[notice title=”What is an Oklahoma polygraph examiner?”]

A polygraph examiner is an individual licensed by the State of Oklahoma to administer polygraph tests on people. A polygraph examiner is licensed by the State of Oklahoma to try to determine whether or not someone is lying or telling the truth. Instead of trying to read a person’s emotions, micro-expressions, etc., an Oklahoma polygraph examiner instead tries to see whether a person’s breathing rate, pulse, and blood pressure change during questioning. The person is connected to a device which monitors these bodily functions, and if changes happen during the questioning process. These tests, also referred to as “polygraph tests”, can often help provide tremendous insights into whether or not someone is trying to deceive the polygraph examiner when asked certain questions.


[notice title=”What is a deception expert?”]

A deception expert is a highly skilled individual who is trained at reading an individual’s emotions, expressions, micro-expressions, behaviors, and other deceptive practices. An Oklahoma deception expert knows what to look for in liars. This includes what they say, omit, and so much more. A true professional can usually detect whether or not a person is lying, being deceptive, or telling the truth.


[notice title=”What types of licensing, training and experience does a polygraph examiner need in the State of Oklahoma?”]

According to the Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET), the requirements for licensure as a polygraph examiner in the State of Oklahoma are as follow:

  • You must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • The applicant for a license as a polygraph examiner must be a person of truthfulness, integrity, and fitness.
  • The applicant must never have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
  • The applicant must hold a baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, or, in lieu thereof, be a graduate of an accredited high school and have five (5) consecutive years of active investigative experience or a character satisfactory to the Board.
  • The polygraph examiner applicant must be a graduate of a polygraph examiners course approved by the Board and have satisfactorily completed not less than six (6) months of internship training, and . . .
  • The applicant for an Oklahoma polygraph examiner must have passed an examination conducted by and to the satisfaction of the Board, or under its supervision, to determine his competency to obtain a license to practice as an examiner.

For more information on licensing requirements for polygraph examiners in Oklahoma, please visit the Council on Law Enforcement & Education Training’s website at http://www.ok.gov/cleet/Licensing/Polygraph_Examiner/index.html.


[notice title=”What types of training and experience does a deception expert need in the State of Oklahoma?”]

The State of Oklahoma does not require a deception expert who does not perform polygraph examinations to be licensed or have specific training. However, many skilled deception experts have one or more of the following qualifications:

  • They might hold advanced university degrees in related fields.
  • Deception experts might have taken specialized training courses.
  • Some Oklahoma deception experts have interrogation experience and deception detection training from their backgrounds in the military and/or law enforcement.
  • Many deception experts have computer-based training reading facial expressions and emotions.
  • Some deception experts have taken it upon themselves to undergo very intensive self-study.

In addition, some deception experts are referred to as “naturals”. Most deception experts cannot naturally read people and tell whether or not they are lying or telling the truth, without some kind of training in the field. For others, this talent can come so naturally that it is almost second nature. Of course, some kind of advanced education in recognizing various emotions, micro-expressions, etc., is almost always extremely beneficial – even to naturals.


[notice title=”Why should I hire a polygraph examiner or a deception expert from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?”]

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers’ lie detection division has a well renown reputation for exemplary deception experts and polygraph examiners in Oklahoma. If you need someone who has the skill and dedication to complete the job meritoriously, then you have come to the right place. Our Oklahoma deception experts and polygraph examiners have a wealth of knowledge and can often help you determine whether or not someone is telling the truth.Why lose big on a business deal, in romance, or when trying to determine whether your chief financial officer is stealing from your company? The licensed polygraph examiners and deception experts at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are here to help you! Go into the situation with the right team on your side. Let others know that you do not like being lied to and are prepared to win.


[notice title=”How does a polygraph examiner determine whether or not someone is lying?”]

An Oklahoma polygraph examiner uses a special device that is connected to the individual in question. After taking a baseline sample to see how a person is responding, the licensed polygraph examiner will then commence with more content specific questions. While asking these questions, the polygraph examiner also monitors the subject’s blood pressure, perspiration, breathing rate, pulse, and certain other reactions. If the one or more of the subject’s bodily functions fluctuates during the post-baseline questions, it is like he or she is trying to deceive the Oklahoma polygraph examiner.


[notice title=”How does a deception expert determine whether or not someone is telling the truth?”]

A deception expert is trained to look for clues when the person is both talking and while staying quiet. We prefer not to give away all of our secrets and what we look for. However, our Oklahoma deception experts can certainly discuss the process with you more in-depth as to how our they might be able to assist you. Please just ask us when you meet with us in person, and the professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers will be happy to elucidate.


[notice title=”When is it most appropriate to use a polygraph examiner, and when is it better to enlist the help of a deception expert?”]

Both Oklahoma polygraph examiners and deception experts can have great levels of success in determining whether or not someone is lying or telling the truth. A licensed polygraph examiner does have to have a consenting individual connected to a special device which monitors his or her breathing rate, blood pressure, pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration. Having a device which can actually often show interested parties the changes in a person’s bodily functions when someone lies is nice evidence to have!Given that polygraph experts are not nearly as focused on human emotions, micro-expressions, etc., as their Oklahoma deception expert counterparts, a licensed polygraph examiner does not have to worry as much about misreading someone. Though the old saying, “The body never lies” is quite true, some people are more difficult to read than others.

