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Process Server in Guthrie, Ok FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

A process server in Guthrie, Oklahoma at a private investigation agency can help you out when you need one most. Sadly, many people do not even know what he/she is or what he/she does until she/he/they really need(s) one at the last second. The owners of our private investigation agency, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Keefe, have put together an information page to help others learn what a process server at a private detective agency in Guthrie, Oklahoma is and what her/his/their work involves.

He/ She is an individual appointed and licensed by the State of Oklahoma to serve the process of legal documents upon individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profit agencies. They are officers of the court for the service of process only.    

As noted earlier, they serves process of legal documents for the court upon individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies, so that they receive official notice of pending legal action against them.

Skilled individuals have a ton of tips and tricks up their sleeves to serve evasive defendants/respondents. Some of these tactics include, but are not limited to, the following:

The tips and tricks mentioned above are just a few tactics they use to catch evasive defendants/respondents.

People become process servers for a wide variety of reasons. Some people enjoy adventure, and others like the quick cash and excitement. Many people like the thrill of the hunt and the gratefulness of their clients. Some are mere gluttons for punishment or are simply naïve about its dangers.

To become a process server, an applicant must first meet several requirements. These requirements are as follow:

  1. Each applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Every applicant must be a United States Citizen or otherwise authorized to legally work in the United States of America.
  3. Every applicant must be a resident of the State of Oklahoma.
  4. Every applicant must have a clean criminal record that is free of any felonies and dangerous/especially bad misdemeanors/violent crimes/sex offender registry.

Once applicants ensure that they meet the basic requirements, then they must also complete the following steps:

  1. A qualified applicant must complete a process server application and pay the associated fee at one of the county court clerk offices in Oklahoma. This step is very important to take first, as it gets the clock going ono the court date the court clerk will set for the applicant to have her/his/their Oklahoma process server license reviewed and subsequently approved/denied.
  1. Next, a person must obtain a process server in Guthrie bond from a nice insurance agency like Sherman-Hume.
  1. An applicant will also need to obtain two (2) passport-sized photos from a store like Walgreens, CVS, or FedEx Office.
  1. Next, an individual must publish notice of her/his/her Oklahoma process server application in a legal journal or paper like The Journal Record.

Once a candidate completes steps one (2) through four (4) above, she/he/they need(s) to return all the items to the court clerk where she/he/they filed her/his/their Oklahoma process server license application before the court date the court clerk set.

The cost to hire one varies, depending on several factors. These factors often include, but are not limited to, the following:

Having a Good Address to Attempt at:

Many of our clients have and thus provide them with a valid address to try at, and that works great. Other clients do not know the whereabouts of the defendant/respondent or think they have a good address. However, the decent address they thought they had turns out to be vacant, the defendant/respondent has moved, etc., and the client needs assistance from them with nationwide skip tracing. This is not a problem, because our private investigators and process servers assist with these location issues all the time for a small additional fee.

The Number of Pages to Print Out:

Most clients send them less than ten (10) pages to print out, but others will send over a thousand (1,000) or more. For obvious reasons, any client sending ten (10) pages or more to print out will incur a small, nominal fee to help cover the associated costs of toner/ink, paper, time, etc.

Whether the Client Wants Rush or Routine Service:

Many of our clients need our agents to serve the defendant/respondent on a routine basis. This means that they will begin the first attempt on service within three (3) to seven (7) business days. Sometimes they may start it sooner, but they will never begin it later than that time.

Other clients of our private investigation agency require service of process from one of them on an expedited basis. The case and matter at hand are both very urgent, and they can, if available and for an added fee, often drop what they are doing and start the service of process that very minute.

Our private investigation agency charges this extra fee, because they must put the other clients’ serves on the backburner and do the ones who have urgent matters and who can pay the expedited fee first. Therefore, they must charge the additional fees for rush service of process.

