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Oklahoma Workman’s Compensation Fraud and Oklahoma Insurance Fraud

Are you an insurance company, business owner, residential owner, or participant in an automobile accident, and are concerned the other party is merely pretending to be “injured,” to immorally gain effortless profits at your expense? Do not put up with such blatant nonsense from anyone! Instead, you need to hire an experienced private investigator in Oklahoma to help you determine the truth of the matter.

people of the State of Oklahoma

The people of the State of Oklahoma originally created Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, also known as Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Insurance in 1915. Along with other insurance covering automobile drivers and owners of residences and businesses from financial liabilities it has served to help protect those in society from financial ruin. Indeed, practically every employer throughout the United States of America must carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Any fraudulent activity in these areas constitutes a serious felony under Oklahoma law, and our society will not tolerate such malicious behavior.

licensed Oklahoma Workmen’s

A licensed Oklahoma Workmen’s Compensation Insurance fraud private investigator from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma can quickly and easily help you determine whether the allegedly “injured” party is out playing sports, lifting heavy objects, etc., or is merely doing daily activities that require minimal physical exertion. These Oklahoma Workmen’s Compensation Insurance fraud private investigations in OKC by a licensed Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation insurance fraud detective can potentially have a tremendous impact on your financial liability and future.

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Our private investigation agencies’ professionals have successfully caught many criminals over the years who have illegally claimed to be hurt while simultaneously engaging in rigorous physical activities incongruent with a prolonged, serious injury through their investigations.

Some of the most common circumstances under which Dr. Makayla Saramosing and the other private investigators at our Oklahoma private detective agency have witnessed individuals claiming to be hurt when they really were not are as follow:

Injuries on the Job:

Sometimes “good” employees go “bad” or were never even noteworthy workers in the first place. Not everyone is a good person, and some individuals will happily seek “something for nothing.” If an employee of yours or of the business your insurance company or law firm represents is claiming an unjustified injury that just does not add up, then you need to know the truth with and must best private investigator to help you limit your financial losses.

Slip and Falls” and a Business or Residence

Many people slip and fall at businesses and homes around the world each day. Sometimes it is truly an accident and no one is at “fault” per se, and on other occasions the owner of the business or residence had a slippery or wet surface on the floors that she/he/they failed to warn others about. Regardless of fault, however, people often sue others when injured, especially in countries like the United States of America.

In other situations, the “injured” party merely faked the ”fall” all together and is just seeking to mooch a quick buck for free. Our society commonly recognizes this as such fraud. Indeed, the “accident” in these situations never took place at all.

In these circumstances, you will require the professional legal services of a private detective to investigate the person’s physical activities with these investigations. If the person is faking an injury, he/she can help obtain video footage and photos with a date, time stamp, and location obtained through our private investigation agency in Oklahoma’s special surveillance techniques.

Automobile Accidents:

Car and truck crashes happen every day, often resulting in countless painful injuries and deaths. Sometimes one driver is clearly at fault, while at other times both parties might dispute liability. While injuries one or both parties sustain during these occurrences are often very real, sometimes one or both sets of individuals involved in vehicular accidents are merely faking the injury because they want money, do not want to work, etc.

Whenever someone is faking a motor vehicle accident, commonly known as Oklahoma insurance fraud, it is important to hire a licensed individual to conduct video and photographic surveillance to determine whether the party or parties claiming an injury are only engaging in a minimal amount of physical exertion or are out playing sports, moving heavy objects, working at a job as usual, etc.

He/ She can often help determine whether people are committing felonies by wrongfully and maliciously claiming a fake injury, when in truth the “injured” party does not feel any pain or suffering at all. Since “pain” is often difficult even for a licensed physician to measure objectively, he/she can help provide the missing information by conducting surveillance upon the persons of interest.

Typical Clients of Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud
Private Investigations Divisions
of Our Private Investigation Agency Assist With Such Investigations

Injuries on the Job:

Sometimes “good” employees go “bad” or were never even noteworthy workers in the first place. Not everyone is a good person, and some individuals will happily seek “something for nothing.” If an employee of yours or of the business your insurance company or law firm represents is claiming an unjustified injury that just does not add up, then you need to know the truth with and must best agent to help you limit your financial losses.

