Examining a Private Investigation Agency in OKC that Employs People Who Concurrently Serve as Dual Law Enforcement Personnel & a Private Detective in OKC

Private Investigation Agency in OKC that Employs

Choosing the perfect private investigation agency in OKC to help you with your case isn’t easy. In fact, you will require professional tips and guidance on how to make a careful selection if you’re unaware of the necessary processes involved in dealing with an OKC private investigator. In this post, we will share tips to examine and choose a private investigation agency in Oklahoma. Furthermore, we will also learn about the main benefits of choosing an agency with employees that are private detectives and official law enforcement personnel.

With that said, we can talk about nearly any general law enforcement role, such as police, DEA, and more. There are many benefits to choosing an OKC private investigation agency with personnel that take up those two roles effectively. Let’s start with the tips to choose a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City.

Examining and Choosing a Private Investigation Agency in OKC

Without any further ado, we will dive right into the tips about choosing the perfect private investigation agency for you in Oklahoma City:

High-Quality Client Care

Firstly, you have to consider how long the agency takes to respond. Has the agency set up a client support center to answer messages, calls, and other types of queries from clients? Has the agency offered timely and reliable client care services such as answering questions after working hours?

You have to choose a private investigation agency in OKC that shows professionalism in handling your information, queries, and cases. Will the agency assign a case manager or not? Do the same private investigation agency in OKC offer services for LGTB+ and other non-binary individuals?

Transparent and Upfront Service Pricing

Some private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City are all about offering high-quality services but hiding their real costs and pricing details. Those types of agencies blast a huge bill at the end of the case when their clients are satisfied. However, your search parameters should involve finding a private investigation agency that discusses pricing details and all expenses upfront. Transparency will make sure you don’t go over the budget in getting to the end of a case.

Positive Client Testimonials

The first ideal approach to finding the right private investigator in Oklahoma City is to ask for referrals. Friends, family members, and people you may know are where you can begin. You must choose a private investigation agency in OKC that has fully satisfied clients.

You may also check the official website of the company and see any or all positive reviews from former clients. In case any clients have posted negative or adverse testimonials on the website or any other place about the private investigation agency in OKC, you should inquire about them.

·        Professionalism and Confidentiality

Never go out of the way and choose a private investigation agency that doesn’t have experience, qualifications, and confidentiality parameters. You should be very careful, especially when your case is extremely important and sensitive. A professional agency will share the confidentiality measures and assure you in various ways.

At the same time, the agency in OKC won’t hesitate to share client references. As a client asking for help from a private investigator in Oklahoma, you have to ask about relevant regulations and legislation. You must also inquire about ways in which the agency confirms the confidentiality of your information:

  • The employees at the agency must follow the Code of Ethics and be held accountable for all their actions.
  • The investigations must take place within professional ethics and legal parameters.
  • The employees must protect their privacy and remain within their boundaries when exploring personal information about the client.
  • The agency should try to maintain the highest standards while trying to offer private investigation services in OKC and holding sensitive client information.

Agency Private Detectives That are Former Law Enforcement Personnel

Contacting a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City that hires employees with excellent detective skills is a great objective. Nevertheless, you should never undermine the importance of contacting an agency with employees working as private detectives that also have professional law enforcement experience. Some agencies also hire private detectives that are concurrently law enforcement personnel.

There are many positive sides to working with a private investigation agency in OKC, such as the one mentioned above. Private detectives that are either currently law enforcement personnel or former officials will already have detective techniques, skills, and experience. They will also have a huge network of detectives. Plus, such private detectives at an agency won’t hesitate to share the magnitude and quality of resources under their access.

The main outcome of examining a private investigation agency with such private detectives is that you won’t have to rely on first-time PIs. That means you will have qualified, educated, trained, and highly experienced individuals handling your case well within legal jurisdictions. Such individuals also have access to resources that average PIs don’t. They can contact their friends and former workplace buddies to discuss serious issues and gain assistance.

They have better knowledge about solving sensitive or short-timed cases. Individuals like that can handle issues that aren’t easy to deal with for an average private detective, such as extending over a dead-end or reaching out to a long-lost person.


It’s not easy coming across a private investigation agency in OKC that employs people who’re law enforcement personnel and private detectives. However, when you come across an agency like that, you should know what factors to consider and qualities to look for. As mentioned above, you can use the tips to make sure you’re dealing with a quality service-delivering agency in Oklahoma.

On the other hand, you must realize the benefits of gaining private investigation services in Oklahoma from people who’re both law enforcement personnel and private detectives. For further information, you can contact Keefe Private Investigations and Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations.

Cats as Co-workers: The Benefits of Cats in Every Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma

Benefits of Cats in Every Private Investigation Agency

Private investigators in Oklahoma City have to take on difficult tasks that most other law enforcement will either put to the side or will not consider solving. An important thing to understand about why some police officers do not follow through on a case is that they have a relatively smaller budget. Most police stations have a very specific budget, which will usually focus on bigger cases. So when someone comes to report something, they will usually have to weigh if it is as important as one of the other cases available. If it is not, they will usually put it aside.

So when having to deal with such difficult decisions, most people will have to go to private investigators instead. The important thing about a private investigator in OKC is that they will take the case that someone is offering them, and they will try their best to solve it. And one of the most common things that they will face during their line of work is stress.

Reputation means everything to a private detective in Oklahoma City, which is why they will sometimes spend many nights trying to figure a case out. That willingness to provide people with the best service is something they are famous for. The toll something like that can take on their well-being can be quite severe. But putting their personal health aside sometimes, a PI will try to solve the case as quickly and diligently as possible.

This stress can be very difficult to deal with for most private investigators in Oklahoma, as some turn to alcohol and cigarettes to help cope with what they are experiencing. On the other hand, some private investigation agencies in OKC are instead trying something new by adding cats to the office formula. And if anything, that can prove to be a very effective way to help control the range of emotions they are feeling.