Domestication/Filing in of the Initial Court Documents

Sometimes clients need them to file in documents at a court clerk’s office and pay the filing fee, prior to serving the legal papers. Other clients need a subpoena domesticated/filed in, so the local court they can issue it before they serve it.

Filing documents takes extra time and costs money to print out extra copies. Thus, whenever our clients require them to file in/domesticate court documents/subpoenas prior to serving them, it is a service we provide but just takes more time and effort and thus requires more money.

Witness/Testimony Fees/Document Production Fees:

Subpoenas often require them to include a witness and mileage fee with them. This fee helps cover the costs of time and driving that witnesses incur when they must travel to and from a courthouse location. When the testimony takes place via Zoom or via telephone, most clients do not include a witness fee for deposition testimony for witnesses.

Other subpoenas, such as subpoenas duces tecum, require a document production fee to help cover the costs of the documents the subpoena’s demands require. Copies cost money, and thus many clients include something to help cover printing costs, etc.

As mentioned earlier, our experts can provide an extra fee to them to give to the subpoenaed witness. Other clients decide not to have one add that in, and the owners leave that up to the individual clients themselves.

Remoteness of the Area/Number of Process Servers in the Area:

Some towns and cities are so far away in the remotest areas of the land, while others have larger populations and thus more officials to do process serving in Oklahoma. As such, towns with larger populations cost less to conduct process serving in Oklahoma in, because the number of process servers is more abundant and their distance to the locations of service tend to be much closer.

When serving in very remote areas, however, they must spend more time and fuel traveling to and from the location. Thus, they must charge more money to cover these added expenses.

Level of Danger the Defendant/Respondent Poses to Our Process Server in Guthrie, OK:

Let us face it: Some defendants/respondents are extremely dangerous and will try to murder sheriffs’ deputies and process servers at the drop of a hat. Courts affirm that lawyers and other clients who know a defendant/respondent to be dangerous have a legal obligation to inform them of the danger involved beforehand. If this does not happen, families of murdered process servers and sheriffs’ deputies have a right to sue their clients.

Of course, neither clients nor owners of a private detective agency in Oklahoma can always know when a defendant/respondent is going to turn out to be dangerous. Sometimes one just never knows how a defendant/respondent will act, when presented with bad news.

For a standard fee, a specialist will make up to four (4) attempts on service to one (1) defendant/respondent at one (1) address. This fee includes the affidavit, notary, mileage, affidavit, and return postage.

As noted above, each will make up to four (4) attempts on service to one (1) defendant/respondent at one (1) address. In areas that are smaller and very remote, they might make a fewer number of attempts – perhaps only one (1) in extremely remote locations.

Yes, even if our agents are unable to get good service on a defendant/respondent, you must still pay the fee for service. Why is this? Well, please consider the associated costs that they must pay just for attempting the serve.

To successfully practice their profession, they must cover a plethora of associated expenses in their dangerous profession. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Car Mileage
  • Fuel
  • Brakes
  • Insurance
  • Car Taxes
  • Air Filters
  • Tires
  • General Repairs
  • Replacement
  • Oklahoma Process Server License
  • Office Rent/Mortgage
  • Income Taxes
  • Advertising
  • Phones
  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Training/Education Classes/Courses
  • Staff Salaries
  • Much More!

As you can clearly see, they have many expenses. Thus, remember this and please do not be stingy or entitled when interacting with and hiring professional, licensed individuals.

The State of Oklahoma licenses each expert via the county clerks’ offices throughout the State of Oklahoma. Anyone seeking to become one to do process serving, may find an application here.

Sadly, unlike in the State of Texas, Oklahoma does not require formal training or education in the field of process serving, before receiving an Oklahoma process serving license. ☹ Fortunately, some schools like SOR Training Academy offer educational classes for up-and-coming ones.

What kinds of clients do process servers typically help?

They help a wide range of clients. These clients include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Individuals

If you find that you need one to assist you, then please contact us today for more information and details. 😊

Small towns typically do not have many because their license costs are high and the amount of work for them is relatively small. This is not the only reason that it is difficult to find one in a small town in Oklahoma.

