbians, reach out to process servers in Oklahoma as well as in any other state. Here’s what you must know about process servers and why they’re hired by lesbians.

High Rate of Success

Many surveys have made it common knowledge that serving subpoenas and other types of legal documents is easy and result-oriented when done by professional process servers in Oklahoma. Moreover, the rising number of court cases in the country provides countless opportunities for defendants to demand a legal copy of a lawsuit or other cases through professional process servers.

The job of process servers in Oklahoma or other States is to frequently show up for the defendants and encourage them to accept the legal documents that they have received as “defendants.” Several police officers and sheriffs who have deep-rooted biases towards lesbians find it difficult to handle the job of process serving. Hence, professional service processors have a better success rate.

Immediate Response and Timeliness

When engaged in a court case, it’s important to process your legal documents on time. And speaking generally, there’s no better option than a professional process server who is trained, educated, and well-experienced in this job. Furthermore, the main qualities of the best professional process servers in Oklahoma include punctuality, timeliness, and immediate response. Do you know that most process servers who aren’t serious about their job tend to leave the time factor out of the equation? Since gender discrimination is a huge issue, most court cases get upheld on account of late process serving.

With that said, you must realize the importance of getting the right process server to handle your court case-associated legal documents. If you’re a lesbian, it makes you a visible target for discrimination, and getting a professional’s help to realize your rights is critical. Additionally, local police sheriffs have a lot on their plate, and that’s why they are unable to be as timely as professional process servers. For one, they also have the responsibilities of finding crime suspects, prisoner transportation, and more.

Convenient and Hassle-Free Convenience

Experiencing delays and encountering hurdles is common when a local police sheriff is tasked with process serving. Since they are civil officers, they have countless responsibilities and jobs to address. They have to meet with several officials throughout the day, and similarly, they hop from one court case to another. This can cause the clients, whether they’re straight, lesbian, or of any other orientation, to face delays. The delivery and processing of legal documents on time are critical for the due progress of a court case.

That’s why professional process servers in Oklahoma or any other jurisdiction tend to follow code and time in a balanced manner. They also provide regular updates and details on the progress of legal documents and court case proceedings to both the clients and, if required, to the defendants as well. The best part about hiring a professional process server is that they offer hands-free and hassle-free experience.

Specialized Education of Process Serving Laws

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why lesbians and other people tend to opt for professional process servers. As discussed earlier, there’re a lot of duties resting on the shoulders of police officers and local police sheriffs. This means that they aren’t always free or trained in handling legal documents, especially not for legal process serving. Local police sheriffs are well-versed in law education but not quite so for process serving.

One wrong turn could cost you the lead in a court case and put you in a bad spot. Thus, professional process servers are the right people for the job. They know the rules and code of conduct regarding legal documents and how they’re served. That also includes how the process serving takes place and why it’s necessary for the professional process server to acknowledge all the rights of parties involved in a court case.

Plus, professional process servers in Oklahoma and other jurisdictions are well-aware of the wide variety of laws that lead to legal process serving violations. In addition to that, process servers are experienced in dealing with case documents that are influenced by federal, state, and local laws.

Discrimination Faced by Lesbians and Other LGBTQ+ Members

Over the last couple of decades, different minority groups have experienced discrimination. Such incidents are taking place on different levels and in various fields, including education, healthcare, and law. When talking about lesbians, they have sometimes been viewed as unequal to other local citizens in the US. This created the force required to shine light upon the issue of gender discrimination and led to movements for gender and LGBTQ equality.

You should know that legal processing has to take place on a jurisdictional basis. Excluding someone and stripping them of their right to life, property, and liberty because of their sexual orientation is seen as unethical and unlawful, according to many. While there is religious bigotry in some places, exacerbated by comments from notable officials, lesbians, and other LGBTQIA+ members are experiencing difficulties when trying to get an equal footing in court cases.

A huge proportion of people in the US considered the US constitution to be unfriendly against groups such as lesbians and those similar to LGBTQIA+ in the late 1970s. It’s not until the late 2010s that same-sex marriage was legalized in the US. Despite changes in the law, lesbians are still facing discrimination.

What Risks do Process Servers Face?

Fundamental rights of people include legal counsel in nearly all types of democratic countries. However, legal processing isn’t a straightforward job. Legal process servers are involved in one of the most important jobs in the world, i.e., Justice. However, they also face several types of risks while on-duty or off it. Here’s what you must know about the risks faced by legal process servers.

Sophisticated Regulations and Legislations

In different jurisdictions and for process servers in Oklahoma, there are many risks. One of them includes adherence to different types of laws and requirements. For instance, some states require process servers to record the entire serving process, while others have to fill in several affidavits while providing proof of service. Similarly, process servers have to carry GPS devices with them. All the additional laws and legislations seem like they are trying to discourage process servers from following due process.

This can complicate the task for process servers, causing them immense stress. Nevertheless, you should be aware that the rules and legislations are marginally different in Texas than Oklahoma and so on.

Physical Assaults and Life Threats

When people are being dragged into a court case or some other form of legal processing, the first person they will notice is the one who brought the legal documents to them, whether it’s a copy of the lawsuit or a subpoena. Hence, it can put the life of the professional process server at risk. In simple words, the ones being defendants in serious court cases might feel unaware of the consequences of the proceedings. Thus, they may try to threaten and discourage professional process servers from helping the legal handling and processing of court cases.

