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Criminal Private Investigations in Oklahoma FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Has someone ever committed a crime against you, and you need an Oklahoma criminal private investigator from a private investigation agency to help you solve the crime through criminal private investigations in Oklahoma? Perhaps you are a criminal defendant whom the State of Oklahoma has accused of committing a crime. Whether innocent or guilty, you can greatly benefit from hiring an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney and a licensed criminal private investigator to conduct criminal investigations on your behalf.

The State of Oklahoma is an extremely punitive, toxically religious, and a very young, immature state. Oklahoma incarcerates more people per capita than China and has some of the harshest, most repressive, punitive criminal and civil laws that some compare to locations like Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. At the same time, Oklahoma’s rogue, often lazy law enforcement personnel are often ill-equipped and poorly motivated to investigate criminal violations. So, whether you find yourself the victim of a crime or accused by the State of Oklahoma of committing one, you will benefit from the services of a criminal investigator.

The owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Keefe, have put together this list of helpful Oklahoma criminal private investigation FAQs to help both potential and current clients better understand how our criminal defense attorneys and criminal private investigators can assist them with criminal private investigations in Yukon, Oklahoma.

They can assist both criminal defendants accused of crimes and victims of criminal activity.

Innocent crime victims require the services of Oklahoma criminal private detectives from the best private investigation agencies to conduct criminal private investigations in Oklahoma City, because local police agencies often lack the resources and/or enthusiasm to properly conduct it on their own. It is sad that the criminal victims themselves must hire the best agent, as it seems to add insult to injury. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world that is always just and fair, and often victims receive no justice without needing to hire the best person to provide extra assistance with criminal private investigations in Oklahoma.

Likewise,  the State of Oklahoma’s criminal justice system can prove to be especially harsh upon persons accused of committing criminal acts in Oklahoma. Every criminal defendant would benefit greatly from hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City, an adept bail bondsman in OKC to post bail bonds, and a licensed criminal private investigator. Felonies and even misdemeanor charges can wreak havoc upon people both professionally and socially, affecting licenses, current and future employment, voting and gun rights, and a person’s ability to date and have a decent social life.

For better or worse, the Internet can prove to be a very unforgiving medium of information that can cause lasting harm and damage to a person’s reputation. Everyone deserves a second chance, but the Internet takes away a person’s right to privacy and to have a second chance at life. Therefore, both victims and accused criminal defendants should hire an experienced individual for such cases..

To hire one, you will need to ask yourself several questions. These questions are as follow:

  1. Have I been the victim of a crime?


  1. Is the State of Oklahoma accusing me of committing a crime?


  1. Do I have enough money to afford to hire the best kidnapping criminal investigator in Oklahoma City?

If you answered, “Yes” to the questions above, then you need to contact an arson private investigator from a private investigation agency in OKC right away, so she/he/they can conduct criminal private investigations in OKC on your behalf. Time is critical in it, so you will not want to delay in your this decision as soon as possible.

They can assist with such investigations, among other crimes, via the following criminal private investigations in Oklahoma:


An expert can conduct surveillance during investigations on witnesses and other persons of interest. In such cases, it important to see what alleged victims, alleged perpetrators, and witnesses are doing, where they are going, whom they are with, and what they are talking about.

They can prove instrumental to Oklahoma criminal inquiries. Whether you are the alleged victim or alleged perpetrator, you need to hire one to work for you.

Interviewing of Witnesses:

When you are going through the tremendous stress of being either a victim or accused perpetrator of a serious crime, it will benefit you to hire an experienced official on your behalf. A skilled agent can help interview witnesses, fleshing out important information that can benefit you as a victim or alleged perpetrator. Each licensed individual is highly trained in witness interviewing techniques and will be more than happy to independently interview witnesses of crimes of all sorts.

Collection and Analysis of DNA Evidence:

Though often referred to as junk science, Oklahoma nevertheless uses DNA evidence in a wide array of criminal cases. Whether you are the victim or alleged criminal defendant in a crime that involves DNA, such as murder and sexual assault private investigations, etc., then you need to hire the best person to do this job on your behalf.