The Finest Oklahoma Process Server in Every County

We have the finest Oklahoma process servers in every county within Oklahoma. Our firm also offers private investigators, as well as Oklahoma notary public and expert witness testimony Oklahoma services at excellent rates! Some of the many cities we serve all throughout Oklahoma include, but are certainly not limited to, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Del City, Midwest City, Bethany, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Stillwater, Lawton, Tulsa, Guthrie, Choctaw, Chickasha, Ada, Muskogee, Nichols Hills, Shawnee, Ponca City & elsewhere!

Our experts usually have the following types of clientele for these inquiries:

  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Business Owners
  • Residential Owners
  • Parties to a Vehicle Accident

Do you fit into one of the above categories and need a detective to solve your case? If so, then contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing at our private investigation agency today for all your cases.

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  • How a Private Investigator Can Assist You With Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigations

One of the main ways in which they assist with it is by using technological and strategic surveillance on the person of interest (POI). They receive special training in surveillance techniques aimed at tracking down and discreetly following POIs who might possibly be faking a serious workplace, automobile, or “slip-and-fall” injury.

Our private investigator will closely monitor the POI as she/he/they move(s) around from place to place, looking to see if the POI is engaging in any type of strenuous physical activities that a person who is truly injured should not be able to partake in. These physical activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Heavy Lifting/Loading
  • Participation in Sports
  • Walking Without the Use of Canes/Walker/Wheelchairs
  • Riding Around on Motorcycles, Watercraft, Etc.
  • Performing Under-the-Table Work That the POI Should be Unable to do

Please do not let an evil person take advantage of you by mooching off you for money, while only pretending to be “injured” while on the job, in a vehicle accident, or during a “slip-and-fall” or some other “accident” while at a business or residence. Hire the best Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Insurance private investigator today from our private investigation agency to conduct investigations on your behalf. 😊

How Oklahoma Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Hurt Injured Workers Everywhere

Whenever someone claims an injury that does not exist for her/his/their own financial profiteering, it damages the faith in this system and Oklahoma insurance in general. It also means fewer funds to pay out on genuine claims to persons who have truly become injured, as well as higher premiums for employers, business owners, and residential owners. While business owners, insurance companies, residential owners, etc., can always hire a specialist for your case needs.

How to Become a Licensed Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Fraud Private Investigator at Our Private Investigation Agency and/or an Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Private Investigator

If you are interested in employment as one, then you will need to complete the following steps through this online link:

1. You must submit a copy your Oklahoma driver’s license, and you must have reached at least eighteen (18) years of age to become an unarmed and at least twenty-one (21) years of age to work as a licensed armed private investigator in Oklahoma.

2. Each applicant will need to have completed Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training’s (C.L.E.E.T’s) Phases I and III to become an unarmed private investigator and Phases I, III, and IV to receive a license as an armed private detective from an Oklahoma private investigator school such as one of the following:

3. SOR Training Academy

4. Metro Technology Centers

5. Francis Tuttle Technology Center

6. Any Other One of the C.L.E.E.T.’s Approved Schools

7. Each person must secure a bond from an insurance company like Sherman-Hume. This bond is unnecessary, if the individual is gainfully employed and only working through another lawful business that is a private investigation agency in Oklahoma that has Oklahoma private investigator liability insurance.

8. Every person seeking a license and employment as an armed one must have taken and successfully passed the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).

9. Every individual must complete an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) criminal background check.

10. Every person must also complete a clean criminal background check with her/his/their city police department – or county, if not currently living in a city.

11. All applicants must complete digital fingerprinting through IdentoGo.

12. Every person must submit photographs of themselves standing against a clear white wall. Those who plan to work at a private detective agency may stand up against the white wall and have someone take a photograph of them with a cell phone.

13. All must have completed their own limited liability company (LLC) of incorporated (Inc.) business via the Oklahoma Secretary of State. If he/she is gainfully employed with and through another company that has its own insurance, then this step is unnecessary provided he/she only performs work solely for that firm that has liability insurance.

14. All must also undergo additional training and  continuing education classes (CEUs) over the years. They can find one of many such schools that does an amazing job helping students with these CEUs here.

If you are seeking to become conduct Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Insurance fraud private investigations and Oklahoma insurance fraud private investigations for our private investigation agency, then consider working with us as a licensed individual by applying for one of our professional jobs below: