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A Parental Kidnapping Private Detective from Our Private Detective Agency Explains

parental kidnapping

A parental kidnapping private detective helps to find a child that has been kidnapped by their parents. Parental kidnappings are on the rise because some parents who have been denied custody of their children in Bethany, OKC cannot bear them. They want to be with their kids at all costs to the extent that they do not mind kidnapping the child to achieve that. A private investigator at OKC says that there are ways parental kidnappings can be prevented. These methods include:

Hold Your Children’s Passports

As a parent, your child should not be with their passports unless they are old enough to keep them safe. A parental kidnapping private detective working at a private investigation agency in Oklahoma states that keeping your child’s passport is a good way to prevent parental kidnapping. Without passports for kids, traveling in the high-security environment of today is challenging. The passports of the children could be deposited with the spouse’s attorney to be kept in a secure location. Often, you can do this with mutual consent.

Your attorney, however, can request a court order requiring the other parent to surrender your child’s passport. A private investigator in Norman Oklahoma says this is helpful if you are in the custody of the child. This is achievable through regular hearings. However, in cases when there is a fear that a child abduction is about to happen, you can do this urgently. This is by sending a motion to the judge without informing the opposing parent. The private investigator Edmond Oklahoma working at a private investigation agency says that this is a helpful first tip.

Compile Information About Your Child

A parental kidnapping private detective shares that another way to prevent parental kidnapping is by compiling your child’s information. You should gather vital documents and keep them safe and accessible. It lessens the possibility of parental kidnapping. If your child’s parent starts acting up, it is probably a warning sign.

Private investigators working at a private investigation agency OKC say that the documents you should compile are basic. It could be proof of divorce, an award of the child’s custody, or the child’s birth certificate. You should also have color photos of the child that will include both full-body and close-ups. Also have a written description of your child or children including, copies of your social security cards and passports, copies of your children’s school and medical records, and any other official documents. Additionally, make sure to save copies of any certified court records relating to the kid or children at issue in your case. The parental kidnapping private investigator Oklahoma City says you do not know when it might come in handy.

The Home Country of the Other Parent Should Have a Timesharing Document

At a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, a private detective advises that this step is important. Sending a certified copy of the judgment to the other country and requesting that they recognize it is important. The parental kidnapping private detective says that if the other parent tries to emigrate the children, the parent that has custody can be contacted. The private investigator in Oklahoma working at a private detective agency like Keefe Private Investigations says it is helpful in parental kidnapping.

Your Child Should Have Access to Communicate with You

A parental kidnapping private detective says that your child should have access to communicate with you. In case of a parental kidnapping occurring, with a phone, they can easily reach you. A child should come of certain age before giving them access to a communication medium like a smartphone. A private investigator in Newcastle, Oklahoma City says that it is pertinent that your child can call and reach you over the internet, phone, or computer.

So, the private detective in Guthrie, OKC says it is advisable to check that your child’s or children’s smartphone has GPS functionality/ it should be easy for you to track your child through their communication device. This means you can easily watch out for and receive notification if an abduction happens, They should also know your phone number or emergency numbers they can call if they are in danger.

Pay Attention to Any Changes in the Life of the Other Spouse

If you are worried that your ex-spouse or co-parent might be motivated to kidnap your kids, it makes sense to keep a closer eye on them. If you have remarriage or relocation plans and you have custody of your child, know how they respond to that. If you have plans about traveling with the children, watch out for how they respond. A private detective in Bethany, OK working at a private detective agency says that [paying attention can help you pick up their intentions.

Clause for Both Parents’ Consent When Children Are Traveling

Multiple timesharing or custody agreements between spouses are frequently formed during the divorce process. Also, while awarding custody, this agreement can be made. A private detective in Norman, Oklahoma City says that sometimes minor issues which hold much weight are ignored. When there is a risk that one of the parents will kidnap a child, the other parent may insist on a clause in the agreement. It should state that both parties must consent before either parent takes the kids out of state.

Once this contract is signed, a judge will approve it, making it a court order. When a court order is in effect, a violation can be handled very quickly. It can be through calling judges who have the authority to involve both local and federal police in it. A private investigator in Bethany, OKC says that this is necessary in cases where the parent kidnapping the child wants to take the child out of the state. Do not ignore the timesharing agreement and the clause for consent should while agreeing on a custody agreement.

Final Thoughts

A parental kidnapping private detective in Oklahoma says that following the steps listed here can prevent parental kidnapping. While it will be best for both parents to have equal access to the child to prevent parental kidnapping, it is most times not wise. Doing what is best for the child in Bethany, OKC is advisable.

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