Did Criminal Background Checks Unfairly Target LGBTQIA+ Individuals during Sodomy Laws?

The agencies of criminal background check in Oklahoma have been actively working alongside politicians and media groups to fulfill the inadequacies. The shortcomings have continued to plague the criminal justice system and has caused it to poorly manage victims and offenders from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Numerous members of the LGBTQIA+ world will tell you of countless bitter experiences in a criminal background check. They will have dozens of stories to share about the prejudice and mistreatment that the society has traditionally dished out to them over the years.

The fact that the judiciary has often joined the society in their unfair treatment makes the entire situation even sadder. There have been acceptance movements in the recent past, where many giants from the judicial system, the government and the media industry have been trying to bring an end to the history of mistreatment.

Despite the active efforts everywhere, the stigma is so widespread that a lot of unfairness, especially in the case of a background check, runs rampant. Despite the contemporary movements and protection, research shows that the marginalized LGBTQIA+ community is still facing violence and prejudice on account of unfair criminal background check.

Sodomy Laws

Sodomy laws are those that define certain sexual activities as crimes or offences. The courts would interpret the term sodomy as sexual acts that one could deem immoral or unnatural. Today, many companies run statewide background checks in the form of a yes or no questionnaire.

But those members, especially from the LGBTQIA+ community with a criminal history, would always be in a losing situation in a background check. Their only options are either to answer honestly or face a rejection right away. If a member of the LGBTQIA+ community tries to get away by lying about their criminal history, they’d get into far worse trouble later.

The employers can and often run a criminal background check in Oklahoma and since it’s a common practice many others might do too. In this case, if the employer catches and LGBTQIA+ individual lying, the consequences will be far worse for them.

The sad truth is that the severity of the crime is never of importance; in fact, many even neglect to consider how grave the crime was. The instantaneous action is to instantly reject applications, deny rights and even render unfair treatment to the LGBTQIA+ people once someone catches their lie.

This is brings us back to the time when sodomy laws had given the liberty to ban homosexuality outright. Companies were the fastest to hop onto the bandwagon and wasted no time in rejecting the prospects too.

Even today, this unfair treatment appears to be in practice in many parts of the country and the world. Perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to blame the broadness of the term that has given this liberty to many others.

Let’s dive a little into the many difficulties that the term “criminal background check” has created.

Criminal Background Check- A Broad Term

The fact is that a conviction of any degree becomes a permanent cause for concern in all aspect of the future life. But this is most especially true when applying for job opportunities in companies. Even a small conviction will appear as a big crime to a potential employer. This is why criminal background checks during sodomy laws were even more difficult for the LGBTQIA+ community.

People always used criminal background checks to frame the LGBTQIA+ individuals for their perceived sexual orientation. Most usually, companies would reject their applications on the basis of actual events that were false arrests in reality.

For the LGBTQIA+ members, this was a constant worry because they faced rejection repeatedly resulting from nationwide criminal background check. One must note that the most intriguing thing about the entire scenario was that the sodomy laws never specifically targeted the lesbians or the gays. That was never the purpose of the laws but that is exactly what it transformed into.

The misuse of the laws happened when people started using them to create false narratives about the LGBTQIA+ community. You may call it their personal vendetta or for the sake of their personal satisfaction, yet the society ruthlessly molded the laws for their aim.

Their aim was the prison sentence that usually resulted from a criminal background check. When a criminal background check in Oklahoma revealed the criminal history of a person, the sentence would be of a long imprisonment or hard labor.

Moreover, even if the LGBTQIA+ individual in question did not have a very major crime record and did not get a sentence, the stigma alone caused enough damage. The allegation would suffice in causing the LGBTQIA+ individual to lose their job and ultimately their careers as well.

It wouldn’t be wrong to blame the sodomy laws for creating a bout of homophobia as well. This was the age when the individuals felt downright fearful to belong to their community or acknowledge belonging to it. So harsh were the sodomy laws in those days that if a criminal background check produced negative results, the entire society would turn against the individual.

Final Thoughts

When statewide criminal background checks ran in the past, they did not merely stop at the crime of the LGBTQIA+ individual. Instead, they dug deeper into the individual’s life, their sexual orientation and their life. The background check would leave no stone unturned to unveil everything about the person’s life.

The ulterior motive behind this extremely intrusive and improper style of investigation was to mar the reputation and the life of the LGBTQIA+ person. It would not just result in a loss of their job or application rejection but provoke the wrath of the entire society too.




Police: A Help or Nuisance to a Private Investigator in Oklahoma Conducting Private Investigations in OKC

Help or Nuisance to a Private Investigator

Because process servers in OKC are not official law enforcers, process servers in Oklahoma are confined in what they can do, which makes involving the Police necessary at times. Even though many of these process servers in OKC are retired or off-duty police officers who are serving only as a side job. These individuals work as process servers in Oklahoma City but are not on-duty police officials. While there are several scenarios involving process servers in OKC which the Police may be summoned, the most common of these occur when the process server’s in OKC safety is jeopardized or after the Police are called on them.

Although police officers occasionally get into the occupation of being private investigators in Oklahoma City, nonetheless, the two professions have little in common.

In terms of a police detective compared to a private investigator in OKC, a private investigator in Oklahoma has the same civil rights and privileges as a regular citizen of the Oklahoma state. For example, private investigators in Oklahoma cannot arrest someone in a legal or official manner, only a citizen’s arrest. If we talk about Officers of the police department in Oklahoma compared to the private investigators in Oklahoma City, on the other hand, they have the authority to enforce laws and make arrests. Moreover, a police officer compared to a private investigator in Oklahoma City, is also a government employee compared to a process server in OKC. Important professional aspects, including training and job prospects all, vary to a great degree.

How a Private Investigator in Oklahoma Conducting Private Investigations in OKC Deals With the Oklahoma Police Department

Although private investigators in Oklahoma City typically work independently of local law enforcement agencies, there are times when they must collaborate with or interact with the officers from the Oklahoma police department. But most of the time, there is mutual respect and understanding, and the two types of private investigators in Oklahoma City and police can get on with their work without stepping on each other’s toes. To that end, private investigators in OKC should keep the following helpful suggestions in mind:

Surveillance of a target is one of the primary responsibilities of a private investigator in OKC. Stakeouts are frequently used to locate a missing person or to start investigating and find proof of fraud, extramarital affairs, or a crime.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City are advised to call local law enforcement before beginning surveillance so that they are knowledgeable of who the investigating officer is and what role they are playing. This should prevent the Police from approaching the private investigator in Oklahoma while private investigators in Oklahoma City are observing the subject because they are aware of the incident — and have been able to verify your identity and licensure as the investigator (where applicable).

