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A Process Server in OKC Should Know How to Get the Best Possible Prices for Each Oklahoma Process Server

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Oklahoma process servers can know how to get the most money for each serve they do.  How much a process server in OKC should charge often depends on a variety of factors.  Knowing what these are and how to maximize one’s profit can help ensure that an Oklahoma process server stays in business for a long time.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers explores what factors most influence what a process server in OKC should charge for his or her services . . .

Location is obviously one of the single biggest influences on what a process server in Oklahoma City can charge a client.  Since this article addresses prices for process servers in Oklahoma, we must realize that prices here in our great state are often less than, well, everywhere else.  A process server in Texas can often charge almost twice as much as a process server in Oklahoma City can.  However, a process server in OKC can often charge more from clients for service of process in one city versus another.

A local standard serve in a large city such as Oklahoma City often goes for about $49.99.  Some Oklahoma process serving companies charge more, and prices are actually going up for Oklahoma process servers.  As of the date of this article, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department usually charges about $50 for a standard serve.  However, their completion times tend to take longer than many Oklahoma process servers.

A process server in Oklahoma City can often obtain about well over $100 for a rush serve in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers usually charges almost $180 for a standard, one hour serve. This can actually be a great money maker for Oklahoma process servers, as rush serves require them to basically drop what they are doing to try to complete the service of process right away. Of course, an Oklahoma process server can also make money in numerous other ways, too.

Another influencing factor is whether or not a process server in OKC owns his or her own process serving company.  An owner of a process serving firm gets to keep the entire amount from the service fee.  Those whom the Oklahoma process server has hired in to subcontract the serve usually make about half that amount.  Of course, subcontractors do not have any of the advertising expenses, maintenance, office mortgage, etc., that the owners of the Oklahoma process serving companies do.  Owning an Oklahoma process serving company actually takes a great deal of work and effort that a process server in Oklahoma City must make.

Clients who require the process server in OKC to go to additional addresses should also expect to pay more money. Gas and wear and tear on cars is not inexpensive, and clients should expect to compensate process servers in Oklahoma City fairly compensate for their time and efforts. By requiring clients to pay more for each additional address that a process server in OKC has to go check, the clients tend to do more of their crucial research up front.  This tends to work better for everyone, as clients can also ask their process server in Oklahoma City to do a skip trace. Skip traces are much faster and can actually cost less than the cost of checking a bunch of additional addresses.  Getting the right address up front can help the client a great deal of save money.

Any process server in Oklahoma City surely knows that a standard process serve in Oklahoma City is going to be a lot cheaper than service of process in Antlers, Oklahoma.  It is difficult to get Oklahoma process servers in far out places like Antlers, Oklahoma.  Many residents of small towns do not want to serve their neighbours, as they have to live with them. Likewise, there is often too little business for Oklahoma process servers to make much money in those tiny towns.  Thus, sometimes an Oklahoma process server has to drive into more remote places from further away.  These increases in time, fuel and wear and tear on an Oklahoma process server’s car drive up the overall cost of the Oklahoma process service itself.

This is not to say that a process server in Oklahoma City cannot find anyone to do a serve in more remote areas.  Indeed, sometimes there are Oklahoma process servers who might work in the desired location or at least close to it.  Given the relatively low supply of Oklahoma process servers in those areas however, the process server in OKC who can find a subcontractor for each of those more remote locations often has the upper hand in the business deal with clients.

There are a multitude of methods and tips that a process server in Oklahoma City can use to help grow his or her business.  Some of these come with time and simple best practices for business strategies.  Of course, each process server in Oklahoma city should take care not to lower the value of the entire Oklahoma process serving market, by charging too little money.  No process server in Oklahoma City or elsewhere should ever have to make less than he or she is truly worth.

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