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Sex Crimes Private Investigations FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Sexual Assault Crimes have a terribly detrimental impact on the lives of many, and they can happen to anyone of any gender at any age. Whether you find yourself to be the victim of such crime or are the defendant in a criminal sex crimes case, you will greatly benefit from choosing to hire the best criminal defense attorney, the best bail bondsman to write your bail bonds in OKC, and the best sex crimes private investigator to conduct sexual assault investigations on your behalf.

To assist victims of sex crimes and accused sexual battery offenders, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together a set of Sexual Assault Private Investigations FAQs. These are intended to assist forcible oral sodomy victims and criminal defendants in sexual battery cases with information about their rights and available resources to help them resolve their situation with the best possible outcome for them. The list of questions and answers in these Rape Sex Crimes FAQs are as follows:

He/ She conducts rape investigations for both victims of sexual assault and those the State of Oklahoma has accused of committing sexual battery against another person(s). In both circumstances, when a person chooses to hire one to conduct sexual battery investigations on her/his/their behalf, she/he/they have added a dedicated professional to help determine what happened and who can help speed up the justice process.

They can help both sex crimes victims and criminal defendants accused of human trafficking, possession and/or distribution of child pornography, rape, sexual battery, etc., regardless of their guilt or innocence. They can assist victims and defendants with child molestation private investigations by taking the following actions:

  1. Surveillance:

Whenever a victim of sexual assault or someone whom the State of Oklahoma has accused of committing sex crimes in Oklahoma contacts a licensed individual to conduct sex crimes private investigations on their behalf, surveillance is often needed. Hire a detective from our private investigation agency today to help monitor the activities and whereabouts of perpetrators, victims, and potential witnesses involved in sex crimes cases. Many are up to no good!

  1. Interviewing Witnesses, Family Members, Friends, & Current and Past Lovers:

During sexual assault incidences, there often exists a need to interview witnesses, family members, friends, former lovers, potential previous victims, etc. Our agents are very trained in interviewing witnesses in any sexual battery case – people who might even end up testifying on the stand in a trial! Let our expert take the burden off you and your sex trafficking attorney in Oklahoma City and do the interviewing for you.

  1. Locating and Reviewing Evidence:

With any sexual assault case, there is always a ton of evidence that needs reviewing. Whether you are a victim of sexual assault or the accused perpetrator, you will want someone other than just the police to go through every piece of available evidence. When you hire the best criminal defense lawyer and indecent exposure private detective to assist you in reviewing all available evidence, you have put yourself well ahead of the game in helping to secure yourself the justice you want.

  1. Courtroom Testimony:

They can provide both victims of sexual assault and persons whom the State of Oklahoma has charged with sex crimes with invaluable courtroom testimony about her/his/their findings during all sex crimes investigations. They are very experienced, educated, and fully licensed. Juries and judges alike take what our they say very seriously.

  1. Nationwide Skip Tracing – Locating Witnesses & Other Missing Individuals:

If you are needing to locate missing witnesses, a perpetrator, or other people relevant to a sex crimes matter, then our skip tracers can help locate people with their skip tracing services. Such assistance can prove to be invaluable in for both victims of child molestation and defendants accused of sex crimes.

  1. Conducting Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Do you need to find the “goods” on a sexual assault victim, a perpetrator of sex crimes, or potential witnesses? Think they may have a dark past that needs a specialist to further explore? Well, our private investigation agency can help pull up nationwide criminal background checks on anyone 18 or over. 😊

If our skip trace service does not provide you with the results you need to find someone, then our private detectives can also perform post office box checks to see what physical address a post office box is associated with, forwarding mail checks to help determine where someone forwarded her/his/their mail to, and can run license plates. There are plenty of ways they can assist you in locating someone. 😊

  1. Performing Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches:

Need to find out what the civil and criminal background checks do not tell you? Social media scans/deep Internet searches can show up public posts that the person of interest (POI) has made or about whom someone else has made. Social media scans/deep Internet searches also show up public news articles that could be news stories about people committing criminal acts or having made previous false sex crimes accusations.