If a private investigator in OKC discovers evidence of a crime while conducting an investigation, the private investigator in Oklahoma City, must immediately report the crime to the Police. To avoid obstructing or interfering with the police investigation, the private investigator in Oklahoma City should also turn over any relevant evidence obtained.

Legal experts advise all private investigators in Oklahoma City to gather video documentation of any crimes they witness and immediately report them to the local police station. As a private investigator in Oklahoma City, you should also provide them with evidence and a well-written statement or report charting out the events that occurred. This can help the Police solve crimes much faster with the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma City.

How the Police Treat a Process Server Serving Court Papers in Edmond, Oklahoma

A process server in Oklahoma that is licensed to serve people can be hired. This is usually more expensive than engaging the Sheriff, but it can be an excellent way to serve defendants who are challenging themselves to locate or avoid service. So, you may hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City.

A person can also use the yellow pages or search on the internet to find a professional process server in Oklahoma. The National Association of Professional Process Servers also maintains a directory that you can search as a private investigator in Oklahoma City using a zip code.

Some counties require the plaintiff to request permission from the judge to use a professional process server. The same is applicable to a Process Server serving court papers in Edmond, Oklahoma. You may check with the circuit clerk in your area. Provide the licensed private detective with a copy of the summons and complaint. They will then fill out a sworn statement on the back of the summons documents which explains how a party was served.

The Sheriff is the most common method of serving a summons. After filing a complaint and paying a fee, a person can request that the Sheriff in their county serve a summons in place of a process server in OKC.

To serve a legal summons through the Sheriff, follow these steps:

  • Make two additional copies of the required documents.
  • Take these to the Sheriff to have them delivered to the defendant.
  • The Sheriff will attempt to serve the party at the address you provide on the summons.
  • If there is no response from the defendant’s address, the Sheriff will leave to return on another day. They will not force their way into the house or leave the papers on the door.

How and When Process Servers in Oklahoma Should Call the Police

Because process servers in Oklahoma are not official law enforcers, they are confined in what they can do, which makes involving the Police necessary at times. Even though many of these process servers in Oklahoma City are actually retired or off-duty police officers who are serving only as a side job. While there are several scenarios involving process servers in OKC in which the Police may be summoned, the most common of these occur when the process servers in Oklahoma City’s safety is jeopardized or after the Police are called on them by the recipients.

If a process server in OKC believes their safety and/or well-being is threatened or at visible risk during a legal process server in OKC, they should contact the Oklahoma City police immediately. Unfortunately, process servers in Oklahoma often end up facing some sort of assault. Thus, it is a legitimate concern that should not be dismissed. In addition, a number of states have laws that make assaulting a process server in OKC and other states a felony.

Another scenario where the Police should collaborate is if a process server in Oklahoma City informed that the Police have been called on you. In those cases, do not leave the particular premises as a process server in Oklahoma City; however, get to a nearby safe spot if you are in danger. Once you are there as a process server in Oklahoma City, it may be helpful to contact the Police to inform them of your exact location and the entire situation from your point of view.

The most important thing to remember as a process server in Oklahoma City if a defendant calls the Police on you when you are there to serve, as a process server in Oklahoma, is to remain composed and calm. Adversely reacting to the Police being called on you as a process server in Oklahoma City (or if you are in a situation where you must contact the Police) only complicates matters. The best approach is to remain calm as a process server in Oklahoma City and respectful. Always obey the orders of a police officer on the scene.

In some cases, police officers may be able to assist a process server in OKC in gaining access to a person who needs to be served. For example, if the defendant who needs to be served does not believe you can enter their property as a process server in Oklahoma City to serve them and the predicament becomes contentious, the Police can assist you as a in explaining your job as a process server in Oklahoma City to them and help you in completing the legal service.

Also, as a process server in Oklahoma make sure that the Police know who you are and why you are there. Take the legal papers you intend to serve with you as a process server in Oklahoma City. Explain your role as a process server in Oklahoma City and show the documents you’re there to serve.

Furthermore, if working as a process server in Oklahoma City or private investigator in Oklahoma City, you are wearing a bodycam and you have access to it, then show the Police the video footage from the bodycam.

Private Investigator in OKC: Why and How to Build Up Positive Professional Relationships With Courtroom Judges

private investigator Relationships With Courtroom Judges

A private investigator in OKC is one of the most influential people in the legal space. They assist the public: people and lawyers in getting information. Unlike many people think, the private investigator’s job in Oklahoma is not limited to polygraph examinations, skip tracing, and background checks. They’ve been around for generations, and it often involves stepping on a few toes, one of which is courtroom judges.

Courtroom judges are known to have feuds and little grudges against private investigators, and understandably so. The judges believe private investigators obtain their information through dubious means, which they deem highly unethical. Private investigators in Oklahoma city need to maintain good relationships with the courtroom judges for several reasons. However, many of them don’t know how to do it, which causes them many more issues than they can bargain.

There are ways to get these courtroom judges on your side. But before that, let’s look into something else briefly. Here are the reasons why a private investigator should even get the judges on your side in the first place.

5 Top Ways To Get These Courtroom Judges On Your Side As a Private Investigator In OKC

They have the Final Say

The first thing to remember is that the judges always have the final say. In comparison, the odds may be in your favor when the arraignment and trial are conducted. However, these judges have the final say on what to do with your case. A private investigator may jeopardize a chance if they are not on good terms with the judges. For this reason, the private investigator needs to have a friendly, cordial relationship with the judge in Oklahoma City. Private investigators in OKC aren’t always known to be coolheaded, so many feuds occur between them and the judges. In their quest to find the answers, they may use illegitimate means. More often than not, this makes the judges angry and changes the case’s progression altogether.

They can Lighten Sentences

Time and time again, we have seen judges lighten sentences due to the utterances of the private investigator. On some occasions, the private investigator may get some vital piece of information that may make the judge change his mind about the case. Suppose the private investigator and judge are not on good terms or have no existing professional relationship between both parties. In that case, it may influence the judge’s decision in a more negative way.

Private investigators in Oklahoma are fond of bringing new, unique pieces of evidence to the table. These pieces of evidence often change the case’s trajectory in favor of the defendant.