At other times, some people just lash out at the person bringing them the news that an adverse court case is in the process against them, i.e., the professional process servers.

Online Legal Processing Services

One of the main risks to process servers is losing their job and for good! This is because most processes and procedures are taking place online. People are being handed their notifications through digital systems and receiving legal documents via the internet. This puts the professional process servers at risk. For your information, the job of a legal process server is to show up at the doorstep and fill out legal documents for people while helping them receive the required legal documents.

But, with the influx of internet and online services, there’s less need for process servers’ offices at physical locations. Whether most people acknowledge these factors, they remain a huge risk to professional process lawyers.

Intense Denials and Rejection

While the job of a process server is to deliver legal documents to the defendants and people accused, they can deny accepting such notifications. In simple words, people can lash out and deny accepting subpoenas and other types of legal documents. To help you understand, most of the time, process servers only get paid once their job is complete, i.e., when the people accept the legal documents. But, when the defendant or accused doesn’t accept the subpoena or other legal documents, the payment of process servers gets upheld.

Now, you must also know that when people don’t accept legal documents like subpoenas or different types of legal documents, legal proceedings can get delayed and lead to actions. This can fall on the shoulders of process servers, which leads to prejudice or false biases against them.

Physical Handover of Legal Documents

This is something that can create a lot of difficulties and time-consuming hassles for process servers. When setting out to help someone, whether they’re a lesbian or belong to other minority groups, process servers sometimes have to deliver legal documents right at the door. This means that they will have to find the subject party and lead to their address. Following that, they have to deal with the person, e.g., defendant, suspect, or accused, and then hand over the legal documents.

While this carries the risk of physical assault, the other person can still deny accepting legal documents. Hence, they may prolong the process and lead to poor feedback for process servers.


The job of process servers in Oklahoma or other jurisdictions isn’t an easy one. It involves a lot of complications, risks, and therefore, uncertainties. You should be well-versed and informed about hiring process servers in Oklahoma. Before you can hire one, make sure to verify them. If you’re a lesbian or member of the LGBTQ+ community, you may have to request a process server who is LGBTQ+ community-friendly and has experience in dealing with similar cases.

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Why Many People Have Lost Faith in Polygraph Examinations

lost faith in polygraph examinations

lost faith in polygraph examinationsPolygraph examinations in OKC were once a terrifying thing that could send shivers down someone’s spine. Believed in its accuracy and believed in the results that it provided. They would especially believe in the fact that it could tell when people are lying.


However, despite the technology for these polygraph examinations getting better, people have lost faith in the system. They no longer believe that these examinations with a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma City are all that effective, and some would even go as far as to say that these tests are no longer reliable.

Not only are many of the claims that people make about polygraph examinations completely false, but they are also misinformed. Much of the information people have about these tests comes from TV shows and films, which show criminal masterminds exploiting the system to lie their way through.

But not only does popular media show a very inaccurate picture of polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City, but it has actively changed the discourse surrounding these tests. But it is worth looking into some reasons why people, in general, have started to lose faith in polygraph examinations.

Reasons Why People Have Lost Faith

There are multiple reasons why many have lost and continue to lose faith in polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City. And it is worth looking into these misconceptions and how improvements in technology have been able to address the complaints they have.

Popular TV Shows and movies

As we discussed earlier, one of the biggest contributing factors to the misconceptions surrounding polygraph examinations in OKC are movies and TV shows. They will sometimes show a criminal cheating the system by staying relatively calm and answering the questions. On the other hand, some TV shows have gone the opposite route and show the machines with truth or arbitrary false answers. Not only are both of these very wrong representations of lie detectors, but they can create false representations about how these tests work.

While there have been certain cases where prisoners have been able to get away with lying on a polygraph examination in OKC, those cases had a lot of underlying factors that are difficult to understand. Not only were the situations of the exam tampered with, but the technology used during the test was subpar.

As for the machines used in the test, they are not called lie detector tests for a reason. They do not explicitly state that an individual is lying but merely suggests it is based on the evidence that it provides. The evidence that it provides includes the heart rate of an individual and various other measurements of the body at the time that the subject speaks. It shows that information on a graph that the polygraph examiner in OKC will check to see if the individual is lying. There is a proper science behind seeing if the individual is lying and the machine is just one part.

Prisoners Cheating the System

There have been instances of prisoners cheating the system and getting away with it. People like Charles Edmund Cullen and Larry Wu-Tai Chin beat the polygraph test. Charles Cullen was even able to beat the polygraph test on two occasions.

However, if we look at the case of Charles Cullen specifically, he was a patient that had blackouts where he could not recall the events of the past day or sometimes week. Therefore, many have speculated that he was either blacked out during his polygraph tests or was conscious but had no memory of killing anyone.

And even though this was easily the most damning case against polygraph tests, it is also a very specific case with many moving parts. Furthermore, it also helps that the technology has greatly improved since then. Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City have even become more aware of the different tactics that people use to dodge a polygraph test.

Even though there is a legitimate case to be made against polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City, many things have changed since then. The technology for these tests has improved significantly, and examiners can also better recognize the patterns and methods people use to cheat the system.

A Questionable History

Finally, one of the most important reasons why people have been losing faith in polygraph examinations in OKC is because of their questionable history. There are multiple factors at play during a polygraph examination. Usually, including the room, it takes place, the subject of the test, and the polygraph examiner. The examiner will be responsible for the environment of the room, ensuring that the subject is not too afraid and nor are they too comfortable.