Independent Review of Evidence:

Whether you are the victim or the person the State of Oklahoma has accused of committing a serious crime, it never hurts to have a detective from a private detective agency in Oklahoma do an independent review and evaluation of all available evidence. Law enforcement can do a very slipshod job of investigating crimes, and when you hire one, you add a vital member with invaluable experience to your prosecution/defense team who can offer independent second opinions and take more time to review evidence very carefully.

Courtroom Testimony:

Whenever he/she conducts criminal private investigations, she/he/they can then testify on your behalf as an expert witness in any courtroom proceeding. They can communicate vital information to judges and juries about the results of their case, and this courtroom can help sway a jury toward either a conviction or acquittal.

Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches:

They can also pull up a ton of public social media/deep internet search public information about both alleged victims and alleged criminal defendants in criminal case inquiries. They can pull up any public posts the person of interest (POI) has made or about whom someone else has made, as well as any public news stories involving the POI.

These social media scans/deep Internet searches help show what a criminal and civil background check alone cannot. This is because when they conduct nationwide criminal background checks, they will not show news stories that expunged records may not divulge, damning social media posts, etc. Only an experienced licensed investigator will know how to make the most of social media scans/deep Internet searches to help both alleged victims and accused defendants alike.

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Nowadays businesses, property owners, potential romantic partners, concerned parents, schools, and individuals alike all incorporate nationwide criminal background checks as a part of their daily routines. These officials also use them as part of their private investigations. These comprehensive nationwide criminal background checks show a plethora of both civil and criminal information. Both alleged victims and accused criminal defendants alike can use evidence found in these nationwide criminal background reports to cast doubt upon alleged victims, criminal defendants, and any witnesses to courtroom proceedings.

If you find yourself to be the victim of a crime, you need to immediately take the following steps:

  • Report the crime to the police in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.
  • Provide the police department with any information and evidence you might have, include sexual assault test/rape test kits, access to buildings, video footage, etc.
  • Hire the best private detective to conduct criminal private investigations and civil private investigations on your behalf. Adding one can help the police and prosecutor secure a criminal conviction against the perpetrator, thereby making the world we live in that much safer.
  • Hire an experienced attorney to assist you with both the criminal act and the civil lawsuit you may wish to pursue after a criminal conviction against the perpetrator.
  • Do not discuss the crime that occurred with anyone else, including news agencies or making posts on social media, unless advised to do so by law enforcement, your attorney in Oklahoma, and your agent.

If the State of Oklahoma has accused you of a crime, then you should immediately take the following steps:

  • Hire the best personal detective.
  • Preserve all evidence that you have access to that might work in your favor.
  • Talk to NO ONE about your case, except your Oklahoma criminal defense attorney and your licensed investigator who will be solving the case on your behalf.
  • Show up to all your court hearings and do whatever they tell you to do.

These truly are the only real steps to follow. If you need additional advice, please contact one of our experts today for more information and advice.

They can help both victims and accused criminal defendants seek justice. Some of the crimes they conduct criminal investigations in Oklahoma City on are as follow:

Sex Crimes Private Investigations:

Our licensed individuals have plenty of experience helping both victims and alleged perpetrators with their inquiries. They conduct the following types:

  • Child Molestation
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Rape
  • Lewd Molestation
  • Indecent Exposure 
  • Forcible Oral Sodomy 
  • All Other Sex Crimes 

If someone has sexually violated your body or if someone has accused you of a sexual offense, then you need to hire the one as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in these cases, so do not delay. Contact us today to see how we can assist you. 

Murder Private Investigations:

Did someone murder a loved one of yours? Perhaps the State of Oklahoma is accusing you of murdering someone? Either way, the experience is bound to cause you a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. These agents can find the truth of the matter and help bring you peace of mind.

If someone has murdered a family member of loved one of yours, then adding a licensed individual can help do what the police departments cannot and/or will not do. Too many police departments are apathetic and/or devoid of sufficient resources to properly investigate all crimes.

