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Private Security Guard FAQ

What is a private security guard?

A private security guard, whether armed or unarmed, affords an extra layer of protection for a wide variety of companies, events, governmental agencies, etc. A security guard can serve as a first responder, reporter, authority figure, protection, and much more.

Who licenses Oklahoma private security guards?

The Council on Law Enforcement Education (CLEET) licenses all private security guards in the State of Oklahoma.  CLEET sets the licensing guidelines and requirements, and you can find them here3.

Do Oklahoma security guards have the same kind of rigorous training as police officers?

In some instances, police officers and Oklahoma sheriffs’ deputies who are working off duty serve as security personnel. Generally speaking, most private unarmed and armed security guards do not have the same advanced training as police officers. However, they also generally receive less pay and do not have the same duties and legal obligations that police officers and other law enforcement personnel have.

Is a security guard in Oklahoma considered to be law enforcement personnel?

Unless an individual serving as an Oklahoma security guard is also commissioned as a police officer or other law enforcement personnel, then then answer is, “No.” Security guards are not law enforcement personnel. Police officers do not need to obtain security guard agency licenses, unless they plan on opening their own security agencies with a staff of security guards.

What kind of training and licensing do security guards in Oklahoma have to undergo?

All security guards must take phases I and II of the CLEET training.  This is often performed at a school such as Metro tech Here1 or another career tech school.  Successful security guards in Oklahoma must then take and pass the appropriate examinations, upon completion of the courses.  At this point, an applicant for an unarmed security guard license can then submit the application for a license, which is found on the Council for Law Enforcement and Education’s website here . . . here2.

Armed security guards have additional licensing requirements and educational components. In addition to the other phases of training and the testing, an applicant for an armed security guard license must also take phase IV and pass its testing requirements. This phase is the firearms training course, and it usually lasts about a week. Prior to enrolling in this course, an applicant for an armed security guard license must first pass a psychological evaluation. This is essential, as it helps keep those who might have an inclination to misuse guns in a harmful way from obtaining licensure.

It is worth noting that those who are seeking to obtain a license in Oklahoma as an armed security guard must also purchase or borrow their own guns from someone else prior to beginning the phase IV course. Along with the gun purchase, they must also have a sufficient number of ammunition rounds, as well as a holster. This is essential equipment for armed security guards.

What are the differences in licensing requirements for unarmed security guards and armed security guards?

As noted above, Oklahoma applicants for armed security guard licenses have to go through an additional firearms training, a psychological evaluation, and must possess an appropriate firearm, ammunition, and holster. Needless to say, all of this extra training requires more time and money. This extra training and additional expenses, along with increased risk situations armed security guards must often face, definitely warrant their higher pay.

Is it better for an applicant seeking licensure as an armed security guard to first apply for an unarmed security guard license?

If the person seeking to become a licensed armed private security guard is going to immediately enroll in phase IV, the firearms course, and attempt to pass the examination, then it is usually best for that person to wait until he or she has successfully completed it. Otherwise, the applicant will have to unnecessarily pay more money when trying to upgrade to the armed security guard license.

If an individual is not going to attempt phase IV for quite some time and/or needs work right away, then it might be better for him or her to just go ahead and apply for the unarmed security guard license. This will allow the applicant to go ahead and begin work sooner, while he or she decides when and if pursuing armed security guard training and the accompanying license will prove to be helpful.

What kinds of backgrounds do your Oklahoma private security guards have?

Our private security guards can come from diverse and varied backgrounds. Some are fresh out of security guard school, while others have prior military/police experience, university degrees in criminal justice, and more. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers appreciates dedicated, professional Oklahoma security guards from all walks of life who stand ready and prepared to serve.

What are the differences between your security guards and your Oklahoma bodyguards?

While our Oklahoma security guards can be trained to carry a firearm, they will not perform the same duties as our bodyguards will. For example, an unarmed security guard is not trained, equipped, or paid enough to take a bullet for you. In essence, our bodyguards often have advanced experience, training, knowledge, and serve in a completely different and often dangerous capacity than most of our security guards do.

Our noteworthy security guards only serve in the State of Oklahoma. They do not work outside of this jurisdiction. The fantastic bodyguards at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers will travel with you wherever you decide to go. Thus, if you plan to travel to another state or country, our bodyguards will happily accompany you.

What types of roles and duties might an Oklahoma security guard who works for your company fulfill?