By swaying the environment of a room in any particular direction, they can easily manipulate the test and allow it to give the desired result. So if the polygraph examiner in Oklahoma wanted, they could very easily let a guilty person walk free, or an innocent person looks guilty.

Therefore, there have been many instances, especially in the 70s and 80s, where law enforcement would charge innocent African Americans with crimes and would sway the tests to show them guilty.

The fact that police officers would do this for a time is a pain that will never leave so easily. It takes a lot more than just an explanation to move past such a dark chapter. But the police have improved the way they deal with minorities, and with more ethnicities joining the fold, there are fewer chances for police officers to get away with it.

A Polygraph Examination in Oklahoma You Can Trust

A good polygraph examiner in OKC can usually be the deciding factor of how the test goes. Luckily, the polygraph examiners are completely impartial and understand their responsibilities. Therefore, you will be getting a completely accurate polygraph test free from all bias. At Keefe Private investigations, you can rest easy knowing you are in the safe hands of Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing.


All You Need to Know About Notary Public

Need to Know About Notary Public

The process of becoming a licensed notary individual for the public in Oklahoma may seem difficult, but actually, it is not as complicated as other people can see. If you are applying for this job, you might have questions about the process or what to do. Many services ask people for help, and many people seek help in finding such jobs.

Need to Know About Notary Public

If you live in Oklahoma, you will be amazed to find that most people desire to make more money. Becoming a notary clerk could be one of the best ways to achieve this dream. But you must know what you need to do to become one. It would be best if you had classes and an application fee. There are also physical requirements that you must meet if you want to become one. This article will explain everything you need to know about becoming a notary public.


Notary Officer – Working Procedure

The state appoints a notary officer to serve the people. They can help make sure that documents are correct. They can take oaths and affirmations (swearing something is true) and take people’s words for specific documents, which makes them official. A person needs to sign or notarize many official and legal documents and makes the document legal.

What are the steps to becoming a notary officer in Oklahoma?

When you’re ready to become a notary officer in Notary Public Oklahoma City, there are several steps you’ll need to take to make it official. First, decide if you want to become a notary officer. Then decide if you meet the requirements. Finally, decide when you should start looking for businesses that will work with notary publics. To become a notary in the United States, you must be 18 years old and an official resident of the state you want to work.

You can’t have committed certain crimes. If your name changes (for example, if you marry or divorce), you need to change it on all papers before becoming commissioned. You have to pass a background check, take an exam at the end of the training, pay about $60 for your license, and post a bond with your state’s treasury office. But each state has its laws, so your process might be different from someone else.

How can you use your notary commission?

An officer can witness signatures and documents. They can also be a notary officer if they work in real estate. They need legal paperwork completed or work in a lawyer’s office because they need official certificates from notaries public. If you are a stockbroker, your notary commission can be used for securities paperwork. You might also do this if the transaction is conducted in your county.

When there is a matter before any court of record, you can administer oaths to witnesses at criminal trials. And finally, if you’re an agent for foreign companies, you might act as one of these officials authorized by these types of companies.

It helps in doing a title search. Make sure that there are no liens against the property. Prepare real estate documents for sale and transfer. Sell your home in person or online. It would help if you got your tax returns. You can pay with cash or check. And you should know about other places in the country and world. You can ask for help at the courthouse when needed. It would help if you also did these things: fill out forms and send them, make sure you follow the steps and think about what you are doing before deciding on a choice.

Steps of becoming a Notary officer in Okla:

The process to get your Notary Public Oklahoma general license is lengthy, although much of the time can be handled by automatic filings.

Submit your application to the state registering authority:

The first step to getting a notary clerk license is to apply. After that, you can ask the Secretary of State or the County Clerk and Register of Deeds. They are both listed in the County Sheriff’s Office under “Notary Public” on Google Maps.

You can find this information on the Notary Public OKC Secretary of State’s website. It will be under “Government Processes.” There may be a couple of pages about the notary shared licensing process. You will need to give info about your education and work experience, an interview with an “eccentric” notary, a brief history, advice on preparing documents, and anything else you think will help with the process.

Pay a fee:

The Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website will list the amount of the application fee. A fee is essential for the government so no one else will do the work. It is mandatory to work as a notary, most people pay for it. The fee payment structure is fully automatic and managed by secure Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.

Get fingerprinted with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation:

The Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website will have all the information you need. However, it would be best if you got fingerprinted at your local OSBI office with an inkless print scanner. The processing time is only one day so if you don’t receive confirmation within 24 hours, try calling them directly for assistance. Most OSBI offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but there are some exceptions, so check your local office before planning your trip there. When you visit their office, be prepared to show ID like a driver’s license.

Complete an Oath Book:

Notaries don’t always require an oath book, but some do. So, for example, the notary might ask you to fill out a form every day for the first month before they give you one. But some notaries let people put things like product reviews on these forms as documentation.

It is known that becoming a notary officer in Oklahoma is free. However, you need to pass an exam and get certified by the ONPC. The ONPC has some fee charge which is a minimum of around $20 for certification and $5 for the exam that the state requires one to pass.