  1. Connecting Victims of Sexual Assault & Defendants With Sex Crimes Lawyers & a Bail Bondsman to Write Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City:

Our agents are well-connected and work closely with many sexual assault defense attorneys in OKC, as well as the best bail bondsman. Whatever resources you need, they will stand ready to assist you in locating them and conducting child pornography investigations on your behalf.

He/ She works for either the victim and her/his/their family/attorney or for the accused perpetrator and the sexual assault defense attorney near me. They will conduct human trafficking investigations to try to find out what happened. Any information they will only turn over any evidence they find during their indecent exposure private investigations to the criminal defense lawyers and clients themselves.

We described in the answer to the question above the methods they use when solving cases. Each one acts very discreetly yet conducts all such investigations very thoroughly to help each client to the best of her/his/their ability.

Whenever someone is the victim of sexual assault, regardless of gender, the police and hospitals can initiate a rape kit to collect DNA samples such as semen, vaginal fluid, hair sample analysis, etc. Unless the police put a “rush” on the DNA testing, it usually takes about three months for the lab they send it off at to complete. The process can feel like it takes too much time and that the police are not doing anything to assist in the case, but this is just the average time it takes to assist victims with DNA testing/rape kits.

Every police department is different, and sometimes they can also feel impersonal, cold, and uncaring when it comes to both victims of sexual assault and accused criminal defendants facing sex crimes charges. These types of sex crimes investigations can take a long time to complete, to speak with witnesses, run rape kits/DNA testing, gather clothing, talk to possible past sex crimes victims of the alleged perpetrator, etc. Smaller police departments might engage the help of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI), while larger city police departments and sheriffs’ deputies typically conduct their own investigations.

They often take time to complete, so victims and alleged perpetrators should not expect a quick process. However, if you feel that the police department or sheriff’s office is not taking it seriously, then you will want to find a detective. They can be of tremendous assistance by launching independent rape investigations that can assist the police and Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office with pressing charges or clearing your name.

Also, depending on whether you are the victim or the alleged perpetrator in a rape case, you will also want to hire a criminal defense attorney and a bail bondsman. A criminal defense attorney in Edmond, Oklahoma and a bail bonds can also prove to be invaluable to many persons involved in sex crimes cases.

Only criminal defendants accused of committing forcible oral sodomy and other sex crimes investigations will need to hire the best bail bondsman in OKC to write bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK. Victims, unless they are lying, do not face potential jail time and thus have no need to find a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City from a private detective agency in Moore, Oklahoma to write bail bonds in Oklahoma.

Accused criminal defendants facing sex crimes investigations and sexual assault charges should also seek to find the best criminal defense attorney to help mount the best criminal defense possible. The State of Oklahoma is extremely punitive, and any rapes, sexual battery, sexual assaults, child molestation, indecent exposure, forcible sodomy, etc., will carry stiff, lifetime penalties such as serious jail time and sex offender registry. Accused criminal defendants must not take any chances and must hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer ASAP.

Lastly, both victims of sexual assault and accused criminal defendants of sex crimes should hire the best professional. He/ She can provide invaluable assistance by helping to do what the police departments and sheriffs’ deputies may not want to do and/or may lack the resources to complete. They can interview witnesses, examine evidence, conduct surveillance, run criminal and civil background checks and social media scans, and testify in court.

The cost to hire one is not cheap, but when you hire one to conduct sex crimes investigations in Oklahoma on your behalf, you help the scales of justice move closer to your favor. 😊  


If the State of Oklahoma has charged you with sex trafficking, child molestation, rape, indecent exposure, etc., you are really in the fight for your life. As outlined in the answers to other questions in these FAQs, even an accusation of sexual assault, let alone a charge or criminal conviction, can have terrible lifetime consequences and will affect you in every facet of your life. By working to find the best human trafficking defense attorney, seeking to hire the best bail bondsman to write your bail bonds, and working to find the best private agent on your behalf, you have greatly enhanced your chances of receiving a shorter sentence or even obtaining a dismissal or acquittal of the criminal charges you or your loved one currently face.

