David O. Polygraph Examiner in Oklahoma City:

David O. is one of our highly trained polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City. He has over thirty-three (33) years of law enforcement experience. During that time, he has served with honour and merit as a commissioned officer in local, state, and federal law enforcement positions. He has often been “on loan” from his police department to work in the counter-terrorism unit with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

David was also trained as a polygraph examiner in OKC in the use of polygraph examination devices by world-renowned polygraph examiner Cleve Backster of Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego, California. He is one of our premier polygraph examiners in Oklahoma City, so if you would ever like to schedule a polygraph examination in OKC with our polygraph company in Oklahoma, please call Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators today at (405) 593-3515. 😊