These Judges Influence The Jury’s Decisions

The jury is one of the most important bodies in the courtroom and a private detective OKC should know that. These courtrooms consist of several people; these juries influence how the case goes. In many courtrooms and legal systems around the world, the jury is responsible for deciding whether or not, depending on the case’s facts, the client is guilty. The judge can influence, many times, the opinions of the jury members. There would be no trust if the private investigator did not develop a professional relationship with the judge. Consequently, the judge may influence the jury’s decision in a negative way.

How To Develop A Professional Relationship As Private Investigator In OKC

Act Professional

As a private detective OKC, professionalism in the courtroom cannot be overemphasized. A court’s values heavily factor in order, so it is only normal to act accordingly during the whole case. Try not to get too informal as a private investigator when presenting your case, or the judge will get agitated. Many judges have high moral values, so try your best not to disrespect them.

If you don’t know how to do this, you could always conduct extensive research. There are dozens of articles, newsletters, and publications documenting the code of conduct in a court even for OKC private investigators. Could you read up on them and regularly practice? It may take a while to master, but it is vital to create a friendly, professional relationship with them.

Greet Accordingly

Judges hate it when you don’t adequately address the right people. Many greetings get exchanged in the courtroom, and knowing all this can help you relate more with the judge. It is widely known that many private investigators in Oklahoma do not regard the courtroom greetings as necessary. They want to state the facts, and they don’t like to waste time on avoidable greetings. Still, as private investigator frequents a place more and more, they need to form a better bond with the judges. One of the best ways is to make the necessary greetings.

The private investigator can say “your honor” to greet the court as a compromise. They should do this before proceeding with the details and facts of their findings. In addition to greeting the court, you would also be welcoming the judge.

Observe Some Court Etiquette

Court etiquette is highly crucial in a workplace as a private detective. The English court system has gone through many changes in the past century, including court etiquette. Observing etiquette in the courtroom allows for full consideration and respect for all the parties involved. Judges love this. Also, try as much as possible as an OKC private investigator to maintain court decorum. Never rush in to speak while someone else is talking. While that person is talking, they have the floor. As a compromise, you can jot down multiple notes while the person is talking so you don’t forget anything. The judge would pick up on it when you start observing court etiquette. They would understand that you’re making an effort to maintain the orderliness of the courtroom. They would be more interested in developing a relationship with the Private investigator in OKC.

Private Investigators In OKC Should Create Professional Relationships With Judges

Admittedly, developing this relationship with the judge and a private detective can be pretty challenging. Judges are often unmoving and may appear emotionless. However, they get more interested in creating a professional relationship with private investigators when they observe the rules and regulations of the courtroom. This relationship would allow smoother conduction of trials and a win-win situation for all.

Techniques and Tips for Nationwide Skip Tracing Services and Document Retrieval Services in Oklahoma City, OK.

Techniques and Tips for Nationwide Skip Tracing

Skip tracing service is an essential investigative effort that helps individuals find someone’s whereabouts. Lots of reasons may be responsible for someone deliberately skipping town. This may include debt, love (eloping to get married), and sometimes they may be genuinely missing.

Skip tracing OKC is one efficient means of finding accurate information about an individual’s new location irrespective of why they left town. It involves an in-depth search and effective techniques to gather accurate information and fish a missing person out.

Skip tracing is quite similar to document retrieval services, with the only difference being that skip tracing in Oklahoma involves searching for a missing person, while document retrieval services involve retrieving missing documents like legal papers, titles, deeds, etc.

The techniques and approaches towards carrying out both services are similar. You’ll find reputable private investigator and process server agencies in Oklahoma offering both services to clients. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS)  is one of the top agencies that offers skip tracing and document retrieval services.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe’s KPI (Keefe’s Private Investigation) is another reputable private investigation agency in Oklahoma City that clients can leverage to get satisfactory document retrieval and skip tracing services. This agency carries out Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations. Hence they have the needed human and non-human resources to carry out a nationwide skip tracing service.

Performing document retrieval services and skip tracing in Oklahoma City requires experience and in-depth knowledge of the fields. We look into the tips and techniques that can aid Skip tracers in Oklahoma to carry effective skip tracing and document retrieval services below.

Techniques and Tips to Aid Nationwide Skip tracing and Document Retrieval Services in Oklahoma City

Skip tracing, and document retrieval services can be quite easy with the right resources and expertise. Below are tips/techniques that can help you go about it successfully:


Know where to start from

Knowing the possible places to search is the best way to get desired results faster. Court clerk offices, police stations, and public service records are the best places to start a search for missing documents. While former residence, place of work, and frequent hangouts are the best places to get leads on a missing person. To determine where to start, you need to analyze the little prior information, streamline your possible search area, and decide on an action plan.

Don’t neglect intuition

Experienced skip tracers carrying out skip tracing services in Oklahoma City will tell you that 8/10 times their intuitions are always right when searching for a missing person. Do not overlook your intuition. There’s no harm in trying, it only causes a little delay if you turn out to be wrong, but it makes your work super fast and easier if you’re not.

Ensure you’re licensed

An expired license or no license limits skip tracing and document retrieval service in OKC. As a skip tracer ensures that your license is active, this grants you access to some private databases unavailable to the public. These databases are usually helpful in carrying out efficient services.

Remain as discreet as possible

A person that skips town deliberately will do everything possible to remain hard to find. This may include having people update them about any lead on them. While these sets of people may be a loose thread to find, they can also mislead investigators if the skip tracer isn’t discreet and smart enough. Hence ensure you remain as discreet as required when skipping tracing in Oklahoma City.


Every service has a special approach that brings desired results. Skip tracing and document retrieval services are no different. Below are some of the most used techniques in this niche:

Database search

Most times than not, these techniques give a strong lead that aids skip tracing in Oklahoma and document retrieval. Checking public records, vehicle registration, credit card application, credit reports, phone number database, loan applications, public tax information, air travel records, utility bills, etc., can yield tangible information about the missing person’s current location. These records do require current information on someone, and chances are the person would need any of these services in the current location.

On-site questioning

A private investigator in Oklahoma performing skip tracing OKC usually uses this method to gather leads on the missing person. Discreetly visiting the target’s frequent hangout spots and former residences to inquire about necessary details can yield tangible results. Neighbors may be willing to give you useful information if they’re convinced about your reasons. It’s another technique skip tracers can use if the first one doesn’t bring much headway.

