The History of Private Investigators in America from an Oklahoma City Private Investigator

History of Private Investigators

Private investigators have a long and storied history in America.

They’ve been portrayed in popular culture as everything from suave detectives to hard-boiled gumshoes, and their work has been the subject of countless novels, movies, and TV shows.

But what exactly is a private investigator, and how did they come to be?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of private investigators in America, from their early days tracking down runaway slaves to their present-day role in solving crimes.

So strap on your detective hat and get ready to do some sleuthing – the fascinating history of private investigators awaits!

The Early Days of Private Investigation in America

Allan Pinkerton started the first private detective agency in America in 1849, and it was his work with the Underground Railroad that first got him interested in private investigation.

Pinkerton and his team of investigators were responsible for tracking down runaway slaves and helping them to escape to freedom.

As an abolitionist, he and his ring of spies infiltrated slave plantations and provided intelligence to the Underground Railroad on the best routes to freedom.

Although Pinkerton’s work was dangerous, he was incredibly successful in helping slaves escape to freedom.

After the Civil War ended, Pinkerton’s detective agency began to take on other cases.

He and his team investigated everything from counterfeiters to bank robbers, and they quickly gained a reputation for being some of the best investigators in the country.

The Golden Age of Private Investigation

The 1920s marked the golden age of private investigation in America.

This was due to a number of factors, including the rise of Hollywood and its fascination with crime, as well as the advent of new technologies like the telephone and the radio.

Private investigators could use these new technologies to their advantage, and they quickly became known for their innovative techniques.

One of the era’s most famous fictional private investigators was Sam Spade, who Humphrey Bogart portrayed in the 1941 film “The Maltese Falcon.”

Spade was a tough-talking private detective who wasn’t afraid to break the law to get results.

While he was fictional, there were many real-life private investigators who shared Spade’s no-nonsense attitude.

In addition to taking on cases from Hollywood stars and other celebrities, private detectives also began to take on more dangerous jobs during the 1920s.

They began to specialize in areas like industrial espionage and undercover work, and they were often willing to take on cases that no one else was willing to do.

The private detective agencies of the 1920s were a diverse group, and each one had its own unique approach to investigation.

Some agencies were run by former police officers, while others were made up of ex-military men or former con artists. But despite their differences, all of these agencies shared a common goal – solving crimes and getting results.

How the Role of Private Investigator Has Changed Over Time

The role of the private investigator has changed a great deal over the years.

In the early days of private investigation, they were often used to track down runaway slaves and investigate other criminal activities.

But as time has gone on, their role has shifted to focus more on solving crimes.

Today, private investigators are often called upon to help solve crimes that have stumped the police.

They use their skills in surveillance and undercover work to gather evidence and track down leads, and their work has helped to solve some of the most famous crimes in history.

Famous Cases Throughout History

Private investigators have been involved in many high-profile cases throughout history.

Some of the most famous cases solved by private detectives include the Jack the Ripper murders, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and the Zodiac killings.

Private detectives have also played a role in solving high-profile corporate scandals and political corruption cases such as Enron and Watergate.

Most recently, private investigators have been used to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.

Modern-day Private Investigations and Their Uses

While private investigators have been around for centuries, the role of the private investigator has changed a great deal in recent years.

Today, private investigators are often used for a variety of reasons.

From catching cheating spouses to conducting background checks, private investigators have become an essential part of our society.

The Future of Private Investigations in America

As the world continues to change, so too will the role of the private investigator.

With new technologies and an ever-changing landscape, private investigators will need to continue to adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve.

But one thing is for sure – private investigators are here to stay, and their skills will continue to be in high demand.

Finding a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City for Your Case

If you need the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma City, it’s essential to find someone who is qualified and experienced.

When looking for a private investigator, be sure to ask about their experience and training.

You should also ask about their fees and what services they offer.

Be sure to get a written contract outlining the services that the Oklahoma City private investigator will provide and the fees that will be charged.

And finally, make sure to ask for references from past clients.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to find a private investigator in Oklahoma City who can help you with your case.


The history of private investigators in America is a fascinating one. These professionals have been around since the 1920s, and they’ve played a role in many high-profile cases.

Private investigators are known for their skills in surveillance and undercover work, and they often use these skills to help solve cases that have gone cold.

In the future, private investigators will continue to play an essential role in our society.

If you need the help of a private investigator, it’s crucial to find someone who is qualified and experienced. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find the right private investigator in Oklahoma City for your needs.

Tools Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Use

Tools Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Use

The world is filled with disputes which means there would always be an assailant and a victim in every situation. At some point, you just might need the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma. Sometimes, it might not be an assailant but an offender in a different situation that doesn’t include violence. Nevertheless, both sides have to be involved in a case that requires private investigations OKC services, and this is constant everywhere you go. Private investigators solve these cases, and they have specific tools to achieve this goal. You are way off the mark if you think they have superpowers that let them find out information. Let us get some enlightenment on what they are and why they use these tools during their investigations.

Why Do Private Investigators in Oklahoma Use Tools?

Every profession in any industry aims to achieve a particular goal regardless of how different or distant it is. Private Investigatorsbin Oklahoma are not much different. Experts in these industries also try to attain that achievement as soon as possible using every method available. One of these methods is implementing tools in private Investigations processes to help ascertain or hasten the time spent achieving the goal in question. Private investigators in Oklahoma use these tools just like experts in every other profession or industry, helping them close cases faster. You are not hiring them because they have superpowers but because they are experts in the field they are. As experts, there are certain tools a private detective OKC should have. While most stand-alone private investigators in Oklahoma don’t have most tools needed, a private investigations agency in Oklahoma City like Keefe Private Investigations, makes it a duty to have all needed tools for the job. You stand a higher chance of a successful case with a private investigation agency like KPI.

