Real estate purchase: the role of the notary in 5 points

Advice is the primary mission of a notary. So, whether you want to sell or buy, before signing a compromise or a promise, it is better to discuss the project with your notary. During a purchase, he will be able to guide you, point out the important points to check before committing to you (works, […]

How to save money on a notary?

The short answer is to know the official rates and to insist on their compliance. Many operations related to money require the participation of a notary public: certification of powers of attorney, signatures, many types of contracts; evidence of fidelity of translation; issuance of a certificate of inheritance, etc. All these actions are paid. But […]


The deposit system in the United States has developed due to the legal and procedural situation there, which in some cases differs significantly from other countries). In the United States, a defendant can be released on bail pending trial and is not required to be detained. By providing the deposit, the accused’s appearance at the […]

Notary services by modern standards

A good notary is always ready to listen to the client, solve his problem. An appeal to such a specialist is required by many. Some are often forced to seek qualified support. It is best to do this with the help of one trusted professional. A good notary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with experience can […]

What do notary services include?

There is a range of several services that the Oklahoma judicial process server provides including preparation of the contract of sales, donation, bailment, swaps, trust, mortgage, and recognition of debts or loans. Constitution of commercial and civil societies, preparation of contracts in this regard, protocol and preparation of minutes of assemblies and general or special […]

What can a public notary in the USA do?

Notarial activities in America and Oklahoma are very different from many other countries, in which a notary public must have a law degree and can advise, draw up documents and even replace a lawyer in some matters. In the United States, public notaries do not only have a law degree, but may not have any […]


We are going to present a series of ideas, which surely are open to criticism, but which are the result of hours of conversations with people who are dedicated to the digital-legal field, and of the investigation of what Private companies and notaries are developing on the internet. Creation of electronic services. Most of the […]

The main areas of intervention of the notary

The notary The notary knows too well about the serious problems resulting from an incomplete proposal that is poorly drafted or poorly understood. Meet him to tell him about your project. The notary server is the legal advisor of the agreement and the real estate transaction professional. With his help, buyer and seller will prevent […]