Stalk close association

Stalking a close associate can be legal with a valid license. Stakeout any close associate or family members you’re certain the target will surely contact. This can give you clues or leads about their whereabouts. You must ensure that they remain as unsuspecting as possible to get a strong lead on your target or even find the target seamlessly. Spouses, children, Bosom friends, co-work, frat members, etc., are possible people you can stalk to reach your target.

Criminal background check

This technique is similar to database search, but it’s more concentrated on digging up past and present records of the target through various classified databases while leveraging an effective network. This database may include courtroom records, jail records, police reports concerning the targets, etc. These can help get updated information about the missing person or give clues on the person’s whereabouts.

Using Intelligence

Leveraging intels is an efficient technique that makes document retrieval and skip tracing Oklahoma faster. Intels do have classified information that isn’t available to the public, and they can always feed the appropriate quarters any information they need.


Document retrieval services and skip tracing in Oklahoma City do not require a lot of field investigation with access to special and classified databases. However, we’ve highlighted other ones to consider if this technique proves futile. It’s also essential to keep the tips in mind to ensure satisfactory service delivery.

How Older Private Investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma Can Incorporate Technology into Their Oklahoma City

Private Investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma Can Incorporate

The life of every private investigator in Oklahoma City has now become easy, what with the foray of advanced technological tools. No longer does a private detective has to resort to old-school street investigation when they have a plethora of advanced devices to gather information quite smartly.

The progress of technology has caused incredible growth for every private investigation agency. There is now no dearth of the latest electronic technology for surveillance, technological systems for facial recognition, or other tools. For a tech-savvy private investigator in OKC, the options for surveillance and proof-gathering are virtually limitless.

But while the younger lot at every private investigation agency in Oklahoma City can adapt to any tech tool almost effortlessly, for the older officers, it might not be that easy. In this article, we will discuss how older private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, or private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, can incorporate technology into their Oklahoma Statewide private investigations.

1. Satellite or Aerial Images

Private investigators in Oklahoma would once spend endless hours sitting in their vehicles for their suspects to emerge out of a building. They would wait in all black with binoculars to get a closer look at their suspects. Thanks to technology, no private investigator in OKC now has to waste away behind trees, cars, shrubs, bushes, and whatnot.

They have tons of advanced technological tools to gather information and evidence quite instantly and efficiently. Technology has made aerial and satellite photography and imagery possible, which can track tiny objects out of any structure.

What’s more, with aerial photography, a private detective in OKC can capture images of rooftops, traffic patterns, a couple in a crowd on a beach, and other similar details. The private investigation agency also has access to public sites for reaching databases, such as Bing Maps, Google Earth, and more.

These sites provide even more information about the subjects under suspect and track them too.

2. Drones

Even photographers these days use drones to capture extraordinary images. Why can’t older private investigators in Oklahoma do the same to gather more substantial evidence?

Drones are those advanced technological weapons that help a private detective solve a case faster than Sherlock Holmes ever did. While you may ignore the joke, the fact is that using drones is not difficult. You only need to get acquainted with the mechanics once, and the rest is in your favor.

If your suspect evades you and or is smart enough to slip out of your sight, you can have your drone fly over the neighborhood and let it trace clues of the subject. In fact, drones even capture video and aerial images and films, which can be a source of solid evidence in itself.

3. GPS Trackers

Once upon a time, a private investigator in Oklahoma would drive miles upon miles to track his/her subject. They would do so without knowing where they were headed, what lay ahead, and how things would unfold. Then came the time of “find my phone,” which in its time felt like an incredibly advanced feature.

But now, we’re living in the age of GPS trackers, where tracking someone in a remote area is also easy. With the amazing progress of technology, you will now find GPS trackers in the shape of daily everyday objects and even tiny clandestine mountable varieties.

You can conceal these easily in something that stays close to your subject most of the time. The device, in turn, will track the subject like a hound, giving you location updates efficiently.

4. Mobile Apps, Software, and Tools

There are many apps, mobile software options, and even mobile tools that download a user’s information for you. As a private investigator, you’ll do great to install these or plug them into a smartphone, specifically for your subjects.

The helpful tools will immediately gather information like internet history, text message contacts, and call history.

Incorporating Technology- Benefits for a Private Investigator in OKC

The job of a private investigator in OKC is to get to work as soon as possible and make headway within a short time span. The faster a private detective works, the more chances there are of curtailing wrongdoings. In fact, the proactivity of a private investigator can even prevent a lot of bad things from happening if they catch the culprits and solve a case soon.

Technology has made all this possible, and even more than any private investigation agency could have perceived. It has provided endless benefits for private investigation agencies, including increased accuracy and faster case solving.

There are also social media sites that have provided every private investigator with even more access to an individual. Old-fashioned techniques of surveillance and evidence gathering have given way to smarter options.

Some of these include:

  • Law enforcement and private investigator database
  • Software for management of case investigation
  • Advanced cameras that are easily concealable
  • Social media to assist in comprehensive reports on investigations
  • Advanced searches online
  • Using DNR camera for vehicle sightings
  • Background checks through technology
  • GPS devices for tracking subjects in even remote and faraway locations
  • Camera systems for running twenty-four hours surveillance from a remote location too
  • Drone cameras for surveillance featuring high-performance zoom

Final Thoughts

For every private investigation agency in Oklahoma and every private investigator in OKC, the future is very promising. Thanks to the plenteous advancements of technology and the foray of advanced tools it continuously provides, private investigators can now do their jobs more efficiently.

In fact, the wide variety of tools and devices have enabled the professional to run surveillance remotely without having to spend endless hours physically on location. With advanced tools, a private detective can even capture video and stilled images of subjects under suspicion without being on their heels.




Private Investigations in Oklahoma: Could a Private Investigation Agency in OKC, OK Have Prevented the Terrorist Attack of April 19, 2022?

Private Investigation Agency Prevented the Terrorist Attack

The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history. The rescue and recovery efforts of the local, state and federal workers involved in the aftermath were commendable and can never be forgotten. However, the event raises whether a contribution from the city’s private sector and a private investigation agency in Oklahoma can help the local and state institutions avoid future acts of terrorism?

The terrorist attack of April 19 in Oklahoma City

On April 19, 1995, a domestic terrorist truck bombing targeted the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Later on, many private investigation agencies in Oklahoma investigated it.

