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Criminal Defense Lawyer to Help Secure an Acquittal for Your Sex Crimes Charges

Sex Crimes Private Investigations in Oklahoma

Not only is it stressful to be arrested for a sex crime, but you may also face social stigma before a jury of peers who can put sex crime charges on you. If convicted, some sex crimes have long-term repercussions. In addition to standard jail or prison sentences, fines, and probationary conditions, convicted sex offenders must frequently register with local law enforcement for the rest of their life.

It is normal to feel uncertain, scared, and frustrated when unsure of how to handle any kind of criminal sex crime charges because it can be a life-altering experience. When the accused has not done anything wrong or believes they have not done anything wrong, sex crime charges are especially delicate subjects. A sex crimes criminal defense lawyer is the most valuable asset you can have on your side if you are accused of any sex crimes charges. They can assist you with understanding your circumstance and exploring the perplexing law enforcement procedures you will probably confront. Here are some valid reasons why you need to hire a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer to help secure an acquittal for your sex crime charges:

To Prove Misidentification

Human memory is well-known to be poor. Events can be misremembered or forgotten by humans. Worse still, our minds can invent events that never happened. Indeed, even in a horrible mishap, individuals might neglect to recall things. Alternatively, they might misidentify the individuals involved. In this manner, a casualty of sex wrongdoings or savage violations could affect you as the culprit. Contacting a sex crime defense lawyer immediately is the right approach to secure an acquittal if someone accuses you of sex crimes you did not commit.

To Fight Statutory Rape

In the case of sex, consent is necessary. Rape has not occurred if two adults consent. It doesn’t matter if the act was done with both parties consent or if they were sober. However, none of that matters when it comes to statutory rape. Statutory rape can result in a felony conviction if one of the participants is a minor.

Be that as it may, much of the time, you might be a couple of years older than a minor. This is called the “Romeo and Juliet” exception in court. This indicates that the case may be dismissed if the adult is older than the minor by three years.

Also, you might have thought you were with an adult but found out later that they were just a kid. As a result of such confusion and misinformation, sex crimes charges can be challenging to secure an acquittal. Whatever the circumstance, contact a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer to secure an acquittal for sex crimes charges.

To Avoid Placement For Sex Offender Registry

The sex guilty party vault is potentially the most ridiculously terrifying possibility besides prison time. Your name, address, and photographs become public records whenever the authorities add you to this list. Anybody can see this vault, which might hurt your work possibilities, connections, and local area relations.

You may be required to sign up for the sex offender registry by authorities. The inability to agree may bring about punishments or more regrettable circumstances. They cannot ever remove you from the registry because it is permanent. Contacting a sex crimes criminal defense attorney is the only valid choice to secure an acquittal if you are at risk of joining the sex offender registry. You need to take care of this right away. If you don’t, the consequences could be devastating for the rest of your life because of your sex crimes charges.

To Avoid any Impact on Your Life

Even if the law does not find you guilty of sex crimes charges, hiring a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer will still help you to secure an acquittal. While covering a case, the media and others may damage the reputation, a significant component of sex crime charges. These accusations could hurt your career or education. To know how to respond to these accusations, you need a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer at every cost.

To Prove Consent

Assume your accomplice is a grown-up. Any sexual encounter requires consent. Yet, imagine a scenario in which, after a consensual sexual experience, your accomplice responds that they never gave consent. This is a typical event when liquor and substances are involved. You might have drunk and hooked up with someone at a party. They asserted that you raped them once they woke up.

Sadly, the law is against men in this example. The man is liable for the consequences, even if both parties were intoxicated. One fun night out could bring about serious discipline for you. Contact a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer to handle your legalities to secure an acquittal if your partner permits you yet denies it later, resulting in sex crimes charges.

To Protect Your Reputation

After the sex crimes charges, there will be repercussions, regardless of whether your case results in a conviction. Whether this is the media, your local neighborhood area, or the person in question, individuals will make a good attempt to destroy you. You might be slandered, harassed, or worse.

Damage to a reputation is complicated. It tends to be hard to tell what to do. Sex crimes criminal defense lawyers have seen everything previously, and they’ll understand what steps you ought to take in case of a discolored standing to secure an acquittal for your sex crimes charges.

To Drop Charges

If someone accuses you of sex crimes charges, you need a sex crimes criminal defense attorney to help you every step of the way to secure an acquittal. But fighting charges is the most important thing. Utilizing a state-selected lawyer doesn’t allow you the best opportunities.

Find a reputable sex crimes criminal defense attorney to support you through the trial. They know how to overturn your sentence, reduce or drop your sex crimes charges and know every trick in the book. Even if everything is against you, they might still be able to shorten the sentence for your sex crimes charges.


Hiring a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer is essential to secure an acquittal for your sex crimes charges. They can help you save your reputation and fight every possible accusation most professionally. Contact Us if you require skilled assistance for the same.

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