Likewise, if the State of Oklahoma has charged you or someone you love with a murder charge, then you are truly in the fight for your life. Murder carries the stiffest penalties in Oklahoma, including the death penalty for capital murder cases. If you lose, the State could sentence you to life without parole or even sentence you to death. You need to hire the best criminal defense attorney, bail bondsman, and detective from the best private investigation agency to conduct murder private investigations on your behalf.

They do it for the following types of murder charges:

  • First Degree /Malice/Intentional 
  • Felony in the First Degree
  • Second Degree/Unintentional Killing by Dangerous Acts
  • Second Degree Felony
  • Enhanced Punishment
  • First Degree Manslaughter by Heat of Passion
  • First Degree Manslaughter by Misdemeanor Manslaughter
  • Second Degree
  • Negligent Homicide

The tragic loss of a loved one or a pending murder charge can have devastating effects upon many people, so contact us today to let us solve your case on your behalf.

Kidnapping Private Investigations:

Did someone kidnap a loved one or family member of yours? Is the State of Oklahoma accusing you or someone you love of kidnapping? Both situations can prove to be extremely stressful. A professional can help solving the case and make your stressful time easier.

If a kidnapper has maliciously kidnapped your family member or loved one, then time is of the essence. From handling ransom calls to locating the kidnapped individual, your loved one faces great danger! From rape to other emotional and physical scars to death, everything is on the line in kidnapping cases! Hire the best professional to help locate your loved one today.

The State of Oklahoma does have some very weird definitions of what constitutes “kidnapping” of another person, and someone who had no intention of “kidnapping” another individual could easily find herself/himself/themselves facing such a terrible criminal charge.  Thus, the need to hire the best individual is even more crucial.

Indeed, one parent can even kidnap her/his/their own children by defying a court order and preventing the other parent or legal guardian from enjoying her/his/their parental rights to the child(ren). They take place all the time, because some parents are selfish and do not care about the laws or the wellbeing of their children.

If you find yourself in need of one on your behalf, then please contact one of the owners, Vivien Keefe or Dr. Makayla Keefe, at our private investigation agency today for more information. One of our specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

Burglary Private Investigations:

Whenever a thief burglarizes your home, office, vehicle, or vending machine equipment, the crime can feel very personal, because it is personal. A perpetrator violating your personal belongings and space is a terrible breach of trust and can throw your sense of safety and peace of mind into a complete state of concomitant entropy. Therefore, you need to hire the best person for your job.

An experienced individual to help catch thieves who have burglarized your property before they strike again. From helping you implement protective measures aimed at preventing future burglaries to analyzing video footage and interviewing witnesses, they can greatly benefit all victims of burglary crimes with their burglary investigations.

They can also help catch burglary crooks red-handed, by conducting counter surveillance and watching for would-be burglars to catch them hot in their tracks! They can then notify the police right then and there and get them arrested for their maladaptive, entropy-causing, criminal deeds.

            Assault and Battery Private Investigations:

The physical and emotional pain caused by assault and battery crimes can leave painful lasting physical and emotional scars. An experienced individual can help both alleged victims and accused assault and battery criminal defendants obtain justice.

The are like only having private health insurance, while the police department is like having only public healthcare coverage. When combined, assault and battery victims who have both private healthcare insurance and public healthcare coverage stay healthier and gets better justice than someone who has only one or the other or no healthcare coverage at all.

The same holds true for both alleged victims of assault and battery and accused criminal perpetrators of assault and battery, except these detectives are the private insurance and a public defender or private attorney and bail bondsman are the public insurance. By choosing to hire one on your behalf, you have successfully assembled the best legal defense dream team in Oklahoma that money can buy. The chances of a judge or jury convicting you and sentencing you to a longer sentence go down greatly, so please hire them to conduct assault and battery investigations on your behalf. Money cannot buy love, but it can buy a great defense team.

Fraud Private Investigations:

Fraud can happen to anyone, whether the person is extremely bright or duller than a loaf of moldy bread. Whenever someone has stolen your money, property, or reputation and security through fraud or has accused you of doing so, then you need to hire the best professional.  Let the experts help you as the alleged victim or accused defendant get your life back in order and obtain the justice you seek most.