Oklahoma does not have a central office that licenses notaries. Instead, each county has its process for licensing. So, if you want to get your experience in one area, you might have to go somewhere else. Your best bet is to find someone who is open and local through networking. Be sure to talk about notary training when you start talking with them, and it will make it easier for them to take you on as a client. Knowing your strengths and investing time in learning can help make highly desirable customer relationships possible.

Time and Fee Schedule for Notary Offices:

Oklahoma is the only state with a system of notary exam fees. However, there is a limit to what kind of fee you can charge. The state sets the cap, and then each county follows it. Therefore, if you have a high market cap average, you will be more likely to get a notary appointment with someone qualified. The best times and places to see notaries are online for Jurats, Wills, and Trusts.

Top State Notaries:

When you seek to become a notary, you will find out which states have the most qualified notaries. To find out if you are qualified, look on your state’s website. Then pick a place that is good for getting your opinion. For example, there are very few professional companies like Keefe Private Investigations. Furthermore, Dr. Makayla Saramosing is one of the leading professionals in OKC state.

How Process Servers Deal With the Challenges that Come With Their Job

Process servers are a vital part of the justice system, seeing how they are the ones that deal the necessary documents to various parties. But not only do they deliver the documents, they are also responsible for tracking down the recipient and delivering it by hand. OKC process servers would enjoy the luxury of simply delivering the document through the mail or through a simple email.

However, process servers in Oklahoma City need to make sure that the right person is able to receive the notice. If the right party does not get the notice in time, or at all, there can be no legal action against them. And despite performing a very important task, process servers in Oklahoma have to deal with a lot of challenges when going about their job.

The Challenges That Process Servers Face

Process serving is no easy task. Process servers in Oklahoma City not only have to locate the individual who need to receive the court notice, but they are also responsible for the delivery. And even though it may seem like a very simple process, it can get very difficult at times.

Some individuals might live in more remote areas, or some have moved to new houses without updating their information. There have also been cases where individuals can move to different states, so the process server in OKC now has to track them down and deliver it to them at any cost.

Locating someone can sometimes be as easy as looking for the individual on social media. They will usually have their address available on their professional profiles on websites like LinkedIn. But if they move out of that address or forget to update it, the process server in Oklahoma will have to track down the new address quickly.

Physical Assault

If finding the home was not difficult enough, deliveries for process servers in Oklahoma City can be dangerous as well. There have been numerous cases where process servers brought notices to a recipient, only to be met with violence. Either people would assault them upon hearing where they were from or they would see the document and lash out at the nearest person, who was usually the process server.

Process servers rarely ever bring good news to a recipient, who is usually being called to court for a lawsuit. But despite what the recipient is feeling, that is certainly no way to treat a process server. Incidents have occurred where process servers in Oklahoma City have been doused with pepper spray for bringing an individual’s notice. And even though it is very unethical, many servers have started to mentally and physically prepared themselves for an angry recipient.

No Payment until Completed Delivery

Process servers in OKC state their price for a specific delivery before they start working on it. Therefore, the city where they are delivering, the attempts made to deliver the document, and the service they requested are all factors that will dictate the price that they charge for their services.

Other factors that could change the price of the delivery include attempted service, routine service, court filing, multiple parties that need delivery, and same day delivering.  All of these factors can greatly influence the money that the process server receives for their services.

While they do certainly make enough to compensate them for their troubles at the time, they only receive payment for their services once they deliver the notice and return with the individual’s sign. Only when they meet this very specific criteria will they be able to get the money that they deserve.

So if a process server in Oklahoma City is unable to see the job through, they might only get a reaction of what they would have gotten, or get nothing at all. It can be very heartbreaking for them to spend so much time trying to deliver a document to someone, only to not give the document because of factors out of their control.

Dealing with Complicated Laws

One of the first major issues that come with process serving come in the form of dealing with complicated laws. Each state has specific laws surrounding practice serving, as process servers have to walk around their laws to do their job. If the recipient is in a different state, then the process server in Oklahoma will have to approach the individual with the state’s laws in mind.

Some states will also require a process server to have a GPS tracker on them or first fill in affidavits before starting their search. All of these steps further complicate their process and needlessly makes it more difficult to find the individual.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the process server and the sheriff to be at odds during a search, as the sheriff might restrict the individual’s access to certain places. so not only does the process server have to deal with the different state laws as well, but they might face some resistance from the local police.

Tackling These Issues

When it comes to solving these issues, states have put laws into place to help process servers in OKC. In some states, attacking the process server is a felony and can result in jail time. Furthermore, process servers are also working with law enforcement to ensure their safety when on the job.

As for the issues that come with payment, most process servers charge for the different services. So skip tracing will usually charge a client upfront, but payment for the delivery will happen later.

So if you are looking for process servers who can better deal with this job, and can also be efficient with their deliveries, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has what you need. Our process servers in Oklahoma City have the experience and expertise necessary to make the delivery without any issues. And when the time is right, they will be sure to find the recipient and easily deliver the notice to them.

Are LGBTQIA+ Members More Likely to Take Help from Private Investigators

LGBTQIA+ community and private investigators

Private investigators in Oklahoma City offer a very important service that helps many people. Pop culture continues to show them as grizzled older men who stop at nothing to get to the truth or anti-heroes who have an off-center moral compass who will go about any underhanded way to solve a case. And even though these characters can make for really entertaining TV shows and movies, they do not accurately show off private detectives in real life.