Can Cats Really Be Part of a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma

A private investigation agency in Oklahoma City is a busy place, with investigators often looking for the best way to solve a specific case. They are usually on edge trying to find answers to different questions to get close to solving a case. and when you add a cat to the mix, you would think that it will only make things more complicated. However, the truth is that cats can actually be a very pleasant companion in a workplace, seeing how they have bursts of active playing matched with longer stretches of them relaxing.

Cats will often go to their favorite people in the office, sit on their desk, toss a few pens down, and lie down. By the time a private investigator in Oklahoma City is able to give them the attention that they want, they will usually want a few pets. This cycle usually makes cats much more manageable in an office workplace compared to other animals like dogs.

Dogs can often be a handful since someone has to take the responsibility of walking them and will have to give them a lot more attention. Dogs can become visibly upset when they do not get a lot of attention from their owners. And once they get agitated and restless, they can be difficult to deal with. So if a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City were to take over a dog rather than a cat as an office pet, they would instead have to deal with the new issues that a dog brings, like extra care and attention.

The Benefits of Having a Cat in a Private Detective Agency in OKC

Other than looking absolutely adorable in an office, there is a more tangible reason for keeping a cat. More specifically, a cat helps private investigators in Oklahoma City better deal with their stress and anxiety without taking on more damaging coping mechanisms.

Cats Are Goofy

One of the biggest reasons to have a cat in a private investigation agency in Oklahoma is that they can be very funny to watch. From jumping across tables to fighting with plushies or even their own reflection, it is never a boring time with a cat. Even when they could be doing something as mundane as sleep, some of them will move their paws or wiggle about. Therefore, cats are especially great to have in a private investigation agency simply because they interact with their environment.

Cats Can Be Calming and Soothing

Other than playful and chaotic, cats can also be very calming and soothing to the people around them, which is mostly thanks to how they purr. Cats purr at a unique frequency, which can help people calm down. This factor alone makes them a great addition to a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City.

Furthermore, a cat’s fur can be very relaxing for a person to put their hands through. And the satisfaction that comes with seeing the cat relaxed is often worth the short break a private detective in OKC will take to do it. Finally, when a private investigator is having a difficult time trying to relax in the office or is having a hard time trying to focus, they can always take a short break and pet the office cat.

Find the Private Investigator in OKC That Is Right for You

A good private detective in OKC can use their experience and their skills to solve a case. And as long as you are able to get the right PI, they can offer the best experience. So if you happen to be looking for the right private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, why not choose us.

Our private detectives have the skills and the experience to easily solve a case and bring about a satisfying conclusion. Their contact in the city also allows them to find more information about other people, and their experience allows them to know exactly where to start their investigation. Let KPI help you with your case and bring about a satisfactory solution.

Process Server in Oklahoma Errors and Consequences

There are procedures to every end goal relating to business or casual events, and these procedures must be completed. The duties of a process server in Oklahoma include procedures, which must be followed strictly since it is a legal proceeding. Therefore, errors will attract punishment to you or the process server in Oklahoma, depending on the scale. However, some errors will attract severe consequences and can’t be overlooked since they affect due procedures.

These errors mostly get the court furious, and the penalties affect both the client and the process server OKC. If you are not careful, it might cause more damage to your case and reputation in the long run. Let us go through their errors and the consequences that an OKC process server will face when caught.

Why Does a Process Server in Oklahoma Face These Consequences?

A process server in Oklahoma City is supposed to be a professional, which means they know the proper procedures. The court also acknowledges that you know the regulations as a professional who handles the service of the process. No one will hire a process server OKC to handle the task of serving opposition if they could do it themselves. The OKC process server gets handed punishment for errors since the basis for answering as a process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma, means knowledge and professionalism. Errors from the end of the process server in Oklahoma significantly affect the case with the court and the client. Most times, the clients get affected the most since they own and want something from the point. So, you must be very careful when hiring a professional process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, to handle your service of process by confirming his trustworthiness.

Who Punishes Errors of a Process Server in Oklahoma?

OKC process servers answer to both their clients and the state court representing the law governing that particular area. You, as a client, do not have many penalties to give your process server in Oklahoma aside from contract cancellation due to incompetent service. However, the court holds the more significant part of punishing process server OKC who show misconduct during any proceeding. Since they stand in for legal bodies, they have the right to meet any suitable punishment to the process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Depending on the error committed, they can punish by assigning fines or stripping the process server Ardmore Oklahoma license or qualification. Here are the significant errors that a process server in Oklahoma City will receive punishment for once they are found guilty.

Punishable Errors A Process Server in Oklahoma City Can Make.

No Delivery Verification

A significant error that a process server can make is not confirming the delivery of papers made to the opposition. Regardless of the motive, this act shows misconduct and incompetence on the side of the process server OKC handling the delivery. A Process Server in OKC needs to serve an opposition and verify that they were performed following due process. However, some OKC process servers do not observe the verification process because of their little experience or untrustworthy Behavior. The process server in Oklahoma City will also have to provide an affidavit and tender it to the court. Some OKC process servers ignore this fact; however, it is a necessary procedure and will attract a severe penalty if ignored. The verification documents are essential because the opposing party can counter the claim even years after the issue.

Wrong Service

The purpose of service is to notify the opposing party about the court hearing to ensure they show up. However, it doesn’t have any meaning if the legal documents do not reach the other party, which delays the proceeding. The wrong service of legal documents is an error that is ranked above no delivery verification, and the punishment is severe. It verifies that an OKC process server is incompetent and cannot do his job correctly. Also, it gives an undisputed chance for the opposition to counter the case, which will affect the result. Sometimes, the wrong service might be due to common names, outdated addresses, or even a deceased opposition. It is not surprising, but the process server in Oklahoma City must verify the delivery to avoid these cases.

Lack Of Preparation

One error or crime directly affects you as the client since you are responsible for giving information. You are most aware of the opposing party’s data, so you must keep the OKC process server informed. It would be best to let your process server in Oklahoma know traits like hostility, schedule, and other information he needs. This information will help the service process reach completion faster and more effectively during your case. However, holding on to the information also makes you hold the blame when the service process goes wrong due to issues. You might get to face the consequences alone if your process server proves that he wasn’t duly informed in detail.

Penalties A Process Server in Oklahoma Will Face for Errors

An OKC process server can make several errors known, but the penalties are fewer than you would expect. The reason is that the same punishment applies to most of the mistakes you or your process Servers can make. Here are some of the penalties you will likely face as a process server in Oklahoma City or as a client:

Case Dismissal

You face one of two consequences when you fail to prepare your process server for the delivery. The penalty is a total case dismissal since the court will believe you didn’t take the case seriously. You only face it alone if your OKC process server can prove that he didn’t get enough information from you. This penalty is common with all errors but might be overlooked in some race cases where a superior body intervenes.

Payment Of Fines

The penalty is to pay a fine depending on the severity of the issue caused by your action. Sometimes you might be given both the case dismissal and fine penalties if the outcome is very severe. You or your process server in Oklahoma will pay the fine depending on the person at fault.

Revoking Qualification

Here is one penalty that solely affects the process server in Ardmore, Oklahoma, which might not resolve later. The process server OKC will qualify for revoked, rendering the OKC process server unable to practice in the jurisdiction concerned. It might seem like a minor issue, but it won’t be so small when you are refused another license.

Hire a Process Server in Oklahoma with OJPS

Courts taking their proceedings seriously and expect you to do so, especially as a professional process server in OKC. If you are hiring a process server in Oklahoma City, ensure he will offer services as a professional. The penalties are rather severe, and you wouldn’t want your case to be stopped in its tracks.

What Skills Does a Process Server Need in Oklahoma to Excel?

Process Server Need in Oklahoma to Excel

Do you often wonder what or who is a process server in OKC and what does he/she do? Well, in simple words, a process server in Oklahoma is an officer of the court who delivers legal civil documents. Keep reading below to learn more about the skills a process server needs to excel in Oklahoma

If you ever read through the rules of the Oklahoma Civil Procedure, you’ll note that it highlights the officer’s level of authority, the same as that of a sheriff deputy. This means that a process server has authority to deliver legal civil documents, once he/she obtains the approval and license by a judge.

The responsibility of a process server is extremely important because it concerns the delivery of vital court documents of a civilian to governmental agencies, businesses and even individuals. Before an officer can fully undertake the designation of a process server, they must also first arrange a bond from a private company.

Besides this, every process server must carry their license when performing their duties actively.

Process Server in Oklahoma City- Important Skills

Those who wish to excel as a process server in Oklahoma City must have the following essential skills.

1. Knowledgeable

The very first essential skill to be a successful process server is to have complete knowledge of the laws of the local and state jurisdiction. In every state, there are a firm set of laws and rules that apply to various kinds of documents and actions that process server must deliver

The reason why this knowledge is so crucial is because a lack of it could result in numerous delays in legal cases or even amount to invalid service. But if a process server is knowledgeable, they’ll be adept at handling documents for a variety of legal proceedings.

Here is a checklist of the skills a process server in Oklahoma City must have to be successful”

  • Having multiple community and professional affiliations
  • Having professional credentials
  • Staying updated with current rules concerning proper service
  • Meeting state requirements for being a process server

2. High Rate of Success

Individuals aiming to be successful process servers must work diligently when serving legal documents on behalf of clients. The fact is that this responsibility also makes a process server vulnerable to several moving targets.

As a result, there can be no certainty of the fact that they will deliver the papers successfully but a process server must be competent enough. They must carry the confidence and assurance of being able to follow up with people they commit to serving.

They must be aware of the challenges their position will bring and must have strategies of overcoming problems when they’re serving. If a process server in Oklahoma is not competent enough to overcome the many challenges that will surely erupt, they’ll only provide improper service which could potentially detail legal proceedings.

In fact, an incompetent process server will also involuntarily contribute to damaging legal matters or delaying prejudice. This will reflect very poorly on their level of professionalism.

3. Must have Previous Industry Experience

Degree of experience in the process serving industry is a considerable skill too. If an individual does not possess any relevant background in terms of education or service, it would cast doubts on the quality of their service.

By obtaining sufficient industry experience, a process server in OKC will learn about the inside and outside dealings of the industry. This will sharpen their own process serving skills and will prevent them from making negligent mistakes that could negatively impact the legal proceedings.

When a process server in OKC gains industry knowledge, it arms them with skills to work smartly and provide the exact service that a case needs. This will not only guarantee justice but will also prevent additional and unnecessary costs for the clients.

Here is a checklist of skills to check the efficiency of a process server in OKC

  • The types of cases they have previous experience in
  • Their direct involvement with law firms
  • Their years of service in the business niche
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Their specialization in legal document serving

4. Quality of Customer Service

Customer service skills are of utmost importance when it comes to excelling as a process server in OKC. You see, clients appreciate swift action and no one would be satisfied with a process server who does not show up for long periods and that too without notifying the clients.

Hence, one of the primary skills a process server must have to be successful is clear and timely communication. They must also know how to meet the expectations of the customers and their timelines so that the clients do not have to wait in suspense and anxiety.

A reliable process server will always make it a point to communicate beforehand and update them timely on the case progress. This will include details like expected timeframe of delivery, deadline and similar information.

Checklist for verifying customer service skills of a process server includes:

  • Providing rushed services when times call for it
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Communicating with clients regularly
  • Ensuring clients remain updated on every current status of their legal papers

5. Record Keeping and Active Technology Use

It can be challenging to handle legal papers and often individuals can evade or slack in this service. But a competent process server will possess smart resources for locating people and ensuring no gap in their service.

For this purpose, they will have an updated database of phone numbers, addresses, driver license numbers, social security numbers and similar crucial information. This will help them locate people faster and more easily.

Similarly, using latest tech applications is a necessary skill top as it will ensure smart and streamlined service methods.

Final Thoughts

To be a successful process server in OKC, one must possess necessary skills to ensure highly qualitative service. A process server is a person who bears the authority of handling important civil documents and for delivering them too.

However, this task comes with a set of challenges that a process server must be skillful and smart enough to overcome.

