What Nationwide Skip Tracing Services do you Offer?

Nationwide skip tracing services can help you find great information about people. As a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, we have exclusive access to data that the public does not. Our licensed private investigators in OKC can often find this out this information quicker and a better amount of it than the average individual.

Why might I need a nationwide skip tracing service in Oklahoma City to assist with my skip traces and criminal background checks in Oklahoma?

Persons usually need the assistance of a skip tracer in OKC for a variety of reasons. Circumstances when a person might require the assistance of a nationwide skip tracer service like Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can include:

  • Children From Adoptive Families Wishing to Find Their Birth Families
  • Individuals Serving Process/Court Papers Upon Another Person
  • Debt Collection Services/Judgments
  • Landlords Seeking Evasive Tenants Delinquent on Rent Payments
  • Pre-dating & Pre-marriage Criminal and Civil Background Checks

If Your Skip Trace Does Not Have the Current Address and Other Information I need, What Happens Then?

Skip traces in Oklahoma with our services are usually pretty accurate. However, just like anything else, no system is perfect. If our nationwide skip tracing service is unable find the best residential or business address or other needed data, then the person of interest may have recently moved away, left the country, or perhaps he/she/they are in a hospital or prison facility. Most of the time the person’s updated information eventually shows up, once he/she/they change their voter registration, update their driver’s license, pays taxes, and/or gets new utility service, etc.

If the vital data you need for some reason does not appear when we first run it for you, then we will perform the Oklahoma skip trace for you free of charge for almost half a year. To get your new nationwide skip tracing service results, please just take a moment to call us, e-mail us, text us or come by our office. We want you to be happy and will do our best to help you! 😊

How Old Must a Person Be, in Order to Receive Successful Skip Tracing and Criminal Background Check Results?

In order for any information to show up in our system, the person must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. If the individual is not at least eighteen (18) years old, then the skip tracer will be unable to provide any civil or criminal information about the person you are seeking.

What Information Will Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers Require From me to Proceed, Once I Pay for My Skip Trace in Oklahoma?

We at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, through our nationwide skip tracers, are often able to provide some or all of the following information to our clients:

  1. Person’s Email Addresses
  2. Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
  • Social Security Number of the Person
  1. Residential Addresses/Address History
  2. Drivers’ License Numbers of Individuals Sought
  3. Criminal Background Check – Nationwide
  • Liens on Homes, Cars, Boats, Trucks and Motor Vehicles
  • Civil Judgments Against Individuals & Businesses
  1. Needed Information on Family Members of the Person of Interest
  2. Names, Addresses & Contact Information of Neighbors of the POI
  3. Lists of any Professional Licenses
  • Any Pilot Licenses the POI has
  • All Voter Registration Information (Location, Party, Etc.)
  • Checking Information by Looking Up Numbers & Email Addresses
  1. Global Watch Lists – Very Important for International Customers/POIs
  • UCC Filings
  • Bankruptcies People Have had
  • Evictions From Apartments, Homes, Business Addresses, Etc.
  • Social Media Scans – Pulling Any Public Posts, News Stories, Etc.
  1. Quite a bit More! 😊

If I go on the Internet, Will I be Able to Find the Same Skip Tracing Information in Oklahoma as Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has Access to?

Only licensed private investigators and skip tracing firms have access to the most confidential information (i.e., social security numbers, drivers’ licenses numbers, dates of birth, etc.) out there on everyone. This is meant to protect people from scammers and others who want to cause people harm. Our nationwide skip tracers can, in some limited circumstances, provide you with the confidential information; online services you have access to cannot.

Also, lots of these so-called “information websites” have information that is almost cruelly outdated. Why they are even allowed to sell this information for a profit is detrimental to those they claim to help. If the civil and criminal records provided for skip tracing services are so outdated, what is the point of a skip trace or background check in the first place? That is why so many clients choose Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers for assistance.

How Accurate is the Skip Tracing and Criminal Background Check Data Your Firm Provides?

Yes, our nationwide skip tracing services are incredibly accurate, though no skip tracer can get it 100% correct 100% of the time. If that were so, there would be no FBI “10 Most Wanted List”, because everyone would already be found. However, that being said, our nationwide skip tracing services usually provide national civil and criminal information that is pretty accurate.

What is the Fastest & Easiest way for me to Obtain a Skip Trace in Oklahoma City?

We make the skip tracing services experience super easy, fast and affordable for everyone. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can get your skip trace for you the same day. All you must do is to call our corporate office at (405) 593-3515. Once we secure your payment and information about the person of interest, we will begin working on it and will often get the results of your nationwide skip trace to you the same day or the very next day.

How can I Make my Payment for my Nationwide Skip Tracing Services?

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, we take the following methods of payment:

  1. Cash
  2. Checks
  3. Money Orders (Post Office, Gas Station, etc.)
  4. PayPal/Debit/Credit Card
  5. Square/Debit/Credit Card
  6. Debit/Credit Cards – Run Manually
  7. Zelle
  8. Venmo – QR Code Scan or Name Search
  9. Cash App – QR Code Scan or Name Search

How Does your Refund Process Work?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers does not offer refunds for any of the services we provide. Each skip tracer and private investigator in OKC has to be paid for time and work, just like you do for the jobs you do. However, our Oklahoma skip tracers have an extremely high success rate for the services we provide, so your skip tracing needs are in excellent hands with us! 😊

What Information Must I Provide, in Order to Receive Your Skip Tracing Assistance?

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, we understand that you may not have significant amounts of information about the person of interest you want nationwide skip tracing services for. However, our skip tracers ask that you kindly provide as much of the following information, if available:

  • Entire Legal Name of the Person you are Seeking
  • SS# or Even the Last Four (4) Digits of it
  • DOB, Year of Birth, Age Range
  • Current and/or Previous Addresses/Phone Numbers/Email Addresses
  • Social Media Website Links That are Current and/or Previously Used
  • Driver’s License #s
  • Race, if Known
  • Usernames on Their Social Media Accounts

As said before, our nationwide skip tracers understand that some of the information above might be somewhat difficult to come by. No worries! Please just give our skip tracers in Oklahoma as much of the information as you possibly have.

When and how do I Receive my Skip Tracing Services in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers usually sends the skip tracing results out to you the same day or next day via email. We try to be very fast and prompt with our services. 😊