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What Are “85% Crimes” in the State of Oklahoma, Like Murder, Rape, Arson, Child Molestation

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The severity of crimes varies, which is why every legal system makes special provisions for some serious crimes. In the state of Oklahoma, these crimes are known as the “Eighty-five percent (85%) crimes.” Private investigators in Oklahoma City from top private detective agencies in Oklahoma describe them as the most extreme crimes an offender can commit in Oklahoma, and they mainly attract life sentences. This article looks into these crimes and how the classification affects prison sentences.

What Are “85% Crimes”?

According to top private investigators in OKC, eighty-five percent (85%) crimes are crimes that require convicted offenders serve no less than 85% of their imprisonment sentence before becoming eligible for parole consideration. The state of Oklahoma implemented this law on those crimes  to prevent offenders from getting early parole, preventing them from avoiding most parts of their sentence.

Convicted perpetrators of 85% crimes do not automatically get parole after serving eighty-five percent of their total sentence. They only become eligible to request, and the request can be denied. The 85% crimes law is among the special laws put in place to ensure that perpetrators of criminal activities do not find any soft landing when facing trials for their crimes. This complements private detectives in Oklahoma’s role of gathering evidence against these perpetrators.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City and reputable legal practitioners in OKC describe the “85% rule” as an advanced version of the minimum mandatory sentencing. The 85% crimes are classified in two categories, and we look into them below.

Types of 85% Crimes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s legal system considers sexual and violent criminal acts as eighty-five percent (85%) crimes. Many criminal activities are listed under these broad categories, and we highlight them below:

  • Violent Crimes

Private investigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma, private detectives in Edmond, OKC, and private investigators in Mustang, OK, describe violent crimes as criminal activities that involve causing great harm, taking life, or intending to do any of the two. Many major crimes are classified under this category, including first-degree and second-degree murder, assault with intent to kill, conjoint robbery, manslaughter in first-degree, bombing, arson, possession of dangerous substances with the intention to use them to cause harm, and other related crimes.

The punishment for this crime could range from several years imprisonment to a life sentence or, worse case, a death sentence, depending on the severity of the offense and the effort of the legal defendant. The 85% crimes law ensures that a perpetrator convicted of this crime does not have the liberty to seek freedom until most of the sentence (85%) has been served. Many see it as a strong deterrent that can mitigate the occurrence of these crimes.

Murder private detectives in OKC and other violent crimes private investigators in Oklahoma from private investigation agencies in OKC play a huge role in ensuring perpetrators of these crimes are brought to book by gathering useful evidence.

  • Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes are criminal activities that involve having non-consensual sexual interaction with the victim. First-degree rape, forced sodomy, aggravated child pornography, child prostitution, human trafficking, and child molestation are some common crimes under this category. The state of Oklahoma treats these crimes as extreme, making them “85% crimes.”

The severity of the crime, the victims’ ages, and other circumstances surrounding the case affect the prison sentence. The younger the victim, the more severe punishment the offender is likely to get. Also, the more severe the damaged cause, the more ruthless the punishment will be. Offenders are unlikely to find a safe haven once convicted of these crimes. The law has minimum sentences in place, and the 85% rule also stands.

The 85% crimes do have devastating effects on victims. This could include loss of life, psychological trauma, bodily harm, etc. This is why the legal provision of most states, including Oklahoma, takes them seriously and ensures perpetrators can’t walk free without serving most of their prison sentences.

Rape private detectives near me, human trafficking private investigators in Oklahoma, sexual assault private detectives in OKC, and child custody private investigators in Oklahoma City, contribute greatly to ensuring perpetrators of these crimes are punished.

The Role of Private Investigators in Oklahoma City in Proving A Defendant Guilty of An 85% Crime

Eighty-five percent (85%) crimes are serious offences that require undeniable evidence to ensure defendants get the punishment they deserve. The lack of substantial evidence can allow perpetrators to walk free, making the services of a private investigator in Oklahoma City or a private detective in OKC essential.

You can turn to a homicide private investigator in Oklahoma, a human trafficking private detective in OKC,  or a rape private investigator in Oklahoma City, to help you with your case. The help of a professional private investigator in Oklahoma from a reputable private investigation agency in Oklahoma City can go a long way in ensuring victims get justice and offenders get punished, giving you the closure you desire.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City achieve this by helping you gather solid evidence to support your case. The private investigator near me you hire can employ different investigation techniques to find evidence to help solve each case and ensure the right person gets deserved punishment. The grave nature of 85% crimes makes it vital to provide evidence that proves your case beyond a reasonable doubt, and using the services of a professional private investigator is the best way to achieve that.

You must conduct due diligence on the private detective near me you’re hiring to ensure they have the expertise to deliver great services. Hiring from a reputable private investigation agency like Keefe Private Investigation (KPI) is one of the numerous ways to get a professional private investigator in OKC with great experience. Your cooperation is also essential to ensuring the private investigator near me helping you find evidence makes quick headway in your case.

Providing the private investigator in Oklahoma with accurate information and being available for questions at all times makes the investigation easier. The evidence your private investigator near me gathers should be enough to ensure that the offender gets the appropriate punishment. However, the private detective near me must ensure that all evidence is obtained legally, as anything otherwise will make the evidence inadmissible in court.

Without proper evidence, it’s hard to make your case stick, irrespective of the crime. Thus, having a go-to private investigator near me you can always turn to to find evidence that supports your case is essential.

Final Words

Eighty-five percent (85%) crimes are major crimes requiring convicted perpetrators to serve at least 85% of their prison sentence before being eligible for parole. These crimes include violent and sexual crimes like murder, arson, rape, child molestation, and so on. It’s essential to get strong evidence when trying to indict a suspect for perpetrating any of these crimes, and turning to a private detective in Oklahoma City can be helpful.


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