LGBTQIA+ community and private investigators

Most private investigators in OKC are very friendly and empathetic to their clients, and some of them are not even men. They all follow a code of ethics and a city’s laws wherever they operate. But most importantly, they are always helping more marginalized people, like the LGBTQIA+ community. This community continues to face an incredible degree of persecution to this day in the form of unwanted discrimination. So given the daily challenges that they face, do members of the community actively go to a private investigation agency in Oklahoma for help? The answer is a little complicated.

Using Private Investigators as Weapons

Private investigators in OKC have been operating for decades now, especially when sodomy laws still exist in the US. Since the 17th century colonial era, America had outlawed homosexuality through various sodomy laws. While the law itself made no mention of who it was for, as it only mentioned the act of sodomy itself, it was very obviously intended for homosexuals. This open discrimination remained a serious problem throughout multiple centuries as accusations were often enough to have people killed.

Unfortunately, these laws stayed for far longer than they ever needed to. It took a Supreme Court decision from 2003 to finally remove these laws entirely. And even though the penal code eventually made exceptions to consensual sodomy in 1962, Private detectives started to come into play much sooner.

During the 40s and 50s, open discrimination against members of the LGBTQIA+ community was very common. They would not receive jobs, and many even feared for their lives, as the possibility of being in the community could subject them to violence. Some companies would use private investigators to find out if an individual was a homosexual, and others would use this information to blackmail them. And even though the addition to the 1962 penal code made an exception for homosexuals, it did not explicitly empower them in any way.

Making Amends

History is often a very difficult thing to face, as it often shows some of the darkest sides of humans. But despite many using private investigators in OKC as tools to further their bigotry, the industry has changed considerably. Private investigators in Oklahoma now follow laws and stand by a code of ethics, where they will not result in underhanded tactics to gather information.

Furthermore, many private investigators in the field right now have a more intimate understanding of what the community has had to face. Therefore, they are willing to provide help in any way. Many investigators are also allies of the community, so they will be more passionate about helping LGBTQIA+ clients.

And even if the private investigator in Oklahoma has a bias against the client, they cannot refuse to offer their services based on their sexual orientation. The vendors in the wedding business have learned that lesson the hard way, as private businesses that refuse to offer their services on the grounds of religious beliefs will not be able to stand by those claims in court. The most famous example was an artisan who did not want to bake a cake for a lesbian couple because it did not align with his religious beliefs.

So when it comes to taking help, LGBTQIA+ people have a much better ground to stand on. They can easily demand that an investigator takes their case, or they can find one of the many allies who have a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to help them with their case.

A Job for No One Else

The LGBTQIA+ community faces serious discrimination against other individuals and even some businesses. Luckily, there are different ways to combat this discrimination, one of them being through court cases and lawsuits. And the people that they find to gather the relevant information are always a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City.

A private investigator in OKC will be responsible for gathering all evidence that can prove the company was discriminating against a minority. They will dig into the company’s history and will go over any similar incidents that occurred. They will also go over any other allegations that the company has faced over the years or will target the higher-ups at the company to find proof of personal bias.

It also helps that private investigator can be very persuasive, so they usually let someone say what they need to hear with a small chat. Female private investigators in Oklahoma City can be especially effective, as they can better communicate with men and women.

Furthermore, a good private investigator will also help with stalking cases or with threats they are getting. They can follow their clients and find out more information about them. As for threats, they can reverse track the messages and find the person sending them.

The Right Private Investigator for the Job

When it comes to finding the right private investigator in Oklahoma City for the job, you always want someone empathetic and effective in gathering the necessary information. Fortunately, at Keefe Private Investigations, you will get some of the most talented and empathetic PIs you can find.

The private detectives that we work with also happen to accept the LGBTQIA+ community, as they understand the necessity of having a good private investigator.






7 Things to Know for Choosing Right Notary Agent

Whether you are selling an old house or applying for a bank loan, you may have to avail the notary public services. Now, you might be thinking about who is a notary agent? Basically, these are the professionals who help the general public in dealing with various fraud deterrent activities.

The signing of different types of important documents is one example. Therefore, one cannot deny the importance of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. Here is how you can choose the right Notary Public Services in Oklahoma City.

H2: 7 Things You should know Before Choosing Right Notary Agent

Here are 7 tips that will help you find a reliable Notary agent without a hassle. Let us explore those tips.

1: Ensure That Your Notary Public Agent is Licensed

The first and foremost step is to ensure that your Notary public service provider is fully licensed. This is essential because, according to National Notary Association (NNA), more than 75% of the professionals who apply for Notary Public Agent do not submit their authentic insights.

Such professionals can be found nearly everywhere.

Therefore, no matter what your budget is, you should always choose a licensed professional. Now, you can follow some simple steps to ensure that your notary public Oklahoma City agent is licensed. At first, you should verify their license. Then, when you visit a trustworthy dealer, he will have his license displayed at their place.

So, when the majority of the notary public service providers are offering services without any license, such checks can help you ensure you are paying the right agent.

2: Are They Accessible 24/7?

Even if you have managed to find a Notary public professional, you should make sure that they are accessible when you need them the most. Now, most of these agents only offer their services on specific days and timings.

For some clients, it might not be a big deal. But what if you want to sign a document at some time in the night? If your chosen Notary Public agent is unavailable when you want his services, all your investment is wasted.