As everyone knows, working as a process server in Oklahoma at a private detective agency is very difficult, thankless profession. In small towns and villages, everyone knows everyone else and all about their business. Anonymity is difficult to obtain, much unlike in a very large city. Thus, since people always seem to blame the messenger/process server, many tend to feel hated and disliked by others in small towns when they serve court documents.

Thus, even if process serving in small towns and villages paid better money to them, many people do not want the wrath and ire of all those around them with whom they may have to come into close contact. So, many people who might become one tend to shy away from the process of serving in the Oklahoma profession. 

They tend to serve all kinds of legal documents and civil processes. Some of the most common types of legal documents that they serve are as follows:

If you have a need for these professionals to assist you with the process serving of any of these documents, please just contact Vivien Keefe, Dr. Makayla Saramosing, or one of the other process servers at our private investigation agency in Guthrie, OK today! 😊

If you really must ask this question in earnest about what happens if you try to hide from them, then you are likely not a good person and need to go home and rethink your life. Grow up. Evolve.

Have fun trying to lie that one did not serve you with court papers when she/he/they really did. Judges will typically take their word over that of a defendant/respondent, and the owners of our private detective agency in Guthrie, Oklahoma always instruct all to use shirt cameras, dashcams, etc. for additional proof.

Occasionally, some law enforcement personnel over the years out in El Reno, Oklahoma, and Watonga, OK have been very helpful and nice, but most just get in the way of our process servers and private investigators. Thus, they rarely contact police and other law enforcement personnel for assistance.

There are many types of service of process in the field of process serving in Oklahoma. The following is a list of the ways in which a plaintiff/petitioner may effect service of process upon a defendant/respondent:

Personal Service:

This type of service can take place when a process server in Guthrie at a private detective agency in Guthrie or a sheriff’s deputy places the court documents directly into the hands of the defendant/respondent, or when a plaintiff/petitioner mails out the legal documents via certified mail with a return receipt and the defendant/petitioner signs for them. Courts prefer personal service, because it ensures that the defendant/petitioner has the legal papers directly in her/his/their hands. Every state accepts personal service as an effective and valid method of service of process.

Substitute Service:

This is also a way that a process server in Guthrie, Oklahoma at a private detective agency in Guthrie, Oklahoma or a sheriff’s deputy can achieve valid service of process in many states. Substitute service is when process servers in Guthrie and sheriffs’ deputies give court documents for service upon an individual to someone else living at the home who is over the age of fifteen-and-a-half. Substitute of service upon an individual must occur at the residence where the respondent/defendant normally resides. Courts do not permit substitute service upon a defendant/respondent at any location other than her/his/their home.

Substitute service upon a business occurs when a process server in Guthrie, OK at a private detective agency in Guthrie, OK or sheriff’s deputy delivers the legal documents for a business to a legal secretary, office manager, etc., of a business at the business, instead of the registered agent herself/himself/themselves.

Not all states accept substitute service as legal process. Texas prohibits process servers and sheriffs’ deputies from serving any of their court documents via substitute service, while other states like California permit it on the third attempt at service and only when the process server in Guthrie, Oklahoma at a private investigation agency in Guthrie, Oklahoma simultaneously mails a copy to the defendant’s/respondent’s home by U.S. Mail as well.

Posting/Nail and Mail:

When serving summonses and petitions for forcible entry and detainer, also known as eviction documents, the State of Oklahoma always allow a process server in Guthrie, OK at a private detective agency in Guthrie to simply post the pre-eviction documents, commonly known as notices to pay or quit, on the front door of the evictee’s residence/office building.

When it comes to the summonses and petitions for forcible entry and detainer themselves, courts in Oklahoma do permit process servers in Guthrie at private investigation agencies in Guthrie to also post them to the front door and mail a copy to the defendant/respondent via certified mail if the process server in Guthrie, OK at a private investigation agency in Guthrie, OK or sheriff’s deputy is unable to achieve personal service or substitute service upon the defendant/respondent. However, doing so only entitles the plaintiff/property owner to gain possession of the property and no monetary damages.