Are you looking to hire a professional private investigator in Oklahoma? Here are some of the tools a private investigator OKC uses to achieve their goals and close cases faster.

DSLR Camera

The court will always rank hardcopy or visual evidence above the word of mouth wherever you inquire about verification and that’s one fact every private investigator in Oklahoma knows. A camera is a great way to get visual proof because it is accepted by every court globally. DSLR cameras also have models that support video recording to give your evidence more leverage when considered in court—many situations rate video evidence more than images since they are authentic and can’t be easily altered externally. Although private investigators in Oklahoma City can’t use spy cams, this also helps show what the private investigator has seen. It works great when investigating cheating partners, kidnapping, illegal business, and many other cases you might need the information to solve.

Special Databases

You might not regard this as a tool since people call it a resource, but it works for private investigators in Oklahoma City. It is not news that private investigators are not allowed to invade the privacy of a target by accessing confidential details. If a private detective works with public records readily available to everyone alone, nobody will hire a private investigator for cases. So, how do they get the more important general information but not available to everyone? Well, that is because there are special databases that private investigators use to obtain information and gather better evidence alongside other document retrieval processes. A private investigator OKC gets to uncover information like criminal records for background checks, hidden assets owned by partners, etc.

An Inverter

Here is an important one, just like the rest of the tools you need out in the field. Events private investigators in Oklahoma expect to capture as evidence won’t follow a schedule, so they spend extra time staying alert. During the process, camera and phone batteries will likely go flat, and you will need to power them right there. Inverters are a private investigators best bet to keep all devices active at all times without leaving your car. You don’t have to get a big one. It just needs to be strong enough to power your devices at hand. A portable inverter is a must-have for all private investigators OKC gathering information and evidence out in the field.

Gaps Tracker

There are cases where the offender takes a turn to escape, mostly observed in scam cases, theft, or assault. Private investigators in Oklahoma use tracking devices to find the culprits in these cases regardless of the tier destination location. Implementing the use of a tracker is partially legal and illegal for some reasons based on rules in the state. The illegal part is to avoid violating citizens’ rights so private investigators OKC can’t track culprits without permission. However, a private investigator can still follow a culprit’s location if the private investigator in Oklahoma has received approval from the owner. Most companies use it to keep track of their vehicles which are left in the hands of employees.


It might seem absurd to have a binocular at standby when out in the field to carry out private investigations in Oklahoma City. However, it comes in handy at the last minute when you need a solution to view a distant occurrence. Private investigators also monitor a target from a distance to avoid getting sued by culprits for stalking. Therefore, the binoculars help to observe from a distance to avoid missing important occurrences while avoiding the eyes of the target. Another reason a private investigator in OKC use binoculars is to stay away from the crowd, especially in public places. The target might have bodyguards or other private investigators on their end, which impedes evidence gathering and implicates your client.

The Internet

Despite its availability to the general public, it still stands as a tool that helps private investigators in Oklahoma City solve cases. There is a lot of information from different sources on the web ranging from social media accounts to portfolios and profiles. Private detectives also access additional records from the web since most information has been digitalized. It also helps them keep in contact with clients and share data giving them feedback on the progress during private investigations OKC. Some of the data shared are to get more information that the client has skipped. You might think the internet is just readily available, but private investigators in Oklahoma know how they exploit it to solve cases.


You have found out that private investigators in Oklahoma are not superhumans using supernatural powers to solve your cases. Do you still need to hire them? The answer is yes because these professionals have been trained in this field and know what to do. They not only know that but are also knowledgeable about when to do it and how they complete that task. If you feel that you can do it yourself, you are really of the mark than you think. Regardless of how many tips you read or videos you watch, you won’t be well versed like an expert private detective such as Dr Tingsley Keefe. So, what do you do? Hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City to handle your cases perfectly.

How Do Process Servers in OKC Take Help From Tech Gadgets?

Process Servers From Tech Gadgets

Process servers in Oklahoma City have a lot of responsibility. Not only do they have to locate the person being served, but they also have to ensure that the papers are delivered in a legal and timely manner.

In order to make their job easier, many process servers are turning to technology. Now, if a process server uses modern-day gadgets, it won’t be a new thing.

This is because almost every profession has now gone online. So, here are some ways how do Process Servers in OKC take help from tech gadgets.

Who Is a Process Server?

A process server is an individual who is hired to deliver or serve legal documents to another party. Process servers are usually appointed by the court, but they can also be hired by individuals or attorneys.

Process servers must be over the age of 18 and must not have any felony convictions. Some states also require process servers to be licensed.

What Process Server Do?

The job of a process server is to ensure that legal documents are served in a timely and professional manner. Process servers deliver legal documents to individuals or businesses. In addition, they serve papers such as summonses, subpoenas, and complaints.

Process servers must be able to find the person or business they are trying to serve and must hand-deliver the document in a timely manner.

Many process servers are also certified. This certification means that they have met certain requirements, including being proficient in using technology and having excellent customer service skills.

Certification also indicates that a process server is knowledgeable about the court system and local rules governing the service of the process.

A process server must be able to comply with the service of process requirements set forth by the court where the case is filed.

This may include serving documents in a specific manner, within a certain timeframe, and/or using specific language in the document being served.

How Tech Gadgets Help Process Servers in Oklahoma City?

Here is how tech gadgets help process servers in OKC. So, let us explore those ways.

1: Use of Smartphones by Process Servers

Process servers are increasingly using smartphones to help them with their work. Smartphones provide a number of benefits for process servers, including the following:

Smartphones allow process servers to access information quickly and easily. This includes court documents, case law, and contact information.