The perpetrators of this terrorist act were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. They were two anti-government fanatics with white nationalist and right-wing terrorist tendencies. The bomb went off at 9:02 a.m. Within a 16-block radius, the bomb blast destroyed or damaged 324 other structures, shattered glass in 258 neighboring buildings, and pulverized or burned 86 cars. “Source – Wikipedia “

As reported by the FBI:

“It killed at least 168 people, injured over 680 more, and damaged over a third of the structure of the Murrah federal building, which had to be demolished later. The total cost of the damage is expected to be $652 million. In the aftermath of the attack, local, state, federal, and even international authorities engaged in major rescue efforts.” The personnel included military, police, firefighters, doctors, surgeons, ambulance drivers, rescue vehicle operators, and private investigators in OKC.

How The Department of Homeland Security can benefit from Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations

The public sector will always provide policing and private investigations in some capacity. Still, private security organizations, private investigators in Oklahoma City, and community patrols can help fill in the public sector’s gaps. In Oklahoma City, allowing the private sector to take up some of the police and investigative obligations of public law enforcement can help to improve the safety of a region.

Integrated Security Services, Inc. reports that “Because much of the country’s infrastructure is now under private hands, a cooperation between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and private industry could improve communication between public-private partnerships. Indeed, some security experts believe that outsourcing some DHS departments to the private sector, most notably the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), would be more efficient. FEMA has already demonstrated this form of cooperation.”

The Department of Homeland Security is a massive government department that cannot function effectively without the private industry’s knowledge, support, and assets to conduct research, solve problems, and share intelligence data while escaping the government’s bureaucratic restrictions. Public-private collaboration is required for communities to minimize inhabitants’ fear of crimes by increasing local environmental barriers that inhibit crime. It will also allow the police departments to focus on more severe concerns while assisting the DHS by sharing intelligence on significant terrorist targets and enhancing communication lines, strengthening resiliency in the United States. Some private investigators in OKC may also have the specific knowledge and expertise that the police may require. “Source – Homeland Security Department ”

When a Private investigation Agency in Oklahoma interweaves with the Oklahoma City Police Department

There is a widespread belief that private investigators in Oklahoma stand in the way of the authorities and fight crime on their own by breaking laws, according to Hollywood and popular media portrayal of civilian private investigators in OKC.

You’ll be amazed to find out that most private investigators in OKC, on the other hand, are significant assets in criminal investigations throughout Oklahoma City, and they frequently collaborate with police and other law enforcement organizations when the situation requires it. The police department may become a patron of a private investigator. Because a private investigator’s working tactics are typically different from those of a police detective, private investigators in Oklahoma City can unearth information that an Oklahoma police detective cannot.

They also have access to resources that law enforcement may not have, such as their collection of previously solved case files. These private investigators in OKC also always have a vast network and large circle of personal contacts. If necessary, they may even go undercover to collect evidence that police officers would otherwise be unable to obtain to avoid a domestic terrorist attack. See how a private investigator in Oklahoma City can assist you in finding a lost person. If the case includes intellectual property theft, for example, private investigators in Oklahoma are likely to be more knowledgeable about patents and trademarks than police detectives.

Another key player in the public sector is the corporations and trade groups that can also play a role in avoiding domestic terrorist events. In general, these establishments have access to vast data through their client base. Therefore, they can acquire a lot of information that could benefit the government in the fight against terrorism and have access to a vast amount of data through their client base. They are in a position to acquire a lot of information that could be beneficial to the government in the fight against terrorism.

Modern information technology has made it possible to compile and retrieve such data cost-effectively. The business sector may be willing to share that info and figures with government departments. Find a reliable and trustworthy private investigator in Oklahoma City.

Several services are associated with private enterprises, such as accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers, and even art dealers. But, particularly private detective agencies in OKC should be used to fight against modern terrorism.

Factors behind domestic terrorism in the U.S.

The terrorist threat posed by the Taliban and ISIS to the United States is now limited. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully carried out a large-scale fatal attack inside the United States since 9/11.

Terrorists inspired by a variety of ideologies, including Islamist, far-right, and idiosyncratic strains, radicalized on or via the internet, and finding out about the availability of weaponry, in the United States are the most likely threat to the United States. While ISIS’s ability to inspire has waned in recent years, white nationalist fanaticism is becoming increasingly violent.

When it comes to the Islamist terrorist threat, the most significant concern is terrorists who are inspired by ISIS rather than assaults carried out by ISIS, such as those witnessed in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in 2016. Rather than foreign nationals infiltrating the country, the most common terrorist threat to the United States is indigenous and home-grown. Any travel bans implemented by the government are ineffective in dealing with such threats.

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Based on the information shared in this blog post, you can conclude that a private investigator in Oklahoma City can help avoid a domestic terrorist attack such as the devastating attack that took place on April 19. In addition, the state and federal authorities can benefit a lot from the particular skills and resources of private investigators in Oklahoma City and investigative agencies operating throughout Oklahoma City.

The Best Ways for a Process Server in OKC to Handle Difficult Clients

Process server OKC is essential to every judicial process. Their duties are so important that they could make or mar a case if not properly carried out. Thus every plaintiff must ensure they’re working with an experienced or professional process server Oklahoma City to enjoy satisfactory services.

Finding a diligent process server Oklahoma isn’t hard. Top process server companies in OKC like the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) boast some of the best process servers Tulsa, Oklahoma, process servers Edmond, Oklahoma, and process servers Enid Oklahoma you can find, for Oklahoma process services.

It’s rare to see a process server in Oklahoma face other challenges apart from evading defendants or the difficulties in trying to deliver a process through the prescribed means under the law.

However, cases like handling difficult clients are gradually becoming a rampant occurrence process servers OKC face. Since the process servers in Oklahoma can’t reject clients from inception, they’ll have to find a way of working with difficult clients peacefully.

Handling difficult clients is sensitive, and a process server, Ardmore Oklahoma, must use the best approach to ensure differences don’t get blown out of proportion. This could affect the process server Oklahoma adversely in many ways.