You do not want to take a risk with sexual assault criminal charges. If the State of Oklahoma has charged you or someone you love with lewd acts with a minor or some other sex crime, then you need to hire an experienced professional. If you think needing to hire the best one is expensive, just consider the price of a conviction and spend the rest of your life on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry! ☹

 Sex trafficking is when one person forces, coerces or commits fraud to make an individual or persons into commercial sexual activity for some form of financial gain. This financial gain can include money, drugs, services, favors, or other benefits. It is also referred to as prostitution is not performed in legal jurisdictions like Las Vegas, Nevada, and includes pimps who prostitute out other persons for sex so that they can gain rewards and benefits.

Sex trafficking private investigators can help both victims and accused criminal defendants facing sex crimes charges and other criminal charges via their sex trafficking private investigations. They can help victims and accused criminal defendants determine what happened, provide evidence, expert courtroom testimony, and much more.

If you or someone you know and love is facing sex crime charges or has been the victim of sexual battery, then you will want to hire an expert. Time is of the essence in such cases, so the longer you wait after the alleged sexual battery incident to hire the best person for the job, the more difficult it will be.

The justice process for victims of sexual assault can often prove to be long and arduous. From arrogant institutions like some universities can be and “good-ole’-boy” police departments, victims can often feel like reporting their sexual assault crimes are hardly worth the effort. Indeed, empirical studies on sexual assault statistics find that only about 310 of every 1,000 perpetrators will ever find themselves reported to the police, while only 50 out of 1,000 get arrested, 28 out of 1,000 lead to felony convictions, and a mere 25 out of 1,000 perpetrators ever go to jail. These statistics alone often cause many victims to not report or to stop pursuing sexual battery, rape, and forcible oral sodomy charges against perpetrators. Likewise, perpetrators no doubt breathe a sigh of relief at seeing these statistics, because their chances of arrest and going to jail are relatively low.

Once a victim reports it to the police, they usually transport the victim, the police department will likely help ensure that the victim gets to a hospital to complete a rape kit/DNA analysis. While at the hospital,  law enforcement and medical personnel will collect hair samples, fiber samples, DNA samples, and any other clothing or potential evidence that might prove to be useful. Unless the police put a “rush” on the rape kit/DNA analysis, the process could take up to 3 months or more to get the results back. As mentioned earlier, this length of time can prove to be very frustrating to victims.

Once the results of the rape kit/DNA test come back, the future actions that aw enforcement take will largely depend on a combination of the results, witness statements, video footage, confessions, if any, and other evidence which might lead to a criminal conviction of it. If the suspect is not already in custody or has not yet been arrested, the police might ask a judge to issue a warrant for her/his/their arrest and preliminary detention.

If arrest and detention occur, then a criminal defendant might hire a criminal defense attorney and a bail bondsman to post bail bonds on her/his/their behalf. Likewise, both a wise victim and a criminal defendant accused of sex crimes who have the financial means might choose to hire the best official. In fact, some defendants and victims alike begin talking with them to begin conducting forcible sodomy investigations early on.

If the legal process has gone this far, the judge, police, prosecutor, and the defendant and her/his/their criminal defense attorney will go back and forth with evidence, warrants, hearings, and perhaps a jury trial or bench trial to help determine the innocence or guilt of the person of interest (POI). Eventually, a judge may dismiss the charge(s), or the accused rapist might take a plea deal or opt for a trial that could determine if she/he/they will go to jail or go home.

When victims and accused criminal defendants take a proactive approach to their criminal private investigations, the hands of justice have a better chance of moving in the direction and with the outcome they desire. Thus, it is so crucial for all victims and persons involved in rape investigations to hire the best individual as soon after the incident as possible.

