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Lie Detection in OKC

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators has a very special, highly skilled team dedicated to lie detection in OKC. Our Oklahoma lie detection division in Oklahoma has two somewhat different but very important units: deception experts in Oklahoma and polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City. While it is true that a polygraph examiner in Oklahoma is also seeking to detect whether someone in Oklahoma is trying to deceive another individual, the methods used by our deception expert in Oklahoma unit and our polygraph examination company in Oklahoma are completely different. The required licensing, skills, and training required for members of our staff in our deception expert unit and our polygraph examiner in OKC unit also vary greatly from professional to professional.

Oklahoma Lie Detection Services Polygraph Examiner

Deception Experts in Oklahoma City

Our deception expert unit focuses on human expressions, emotions and behaviors of individuals. People make so many expressions and micro-expressions, often not even realizing when they are lying and how they give themselves away. When someone lies, a person can make certain gestures, have changes in his or her voice, and display other deceptive behaviors that indicate lying. A skilled deception expert in Oklahoma will often be able to detect lies and deceptive behaviors of an individuals or group of people, as well as helping to identify “lies of omission”.

Ever see the show called Lie to Me? It stars a Tim Roth and is based off of renown deception expert Dr. Paul Ekman. Our deception experts in Oklahoma City essentially do the same thing as Dr. Ekman. Indeed, some deception experts like Dr. Makayla Saramosing have even received training from the Paul Ekman Group itself! 😊

second unit:

The second unit in our deception expert division at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators is somewhat different than our deception experts in the Oklahoma unit. Polygraph examiners in OKC primarily use a special polygraph device to focus on an individual’s changes in his or her heart rate/pulse, breathing rate, blood pressure, and perspiration. In addition, he/she might also note such things as leg or arm movement during the assessment.

When a person lies, these natural bodily functions can increase or decrease without the person even knowing it. For many people, telling a lie is less comfortable than telling the truth. Thus, a licensed professional can often use his or their machine and observations to make a general determination as to whether or not someone is trying to deceive the polygraph examiner in Oklahoma.

Our deception experts sometimes collaborate with our polygraph examiners and vice versa. A client can often achieve the best of both lie detection worlds by combining the examination of changes in a person’s bodily functions, such as his/her/their breathing and heart rates, with facial expressions and other natural human emotions and reactions. These two lie detection units can often complement one another and thus help achieve greater, more accurate results for our clients.

Lie Detection Clients

Some of the clients our lie detection in Oklahoma division can assist include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Law Firms
  • Businesses
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • People Accused of Wrongdoing
  • Negotiators of Business Deals
  • Private Investigators
  • Insurance Companies
  • Girlfriends/Boyfriends
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Investors
  • Parents
  • Fraud Investigators
  • Rental Property Management
  • Banks
  • Husbands/Wives
  • Other Individuals

Lie Detection Division

With our outstanding deception experts and licensed polygraph examiners, the lie detection division in OK helps a diverse range of clientele. Some of the most common things our clients want to know often include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:


  • Did my employee lie about having embezzled funds?
  • Did my spouse cheat on me with someone else?
  • Does this person intend to hurt me or otherwise cause me harm?
  • Is my boss lying when she said she would give me a raise soon?
  • Is my son/daughter selling drugs?
  • What did this person not say or otherwise omit?
  • Is this individual admitting to doing something bad that he or she did not do?
  • What type of renter/tenant has this person been in the past?
  • Is this person planning to follow through on the proposed business deal?
  • Did the accident on the job happen just as my employee said it did?
  • How do I prove to someone else that I didn’t do the crime they have accused me of?
  • Are any members of this this jury lying during initial oral/verbal questioning?
  • Is my niece lying to protect someone else?
  • Was this individual lying on the witness stand?
  • Is my potential employee being honest during the interview?
  • Is there some hidden condition of a house or other property that someone is trying to conceal?
  • Is my stockbroker trying to con me into a bad deal?

These are just a few of the numerous questions clients might ask them here at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators. Our job in the field of lie detection is to try to seek out the truth wherever it may lie. Needless to say, this professional is better suited to handle some of the aforementioned questions, while a polygraph examiner should determine the truth of answers to the others.


, whereas a member of a jury would rarely, if ever, take a polygraph during a trial, a deception expert might be able to informally determine whether or not a juror is being honest or deceptive. At other times, he/she might find someone too challenging to read. Thus, having other bodily reactions to certain questions determined by a machine operated by a licensed polygraph company might help provide the needed concrete evidence. The combination of these individuals on the other hand, could work together to help determine whether someone is lying to protect someone else.

Please contact the lie detection experts at our company! If you are unsure as to whether a deception expert or polygraph examiner is the best professional suited to assist you, we will happily help you reach the best possible decision. You do not deserve to have someone lie to you, as lies can hurt your emotional state, finances, and can perhaps even threaten your life! Please contact us today at (405) 593-3515 or e-mail us at

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*= These are our preferred methods of payment, as these methods help us to keep costs down and keep our fees low. You can mail these forms of payment directly to our corporate office, or you can simply give them to us in person.


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