How a Private Investigator in OKC TO Use Adorable Cats as Decoys

Private Investigator in OKC TO Use Adorable Cats as Decoys

Private investigation in Oklahoma requires tactfulness, experience, and the ability to catch suspects unaware. A private investigator in Oklahoma City must be creative enough to employ incongruous means to gather evidence.

Using cats as decoys for investigations is one effective technique a private investigator in Oklahoma can use to gather facts or get leads on a case. However, the effectiveness of the technique lies in how excellent the private investigator OKC can execute it.

The track records of top private investigator agencies in Oklahoma show how they’ve efficiently used animals like dogs and cats to untie knotty cases.

Dr. Keefe’s Keefe Private Investigators (KPI) are always known to use this technique when needed during any of their Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigation.

The cat-decoy technique leverages the psychology of human relations with cats. Cats are adorable baby-like pets, and most individuals are always unsuspecting of them or the person having them around.

This belief is what a private investigator Norman Oklahoma explores to put the cats to great use during field investigation. However, a private investigator in OKC must know how to effectively use beautiful cats as decoys to achieve desired results.

Hence, we look into the steps, precautions, and other necessary things your private detective should know, to effectively use the cat-decoy technique for an investigation.

Using Cats as Decoys for Private Investigation in OKC

The conventional practice has been the use of dogs in various field investigations due to their special abilities to unearth strange things and more.

However, private investigators Edmond Oklahoma and other Oklahoma City private investigators have discovered that pets like cats can be of essential benefits to investigations too.

Beyond being a source of stress relief at work, or a companion during stakeouts, cats have also proven to be a great decoy animal during an investigation.

Below are ways private investigators (PIs) can use adorable cats as decoys:

To blend in

One of the most popular cat-decoy tricks is blending into an environment during surveillance. Experienced private investigators OKC must do everything to avoid discovery or raise suspicions during surveillance/stakeouts.

Being with an adorable cat is an effective means of achieving this. The cat helps the PI blend in, looking like regular on-lookers or passers-by. It reduces the risk of discovery while the PI observes happenings and carries out his covert investigation.

To lure out

Sometimes, a private investigator may need to lure an unsuspecting offender out of their abode or hiding places. Using an adorable cat as a decoy will be the most unsuspicious way to go about it.

Almost everyone feels an emotion towards cats, especially if they’re cute and meek. Most private investigators from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) have leveraged this compassion to get suspects where they want them.

Seeing a beautiful cat wandering tirelessly around a home can get a suspect’s attention and increase their curiosity to discover the problem. But curiosity won’t be killing the cat in this case; it will be docking the suspect instead.

To get close range visual/audio recordings

Another means of using cats is by wiring them with surveillance equipment like listening devices and small cameras. A cat can help you listen to suspects’ discussions while the information is transmitted to you from afar.

It’s hard to be suspicious of an unknown cat sitting near during a discussion. We’re sometimes tempted to put them on our laps and rub their fur if they’re adorable. This can allow a PI to listen in on a conversation if the cat is wired.

Also, there are specialized cameras cats can carry that’ll give you fair coverage of an area. This is usually useful during investigations involving abandoned stores or warehouses.

A cat can enter these enclosed places, and the surveillance equipment on it will give you insight into the activities going on there and the type of products housed in the enclosure.

These are some popular ways a private investigator in Oklahoma City uses adorable cats as decoys. However, while these techniques look straightforward on paper, there are certain precautions a PI must take to avoid repercussions. We investigate these precautions below.

Precautions for Using Adorable Cats as Decoy

As a private investigator in Oklahoma looking to use the cat-decoy technique, here are things you should consider:

Animal Welfare Rulings

You must ensure that whatever activity you’d be using the cat for doesn’t contradict animal welfare provisions.

Hence, a PI in Oklahoma must know the animal welfare rulings and its excesses to prevent overreaching.

Strategies/techniques should be kept within the constraint of the law, and things required of the cats should be basic and less exerting.

Ensure the cats are trained and less aggressive

Aggressive cats are likely not to be effective as decoys due to their nature. Individuals will tend to chase them away or have less affection for them.

Also, an assault from the cat may make the case take another turn. Hence, a private investigator Oklahoma must ensure the cats used as decoys are as meek as they’re adorable.

Untrained cats may tend to run and wander when given much freedom. They may leave the area of investigation, thereby adding ‘missing cat search’ to the PI’s already filled schedule.

Every cat selected for decoy during an investigation must be properly trained and tamed to get the best out of them.

Mitigate Danger level

Using cats as decoys during an investigation is somewhat endangering them. Some suspects may be brutal and end the cat’s life upon discovery.

This possibility is why a PI should always ensure the risk or danger level for the cat is much reduced to avoid risking their lives.

Basic precautions like being proximal to the cat’s location and training the cat on basic defense techniques in times of danger, can work. Also, you shouldn’t send cats to places with a high risk of danger, especially places with armed individuals.


Using cats as decoys is an effective investigation technique. But it depends largely on the experience of the PI and his ability to take needed precautions. It’s also worthy to state that the lines of animal welfare should be left uncrossed while employing this investigation trick.

Can my Process Server in OKC be a Private Detective in Oklahoma?

private detective

One of the most important responsibilities in the judicial system is delivering confidential court documents to the defending party. Without the right individual taking over this responsibility, a court case could be seriously affected. Therefore, finding the right process server in OKC becomes more important.

Despite them taking on this responsibility, many do not know the expertise that some private detectives have in the field. More specifically, many people do not know that their servers can also be dedicated private investigators in OKC. And as a PI, they will have to use their abilities to the fullest to find the defendant and serve the process. However, it can sometimes be a little more difficult than just showing up to an individual and getting their signature.

Sometimes, the defendant will actively try to avoid the process server in Oklahoma, often trying to wait out the delivery date. PIs do not have a lot of time to deliver the necessary documentation, having only three months to make the delivery. If they do not give the right documents to the defendant within the recommended period, the court will drop the case.

And even though there are ways for a private investigator in Oklahoma City to serve the process without going to the individual, they have to verify that the individual has the right signature. Therefore, they will often resort to delivering the files themselves.