Therefore, choosing a Notary public service that aims to assist you even after their routine working hours is essential.

3: Consider Choosing a Mobile Notary Agent

In this modern age, when you can get your Covid-19 test sample collected at home, why can’t a document get signed at your place? Sounds vague? Well, it should not because we are living in a modern era.

Various services providers have introduced mobile services to facilitate their customers. In reality, it is a good initiative. The same goes with any Notary agent services provider. So, you want your service provider to assist you in signing essential documents at your doorstep.

You’d be surprised to know that several companies avail Keefe Private Investigation’s services just because they also offer mobile services.

So, whether you are an individual or a company, it is best to consider the mobility factor before choosing any such service provider.

4: Are They Available Nationwide? 

This specific tip is very important, especially for companies and professionals who have a large clientele. Because you often have to deal with various individuals and companies and to proceed with them, you want some specific documents signed.

So, you will need Notary public services quite often. Therefore, you should also consider that whether your chosen notary agent is available nationwide. For instance, if you are in another state, you won’t prefer hiring another agent just to sign a couple of documents.

So, it is advised to hire a Notary service provider that is available nationwide.

5: Professional Association Matters 

Just like other service providers, the Notary agents are also associated with a number of professional bodies. Such associations add to the credibility of such service providers. Now, what do these associations have to do with your decision?

It helps you identify which is the most trustworthy service provider in this regard. This is because Notary professionals who are associated with notable associations follow particular rules and regulations while dealing with their clients.

They won’t run away and also charge according to the type of notary services you avail. So, do consider this tip before making any decision!

6: Look for Professional Customer Support Service 

You also want good customer support services from such people. You may have some queries. Who is going to address them? If there won’t be any dedicated person listening to your queries, you may end up messing up your all-important documents.

So, see how a little extra you want can sometimes lead to a frustrating situation. Therefore, professional customer support service also matters, especially if you are not willing to afford any loss for your business.

7: Are They Affordable? 

So, after all the essential workouts, it’s time for the negotiation. Here, you should be clear that a trustworthy and fully licensed notary service provider will charge a handsome amount. But, if you are getting what you were looking for, there is no harm in paying a few extra bucks.

However, if you have chosen not so reliable dealer, you should negotiate on the fee. In this regard, it is also important to verify the credentials of your service provider. Watch out for average professionals demanding a hefty fee.

3 Benefits of Availing Notary Public Agent Service

Here are some reasons that explain why you should hire a professional Notary agent. Let us find out those reasons.

1: They are Licensed

Given that you follow the above-highlighted tips, you will surely end up interacting with a licensed agent.

In reality, it’s a good thing as Notary agents would help you follow various legal procedures without any hassle.

2: Helps You Save Cost in The Long Run

There are multiple ways through which you can hire these public agents. Organizations that really mean business hire such agents on a contractual basis. Usually, a contract lasts anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

During this tenure, you can take help from your Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers for as many documents as you want. So, in the longer run, it does not hurt your budget. Hence, you save some extra cost.

3: Helps You Build More Customers

As discussed earlier, hiring such public agents on a contractual basis helps you save some operational costs. So, your customers who do not have attested documents won’t go away. As you’ll be offering them that documentation ease too.

Final Words

Now you know what it takes to hire the best Notary agent in Oklahoma City. It is not that tough. All you have to do is to ensure you are paying your hard-earned cash to a trustworthy service that is licensed and has solid associations with notable professional authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What Skills Do You Need to Be a Notary?

Ans: You should have a bit of experience in attesting various documents. Further, knowing the whole documentation process of various business-related queries would be a plus.

2: How Much Do Notaries Make on Average?

Ans: It is tough to quote any figure here. These professionals earn nearly the same as any other noble professional earns per Anum.

3: Is It a Tough Ask to Be Notary Agent?

Ans: Not really. If you have the experience and know-how of various aspects of this profession, you are all good to go. It won’t be a tough ask for you to be such an agent.

4: What Is the Work of Notary Public?

Ans: These are the professionals who help the general public in dealing with various fraud deterrent activities.


Polygraph Examinations Continue To Fuel Racial Bias

Racism is one of the hottest topics in the 21st century. There has been a lot of dialogue that discusses how the world has been unfair to minorities and ethnic groups. Many people are under the illusion that racism is not as prevalent today, but that is not true. Racism is very active today, and there are some subtle yet interesting examples that you can see around you.

One of the most shocking examples is polygraph examinations. Designed to tell whether a person is lying or telling the truth, these examinations are a source of racial disparity. The technology faces great heat for being inaccurate.

These lie detectors are not an option for people from the private sector, and even courts are against polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City. Scientists have been skeptical about lie detectors for the longest of times and have gone as far as to call it ‘Pseudoscientific Hokum.’

Despite this, many state-run organizations still use polygraph examination Oklahoma to determine who gets a job and who doesn’t. This includes crucial departments of law enforcing bodies.

Polygraph Examinations Hide Racial Bias

This is where it gets interesting. The reports collected from various police departments show that failure rates depended on the examiner. More importantly, people of color were among the people who failed the polygraph examination the most. This supports the idea that polygraph examinations fuel racial bias as they are more prone to give false negative results to people of color.

The results of the polygraph tests are at the mercy of the examiner. While one may consider increased heart rate a sign of untruthfulness, the other won’t, which is why these tests are highly unreliable. They are open to bias, as the results are generated according to the interaction the two share rather than the quantified data received through the examination. If the examiner has a bias against racial minorities, they might rule against the test taker, which adds more fuel to racial prejudice.