Smartphones make it easy for process servers to take photos and videos of the scene where they are serving papers. This can be helpful in proving that the service was completed properly.

Smartphones allow process servers to keep track of their time and mileage. This can help with billing purposes.

So, overall, smartphones are a valuable tool for process servers and can help them complete their work more efficiently.

2: Use of GPS Tracking Devices

Process servers often use GPS tracking devices to keep track of the location of a person or object that they are trying to serve. This can be especially useful in cases where the individual or object is difficult to locate.

By tracking the GPS coordinates, the process server can more easily find and serve them. In some cases, a GPS tracking device may also be used to provide evidence of service.

If you are going to be serving someone or something, it is important to know whether using a GPS tracker is an option. Talk with your process server about your specific needs and see what options are available to you.

Some common uses for GPS tracking devices include:

  • Tracking the location of people who have been served with legal papers
  • Tracking the location of high-value assets
  • Gathering evidence in case of a dispute or legal proceeding
  • Monitoring the whereabouts of loved ones or employees

3: Use of Various Software Programs

Process servers rely on software programs to help them complete their work. The most common program used is the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, and Outlook.

There can also be a ton of different programs and software. The good news is that process serves in Oklahoma City now have a wide range of such software available.

The Microsoft Office Suite is a versatile program that can be used for a variety of tasks. Word can be used to create letters and pleadings, Excel can be used to track time spent on cases and compile data, and Outlook can be used to manage contacts and schedule appointments.

For instance, there are also custom-designed management softwares that are made specifically for process servers. It allows them to track the progress of cases, store documents electronically, and generate reports.

Why Hire a Process Server in Oklahoma City? 

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hire a process server. Perhaps you need to serve legal papers and don’t want to do it yourself, or maybe you’re being sued and need someone to serve the papers for you.

Whatever the reason, hiring a process server can be a good idea. Here are some reasons why:

1: They Aid You With Legal Documentation

One of the most important benefits is that they can help ensure that you receive the legal documents that you need in a timely manner.

This is especially important if you are involved in a court case or other legal proceedings.

2: They Are Certified and Experienced  

First, when you hire a process server, you know that the job will get done. Process servers are professionals who are trained to serve papers correctly and in a timely manner.

They also have experience dealing with difficult situations, so you can rest assured that your papers will be served even if the person being served is difficult to find or doesn’t want to be found.

3: It Saves Your Time 

Second, hiring a process server can save you time. Serving papers yourself can be time-consuming, especially if you have to track down the person being served. A process server can do this for you, so you can focus on other things.

4: You Save Some Bucks in the Long Run 

Another reason to hire process servers in Oklahoma City is that they can save you money. For example, if you are being sued, the court may require you to pay the other side’s legal fees if they can’t find the person being served.

A process server can help make sure that doesn’t happen by serving the papers correctly and in a timely manner.

5: Peace of Mind

Now, hiring a process server can also give you peace of mind. Knowing that someone else is taking care of serving your papers can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

Also, when you know someone professional is doing your legal stuff, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Final Words

Overall, technology can help make the job of a process server much easier. By keeping track of people and service attempts, tech gadgets can save time and hassle. If you are a process server, consider using some of these tools to help you with your job.

On the other hand, if you are planning to hire a reliable process server in Oklahoma City, you know they are fully equipped with all advanced gadgets. So, you can hire them with peace of mind.

Are a Process Server in Oklahoma Affidavit of Service and Proof of Service the Same Thing?

Affidavit and Proof of Service the Same Thing

Process serving in Oklahoma City involves a series of steps, including filing an Affidavit of Service.

The provision of the law for Civil procedure enables process servers Oklahoma to explore different means of serving papers if the default direct service isn’t feasible.

The availability of various service options for process servers Oklahoma City makes it essential to state how they served the papers.

Hence, a process server in Oklahoma must provide a Proof of Service, commonly referred to as Affidavit of Service by most process servers in OKC.

The Difference Between Affidavit of Service and Proof of Service

You’ll often find a process server Edmond Oklahoma saying Affidavit of Service, and a process server Tulsa Oklahoma using the term ‘Proof of Service.’ This usually brings a sense of discrepancy between the two documents.

However, they’re the same. There’s no difference between a proof of service and an affidavit of service. As the term ‘felines’ can be used to describe cats, process servers in Oklahoma City can also use Proof of Service in place of an Affidavit of Service.

What’s An Affidavit of Service and How’s it Important to Process Serving in Oklahoma?

Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service is a legal document that proves that a process server Oklahoma has served the defendant legal papers. It usually helps prevent a case of denying the recipient of a legal document, which can stall court proceedings.

Thus, it’s essential for process servers Enid Oklahoma and other process servers in Oklahoma City to file an affidavit of services with the court after serving a defendant.

The affidavit of service/proof of service must contain essential information which makes it complete, valid, and credible. We look into these details/information below.

Essential Information to Include in an Affidavit of Service

Every process server OKC must verify and ensure that an Affidavit of Service is complete and contains all the essential information that can make it a credible proof in case of service denial. Below are some of this essential information:

  • Applicant’s full details — A valid Proof of Service must contain the plaintiff’s name and address in full. The process server must also include other necessary contact details of the plaintiff. This allows easy identification and effective record keeping.
  • Process Server’s Details — There are thousands of process servers in Oklahoma City, and for the court to know the process server that delivered a paper, there’s a need for proper identification.

The Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) agree that a process server in Oklahoma City must include his full legal name, address, and contact information in the Proof of Service filed with the court.