While it is not necessary for a process server in Oklahoma to also be a private detective, most clients prefer the ones that are. And the simple reason why is that a PI has a wider array of skills than a process server alone.

What Makes a PI Process Server in OKC Different?

A server who also happens to be a private detective in Oklahoma City holds multiple skills that make them effective at delivering documents quickly. The main distinction between normal process servers and PIs is that private investigators must undergo specific training and dedicated classes. They first have to complete a diploma program to qualify as a private investigator. This diploma takes two years to complete and includes various courses such as juvenile justice, investigation classes, and forensics training. The criminal justice course in the degree program is the most important one, which allows a private detective in OKC to have multiple options for a career path.

The most obvious choice for a career path is to continue their degree program, earning a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree. With these qualifications, the individual can continue to work as a Private investigator in OKC, or they can take up various other career options working with different law enforcement. The Police and federal agencies can be very good places for them to start working professionally.

The field of study they go through is enough to justify the difference compared to their regular process-serving counterparts. However, it’s how they use these skills and knowledge that makes them better at the job. Through skip tracing in Oklahoma City, a private detective can find the defendant if they are making an effort to hide from the law or the process server. And if the recipient starts to become violent when the PI is serving process, then they can better deescalate the situation and negotiate with them. These skills make them much more effective in the serving process.

How Does a Private Investigator become a Process Server in OKC

A private detective in Oklahoma City has the skills necessary to find a defendant or deal with an escalating situation. And with these two skills already at their disposal, becoming a process server in Oklahoma becomes fairly easy. The next step is for them to learn and familiarize themselves with local, state, and federal laws surrounding process serving. As long as they can learn and remember these laws while following them, they can be effective process servers.

A good example of the types of laws that a PI will have to learn to be a server process in OKC is that some states do not allow individuals to serve after 10 PM and cannot start serving again until after 8 AM. Furthermore, a server cannot make the delivery at an individual’s place of employment unless they have agreed upon it. If the process server does not have permission from the individual that they can deliver at their employment, it can be an invasion of privacy.

While a PI process server in OKC is always more efficient and capable for the job, it can also be more expensive to hire. After years of accumulating the knowledge and skills for the job, they will also have a larger price tag. This is more important to understand to set your expectations correctly.

But even if they are more expensive, a private investigator in the OKC serving process is also much better. They usually have the skills and knowledge to complete the task quickly and move on to the next one. So if you were wondering if your process server in Oklahoma City can be a Private detective, then the answer is yes.

Finding the Right Process Server in Oklahoma City

The serving process is essential to the success of a case, allowing the plaintiff to notify the defence about the case. And without the right process server in Oklahoma working on the case, the court could drop the plaintiff’s case. And if you are looking for private investigators servers as well, the Keefe Private Investigation has what you need.

Our private investigators in Oklahoma have the skills and the experience to serve the process on time. They can easily track and locate an individual through skip tracing, and they can also deal with individuals who choose to be hostile. So if you want an easy experience with your process server, consider KPI and our incredible private investigators for the job.

How a Private Investigator in OKC Should Effectively Conduct Sweeps of Cars & Houses for Tracking, Listening & Audio Devices

Private Investigator in OKC Should Effectively

Private investigators in OKC are experienced with using surveillance equipment like tracking, listening, and audio devices. Hence, they’re best positioned to help you sweep your house, office, or vehicle clean of bugs.

Competitors, ex-partners, admirers, or individuals can place a bug in your private area, allowing them to intercept your communications or monitor your movement.

This gives you the need to contact a private investigator in Oklahoma for help. Having bugs in your house, office, or vehicle is an invasion of your privacy and should be treated as a serious issue.

Hence, you should employ an experienced private investigator in Oklahoma City to help you conduct an excellent sweep of your private areas. This can help you discover hidden bugs or assure you that your home is clean and you’re not being monitored.

Not every private investigator in Oklahoma can carry out satisfactory bug sweeps. You should always find a top private investigator agency in Oklahoma near you to hire the best.

Keefe Private Investigator (KPI) is one of the best for Statewide Oklahoma Private Investigation. The private detectives from the top private investigator agency OKC are well-groomed in Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM), making them capable enough to provide satisfactory service.

Below, we look into how a private investigator Oklahoma should effectively sweep your private areas for bugs so that you can know what to expect when you hire a PI.

How a Private Investigator OKC Should go about Effectively Sweeping a Private Area Clean of Bugs

Surveillance detection and countermeasures are special skills requiring a lot of experience and knowledge about handling some of the sophisticated equipment used for the operation.

To ensure satisfaction, a private investigator Edmond Oklahoma should have Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) training and experience before undertaking this service.

Since most surveillance techniques used by Oklahoma private investigators involve the use of surveillance equipment, they should be able to know how to sweep for it and also deactivate it.

In case you’re hiring a private investigator Oklahoma City for bug sweeping, here are ways you expect them to go about it:

  • Ask Helpful Questions —: An experienced PI with TCSM training doesn’t just jump into searching aimlessly for bugs or tracking devices in homes, offices, or vehicles. The PI is expected to ask helpful questions that can help them narrow down search areas and give hints on the type of device they’re looking for and the equipment type to use.

The questions should revolve around the type of information the spy has on your client, where your client was when they were revealing the information to someone, etc. If someone always knows their whereabouts without telling anyone, that could mean a GPS tracker is hidden on the vehicle or somewhere on the client’s body/accessories.

Having information only discussed in private rooms could mean a listening device is around the house. Knowing what someone is doing at a particular time could give hints of a recording device. Asking help questions helps detect all these.

  • Start from the Basics — Sometimes, it is easy does it. The spy software may just be on the client’s phone, or the bug may be planted on body accessories like earrings or wristwatches.

Scenarios like this make starting from basics essential. Ensure you start your search from obvious places around the search area. Places you’re naturally expected not to pay much attention to.

  • Partition spaces into Smaller areas — If you’re sweeping a home or an office, you can make your work easier and more effective by partitioning the space. It’s easier to sweep smaller areas clean than large areas.