This follows the same principle as other tactics, such as security programs where officials profile people by chatting with them and spotting terrorists. Things like these result in racial profiling, which results in problems for minority groups often associated with acts of terrorism. Similarly, polygraph examiner OKC can differentiate between people according to their experience, which is susceptible to bias.

This gives people leeway to exploit minorities and adds more to the fire of racism. They use the cover of science and objective testing to put forth personal agendas. These tests are vague representations of techniques that ought to be used for racial profiling. This hints at the prejudice examiners might have for a certain minority, and the position of power allows them to act on the prejudice.

What Are The Consequences Of Racial Bias In Polygraph Examinations?

Testing domains in polygraph examinations include different aspects like brain reading and eye-tracking. These domains are known not to be reliable and can result in false negatives. It is very difficult for the technology to differentiate between someone who is lying and someone who is not. On the other hand, despite its frequent use, the technology is not ethical. It is in clear violation of the Fourth and the Fifth Amendments as it is against human dignity to get into an individual’s head.

When we look at the consequences of faulty polygraph examinations, it is easy to see that many people have suffered great losses because of them. Failing the polygraph tests can result in failure to get jobs. Of course, this can have detrimental effects on peoples lives. This is why it is common to ask candidates if they have applied to other agencies to cross-check the results of polygraph examinations across institutes.

The subjective nature of the polygraph examinations are exactly why one cannot trust the results. It depends wholly on the polygraph examiner Oklahoma City to decide whether a person is lying or not.

When it comes to racial profiling, research shows that the test itself is not biased toward races. Instead, examiners are the ones who act upon their prejudice. The polygraph test uses human prejudice and gives it the name of science to act upon racial bias. They are a way for examiners to hide their racial discrimination and call it a fair game by using the cover of science.

According to the National Academies of Science, the technology is unreliable as it can produce false-negative and false-positive results. One cannot rely on Polygraph examination for both governmental and non-governmental actions.

Do You Need Help With Polygraph Examination?

Kefee Private Investigations can help you make sense of polygraph examinations while ensuring you understand the ins and outs of private investigations with the help of highly advanced Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing are here to provide you with the most advanced polygraph examinations to help you address any problems you want. You can count on us to get the information you need. We have a team of trained professionals who can help you efficiently. Just give us a ring, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Research: Racial disparity in lie detectors


Is document retrieval as hard as some say it is?

Document retrieval remains an essential part of any legal process. The act of finding information relevant to a case or a specific situation is difficult but necessary. And sometimes, finding information can be as easy as searching for the right thing on Google. Therefore, some people believe that document retrieval is not a difficult task.

However, what ordinary people fail to see are the complicated layers that come with each case. There is simply too much information to sit and read through on the internet. Almost every firm prefers text over any other form of media, so it is not just a test of their skills to find the right information, but it is also a test of their patience.

So if you are wondering if document retrieval is as hard as others say it is, it most certainly is.

The Process of Document Retrieval

Document retrieval in Oklahoma City is easily one of the most difficult parts of any legal case. Even when companies outsource this task to other individuals, it can still be difficult. The responsibilities of a document retrieval official include finding the information that is necessary for a case. But they will usually have to obtain a legal copy of it, which is generally the most difficult part.

Even if they find the right information, the chances that someone will hand it over to them is quite slim. Public libraries can be very specific about the information that individuals can extract from a particular place. Therefore, they will have to get permission, or they will require a legal notice to make a copy of the necessary files.

And if the team of professionals is lucky, they will easily get the permission they need to make a legal copy of the documents. The most common types of documents that they will have to look for include divorce records, death certificates, complaints, deeds, and marriage licenses. All in all, any documents that could help a case will be up for grabs during document retrieval in Oklahoma.

Searching Through Multiple Repositories

One of the many responsibilities of document retrieval in OKC is to look for information regarding a case. That usually means that they will have to start searching through a variety of search engines and physical repositories for information.

Some states do not make digital copies of cases or only keep physical copies in libraries. So now, they will have to step into the field and search for the right information regarding a matter physically. They will usually have to search through hundreds of documents before finding information to help their case.

Even when they are using Google, they will usually have to go through multiple pages of Google to find relevant information. Since Google works on keywords, it can sometimes provide information unrelated to your front and center. With that in mind, documents not optimized for the search engine are usually the most useful in a case. So during the document retrieval process, professionals will have to go searching in deep for the right information.

Furthermore, despite document retrieval being a very time-consuming process, it is usually on a deadline. And if they fail to offer the information on time, the professional’s reputation can be on the line. And in a competitive market like document retrieval in Oklahoma City, that can be a death sentence.

It is not uncommon for people involved in the document retrieval process to go multiple nights with minimal or no sleep to find information relevant to a case. In some rare cases, they may even have to travel to a different state to access a repository containing the information they need.

Evolution of Document Retrieval

Experts in the document retrieval OKC field consider the age of technology to be the best time for their craft. Not only do they have easy access to massive repositories online, but they can also easily duplicate information. In comparison, there are some cases where document retrieval can be hard, as it requires individuals to take out information from sources other than search engines effectively.

During these searches, people will usually have to take up public libraries or places that hold public records. And from there, they will start to find the documents that they need or the information that is relevant to the case.

