How a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City Can Handle Acquaintances and Fake Friends Who Just Want Free Legal Assistance

Private Detective in Oklahoma City

Every successful private investigator in OKC has probably experienced the multitudes of fake friends and acquaintances who often come crawling out of the woodwork.  Whether they want you to do a free skip trace, cost-free surveillance, or want you to type up a legal document for them,

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Teaching Private Investigation Courses Helps Give Licensed Private Investigators Special Advantages

Private Investigation Courses in Oklahoma OKC

Some licensed private investigators in Oklahoma often stay on top of the game by teaching private investigator certification courses at places like Metro Tech and elsewhere.  It is true that teaching these Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) classes at career technology schools seldom pays

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How Oklahoma Private Investigators and Process Servers Can Elicit Greater Police Cooperation and Assistance

Oklahoma PRivate Investigator and the Police

Police officers can sometimes prove to be very helpful to private investigators and process servers.  Indeed, in some cases private investigators, process servers and police officers perform very similar tasks.  All three professions often encompass various aspects of the law, and thus everyone’s job becomes much easier

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