The partitioning approach allows you to reach every nook and crannies, thereby increasing sweeping efficiency. It also allows you to cover more areas in less time if you’re working in a team.

The attention to detail given to small areas can’t compare to that of larger areas. Hence, to achieve great results, a private investigator Norman Oklahoma should partition search areas, no matter how larger they are.

  • Bring Your Experience into Play — Don’t just sweep for bugs or recording devices haphazardly. Your experience as a private detective should come into play. Check the likely places you’d place bugs as a professional private investigator in OKC.

This could help make your work easier. Assume the perpetrator’s position when sweeping for bugs helps you think like you placed the bugs there. Doing this increases your chances of finding the bug if the house is bugged.

  • Use appropriate Equipment — Most times, individual private investigators in Oklahoma may not be able to avoid the sophisticated surveillance detection and countermeasure machines.

This is why you should work with private investigator agencies in OKC instead. Most of these agencies have the required equipment for their PIs to perform satisfactory service. Using the appropriate equipment reduces work hours and leaves the job done excellently.

  • Sweep more than once — This is essential, especially for cars. There are not very many places you can hide trackers in a car, and an experienced private investigator should be able to know the possible places.

Hence, sweeping through these spots and other parts of the car twice or more will definitely help you find the tracker or assure you that your vehicle is clean.

You can sweep through the partition areas repeatedly for houses and offices until you’re confident that you’ve discovered every possible bug or you’re sure no bug exists.

Any private investigator OKC you hire should be doing most of the above-mentioned things if not all. You can rest assured that you’re getting a satisfactory result.

The private investigator’s experience, the track record of the private investigator agency, the sophistication of equipment in use, and the approach to work are essential factors to consider before hiring a private investigator for Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM).


The results are always satisfactory when surveillance detection and countermeasure searches are done effectively.

You can sleep with no worries of someone invading your privacy. Bugs found are immediately deactivated sometimes; other times, they’re used to bait the perpetrator, to prevent such acts again.

How to Take Up Polygraph Examiner as a Second Career in Oklahoma City

Polygraph Examiner as a Second Career in Oklahoma City

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City use sophisticated tests called polygraphs (mostly also known as “lie detectors”) to find out whether a job candidate, criminal suspect, and other test subjects are telling the truth or lying. Although these so-called “lie-detector tests” are rarely used as the basis for actual criminal convictions, they are nonetheless regarded as helpful tools for police and potential employers for investigative purposes.

Specific instrumentation called a polygraph or “lie-detector test” is deployed by polygraph examiners in Oklahoma to detect deceit and lies in people. When administering these tests, examinees are asked carefully curated questions. Their autonomic activity, including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and perspiration, is constantly monitored as they reply to these questions.

When an examinee exhibits autonomic arousal (excess sweating) while answering an essential but personal inquiry, it can be assumed that the examinee is being dishonest or deceiving.

These tests are not without their share of criticism. Apparently, polygraph examination are not very good at detecting lies. Instead, they are mostly used to getting naive examinees to confess.

How to Become a Polygraph Examiner in Oklahoma City?

To become a polygraph examiner OKC, aspiring candidates start off by enrolling in the American Polygraph Association-accredited training. Interviewing skills, legal requirements, and polygraph technology are all offered and covered in this course. Fieldwork is the next step, followed by certification or achieving a state license. Background checks and clearance to work in law enforcement are required for polygraph examiners. Getting through these checks is the most important for candidates.

You will also usually require an associate’s degree. However, you might be able to get by with just a bachelor’s degree. Criminal justice, psychology, forensic science, and criminology degrees are also beneficial. Rather than hiring from the outside, most government employers will promote current officers for the job and arrange for them to be trained. In this sector, a master’s degree in federal law enforcement would be highly valued and helpful for the candidate.

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City frequently attend a training academy to learn how to conduct the tests. As a result, you’ll need to complete 200 hours of specialized industry training. Before you get to be certified by the APA.  Also, you’ll be required to conduct 200 exams to get the final certification.

After completing the training as mentioned above and passing a state-administered examination, polygraph examiner Oklahoma must become certified by the American Polygraph Association. Here you will learn suitable interview tactics, polygraph equipment training, and basic legal ideas that pertain to polygraph examinations. Before becoming licensed, students will need to frequently collaborate with a qualified polygraph examiner and conduct practice tests on their peers.

Anyone looking forward to being entrusted with the title of polygraph examiner in Oklahoma must first obtain a state license. Examiners should be familiar with the fundamentals of how a court trial is conducted as well as the legal constraints and responsibilities that come with their position. Polygraph examiners must be honest, trustworthy, and law-abiding individuals who adhere to ethical standards.

Career Benefits for a Polygraph Examiner

From 2010 to 2020, job growth for all forensic and polygraph examiners was predicted to be 19 percent. This indicates a fertile job market for aspiring polygraph examiner Oklahoma City, but these opportunities are not as easy to come by as they seem at first.

Even so, it’s above the national average. In addition, you can be confident in your job security because polygraph examiners in Oklahoma have specific training, and their talents are frequently employed in background checks.

Polygraph examiners mostly work in criminal justice, law enforcement, and intelligence in agencies and departments dedicated to these professions.

Polygraph examination Oklahoma may work for a variety of government agencies, including police departments, the CIA, state and federal correctional departments, and the Justice Department.

They can be extremely useful in investigations and pre-employment screenings. In addition, a polygraph examiner may be summoned to administer tests or testify about the results in courtrooms and legal proceedings. A polygraph examination in Oklahoma City may be used in some psychology activities. Polygraph examiners can also be hired through private companies.

You will frequently find yourself being summoned to court cases to perform duties as a witness. It’s also possible that you’ll be asked for your expert opinion on any fraud discovered during the polygraph tests which you conduct.

In the chance you land a US government job for performing polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City, you will receive a comprehensive benefits package. In addition, you and your family will have access to a variety of perks as a federal employee, all of which will contribute to making your career rewarding.

