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Top 5 Training Courses for Process Servers in OKC at Private Investigation Agencies

Top 5 Training Courses for Process Servers

Process servers in Oklahoma City still need training courses after getting certified. Some process servers in OKC take the training to get certifications, and others to brush up their knowledge and skill. Private investigation agencies in Norman, OKC, offer training for their process servers. Some of these PI Agencies make provision for their process servers to learn elsewhere. So, here are the top 5 training courses for process servers. Most of the courses here come with certification and are done online.

PI Education

This training institute offers Process Serving Essentials: Business Practices, Safety, Ethics & the Law. It is precisely what process servers in Oklahoma City need to brush off their knowledge and stay informed.  You can learn the course virtually for four hours. Jacob Osojnak is the instructor and has good comments about satisfied students.

Process serving is an essential component of our legal system. It is also why process servers in El Reno, Oklahoma City, are crucial. The idea of due process would be meaningless without the legal system. So, it is essential to have a broader knowledge of the legal system and how it affects the process of serving in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Their online course teaches learners, that is, process servers in Oklahoma City, about process serving, its history, and the legal concepts that govern it. Process servers understand the skills, information, and equipment required to begin serving legal papers. The instructor discusses the many services available, how to get the work done efficiently, and how to cope with surveillance and the police. Finally, various ethical issues are provided for consideration and discussion. It costs 105$.

CODEX Educational and Legal Services

They have a Course on Process Server Orientation in Texas (7-Hours, Initial Certification). It uses the Judicial Branch Certification Commission’s Standardized Process Servers Certification Curriculum. This 7-hour process server orientation course instructs and prepares process servers in Oklahoma City for serving legal documents. It is $120.

The training course is rich and thoroughly explains the civil rules of procedure and what a process server at a private investigation agency must do.

The course consists of reading, explanatory videos, knowledge checks at the end of each chapter, and a final exam. Audio narration is also available in this course. This proved helpful for process servers in OKC who prefer audio narration. A process server in Norman learning with them can get further clarity and guidance through the contact form on their website.

During the courses, chapter quizzes test a process server’s comprehension of the readings and videos that make up the chapter. There is an option to go back to the chapter’s learnings to review the material if they don’t pass the quiz. There are 35 multiple-choice questions in the final exam. At least 80% of the time, a process server in Oklahoma City must pass. There is a retake option for the test if a process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, doesn’t give the first time.

A process server in OKC can pass the final test as long as they have been passing the chapter quizzes. A Certificate proving completion is sent to the process server in Yukon via email once they have completed the course and final exam.

This course stands out because, for process servers in El Reno, OKC, whose schedule is packed, and they do not have time to spend hours in front of the computer, just taking a day off work to finish this training course is helpful. The self-paced courses were created to fit around the process servers’ schedules. As a process server in Oklahoma City, you can start and end your studies whenever possible. However, 90 days are the days you have to finish your course.

Texas Process Servers Academy

If you want a process server training course from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, but lack the time, consider going online. This Academy makes provision for a purely online course. The Judicial Branch Certification Commission of the Texas Supreme Court has approved these courses for process servers.

You can use a desktop computer or another mobile device to enroll, but NOT a smartphone. Any device that accesses the internet can be used to take the course once you’ve registered, although smartphones can be a little distracting while trying to learn. You will receive a Certificate of Proficiency after finishing the process server training course satisfactorily, which you can include with your application to obtain or renew your professional standing.

Learning Shop USA

It is an online website where you can shop your process of serving training courses. Some private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City buy this for their process servers to learn. They have Ethics for Process Servers (2 hours) (Ethics PS) —accepted in NM and AZ. The content of the course includes morality and behavior, ethics in the workplace and a business setting, organizational ethics, the allure of money, right and wrong, codes of ethics, employees and ethics, bribery, gratuities, and gifts, honest business dealings, conflicts of interest, confidential information, respect for the law, authority vs. power, and the use of force. You can pay online with a credit card or by cheque. The price is $30.00

Another course you will like as a process server in Oklahoma City is Civil Proc Doc’s Key Concepts in Civil Procedure (4 CE Hours), approved by the Arizona Supreme Court’s Certification and Licensing Division. Who may serve, process, how service is made, types of service, entities served, types of papers delivered, court orders, return of service, deposition and discovery, criminal subpoena, and due diligence are some topics covered in the course. You can pay with a credit card online or by cheque by calling 706 268 2221. The price is $50.00.

Lance Casey Training Course

Private investigator Lance Casey has a process server training course for process servers. The course is self-paced and helpful to process servers in Oklahoma.

Final Thoughts

As a process server in Oklahoma City, constantly upskilling and getting training is essential. It is even better when online courses are self-paced and physical training. So, choose from the many available to you and learn.

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