Below are ways poorly managed client relationships can affect a process server Lawton Oklahoma, process server Altus Oklahoma, and other process servers in Oklahoma City:

  • Bad Reviews: Irrespective of who’s at fault, an unsatisfied client always has a story that paints the process server OKC bad. This can prevent the process server in OKC from getting new clients or job referrals. Thus, a process server in Oklahoma must ensure that his relationship ends on a good note with the client, irrespective of the difference.
  • Reduced or No Payment — The obligation to pay the process server in Oklahoma City lies on the client. They can decide against paying for the process server’s services if they’re not satisfied or there’s a misunderstanding. In this situation, the process server Oklahoma must remain calm and settle the matter by leveraging an appropriate third party to mediate the differences.
  • Sanction/Query — As a process server in OKC working under a process serving company in OKC, a negative report from an unsatisfied client can earn you a suspension, sanction, or query, if you can’t establish that you’re not guilty. Most companies prioritize client satisfaction and are more likely to take sides with the client over a process server in Oklahoma unless he’s glaringly faultless.

Any of the cases mentioned above may result from the inability of the process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma to handle a difficult client effectively.

Before considering the effective steps a process server in OKC can take to get the best out of a difficult client, it’s equally essential to know why clients can be difficult to their process server in Oklahoma City. We look into this below.

Possible Reasons Why a Client May Prove Difficult to Handle for a Process Server in OKC

Handling difficult clients isn’t a profession-specific issue. Whether you’re a process server in Oklahoma City or an artisan, every professional has dealt with difficult clients before, some without justifiable cause. However, most process servers in OKC believe the following are the possible reasons for a client’s perceived hostility towards a process server in Oklahoma City.

  • Nature — It may be the innate trait of the process server Enid Oklahoma’s client to be rigid, strict, and hard to please. Dealing with this kind of people is challenging for the process server OKC. It will require a lot of patience from the process server to see his duties to completion without straining the working relationship.
  • Lack of Service Knowledge — Inadequate knowledge of service processes on the client’s side can cause them to be impatient, making it difficult for the process server Altus Oklahoma to complete task seamlessly due to pressure. Most process server OKC acknowledges that sometimes serving process isn’t as straightforward as it seems t,here are usually some unforeseen delays.

The least a process server in Oklahoma City wants while trying to manage such a situation is compound pressure from the client. However, since the client isn’t aware of this, it becomes difficult for the process server Oklahoma to relate with such a client without hitch.

  • Pricing Discrepancies — The intervention of authorized third parties like the client’s legal practitioner or court clerk may compel the client to pay the process server OKC more than the actual amount he budgeted, even though it’s the general cost of the service.

These perceived extra expenses by clients may prompt them to relate nonchalantly with their process server Ardmore Oklahoma during the service process. They may even delay payment.

Here are the best ways for a Process Server Oklahoma to Handle Difficult Clients

Handling difficult clients shouldn’t be hard for any process server Oklahoma that tries out any of the following ways:

  • Ensure effective communication & feedback — As a process server Oklahoma, it’s your duty to keep your client updated about the process. Letting them know the challenges you’re facing and how you’re trying to solve it can ease the client’s agitation. Effective communication with the client can help the process server OKC ease the pressure, allowing him to focus more on delivering the process successfully.
  • Be clear on the agreement — One of the ways a process server in Oklahoma City can effectively deal with a difficult client is to be clear on terms and agreements with them. This way, the process server Broken Arrow Oklahoma can know how to avoid possible confrontations with the client. Difficult clients are principled, but they can’t bring up issues if none exist. Hence, the process server OKC must ensure efficient service delivery to prevent displeasure.
  • Leverage Third-party as Mediator — A process server Oklahoma can choose to deal directly with the plaintiff’s lawyer to avoid possible confrontations with the client. Alternatively, the process server OKC can always call upon the lawyer to meditate on any issues that may have come up between the process server and the client.
  • Listen to Your Client but Do the Right Thing — It’s not the practice of a process server in Oklahoma to argue with a client or try to change their position on issues. Ensure you listen to their opinion and consider whether it’s beneficial to follow. If it’s not, only do the right things permissible under the law. The client cares more about the result, not the process. Thus, a process server in OKC must ensure the service process is credible and legal.


Process servers Oklahoma handle various cases with different clients and defendants. Hence, a process server in OKC must know the best approach to use for every case, client, or defendant. The tips mentioned above should help any process server in Oklahoma City handle difficult clients seamlessly.

Process Server in Oklahoma: How Donating to Nonprofit Cat Charities Can Lower a Process Server’s Tax Liability

Donating to Nonprofit Cat Charities

process servers in Oklahoma should make donations to a cat charity

As a process server in Oklahoma, are you aware that making donations to the right charity organizations can impact your taxes? We have always heard about donations. Some are made for schools, and some are for non-governmental organizations. As a process server in Oklahoma, do you understand what making such donations can do for an OKC process server? While many people have been writing checks to charity organizations for a while, very few process servers in OKC realize how much of a financial advantage it is for a process server; and few get to utilize it to its total capacity. So while, in your way, you contribute to making the world a better place, you can get a little incentive for that as well in the form of tax deduction as a process server in Oklahoma City.

Donating to nonprofit organizations as a process server in Oklahoma makes a lot of difference in your tax rates, provided they are done correctly. When talking about a difference, we mean that making donations to charity organizations as a process server can lower the income tax rate of a process server in Oklahoma City, which is good for you as an OKC process server. You can have up to a 50% deduction on your gross income tax rates when done the right way. However, the effects of such donations only matter when done in the right way and at the right time.

Is There a Right Way To Make Donations To a Nonprofit Organization As a Process Server In Oklahoma?

Some process servers OKC has worked in a 10% reduction in their income tax rates. Others have reached a 50% reduction in their income tax rates. The difference is how they do it and whitener or not they do it right as a process server in OKC. How you go about it also determines the limitations that apply to your tax liabilities as an OKC process server. There are donations made to charities in cash and non-cash contributions.

As an OKC process server, Your tax reduction difference can have a high margin or a pretty low one depending on the grant. Therefore, a process server in Oklahoma City must understand your donations to a cat charity can have on your tax liability. In the rest of this article, we will be looking into all you need to know about donating to a cat charity organization as a process server in Oklahoma City. The best donation t make and then how to make it.

How Much Cash Do I Need To Give To a Cat Charity To Make a Difference In My Tax Liability?

There are various ways for a process server in Oklahoma to get a few tax reductions on your income. It is most effective when you find a way to itemize your taxes as a process server in OKC. As a process server in OKC, it is not by how much you donate but by how well. Donations are not restricted to cash alone for a process server in Oklahoma City.

A process server OKC can present in the form of property, shares, bonds, and the likes. However, a specific condition must be met before the donations of an OKC process server can make a difference in tax liability. As a process server in OKC, the anticipated deductions must exceed your standard deductions in the itemization process.