Thus, it is a diverse career offering numerous opportunities to grow as a professional and expand your social circle.

Individual honesty is essential, especially in critical areas like national security, the judiciary, criminal proceedings, security checks, employee theft, and recruitment.

In such situations and cases, all concerned departments and teams rely heavily on the findings of a PE.

This increases the importance and need of hiring PEs having experience and a record of integrity and honest practices.

Can You Be a Part-Time Polygraph Examiner in OKC?

The simple answer to that question is “Yes.” It is possible to practice as a part-time polygraph examiner in Oklahoma.

Most polygraph examiners begin their careers in polygraph examination by conducting polygraph examination in Oklahoma on offenders in collaboration with local police departments. They can then also engage with a judicial system and conduct interviews with those involved in court cases.

At the beginning of their careers, the majority of polygraph examiners get the chance to work for local governments.


Polygraph institutes frequently offer job placement assistance to their graduates. Often these internship contacts can lead to job opportunities. Job openings are frequently posted by professional associations or journals related to law enforcement and criminal justice. Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma who are qualified can also apply to work in courts and crime labs.

Polygraph examination OKC credentials are sometimes earned by professionals who are already active in investigative work, such as police and private investigators, or with the military intelligence staff.

How Much Can You Earn as a Polygraph Examiner in OKC?

The average annual salary for a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma is $89,000+ per year as of March 11, 2022. This figure works out to almost $1,700+ a week or $7,400+ per month.

Source: ZipRecruiter

Polygraph examiners in OKC can make good money. According to the payscale.com website, polygraph examiners earned an average salary of $54,757 in 2019. In addition, the CIA’s posted polygraph examiner job openings in 2019 paid between $57 K and $108.4 K, with all of the polygraph examiners reporting that they receive a salary bonus each year.

Source: Payscale


The polygraph examination is an important tool for law enforcement to distinguish between truth and lies.

As a result, polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City play a significant role in sustaining peace, national security, and even socioeconomic stability.

If the prospect of administering polygraph examinations in Oklahoma appeals to you, a job as a polygraph examiner or OJPS could be a fantastic fit for you.

In the domains of law enforcement and criminal justice, polygraph devices are regularly used to screen applicants and run investigations. Therefore, polygraph examiners must be able to conduct tests and interpret results in a legal and ethical manner. They may also be called to testify in court or participate in relevant investigations, where they are required to explain the polygraph test results.

Polygraph examiners in OKC enjoy a lucrative career with high-end salaries and job opportunities available in both the government and private sectors.

The History of Private Investigators in America from an Oklahoma City Private Investigator

History of Private Investigators

Private investigators have a long and storied history in America.

They’ve been portrayed in popular culture as everything from suave detectives to hard-boiled gumshoes, and their work has been the subject of countless novels, movies, and TV shows.

But what exactly is a private investigator, and how did they come to be?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of private investigators in America, from their early days tracking down runaway slaves to their present-day role in solving crimes.

So strap on your detective hat and get ready to do some sleuthing – the fascinating history of private investigators awaits!

The Early Days of Private Investigation in America

Allan Pinkerton started the first private detective agency in America in 1849, and it was his work with the Underground Railroad that first got him interested in private investigation.

Pinkerton and his team of investigators were responsible for tracking down runaway slaves and helping them to escape to freedom.

As an abolitionist, he and his ring of spies infiltrated slave plantations and provided intelligence to the Underground Railroad on the best routes to freedom.

Although Pinkerton’s work was dangerous, he was incredibly successful in helping slaves escape to freedom.

After the Civil War ended, Pinkerton’s detective agency began to take on other cases.

He and his team investigated everything from counterfeiters to bank robbers, and they quickly gained a reputation for being some of the best investigators in the country.

The Golden Age of Private Investigation

The 1920s marked the golden age of private investigation in America.

This was due to a number of factors, including the rise of Hollywood and its fascination with crime, as well as the advent of new technologies like the telephone and the radio.

Private investigators could use these new technologies to their advantage, and they quickly became known for their innovative techniques.

One of the era’s most famous fictional private investigators was Sam Spade, who Humphrey Bogart portrayed in the 1941 film “The Maltese Falcon.”

Spade was a tough-talking private detective who wasn’t afraid to break the law to get results.

While he was fictional, there were many real-life private investigators who shared Spade’s no-nonsense attitude.

In addition to taking on cases from Hollywood stars and other celebrities, private detectives also began to take on more dangerous jobs during the 1920s.

They began to specialize in areas like industrial espionage and undercover work, and they were often willing to take on cases that no one else was willing to do.

The private detective agencies of the 1920s were a diverse group, and each one had its own unique approach to investigation.

Some agencies were run by former police officers, while others were made up of ex-military men or former con artists. But despite their differences, all of these agencies shared a common goal – solving crimes and getting results.

How the Role of Private Investigator Has Changed Over Time

The role of the private investigator has changed a great deal over the years.

In the early days of private investigation, they were often used to track down runaway slaves and investigate other criminal activities.

But as time has gone on, their role has shifted to focus more on solving crimes.

Today, private investigators are often called upon to help solve crimes that have stumped the police.

They use their skills in surveillance and undercover work to gather evidence and track down leads, and their work has helped to solve some of the most famous crimes in history.

Famous Cases Throughout History

Private investigators have been involved in many high-profile cases throughout history.

Some of the most famous cases solved by private detectives include the Jack the Ripper murders, the Lindbergh kidnapping, and the Zodiac killings.

Private detectives have also played a role in solving high-profile corporate scandals and political corruption cases such as Enron and Watergate.

Most recently, private investigators have been used to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.

Modern-day Private Investigations and Their Uses

While private investigators have been around for centuries, the role of the private investigator has changed a great deal in recent years.

Today, private investigators are often used for a variety of reasons.

From catching cheating spouses to conducting background checks, private investigators have become an essential part of our society.

The Future of Private Investigations in America

As the world continues to change, so too will the role of the private investigator.

With new technologies and an ever-changing landscape, private investigators will need to continue to adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve.