  • Defendant’s Full Details — An Affidavit of Service should also contain the full name, address, and contact information of the legal documents’ recipient.
  • Date & Time of Service — The process server in Oklahoma City must include the appropriate date and time he served the papers to the recipient.

This date must fall within the legal period of serving papers (not later than 5 days before hearing and within 180 days after filing the petition).

Also, the date indicates the day of the week the papers were served, which could prove that it wasn’t served outside the recommended days of serving papers in some cities.

  • Where the Papers were Served — The affidavit must also include the location the defendant received the papers. These may be a business address, City or province name, State, street, or even house number. It should carry any information that can aid in identifying the location.
  • The Type of Document Served — Process servers in Oklahoma deliver different papers, including a subpoena, complaints, summons, etc. The Proof of Service should indicate which of these papers were served.
  • Method of Service — Process server agency Oklahoma and individual process servers OKC utilize various service methods. Hence, the Affidavit of Service should state specifically which method was used to serve the defendants the papers.

Whether personally at the place business or residence, through a close associate, through the mail, or any other means, the Proof of Service must reflect the method used

  • Further Proofs — Numbers from identification cards (Health card, Driver’s license, etc.) of a defendant can serve as further Proof of Service. You can also have a defendant sign an acknowledgement at the back of the document’s copy you’re filing with the court.

The information above makes an affidavit complete. However, merely completing an affidavit doesn’t make it valid as proof yet. It needs to be affirmed and notarized.

The process server Oklahoma will swear an oath before an authorized officer that the information in the affidavit is accurate, after which the officer will sign and stamp (notarize) it.

Notarizing an affidavit depends on the law of the local courts in the City. Some overlook it, and others make it compulsory. An experienced process server in Oklahoma City knows when to request an Affidavit of Service to be notarized and when not to bother.

It’s not everyone that’s permitted to notarize an Affidavit of service. Different cities have varying sets of legally permitted people to do that. They include:

  • Court staff in charge of taking an affidavit
  • A notary public
  • Appointed commissioner for taking affidavits
  • Licensed lawyer under Oklahoma law or paralegal
  • A commission of oath.

Any of the above persons can notarize your Proof of Service depending on the City.

It could be required in court or by the defendant’s paper looking for a loophole in the service process. Hence,  a process server in Oklahoma must cross all T’s and dot all I’s to avoid getting the case thrown out of court.

Whether a process server in Oklahoma City refers to it as an Affidavit of Service or a Proof of Service, it’s the same document, and it’s an essential document to prove the credibility of the service process.

Hence, a process server Oklahoma must at all-time ensure he doesn’t fail to swear an Affidavit of service with the law, as this may allow a defendant to evade a court hearing.

Do You Need a Sheriff or A Process Server in Oklahoma? Know the Difference

Sheriff or A Process Server in Oklahoma

The law provisions for process serving in Oklahoma City allows either a Sheriff or Process server OKC to serve defendants legal papers.

However, there’s a need to know the pros and cons of both options to ascertain the one you truly need, thereby ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

While both Sheriff and a process server Oklahoma can serve papers, their roles differ greatly under the law. The only similarity is serving process to defendants.

A process server Oklahoma City is only concerned with serving processes, while the duty of an Oklahoma Sheriff goes beyond process serving. Oklahoma City’s Sheriff also has law enforcement and security provision responsibilities.

Hence, certain factors need to be considered when choosing between hiring an Oklahoma City Sheriff and a process server in OKC. We look into these factors below.

Criteria for Choosing Between a Sheriff or a Process Server to Serve Process in Oklahoma

Determining whether it’s a process server Oklahoma City you need or a Sheriff can be as simple as considering some essential criteria. These criteria include:

  • Service Speed —. You may need to get your legal papers across to a defendant as fast as possible. In such a scenario, how quickly they can render your service becomes paramount. Most legal practitioners in Oklahoma believe that a process server Oklahoma City is your best bet for swift service delivery.

This can be attributed to the difference in Sheriffs and process servers in Oklahoma work hours. Most Sheriffs only work from 7 am to 7 pm, making it easier for defendants to evade them.

On the other hand, a process server Edmond Oklahoma, process server Ardmore Oklahoma, process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma, and other OKC process servers, can perform their duty at any time of the day, provided they are within the constraint of the law.

  • Success Rate – According to reports, Sheriff’s return papers to court as undeliverable more than process servers OKC. This implies that process servers in Oklahoma City boast higher success rates in delivering legal papers than Sheriffs.

However, this assertion only stands true when you hire a competent process server Oklahoma or work with a reputable process serving agency Oklahoma like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS).

Most process servers Enid Oklahoma and process servers Lawton Oklahoma employ different strategies like stealthily following their targets before choosing to pounce like big cats. This is one luxury Sheriffs can’t afford because of their other responsibilities.

  • Knowledge of Local Laws – Specialization gives process servers in Oklahoma an edge over Sheriffs to get the full grasp of the law.

Sheriffs are involved with a series of other law enforcement and protection duties, making it harder for them to know all the laws guiding each of their duties in-depth. This is why most process servers Oklahoma City have more knowledge about the local laws guiding process serving than Sheriffs.

A process server’s primary and only duty is to see to the completion of the seamless process of serving papers through the appropriate ways prescribed by the law. Hence, knowing all about serving processes is easier.

  • Limitations – There are some special scenarios whereby the only way to get an evading defendant is to trespass prohibited areas. If you’re faced with such a situation, there’s little a process server OKC can do to help you.

In this case, using a Sheriff to serve papers becomes your best bet because they are law enforcers and have certain exemptions from the law to go beyond process server limits if situations call for it.