How a Process Server In OKC Can Lower Tax Liability By Donating To a Cat Charity

1. Explore other options than cash

For a process server in OKC, where charity is concerned, most process servers have restricted their options to writing a check. While cash donations do play their part for cat charity, it is most advised for an OKC process server to donate securities for the best results. These securities attract a long-term appreciation rate. They can be in the form of stocks, bonds, real estate, and the like for a process server in Oklahoma City. So this way, your donation has a lot more efficiency for the cat charity organization. What does this mean to a process server looking to lower his taxes? Long-term securities that appreciate over time eliminate capital gains when made directly to a charity organization, a cat charity by a process server in Oklahoma City.

2. Double up on your donations

As an OKC process server, while the donation of securities has its potential advantage to a process server in OKC when looking to lower tax liability, we cannot undermine cash donations for a process server in Oklahoma City. What’s even better than securities and cash donations is a combination of both! Securities guarantee a process server in OKC 30%. However, a larger current year deduction can be achieved by supplementing both options with one another. It happens to be the best option for an OKC process server looking to make a difference in taxes.

3. Donor-advised funding

As a process server, when looking to make donations to a cat charity organization, whether in cash or Information in the form of assets and securities, it is advised for a process server in OKC to engage donor-advised funding. It is a straightforward process that makes a process server OKC eligible for a tax deduction based on the charitable gift.

However, it is based on the condition that the funding is a program of a public charity for an OKC process server. Another great thing is choosing the charity you would like to support based on what aligns with your cause as a process server in OKC. Funding can be made flexibly and to as many charities as you want as a process server in OKC.

4. Plan for retirement

If retirement is on the way for you as a process server in Oklahoma, it is probably time to establish donor-advised funding. While a process server might be committed to making donations to a cat charity, the chances of sustenance after retirement is pretty slim. As a process server, making plans in advance is one way to establish consistency where these donations are concerned. By loading on your current contributions with substantial contributions as a process server in OKC, you not only. Offset your current taxes and maintain your commitment to the cat charity as a priority as an OKC process server.

5. Employ the multi-year tactic

As a process server, there are specific years where income for a process server OKC is exceptionally high either due to returns on investment, a favorable business deal, or a significant sale. Remember that charitable contributions can be moved up for five years. An OKC process server can achieve the highest deduction possible in such a year based on your income. Front-loading in a high-income year is a great way to lower your tax liability in the long run as a process server in Oklahoma City.

OJPS: Make Donations to Cat Charities

As previously stated, making donations to a program as a process server OKC that happens to be a public charity opens you up to the chances of lowering your taxable income. Cat charities are one of the public charities that open an OKC process server up to the advantage you get, thereby reducing the tax liability of a process server in Oklahoma City.

How a Private Investigator in OKC Investigates Missing & Stolen Cats?

Investigates Missing & Stolen Cats

Private investigators in OKC help people in finding lost people and also help them trace down specific individuals. The role of these private detectives is also quite evident in their ability to investigate cases of missing cats.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City have a long history of helping people find lost loved ones and tracing down specific individuals. In fact, private investigators in Oklahoma City are considered as the best in the business when it comes to solving cat mysteries.

In this article, we find out how a private investigator in OKC investigates missing and stolen cats. So, let us start!

The Link of Private Investigators in OKC and Cats:

There are many reasons why private investigators in Oklahoma City are so successful when it comes to investigating missing cats. For one, they have access to a large network of people and businesses.

Further, private investigators in Oklahoma City have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to tracking down lost objects and animals.

1: Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Will Investigate the Case Thoroughly:

A private investigator in Oklahoma City will do their best to find out what happened to the cat and find out who is responsible. They will investigate the case thoroughly, looking for any clues that may lead them to the person or people responsible.

2: Private Detective in Oklahoma City Will Track Down Anyone Who Has Seen the Cat:

If someone has seen the cat, a private investigator in OKC will track down that person. They will ask them any questions they need to in order to get information that may help them find the cat.

3: Private Investigators in OKC Will Work With Local Law Enforcement if Necessary:

If law enforcement is involved in the case, a private investigator in Oklahoma will work with them to help solve the mystery. In case you have not reported the law agencies, they will do that part on their own.

4: Private Investigators in OKC Will Examining Your Residence CCTV Footage (If Available)

If your residence has CCTV footage, a private investigator in OKC may be able to review it to see if they can find any clues as to what happened to the cat.

5: Private Detective in OKC Will Ask Your Neighbors:

Many times, a private investigation agency in Oklahoma will ask people who may have information about the cat to come forward and talk to them. This way, they can get as much information as possible and hopefully find the cat soon.

So, if you have a cat that has gone missing or been stolen, it is important to contact a private investigator in Oklahoma City. They will work tirelessly to find your cat and bring the person or people responsible to justice.

6: Getting in Touch With Local Shelters:

Many times, if a cat has gone missing, it is likely that the cat has been put into a shelter. If you are in contact with a private investigator in Oklahoma City, they may be able to get in touch with local shelters and ask if they have any information about the cat.

This way, the cat will be returned to its rightful owner, and no one will have to go through the trauma of losing their pet again.

7: The Private Detective in OKC Takes Help from Social Media

A private investigator will often be able to get information about a cat that has gone missing or been stolen by looking on social media. This way, they can see if anyone is posting about the cat and potentially find it faster.

8: The Private Investigator in OKC Also Publishes Lost Cat Ad in Newspaper

If a private investigator in OKC is unable to find the cat through any other means, they may contact local newspapers and publish an ad asking for anyone who has information about the cat to come forward. This way, even if the cat has been put into a shelter, it may still be possible to find it.

Why Hire a Private Investigator in OKC for Finding a Stolen Cat?

A stolen cat is a serious matter. Not only is the cat missing, but whoever stole the cat may be doing something illegal with it. A private investigator in OKC can help find the cat and make sure that the person who stole it is brought to justice.

1: Private Detective in OKC Have the Right Experience:

Private investigators in OKC have that experience in finding stolen or lost people and pets. So, they can easily find your stolen cat.

2: Private Detective in Oklahoma City Are Familiar with the Area:

Private investigators in Oklahoma are familiar with the area where the cat was stolen from and may be able to track down clues that lead them to the thief. They may also be able to speak with people who live in close proximity to where the cat was last seen, which could help them identify the thief.