Private Oklahoma security guards perform many tasks and duties.  Some of these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Plainclothes security personnel for companies, etc.
  • Commanding front desk/help/greeting/checkpoint stations/posts
  • Patrolling in security cars or on foot
  • Monitoring video cameras
  • Helping to ensure that metal detectors find weapons and other contraband
  • Ensuring the identity of those who enter a building (i.e., checking name badges, etc.)
  • Maintaining order, safety and security in schools, businesses, in governmental buildings, for special events, etc.
  • Serving as a first responder to certain emergencies
  • Much more!

As you can clearly see, our trained, dedicated security guards can perform a wide variety of tasks throughout Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Moore, El Reno, Mustang, Del City, Midwest City, Piedmont, Bethany, Tulsa, Owasso, Stillwater, and elsewhere in Oklahoma.  The aforementioned duties are only a partial list of what a security guard in Oklahoma can do.  Have more questions?  Please contact the outstanding, helpful experts at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers at (405) 593-3515 or at

What kinds of arrest powers does a private security guard in Oklahoma have?

Licensed private security guards, whether armed or unarmed, have the same arrest powers as any other citizen of the United States. However, it is important to note that security guards also do not have a responsibility and legal duty to arrest others like police officers do.

What is a private security guard?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is one of the finest Oklahoma security agencies around. Our trained experts work diligently with all of our clients to help match their needs and budget, thereby tailoring their security package to a variety of situations. The Oklahoma security guards we hire to work with Oklahoma Judicial Process servers are screened, trained, and highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Our prices are also extremely competitive and constitute some of the lowest around.

What does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers look for when hiring unarmed and armed security guards to serve throughout Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers looks for many types of experience and skills, when hiring unarmed and armed security guards. Obviously, security guards we hire will often have a diverse range of skills and experience. Some of the skills and personal qualities we highly desire are as follow:

Previous Experience (Not all-inclusive & in no particular order):

  • Former or current members of the military
  • Former or current police officers, deputies, prison guards, etc.
  • Security guards who have previous successful experience in the field
  • Those who previously or currently serve as deception experts, private investigators, and/or bodyguards
  • Oklahoma security guards with university backgrounds/degrees in criminal justice, sociology, psychology, human relations, etc.
  • New security guards who are open to receiving training/assistance
  • Those who graduate from Metro Tech, the website for which is found here . . . here4

Desired Personal Qualities (Not all-inclusive & in no particular order):

  • Prompt
  • Polite
  • Responsive
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Proactive
  • Dedicated
  • Hardworking
  • People-Oriented
  • Knowledgeable
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Diversity-Oriented & Culturally Sensitive
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible
  • Prepared
  • Professional
  • Trained/Skilled

As you can see, we at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers greatly appreciate those with a wide variety of desirable job-related skills and experience.  We do not just hire “anyone” to work with us.

How much does it cost to hire security guards in Oklahoma through Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?

Costs for our trained, licensed and insured Oklahoma security guards depend on a variety of factors.  Some of these include, but are not limited to the following, which is not an all-inclusive list:

  • The number of security guards a client desires
  • Whether or not clients need unarmed or armed security guards, or perhaps a combination of both
  • Whether or not the client is seeking Oklahoma security guards for a single event or for on an ongoing, contractual basis
  • How soon the client needs the Oklahoma security guards
  • The risk level involved for our unarmed and armed security guards
  • Whether or not travel is required
  • Work performed on holidays, weekends, and late night shifts generally cost more
  • The type of work/duties the security guards in Oklahoma will perform

If you would like to have a free quote for any of our security guard services, please feel free to contact our fantastic and dedicated staff at (405) 593-3515 or e-mail us at

In which legal jurisdictions will security guards from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers serve?

Private security guards from Oklahoma Process Servers will happily serve in any location throughout the entire State of Oklahoma. However, unlike our bodyguards, they will not travel to other states or countries.

What types of payment does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers accept for its Oklahoma security guard services?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers proudly accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards. We reserve the right to assess additional fees that credit cards and other payment methods subtract from the amount you pay us.

When do I need to pay for any security guards I hire?

Payment for our Oklahoma security guards, unless the client is established and on a special contract, is generally required up front.

Is Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers looking to hire any security guards in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has openings for both armed and unarmed Oklahoma security guards. We happily accept applications, which one may download from here. Please call us in advance to see what openings we have available.

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