Process servers in Oklahoma aren’t law enforcers, and going beyond what the law permits can attract sanctions. Hence, you must consider this before deciding on using a process server Oklahoma or a Sheriff in Oklahoma.

  • Type Of Case – While a process server Oklahoma can deliver any type of legal papers, the law provisions don’t permit Sheriffs to serve subpoenas, except if the Judge of a court permits.

It’s essential to check with your legal practitioner on the law’s stance about the type of cases a Sheriff, and a process server can deliver to avoid nullifying your case.

  • Communication – Communication during service process helps keep the plaintiff and lawyer up-to-date. It gives them a sense of direction, what to expect, and what actions they should take in preparation for what to expect.

A good process server OKC communicates better with clients during service process than Sheriffs. Process servers accord you the time and attention you need while ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

However, Sheriffs are more concerned about getting your job done with or without carrying you along.

  • Reliability – When it comes to serving process, you can always place your last funds on a process server to deliver your papers irrespective of the situation. Same can not be said about a Sheriff. Sheriff’s tight schedules and prioritization sometimes make them unable to serve defendants within due time.

Thus, if reliability is your watchword, process servers are your best choice. Nevertheless, there’s a need to ensure you work with a reputable process server in Oklahoma that can provide you with the reliability and satisfaction that you need.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) boasts some of these trusted process servers Oklahoma.

Specialization forms the bases of any edge process servers have over Sheriffs. The need to handle four or more duties than process servers make Sheriffs look inefficient in delivering processes. While it’s true that using a process server may be your best option, they are not as free from limitations by the law as Sheriffs.

Hence, how you prioritize each of these criteria determines whether what you need is a Sheriff or a process server. Ideally, a process server should be in charge of serving processes, but most courts suggest Sheriffs unless the plaintiff says otherwise.

The cost of hiring both professionals are similar, but the above factors set them apart. Irrespective of whether you use a Sheriff or a process server, the essential thing is for their operations to be within the law constraints to avoid getting your case thrown out.

Judge Patrick Wyrick to Decide Transgender Birth Certificate Rights Case in the Western District of Oklahoma


Opinion Written by Private Investigator in Oklahoma Dr. Makayla Saramosing


Published March 11th, 2022

Please sign our online petition HERE.

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Judge Patrick R. Wyrick is soon poised to rule on a landmark transgender civil rights case in the Western District Court of Oklahoma (5:21-cv-01152), deciding whether or not people who are transgender are equal to those who are cisgender/non-binary. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Makayla Saramosing, a civil rights expert and process server in Oklahoma for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, has brought the case pro se and has vowed to fight it all the way to the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS), if necessary.

Private Investigator in OKC Dr. Makayla Saramosing has essentially made two contentions she says are imperative to transgender rights and equality in Oklahoma and the United States of America as a whole:

  • People who are transgender should not be forced to undergo permanently sterilizing hormone therapy and surgery, in order to get their gender markers changed on their birth certificates or driver’s licenses.
  • No governmental agency should be allowed to make notations of amendments to the names and gender marker changes for everyone to see on any legal document (birth certificates, in this case).

These sound like basic human rights. Right? Well, apparently the State of Oklahoma feels otherwise. Indeed, the defendants in private investigator in Oklahoma’s lawsuit, listed in their individual capacities as:

Kevin Corbett, Secretary of the Oklahoma State Department of Health

Keith Reed, Cabinet Secretary of the Oklahoma State Department of Health

Kelly Baker, Deputy Registrar of Vital Records of the Oklahoma State Health Department

Tim Tipton, Commissioner of Public Safety of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety


The four individuals listed above are all vehemently fighting against Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s lawsuit for equal rights for all persons, whether transgender or cisgender. The following attorneys in Oklahoma have been representing them in the fight against equality and civil rights in Oklahoma:


  • Kevin L. McClure – Lead Defense Attorney, Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General
  • Natalie Jones – Defense Attorney, Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General

The question every notary public in OKC who has clients who are transgender should ask is: Why do they care? Are the defendants, Tim Tipton, Kevin Corbett, Kelly Baker or Keith Reed nor their attorneys, Kevin McClure, Kindanne “Kindy” Jones or Natalie Jones going to suffer, if people who are transgender are not ruthlessly deprived of their right to procreate and have children? Do they not know how high the rates of committing suicide, getting sexual assaulted, and getting murdered are for persons who are transgender?


Sadly, neither the defendants, Tim Tipton, Kevin Corbett, Kelly Baker or Keith Reed nor their attorneys, Kevin McClure, Kindanne “Kindy” Jones or Natalie Jones, seem to care. They appear to lack empathy, and this should cause any process server in Oklahoma City with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers or otherwise tremendous concern for the wellbeing of the transgender community.


Recently, Oklahoma “Governor” Kevin Stitt issued an executive order stopping the issuance of birth certificates with the binary gender designation on all Oklahoma birth certificates. This newly-won but short-lived civil rights victory by Kit Lorelied was the result of a lawsuit they had made against the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Once again, the question is: Why? What does it matter to Oklahoma “Governor” Kevin Stitt? Was the horrible way he handled the pandemic, whereby he enabled the untimely deaths numerous Oklahomans through wanton negligence not bad enough? Does Kevin Stitt really have to go picking on the transgender community, too? Whatever “god” Kevin Stitt claims to worship as his “justification
for his actions certainly is not loving, kind, or compassionate.

Now the question remains: How will Judge Patrick R. Wyrick of the District Court, Western District of Oklahoma rule? Will he side with compassion, science and humanity, or will Judge Patrick Wyrick instead support fear, bigotry, oppression, and discrimination? How will history remember him? What will his children and grandchildren think of him, every time they do a Google search of his name? What will future politicians think of his credentials when considering him for a higher court, whenever they think of this transgender civil rights case by private investigator in OKC Dr. Makayla Saramosing of Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?