3: Private Investigators in OKC Have Access to Resources That May Not Be Available to the Police:  

Private investigators in Oklahoma have access to resources that may not be available to the police. This could include tracking devices, informants, and surveillance footage.

H3:4: Private Investigators Are Licensed:

Private investigators OKC are licensed and have to abide by certain rules and regulations. This means that they are accountable for their actions, and they may be subject to fines or even jail time if they violate the law. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to hire them. They will do their best to help you recover your cat.

5: You Get Peace of Mind When a Private Investigator in OKC Finds Your Cat:

When a private investigator in Oklahoma City finds your cat, you can rest assured that they will take care of the situation in a professional manner. As a result, you will no longer have to worry about your cat and can focus on other things in your life.

Final Words

So, now you know how a private investigator in OKC investigates missing & stolen cats. As they have the experience and resources, they can help you find your stolen or even lost cat with ease. So, instead of getting frustrated, it is best to get in touch with a reliable private investigator in Oklahoma City.

Guide to Private Investigations in Oklahoma of Companies Producing Chemicals that Damage Our Environment

Guide to Private Investigations in Oklahoma of Companies

The safety of our environment is an essential issue that shouldn’t be compromised upon, but personal gain is gradually putting environmental safety and well-being in jeopardy.

Almost every institution is guilty of this — the companies producing environment-damaging chemicals, the corrupt authorities overlooking the crime, you and I acting not bothered, etc.

The effect of environmental pollution and deterioration affects everyone. Sooner or later, we might all face the consequences. To prevent this, private investigators in Oklahoma and well-meaning individuals must nip every environment-damaging activities in the bud, using the best approach and working with the appropriate authorities.

While it is the authorized duty of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the environment is safe, it’s up to you and me to contribute our quota towards stopping individuals and companies from frustrating the body’s effort.

Most private investigator agencies in Oklahoma, out of concern for the environment, urge some of their private investigators OKC, to focus on investigating environment-related crimes.

These specialized private investigators in Oklahoma carry out in-depth investigations to unearth some companies’ harmful practices of producing toxic chemicals.

A private investigator in Oklahoma City belonging to Keefe Private Investigators or any other top private investigator agency in Oklahoma has what it takes to carry out Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigation on suspected companies involved in this act.

However, there are certain guides the private detective should follow to aid in the easy collection of evidence and bring the perpetrators to book. We look into these guides below.

Private Investigation Guide for a Private Investigator OKC to Investigate Companies Commiting Environment-related Crimes

Investigating companies producing environment-damaging chemicals can be quite hard for a private investigator Oklahoma. This is because the companies are experienced in the act, and they’ll have ways of perfectly masking their trails.

However, the following methods can help a private investigator Norman Oklahoma unearth their illegal acts, bring the companies to closure, and get everyone involved to face the law. The methods are:

  • Make a thorough background check on the company — The first point of information for a private investigator OKC in this case, would be anything you they’re able to dig up during background checks on suspected companies.

Looking into their major partners, competitors, how they’ve managed to stay above competition in the market, their waste management plant, public audit record (if there’s any), locations of the factory/plants, etc. can give a strong lead.

It can help the private investigator Oklahoma City stop these companies’ harmful operations and bring perpetrators to book.

  • Have an insider informant — Whether you call it “planting a mole” or “having an intel,” you can’t overemphasize its importance. If the PI’s informant is well-trained and experienced, the private investigator Edmond Oklahoma may not have to leave his desk before concluding investigations.

The private investigator’s informant is meant to feed him first-hand information on any suspicious activities. They can step it up a notch by providing pictorial, visual, or audio recordings.

A private investigator Edmond Oklahoma knows better than anyone else on how vital it is for  evidence to be undisputable. Hence, every piece of information or evidence from the informant must be concrete and undeniable.

  • Site visitation and questioning — On-site investigation can’t be overlooked in this case, especially if the PI’s informant isn’t giving adequate information. Also, there’s a need to check out some of this information to confirm they’re true.

Visiting these companies’ factories and waste-management plants unannounced can reveal many things about their operations.

It’s advisable that a private investigator OkC shouldn’t take any actions, irrespective of what he finds during visitation. Except it’s undeniable and sufficient to prosecute the offenders.

On-site visitation may even reveal more crimes beyond the production of toxic chemicals. Human rights abuse, forced labor, etc., are part of other crimes that may occur during the case.

With proper questioning of the appropriate people, the private detective should leave with a filled diary and a new insight into the case.

  • Close monitoring — Combining the steps above should give you concrete evidence to press charges, but sometimes this may not be the case.

Hence, if these companies have somehow found a way to evade being docked with the previous techniques, close monitoring or surveillance shouldn’t fail.

Stakeouts at the factory location or waste management plants, keeping tabs on companies’ major shareholders, and planting surveillance equipment in factories, are effective surveillance methods that can yield result.

  • Liaise with appropriate authorities — With enough evidence gathered, the private investigator can contact appropriate law enforcement authorities and other agencies that can facilitate the prosecution of the companies’ heads and everyone involved.

Making the prosecution process public knowledge is an effective way to ensure justice takes its course and serves as a deterrent to other companies.

By following these steps, a private investigator Oklahoma should be able to effectively investigate companies producing chemicals that can damage the environment and bring them to book.

How to Prevent the Rampant Occurrence of Such Act

Beyond investigation and prosecution, the appropriate government body should invest heavily in sensitization and deterrent campaigns. Also, effective measures need to be put in place to make it extremely difficult for companies to indulge in this act.

The government should properly review waste management plans before issuing a license to any manufacturing company, especially those dealing with chemicals. The government can also try to implement schemes that can help companies subsidize the costs of waste treatment and management.

Lastly, strict sanctions and punishments ranging from long jail terms, heavy fines, revoking the license, and the company’s closure should be the reward for perpetrators. This step can also, in a way, reduce the rampant occurrences of environmental violations.


Companies producing chemicals that are damaging to the environment don’t only pose a threat to human lives but also to aquatic lives, birds, agricultural lands, and human existence in general.

Hence private investigator agencies in Oklahoma City and other appropriate bodies shouldn’t shy away from making efforts to reduce the occurrence of such an act, if not eradicate it.

The guide above shows a PI investigation process on cases like this. It also reiterate that  the place of individuals providing concrete and verified information shouldn’t be  undermined.

Thus, it’s equally the responsibility of you and me to aid this fight against environmental pollution while the appropriate authorities do their thing in curbing perpetrators.