Document retrieval started during the 1940s, where people developed specific techniques to sift through lots of information. Since text databases were becoming more popular, these techniques would create the guidelines necessary for an entire field of study.

But during these times, there was very little focus on how the information came about when looking for it. They had yet to focus on retrieval models, term weighing, query processing, and relevance feedback. These models would later create the basis for document retrieval in Oklahoma. So instead of relevant information being shoved to the bottom by duplicated and repeated statements, they will be able to keep it separate. General administration and cataloging were responsibilities that machines and other software took over. Therefore, they were significantly smarter as a result.

The Document retrieval Service in Oklahoma Right for You

Document retrieval, although a difficult process, is an important part of the judicial process. So if you want the best in retrieval services, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can be of assistance. Our document retrieval experts are diligent and careful when gathering information.

Of course, if you are looking for other legal services as well, we have plenty to offer. We also provide our services for private investigations and process serving.


Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers who is Transgender Files Federal Lawsuit to Fight for Transgender Legal Document Rights

Transgender Legal Document Rights

A Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in OKC & civil rights expert Dr. Makayla Saramosing with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, got upset by the constant discrimination she has faced in Oklahoma over the years by multiple governmental agencies. For many years, different agencies and even some judges have required the extermination of the right to procreate, the right to privacy, and the right to basic human decency of people who are transgender. Dr. Makayla Saramosing found this completely unacceptable and has vowed to change it.

Transgender Legal Document Rights

She filed a pro se/non-attorney federal lawsuit in December, 2021 against the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OPS). Dr. Saramosing achieved this by suing the cabinet secretary of the OSDH, Kevin Corbett, Keith Reed, the interim commissioner of Health for the OSDH, Kelly Baker, the deputy registrar of vital records for the OSDH, and Tim Tipton, the commissioner of public safety for the OPS.

These aforementioned agencies and some Oklahoma judges have for many years illegally forced people who are transgender in Oklahoma to undergo permanent, irreversible sterilizing hormone therapy and surgery, prior to being able to change their name and gender markers on their birth certificates and drivers’ licenses. It has basically been a Holocaust against the LGBTQIA+ community, just as the Nazis in Germany horribly did during World War II (WWII) and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) have also done/do to non-Whites, the LGBTQIA+ community, intellectuals, trade unionists, persons with disabilities, Jews, Catholics, non-Christians, Communists and more.

To make matters worse, the OSDH also illegally and cruelly outs people who are transgender against their will by making notations of their names and gender marker changes on their birth certificates. Every time people who are transgender have to present their birth certificates for marriage, school, employment, passports/visas, etc., this unlawful practice constantly exposes them to an incredible amount of socio-economic harm. This is especially true in bigoted states like Oklahoma, the South in General, Wyoming, Utah, and others where education is not a priority.

Outing people who are transgender against their will expose them to the following:

  1. Violence/Threats/Bullying/Death
  2. Denial of Initial Employment/Loss of Employment
  3. Exclusion from their Family, Friends, Schools, Religious Institutions & Society in General
  4. Being Forced to Use the Wrong Bathrooms/Locke Rooms
  5. Being Kicked Off of Sports Teams
  6. Heightened Emotional Trauma, Sexual Assaults, Murder
  7. Greatly Increased Suicide Rates
  8. Much, Much More


Why should individuals not be allowed to procreate, just to be whom they are? Why are they not entitled to basic human decency, privacy and kindness? What purpose does it serve to treat people who are transgender in such a cruel and inhumane manner? How is this possibly legal? Well, in fact, it is not legal at all! The OSDH and OPS have broken many, many laws.

They first violate the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution, which states the following:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

By cruelly requiring people who are transgender to have to undergo permanently sterilizing hormone therapy and surgery before they can get their names and genders marker changed, it basically tells the world, “People who are transgender are undesirables; we do not want your kind on Earth and want to murder all of you. You are unworthy of having kids, kindness, love or respect and dignity.”

There are a plethora of other laws, constitutional protections and case laws which protect the transgender community from this type of insanely cruel treatment, and they can be found here here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here in the documents Dr. Makayla Saramosing filed in for this case (5:21-cv-01152). There is absolutely no legal or societal benefit whatsoever of engaging in this type of discrimination, no matter what the defendants may try to claim.

This type of cruel institutional behavior hurts everyone, not just people who are transgender. All species form a Symbian circle, so what happens to one person of any species will undoubtedly affect everyone else of all species. One can truly judge a society by how it protects its most vulnerable people, and Oklahoma, the South, and certain other states do a pretty horrible job of it. ☹

This type of cruel behavior on the part of the defendants especially harms the Process server clients of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers who are transgender and just want to live their lives in peace and harmony. Being transgender or cisgender is not a choice; the person is simply born that way. So, placing extra requirements makes each of the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma City especially sad.

Anyone wishing to help the transgender community and Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers in Oklahoma  Dr Makayla Saramosing fight this injustice may donate through the GoFundMe site set up to help this long, protracted legal battle. Sadly, Lambda Legal tried to discourage Dr. Makayla Saramosing from attempting to change the issue right now, and the staff there essentially just told her to just “endure it” on her own. The ACLU said it was “too busy” to assist, and even if she does win there are likely to be numerous appeals that will require a significant amount of time, money and effort to have a decent chance to win on.