Will Judge Patrick Wyrick be on the right side of history, or will he simply continue to make Oklahoma what everyone else in the world already knows it has far too many of – simpleminded, silly people? Only time will tell what actions Judge Patrick Wyrick will eventually take in this case (5:21-cv-01152). As for Kevin Stitt, defendants Tim Tipton, Kevin Corbett, Kelly Baker and Keith Reed and their attorneys, Kevin McClure, Kindanne “Kindy” Jones and Natalie Jones, their actions have already put them into the category of “simpleminded idiots.”

In the meantime, each process server in Oklahoma should remember to be especially kind and understanding, when providing services in Oklahoma for persons who is transgender. People who are transgender have already suffered enough harm and hardship from idiots, and they truly deserve the support and love of others who have empathy, compassion, and kindness in their hearts. 😊


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Can Process Servers in Oklahoma City Serve Process Through Cats?

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

An essential part of the judicial system is the process server in Oklahoma City who can serve different individuals. Not only are they responsible for delivering the official court notice, but they will also have to deliver official court documents to the defendant. And taking up that responsibility, they also take up the many challenges that come with the serving process.

Defendants will usually be unresponsive to a process server in OKC, as they will either not answer the door or will start to hide out in their home, trying their best to avoid a server. And when these types of defendants try to avoid being served, they can make a rather simple delivery rather difficult.

Process Servers in Oklahoma Through Cats

The process server in Oklahoma will now have to try a multitude of tactics to try and intercept the defendant when they leave their house. Or, if they are trying to stay indoors at all times, they will have to try and bring them out through different tactics.

But getting someone out of their house will only come later, as the defendant might have run away. They could have left their home or could be trying to escape the city to avoid being served. The process server in Oklahoma City will have to try and locate the individual through skip tracing in OKC. Locating the individual can be a separate hassle, especially since a server will only have 90 days to deliver.

So when dealing with all of this stress, it is not uncommon for a process server in Oklahoma to have a pet like a cat to help them better deal with the stress that comes with the job. But many people wonder if a process server can use a cat to serve the process. And while nothing is stopping them from trying it, it can also be a very effective way to get the defendant’s attention

Using Cats to Serve Process to Defendants

The most important thing about process servers in OKC is that they must be fast and efficient. They should be able to serve the process to the defendant within a week or two because anything more than that will start losing money with each day they spend trying to make the delivery. Process servers will only receive their payment once, and any extra costs during the delivery will not be compensated. Therefore, they will have to be smart with grabbing some people’s attention.

Tying the documents to a cat and leaving them on the front door is sure to get people’s attention. The process server in Oklahoma City can also give the cat a fancy suit to make them look the part. Of course, the cat must be friendly enough to individuals, ensuring that it doesn’t bite. And if the defendant manages to take the bait, the process server can then serve the process effectively, without possibly waiting for the defendant to leave their house.

They could also try to seem more welcoming to the defendant by coming to meet them with a cat. The defendant might be happier to see the process server in Oklahoma City, making them much more likable.

Sometimes, it is even possible that the defendant changed their address and did not get the time to update it on a public registry. While the process server will still have to go through the trouble of finding the individual’s house, it does mean that the defendant will not be hostile when engaging with the process server. And in that case, the cat can be the ice breaker, allowing the process server and the defendant to become comfortable enough to take the documents and give their signature. Either way, cats can be an effective way of serving process.

Serving Process through Other Means

Although trying to serve the process with the help of a cat can be effective, cats can be notoriously stingy about who they work with. They can often be difficult to tame and lead, and if the process server in Oklahoma keeps the cat there, it might just walk away. Or worse, the cat can become hostile towards the defendant, attacking them on sight. This can be especially problematic, as an uncooperative defendant will become even more reclusive. Fortunately, a process server can enlist the help of a courier service to give the notice to the individual. The courier company will also be able to get the individual’s signature, doing the process server’s job for them.

The process server in Oklahoma can also use an official email to send the notice. The official email is even recognized in court as a valid way of sending the serving process but could make matters more complicated in the process. And serving process personally can always be great, as a friendly face is often what people want to see when they are about to open a door. So if a process server can put on a smile, most defendants will be willing to open up.

Finding the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

A process server in Oklahoma will need to serve the process if they want their payment, and they are even willing to use cats to help them get it. And if you need the help of a process server to get that signature, then Oklahoma Judicial Process servers have the people you need.

OJPS has some of the most experienced servers in the industry who have the skills and the knowledge necessary to get your desired results. They will flush out a defendant who is being unreasonable and will calm an agitated one, thanks to their years of experience. But most importantly, they will get that signature you need to move the case forward. Contact them today and rest easy knowing that the right people will receive their documents.

Are Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers in OKC on the Job

Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers

Process servers are an essential part of the judicial system. They help their clients by delivering legal documents to the court. The major goal of process servers in Oklahoma is to simplify the case process and help their client with a win. For that, they reconcile and deliver the right documents and ensure that everything is according to the court order.

Furthermore, process server in Oklahoma City also finds the defendants. For them, locating a defendant who is trying to hide to avoid trial is not a big deal. But, there are some exceptions where they have to perform some additional homework to find defendants. Sometimes, when the defendant recently changed their home address, they track for their new home. Or at times, they actively try to hide from the court. Since, the process server in OKC have to deliver the documents in 90 days otherwise it will result in the case dismissal, they make additional efforts.