While Oklahoma polygraph examiners do not necessarily have to focus on reading an individual’s face and other body language, they must still pay very close attention to the results of the polygraph examination, ensuring that that they are accurate. Polygraph examiners must also ensure that they watch for behavioral signs of people they evaluate for possible deceptive practices.

A deception expert can also utilize technology when trying to determine whether or not someone is lying. These can range from video cameras to voice stress analyzers and much more. However, a deception expert can sometimes catch things that a polygraph examiner is not necessarily looking for. Likewise, in order to determine possible levels of an individual’s deception, the use of technology or even being in the same room with the person is not always necessary for a deception expert.

A deception expert is also ideal when an individual is not available for a polygraph examination. A trained deception expert might only see the person through a video camera or hear his or her voice over a telephone. In these instances, a polygraph examiner would generally not find as much success in making a determination as a deception expert might be able to do. It goes without saying that polygraph examiners need the person in front of them and connected to a polygraph examination device.

Another instance when polygraph experts are not as appropriate is when someone becomes easily aroused by outside stimuli. For example, if the licensed Oklahoma polygraph examiner is a very voluptuous female and the subject is a heterosexual male, the man’s arousal reactions to the thought of “breasts” could skew the results of the polygraph test. This holds true of a variety of stimuli, which is why Oklahoma polygraph examiners try to limit the stimuli in the room when giving someone the test.

Whether a polygraph examiner or a deception expert is the right person for the job is a determination we can help you make. Indeed, sometimes utilizing the skills of both kinds of professionals can help you achieve the results you most desire. Please contact the professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers to see which specialist is right for you!


[notice title=”Do polygraph examiners and deception experts always need to have the individual in front of them to make a determination about his or her level of honesty?”]

Polygraph examiners must have the person who is suspected of being deceptive in front of him or her, so that the special device can monitor the person’s heart rate, blood pressure, etc. It is not possible for a polygraph examiner to evaluate whether or not a person is answering questions in a deceptive manner, without having the individual right there in front of him or her.A deception expert greatly benefits from having the potentially deceptive person in front of him or her. This way the deception expert in Oklahoma can evaluate emotions, micro-expressions, and other behaviors. However, it is also possible for the deception expert to talk with the individual over the phone or through another device. The effectiveness of determining deception is generally increased, however, when the person is actually present.


[notice title=”Are there any cases when a polygraph expert and/or an Oklahoma deception expert will not be able to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth?”]

There are some occasions where someone is such a skilled liar or gives such conflicting messages and signals that it may not be possible to determine whether or not they are lying. Our polygraph examiners and Oklahoma deception experts want to help you as accurately and responsibly as possible. We will always do our very best to help you in the most legal, ethical way possible.


[notice title=”Are deception experts and polygraph examiners always tell when someone is either lying or telling the truth with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy?”]

It is important to note that the field of lie detection is not an exact science. Thus, polygraph examiners and deception experts cannot always tell with one hundred percent (100%) certainty whether or not a person is lying. Some people have learned how to “beat” lie detector tests and are extremely skilled liars. Individuals can even learn how to fake human emotions, and sometimes they can get their bodies to “play along”. The field of lie detection, while it can provide great insights and is often very accurate, is not a perfect, black and white scientific field.


[notice title=”Are the results of polygraph tests admissible in the judicial system?”]

Because the field of lie detection is not an exact science, many judges usually do not allow the results of polygraph tests as evidence in a courtroom. Whether or not the judicial officials will allow the testimony of a polygraph examiner or a deception expert also varies by jurisdiction. Lie detection, whether performed by a deception expert, an Oklahoma polygraph examiner, or both, is not a perfect science. However, if performed by a highly skilled individual, an expert can usually detect lies and omissions!


[notice title=”How much does it cost to hire a polygraph examiner or deception expert?”]

The cost to hire one of our outstanding polygraph examiners varies. The length of the questioning, whether or not testimony will be needed, etc., the amount of time spent on when making the determination, and other factors will all influence the ultimate cost.


[notice title=”What type of payment methods does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers accept for these services?”]

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, business checks that have cleared prior to testing, and cash. Paypal may be accepted as a form of payment, but the client is responsible for all associated fees that accompany the use of Paypal.


[notice title=”Is Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers currently hiring polygraph examiners or deception experts?”]

Our lie detection division is always looking for outstanding professionals to join our dedicated team. Making a difference as a polygraph examiner or deception expert here in Oklahoma requires a special, noble calling. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers looks for only the very best, highly trained individuals who wish to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. If this sounds like you, please contact us to see how you might be able to join our staff!


[notice title=”How do I apply to work as a polygraph examiner or deception expert with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?”]

If you are qualified as a deception expert and/or polygraph examiner and are a very dedicated individual, please download an application. They are located at the bottom of each page on our website. Once you have filled out the application, you can then return them to us via e-mail, fax, via the regular mail, or in person.