But one thing is for sure – private investigators are here to stay, and their skills will continue to be in high demand.

Finding a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City for Your Case

If you need the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma City, it’s essential to find someone who is qualified and experienced.

When looking for a private investigator, be sure to ask about their experience and training.

You should also ask about their fees and what services they offer.

Be sure to get a written contract outlining the services that the Oklahoma City private investigator will provide and the fees that will be charged.

And finally, make sure to ask for references from past clients.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to find a private investigator in Oklahoma City who can help you with your case.


The history of private investigators in America is a fascinating one. These professionals have been around since the 1920s, and they’ve played a role in many high-profile cases.

Private investigators are known for their skills in surveillance and undercover work, and they often use these skills to help solve cases that have gone cold.

In the future, private investigators will continue to play an essential role in our society.

If you need the help of a private investigator, it’s crucial to find someone who is qualified and experienced. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find the right private investigator in Oklahoma City for your needs.

Tools Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Use

Tools Private Investigators in Oklahoma City Use

The world is filled with disputes which means there would always be an assailant and a victim in every situation. At some point, you just might need the help of a private investigator in Oklahoma. Sometimes, it might not be an assailant but an offender in a different situation that doesn’t include violence. Nevertheless, both sides have to be involved in a case that requires private investigations OKC services, and this is constant everywhere you go. Private investigators solve these cases, and they have specific tools to achieve this goal. You are way off the mark if you think they have superpowers that let them find out information. Let us get some enlightenment on what they are and why they use these tools during their investigations.

Why Do Private Investigators in Oklahoma Use Tools?

Every profession in any industry aims to achieve a particular goal regardless of how different or distant it is. Private Investigatorsbin Oklahoma are not much different. Experts in these industries also try to attain that achievement as soon as possible using every method available. One of these methods is implementing tools in private Investigations processes to help ascertain or hasten the time spent achieving the goal in question. Private investigators in Oklahoma use these tools just like experts in every other profession or industry, helping them close cases faster. You are not hiring them because they have superpowers but because they are experts in the field they are. As experts, there are certain tools a private detective OKC should have. While most stand-alone private investigators in Oklahoma don’t have most tools needed, a private investigations agency in Oklahoma City like Keefe Private Investigations, makes it a duty to have all needed tools for the job. You stand a higher chance of a successful case with a private investigation agency like KPI.

Are you looking to hire a professional private investigator in Oklahoma? Here are some of the tools a private investigator OKC uses to achieve their goals and close cases faster.

DSLR Camera

The court will always rank hardcopy or visual evidence above the word of mouth wherever you inquire about verification and that’s one fact every private investigator in Oklahoma knows. A camera is a great way to get visual proof because it is accepted by every court globally. DSLR cameras also have models that support video recording to give your evidence more leverage when considered in court—many situations rate video evidence more than images since they are authentic and can’t be easily altered externally. Although private investigators in Oklahoma City can’t use spy cams, this also helps show what the private investigator has seen. It works great when investigating cheating partners, kidnapping, illegal business, and many other cases you might need the information to solve.

Special Databases

You might not regard this as a tool since people call it a resource, but it works for private investigators in Oklahoma City. It is not news that private investigators are not allowed to invade the privacy of a target by accessing confidential details. If a private detective works with public records readily available to everyone alone, nobody will hire a private investigator for cases. So, how do they get the more important general information but not available to everyone? Well, that is because there are special databases that private investigators use to obtain information and gather better evidence alongside other document retrieval processes. A private investigator OKC gets to uncover information like criminal records for background checks, hidden assets owned by partners, etc.

An Inverter

Here is an important one, just like the rest of the tools you need out in the field. Events private investigators in Oklahoma expect to capture as evidence won’t follow a schedule, so they spend extra time staying alert. During the process, camera and phone batteries will likely go flat, and you will need to power them right there. Inverters are a private investigators best bet to keep all devices active at all times without leaving your car. You don’t have to get a big one. It just needs to be strong enough to power your devices at hand. A portable inverter is a must-have for all private investigators OKC gathering information and evidence out in the field.

Gaps Tracker

There are cases where the offender takes a turn to escape, mostly observed in scam cases, theft, or assault. Private investigators in Oklahoma use tracking devices to find the culprits in these cases regardless of the tier destination location. Implementing the use of a tracker is partially legal and illegal for some reasons based on rules in the state. The illegal part is to avoid violating citizens’ rights so private investigators OKC can’t track culprits without permission. However, a private investigator can still follow a culprit’s location if the private investigator in Oklahoma has received approval from the owner. Most companies use it to keep track of their vehicles which are left in the hands of employees.


It might seem absurd to have a binocular at standby when out in the field to carry out private investigations in Oklahoma City. However, it comes in handy at the last minute when you need a solution to view a distant occurrence. Private investigators also monitor a target from a distance to avoid getting sued by culprits for stalking. Therefore, the binoculars help to observe from a distance to avoid missing important occurrences while avoiding the eyes of the target. Another reason a private investigator in OKC use binoculars is to stay away from the crowd, especially in public places. The target might have bodyguards or other private investigators on their end, which impedes evidence gathering and implicates your client.

The Internet

Despite its availability to the general public, it still stands as a tool that helps private investigators in Oklahoma City solve cases. There is a lot of information from different sources on the web ranging from social media accounts to portfolios and profiles. Private detectives also access additional records from the web since most information has been digitalized. It also helps them keep in contact with clients and share data giving them feedback on the progress during private investigations OKC. Some of the data shared are to get more information that the client has skipped. You might think the internet is just readily available, but private investigators in Oklahoma know how they exploit it to solve cases.


You have found out that private investigators in Oklahoma are not superhumans using supernatural powers to solve your cases. Do you still need to hire them? The answer is yes because these professionals have been trained in this field and know what to do. They not only know that but are also knowledgeable about when to do it and how they complete that task. If you feel that you can do it yourself, you are really of the mark than you think. Regardless of how many tips you read or videos you watch, you won’t be well versed like an expert private detective such as Dr Tingsley Keefe. So, what do you do? Hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City to handle your cases perfectly.