In some circumstances, judges may allow process servers in Guthrie, Oklahoma from private detective agencies in Guthrie, Oklahoma and sheriffs’ deputies to simply post non-eviction documents onto the front door of a facility for good service upon a defendant/respondent, when the petitioner/plaintiff has proven to the judge that she/he/they has/had made every other possible effort to serve the individual and that the respondent/defendant in the case likely lives there and will probably receive the legal documents.

The owners of our private investigation agency in Guthrie would like to note that most judges will only permit posting/nail and mail in non-eviction cases on very rare occasions, and some never will.

Service by Publication:

Sometimes defendants/respondents simply do not want the petitioner/plaintiff to find them and avoid service at all costs. Despite the petitioner’s/respondent’s best efforts and those of their process servers in Guthrie, OK at private investigation agencies in Guthrie, OK and/or the sheriff’s deputies’ efforts to complete good service, it just proves unable to happen. In this instance, such as in divorce cases, judges may allow for service by publication, whereby the petitioner/respondent places a notice of the case in an official/legal journal or paper like The Journal Record to complete good service.

Service by publication usually takes months to complete, as the judge will likely require the petitioner/plaintiff to post the notice multiple times. Courts often consider service by publication to be “service of process by last resort”.

Guthrie, Oklahoma process servers can typically serve Oklahoma court documents twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The State of Oklahoma does not have any restrictions or limitations on hours and days a process server in Guthrie, OK at private detective agencies in Guthrie may serve process of legal documents in Oklahoma. Of course, for safety and practical reasons, most process servers in Guthrie, Oklahoma at private investigation agencies in Guthrie, Oklahoma serve process between about 6:00 am to about 10:00 pm.

Some states, such as Texas, have limitations on the dates and times process servers may serve documents that originate out of their state. Texas specifically prohibits any service of process on Sundays, while other states prohibit anyone from conducting process serving on an election day.

Process servers in Guthrie at private investigation agencies in Guthrie receive various amounts of money, depending if they work for a process serving company in Oklahoma and pay relatively few business expenses or own their own business and shell out quite a bit on business expenses. Process servers can generally make excellent salaries, if they work hard, are self-motivated, honest, dedicated, and persistent.

Some process servers in Guthrie, OK at private investigation agencies in Guthrie, OK prefer to supplement their incomes as process servers in Guthrie, Oklahoma by simultaneously working as private detectives in Guthrie, OK, mobile notaries in Guthrie, OK, bodyguards in Guthrie, Oklahoma, polygraph examiners in Guthrie, OK, nationwide skip tracers, and specialists at Oklahoma document retrieval.

If you or someone you know if interested in working for our private detective agency in Guthrie, OK as a Guthrie process server, please contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing or Vivien Keefe today for more details. 😊

Most of the time working as a process server in Guthrie at a private investigation agency in Guthrie poses no problems. However, plenty of horrific cases exist that show just how dangerous process serving in Guthrie, OK is, as some process servers in Guthrie, Oklahoma at private investigation agencies in Guthrie, Oklahoma have suffered terrible verbal and physical assaults and even murder and attempted murder.

Bad men have also brutally murdered sheriffs’ deputies in various counties and states throughout the United States of America. Some evil people have no respect for human life, not even for men, women, and non-binary individuals with a badge who put their lives on the line every day. ☹

Before becoming a process server in Guthrie, OK at a private investigation agency in Guthrie, everyone should know and understand just what she/he/they is/are getting into and how difficult and indeed deadly process serving in Oklahoma can be.

 Yes, sometimes our private detective agency in Guthrie has openings for process servers in Guthrie, Oklahoma, as well as other licensed positions in the legal field. If you or someone you know is interested in a professional career as a process server in Guthrie at our private detective agency in Guthrie, then please contact the owners, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Saramosing, today. 😊

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