In all the conditions where finding the defendant is a difficult job, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers use other means to deliver the documents. OJPS rely on couriers and emails to send the documents to the defendants. According to process server in Enid Oklahoma, if they can’t succeed in personal deliveries, they depend on emails and couriers to reach the defendants.

Three Reliable Methods Process Server in OKC Use to Deliver Documents

These methods to send documents to the defendant are reliable and effective. Although they are less effective that personal deliveries, but it helps to locate the defendant. When process server in Tulsa Oklahoma delivers files personally, they can find the evidence that the defendant receives the legal documents. They get their signature on document’s copy as a form of identification. But, this doesn’t mean other means to deliver the files are not important. Let’s review each method and understand why process servers use these methods:

1. Email

Today, email has become a reliable and authorized way to process documents to the defendants. Process server in Altus Oklahoma can save a significant amount of time and money by sending an authorized email. Process server in Edmond Oklahoma uses this method as a protection against violent defendants. When the defendant receives the email, they respond as a confirmation.

However, there is a problem with this method as some defendants trying to avoid the hearing ignore the email. This can be a problem, as process server in Oklahoma needs a response in 90 days to proceed with the case. Now, process server creates hard copy of the documents and sends it by mail or courier.

At times, defendants didn’t receive the documents via email because the email address is wrong. They actively don’t ignore the mail. In that case, they can respond to the documents after receiving it by courier. So, the job of process server isn’t that easy as it seems. They have to go down the rabbit hole to conclude the right scenario.

2. Mail

This is the least effective method to deliver the documents as you can’t estimate the time it takes for the post office to deliver the documents. Furthermore, popular companies such as USPS and US Postal Service don’t have a good track record. But, a process server in Lawton Oklahoma uses this process to deliver documents as a formality.

Mail services perform relentless services when it comes to delivering the legal documents. They will drop the documents in the mailbox or leave the parcel on the front porch. In most cases, people don’t receive their parcel or at least in one piece if they have a dog in the porch.

3. Courier

Courier services are different than mail services. Sending legal document via courier service is an effective way. Many process servers rely on this method of delivery to send important documents to the defendants. While delivering the parcel, the courier guy receives signature of the recipient. Thus, through this method you can get the form of identification.

Although courier service is similar to mailing services, sending documents as a courier is the fastest way to deliver the documents. Usually, recipients receive the parcel in a day or two. Process server in Ardmore Oklahoma can request the proof of identification from the courier service and present it as evidence in the court.

Furthermore, courier service is a care-free method to deliver documents. After sending documents using this service, OKC process server can stay assure that the defendant will receive the documents. Process server in Broken Arrow Oklahoma trusts this method to send legal documents without worrying.

Why You Should Rely on Process Server in OKC to Deliver Legal Documents

While you can deliver the documents to the defendant, hiring professional process server in Edmond Oklahoma would be a good decision. When a process server delivers your documents, they will ensure that everything is perfect. They will create a complete file and share with the court on your behalf.

Keep in mind that you have to deliver the documents according to the provincial law. The law explains the proper order and method to deliver the documents to different parties. Process server in OKC has extensive experience in delivering the documents. They can complete the documents according to the legal requirements.


Are you looking for process server in OKC to compile and deliver the documents with the defendants? If yes, then you should consult with our professional team. We have a team of process servers with extensive experience in dealing with legal issues. They will carefully analyze the case and defend you in front of the court. Do you want to learn more? If yes, then talk with our expert process servers in Oklahoma.

How a Process Server in OKC can be More Accommodating to Pets at a Defendant’s House

Process servers in Oklahoma City are responsible for some of the most important tasks in the judicial system. Not only do they need to deliver the court notice to the defendant, but they also have to take up the responsibility of finding the defendant. Only when they can find the defendant can they deliver the notice, which will allow them to get paid. But if they can’t deliver the notice on time, not only do they not receive their payment, but the court could even drop the case.

ill sometimes try their best not to be served, finding them is often half the challenge. They could have changed their address or could even be hiding in their home in an attempt to avoid the process server. Some defendants have gone so far as to camp out in their homes for three months to avoid being served. And in these specific circumstances, the finding can be easier than finally delivering the document and getting their signature.

These types of defendants can cause a process server in OKC a lot of trouble, as they have to worry about getting the necessary signature to start the proceedings in court finally. And some defendants, to dissuade the process server, will actively use force against them or will assault them upon finding out who they are. These are just a few of the challenges that a process server has to face when serving the process to the right people.

However, not all defendants are difficult to work with, and some can even be hospitable to their process server. And if a process server in OKC finds themselves going to a defendant’s house with a cat, they should keep a few ground rules in mind.

Dealing with Pets When Serving Process

Pets, like cats and dogs, can be very territorial. Dogs can be very protective of their owner, and a cat can be very protective of their space, which is usually everything they touch. Therefore, it is not uncommon for process servers to face resistance from these pets when doing their job.

Dogs can often growl and bark when the server steps foot on the property, and the cat can generally be very cold and hiss. And while most cats will usually just glare at a distance or will hiss when coming closer, others will usually get angry enough to start swinging their claws but will usually back down after some time.

The simple rule to always follow when serving servers is to read the room. The first step is always to locate the cat or dog who is hostile, which will usually make their presence known by either coming near you or by making some noise.

When the server can locate them, they should try not to befriend the animal, making them more agitated. Instead, they should keep their distance and try not to interact with the pet unless they introduce them. If the owner does not take the initiative to introduce, the process server in Oklahoma City can ask them for an introduction. But even under the supervision of the owner, the process server should be careful of the dog or cat biting them. Cats can be especially untrustworthy, as they could suddenly attack with their claws or by biting the server.

