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A Cycle of Abuse: Victims of Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking Share Their Stories

Sex Trafficking Investigation from a Private Investigation Agency

A Cycle of Abuse: Victims of Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking Share Their Stories of How Sex Trafficking Private Detectives Near Me and Human Trafficking Private Investigators in Oklahoma City, OK from Private Investigation Agencies in Piedmont Helped Find Them and Set them Free

Our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City has experienced and professional private investigators on board to help people find their loved ones who may be victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking.

At our sex trafficking private investigation agency in Moor, OK, we acknowledge that most victims find it hard to speak freely about what they underwent and how they got rescued. But in this post, one of our private investigators in Guthrie, OK, shares the harrowing stories about how they became victims and how human trafficking private investigators in Oklahoma rescued conducted a successful rescue operation.

Julia Sander

The first story our sex trafficking private investigator in Mustang, OK, shares is about Julia. Our private investigator in Yukon, OK, narrates that this case of sex trafficking made headlines online a couple of years ago.

Julia worked at a bar in the Midwest City, OK, where she hoped to save for her college degree. But, according to the sex trafficking private investigator in Midwest, OK, unfortunately, she met a young and attractive guy there who promised to finance her college education if she hung out with him during her off-duty hours.

Jim seemed like a nice guy and was a member of an infamous human trafficking and sex trafficking network. Expert sex trafficking private investigators in Piedmont, OK, reveal that these members who belong to such networks can easily trick beautiful young girls. According to a human trafficking detective in Bethany, OK, human traffickers and sex traffickers are always searching for victims who don’t ask too many questions or believe everything they hear.

Julia was only sleeping for three to four hours while maintaining two jobs in hopes of funding her college education in the future. However, our sex trafficking private detective in OKC recalls that Julia could not believe her luck when she found someone like Jim, who promised to provide financial support to her in exchange for a good time.

However, it was nothing but a trap. Our human trafficking private investigator in Moore, OK, discloses that Jim showed his true colors when Julia let her guard. Expert sex trafficking investigators in Oklahoma City also reveal that human traffickers like these identify victims who are vulnerable and looking for better prospects. Luckily, Julia had mentioned Jim to one of her neighbors who saw him dropping her off once.

When Julia was missing for a week, and her mother failed to locate her, she contacted a private investigation agency. That’s when one of our expert sex trafficking private investigators contacted Julia’s neighbor, who helped him draw a suspect sketch.

Finding Jim through this sketch took some time. Luckily, Jim was caught one day at a gas station where one of the truck drivers identified him and sent his number plate to the local police station. Our human trafficking private detective in Mustang, OK, recalls that when the police started following Jim, he led them to an abandoned property. That’s where they rescued Julia and dozens of other victims.

According to sex trafficking private investigation agencies in Guthrie, OK, most of these humans are placed on drugs, so they can’t make any escape attempts. Our human trafficking private detective in Yukon, OK, also reveals that the victims have no choice but to obey sex traffickers because they can’t make their way out without drugs. One of our sex trafficking private investigators in OKC also discovered that these drugs help the victims carry out all illicit sexual activities without knowing or remembering much about these incidents.

Once Julia returned to her parents, our sex trafficking private detective in Moore, OK, revealed that she underwent counseling and an intense detox session. Today, Julia is a confident and self-assured college student completing her degree, thanks to a scholarship program.

Julia warns parents that sex traffickers usually play with the victims’ emotions and feelings. Our private investigators in Oklahoma City have discovered that these traffickers also use social media to check the interests and plans of potential victims.

Fiona James

The following story our experienced sex trafficking private investigator in Del City, OK, shares revolves around a 13-year-old student. Fiona lived a normal life with her foster parents and had no information about her biological parents. Our private investigator shared that Fiona was extremely shy and had self-esteem issues.

According to our human trafficking private investigators, Fiona had no friends at school and spent most of her time on social media, especially Facebook. However, she found another teenager in one of the groups she followed on Facebook. This teen, who did not share his original name or location on the network, went by a pseudonym.

Our private investigators reveal that he tricked Fiona into believing that he knew her biological parents after he got to see that she was an adopted child. The sex trafficking private detective in Midwest, OK, also discloses that he convinced Fiona to meet him at a local hotel where he would bring her birth mother and father.

Unfortunately, a group of human traffickers was waiting for Fiona in the hotel room. Our human trafficking private investigator in Edmond, OK, explains that they abducted Fiona and pushed her into the dark world of prostitution.

Luckily, private detectives in Guthrie, OK, recovered her Facebook account and tracked the criminals through her online conversations. Our professional and experienced sex trafficking private investigators in Piedmont, OK, connected all the dots and eventually reached Fiona and other child victims of human trafficking.

Per our private investigator, Fiona is in therapy and trying to overcome the trauma. She is receiving excellent care at a local rehabilitation center, and her foster parents visit her regularly so she can recover quickly.

Final Thoughts

Our private investigators share these stories because we believe that they will create awareness. You can contact a private investigator in Yukon, OK, if you want to find someone who you think is now a victim of human trafficking or sex trafficking. Get in touch with our seasoned sex trafficking private investigators and human trafficking private investigators in Piedmont, OK, today for hire professional help to rescue sex trafficking and human trafficking victims.

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