Fraud crimes can include insurance fraud and Workers’ Compensation cases, and these crimes can cause great harm to victims and can carry very stiff penalties for those the State of Oklahoma finds guilty of such crimes. Be neither a victim left alone to the tyranny of injustice, nor the accused incarcerated, criminal defendant. Hire the best ones today for such cases.

Robbery Private Investigations:

Robbery crimes can be especially personal, dangerous, and can involve both threats to or the loss of property and life itself. Whenever someone has accused you of committing robbery or has committed the crime of robbery against you, it never hurts to hire an experienced robbery private investigator on your behalf. Such inquiries can yield many benefits to both alleged victims and accused criminal defendants.

Romance Scams Private Investigations:

Another form of fraud, romance scams affect more people than one might think. Even the smartest people can sometimes find that someone has duped them into giving away enormous amounts of money. Romance scams can cause great emotional and financial pain, leaving scars that can cause entropy, trauma, and financial losses that can negatively affect you for years to come. However, when you choose to hire the best agents, you tilt the scales of justice in your favor!

They can help victims of romance scam crimes try to recover their money and apprehend the perpetrator of the romance scam. Likewise, if someone has accused you of committing a romance scam crime in Oklahoma, then you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney, the best bail bondsman to post your bail bonds , and the best Oklahoma romance scam private detective to solve your case and keep you out of jail.

Arson Private Investigations:

Arson just burns me up, and if you are the victim of arson crimes or an accused perpetrator of arson, you will need to hire the best individual. Victims of arson can lose everything they have, and they need assistance in holding the arson perpetrators criminally responsible for their heinous misdeeds. When you choose to hire one on your behalf, the chances of you obtaining justice skyrocket.

Likewise, if law enforcement and/or an insurance company thinks you have committed arson, you likewise need to hire one. Do not let the State of Oklahoma make your blood boil by accusing you of a crime. Whether guilty or innocent, hire the best arson investigator today to help keep you out of jail. 😊

The cost to hire them usually runs at least $95-$200, and when you hire one it will cost closer toward the upper end of that amount. Of course, this basic per-hour cost is likely not the only expense you will incur, when you choose them.

While doing this, you may also incur one or more of the following types of expenses:

  • Mileage at or About $0.63/Mile
  • USB Costs for Storage of Photos and Videos
  • Private Investigator Report Fees
  • Hotel Accommodations for Traveling Expenses for Sexual Crimes Private Investigators
  • Food Allowances for Private Detectives’ Meals During Travel

Please keep in mind that licensed individuals incur a ton of expenses associated with running a private detective agency. These expenses are very reasonable and valid for licensed ones.

Yes, whether for a civil or criminal matter, people hire them every day to conduct private investigations in OKC. They usually conduct surveillance, interviews, and so much more as part of their criminal private investigations.

Whenever the State of Oklahoma has charged you with a crime, you will want to take the matter very seriously. Misdemeanor and felony charges can greatly hinder or even prevent good people from securing employment, gun and work licenses, drivers’ licenses, housing, the right to vote, and more.  Oklahoma is an extremely unforgiving, religious, poorly educated, for-profit prison system, incarceration-happy state with no focus on or even a desire to rehabilitate anyone. Even one minor charge can make things extremely difficult on the kindest of people.

Therefore, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney in OKC to defend your legal rights in court. You also need to hire the best bail bondsman to write you bail bonds and keep you out of jail. The third important tier in the triad of legal protection and justice for those accused of committing criminal acts in Oklahoma is to hire the best official on your behalf.

Yes, our licensed specialists know many Oklahoma criminal defense lawyers and the best bail bondsman to help you as part of your comprehensive legal defense team. If you need help accessing the assistance of a criminal defense attorney and/or a bail bondsman to post your bail bonds on your behalf, then please just contact us and ask one of our sex crimes private detectives at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City for assistance. 😊

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