By being more careful, they can avoid possibly agitating the cat or dog, making the entire ordeal significantly more complicated. People are very protective of their pets, so anything happening to them can make them uncomfortable. And when dealing with the difficulty of serving the process, a good defendant can be very valuable, which is why the process server should not be willing to set them off in any way.

Be Careful Where They Step

This step is especially important if the defendant invites the process server into their home and has a cat. Cats will usually lie down wherever they like since they see everything as their property. So they can either lie down right next to the door or even in the hallway, regardless of what someone might have to say. So if the process server from OKC finds themselves here, they would have to be very careful when walking inside with the cat around.

They should be careful of the cat on the floor and look around corners and through doorways to see if the cat is not hiding there. Anything that the process server could do, they should ask if there is a cat around first. Then they should check if there is a cat in the area, and then finally do the thing they want.

Walking on eggshells like this can be very frustrating, but it is only temporary, as the process server will eventually leave. And if the process server in OKC will have to go down or upstairs to meet the defendant, then they should especially be careful of a cat, as they might be climbing the stairs as well. If the cat is climbing the stairs, it either matches their pace or goes faster, as they might be trying to catch up.

And as long as a process server in Oklahoma can follow these instructions easily, they will be able to serve the process without agitating the defendant.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Finding the right process server in OKC doesn’t have to be difficult, as Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can offer some of the best servers. Our process servers have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver the process without worrying about upsetting the defendant effectively.

They also know their way around unaccommodating or unreasonable defendants, allowing them to get the documents to them one way or another. So if you want to find efficient and effective process servers, the OJPS is the place.


How Cats Help Process Servers in Oklahoma City Deal with their Stress

Process Servers Deal with their Stress

Process servers in Oklahoma City have been essential in helping bring defendants to court as they continue to take their role in the judicial system seriously. However, an important thing to understand about process servers is that they have to deal with incredible amounts of stress when going about their job.

They can usually face many difficulties when trying to serve the process, the least being finding the defendant. Sometimes a quick Google search is enough to find out where the individual lives. They will have to perform a more in-depth search for the individual, often working with a private investigator in OKC to help find the individual.

With skip tracing in Oklahoma City, they can eventually find the individual trying to avoid their sentence. But finding them is only half the trouble; the next step is to serve the process safely and get evidence for the court. Without that crucial evidence, they will not show the court that they did send the defending party a proper notice.

Serving to individuals trying their best to avoid being served is a difficult task, as gathering evidence will usually include a signature. This can often include a lot of back and forth with the defendant, which can take its toll on a process server in OKC.

Luckily, they can better deal with the stress of their job by adopting a kitten. While some dogs can come specially trained to help you deal with stress, cats are generally very low maintenance and can offer a very comforting presence. Therefore, many process servers in Oklahoma City are dealing with their stress by adopting cats.

Why Some Process Servers in OKC Choose Cats over Dogs

The age-old question from most people often comes down to whether they should get a dog or cat. Most would prefer a dog over anything else. They can be very kind affectionate, and some even come with training to specifically help stressed people. These reasons are usually enough for process servers in Oklahoma to choose a god over a cat.

But these dogs tend to be very high maintenance, which can make them a hassle to keep for most Process servers. Dogs, especially service dogs, often require exercise daily, where you need to take them on a walk or give them a very high-intensity playtime session. Either way, they need to be stimulated thoroughly, or they will start to feel agitated or even a little annoyed.

And with process servers in OKC working for most of the day, coming back home and taking the dog for a walk can feel like an impossible task. That alone can be a serious turn-off, which is otherwise a very good option when looking for a more comfortable way to deal with stress.

On the other hand, cats can be very relaxed and easygoing and are considered low maintenance. Cats will keep themselves clean and often find ways to play around independently. Playing with them doesn’t have to be a very high effort either, as you can relax on the couch and play with a laser pointer. Cats can also help process servers calm down, as their purring is a general soothing mechanism, which is also infectious! Petting them can make them purr, which can also help you calm down.

It also helps that cats are generally very cute and give a very warm presence to a home. They can be especially fun to keep in an apartment, as the proximity will allow you to run into them more often.

There is one thing that does make cats a little high maintenance is their constant shedding and cleaning out their litter. Process servers in Oklahoma City will have to clean out the litter once every day at most, and they can deal with shedding by brushing their coat. Regular brushing can keep hairs to a minimum and avoid leaving hair everywhere.

Cats Offer Unique Companionship

Unlike dogs and other pets that a process server could keep, cats offer a unique type of companionship. They are very independent and can often show affection in endearing, if subtle, ways. Sometimes, they will want to cuddle or rest on their owner’s lap and purr as they pet them. This may make you feel like a James Bond villain, but it is still very fun and is generally a great way to relax after a long day at work. Of course, Process servers in OKC are also careful not to fall asleep while the cat is still in their lap, as that is the fastest way to get a neck cramp.

Furthermore, cats can also interact with other people in different ways, making for some very funny interactions. Cats will always have their favorite person, and they will have their not-so-favorite person. Seeing how they interact with both can be very fun. And it doesn’t hurt that cats are often just silly, which ensures that you do not have a boring time with them.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Having a good process server in OKC can completely change how you work on a case, as you no longer have to worry about the defendant not receiving their documents and court notice. And if you’re looking for effective process servers in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can certainly help.

With years of experience throughout the industry, our process servers have the skills and knowledge to make an effective delivery. They will use emails and courier services to ensure the defendant gets the necessary documents. Their experience in the field especially comes in handy when dealing with individuals who are not complying. Therefore, save yourself time and stress by working with OJPS to deliver the necessary documents.