The following is a partial list of resources that victims of indecent exposure, sexual assault, etc., have available to them for assistance:

  1. RAINN – National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE
  1. YWCA Sexual Assault Services – The YWCA has been around for an extended period helping victims of sexual battery find hope and assistance.
  1. Oklahoma Attorney General Victim Resource Center – Oklahoma’s Office of the Attorney General is a governmental agency that offers resources and assistance to help victims of sexual assault.
  1. Victim Connect Resource Center – This has a plethora of resources available to assist anyone who has become a victim.
  1. Sexual Assault Center – This is yet another resource for victims who need assistance and resources.
  2. VINE – This helps communicate with victims about the release dates of their attackers, so the victims are not caught off guard.

These are just some of the many resources available to victims of sexual assault. If you need more resources and help, please contact a specialist from our private investigation agency. He/ She will be more than happy to assist you with inquiries and with providing you with more resources.

If the State of Oklahoma has accused you of human trafficking, sexual assault, sexual battery, child pornography, lewd molestation, vaginal rape, anal rape, rape by instrumentation, forcible oral sodomy, indecent exposure, or any other sex crimes, there is certainly help available! Whether you are guilty or not, you may utilize any or all the following resources:

  1. Phillips & Associates Criminal Attorneys – By far this is the best criminal defense attorney. Dustin Phillips is highly experienced, dedicated, and is extremely professional as one. Dustin’s prices as one are extremely reasonable and fair.
  1. Bail Bonds by Tamara – Tamara is the best bail bondsman in Oklahoma, and she writes bail bonds without judgments, Tamara has served for many years, and every time she writes she knows many of her clients are innocent.
  1. Innocence Project – This is a well-known organization that assists persons falsely accused of crimes such as murder, rape, etc. This organization has an amazing track record and helps many innocent people find their freedom once again.
  1. Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws This is an amazing organization which strives to help pass legislation that helps protect the rights of sexual assault victims but which also protects the constitutional rights of those accused of sex crimes in Oklahoma. The United States can go so overboard on these crimes accusations, often not even questioning whether the allegations are true and just accepting them as fact. So, organizations such as this have sprung up to help balance our nation’s sexual assault craze.
  2. Save Our Sons – This organization knows that many such allegations are bullsh*t, and they work together with victims of false accusations who need assistance to help clear their names.
  1. National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) – This organization is dedicated to the promotion of common-sense legislation aimed at rational, common sense sexual assault laws that help victims but also prevent false accusations from destroying an innocent person’s life.

If someone has committed sexual assault against you, you first need to remember that it is not your fault. Rape is never okay, nor is it ever the victim’s fault. Victims of sexual battery, rape, and other sexual exploitation should immediately take the following steps:

  1. The first step is to tell someone. This usually includes the police and a close friend/family. You need to file a police report as soon as possible.
  1. The police will also ask you to go to the hospital to do a rape kit/DNA test. This is where they collect important DNA such as semen, hair, and clothing or other items that might include evidence the attacker left behind. It is very important that you fully comply with everything they tell you to do, or it could jeopardize your sexual assault case.
  1. It is in your best interest to hire a civil rights attorney and a criminal defense attorney, even though you are not at fault. These individuals can help protect your rights and ensure law enforcement personnel and the district attorneys follow due process and proper protocols in the handling of your case. A civil rights attorney and/or a family law attorney can also help you sue your perpetrator later for damages or in the event a child is born from the rape and parental rights become an issue.
  1. You may also seek out help and assistance from organizations listed elsewhere on this page, and those may include counseling, shelter, legal services, etc., that can benefit victims. They are no doubt very traumatic events, and you will likely need to undergo therapy to help you work through the terrible experience.
  1. Please be sure to fully cooperate with all your attorneys, law enforcement personnel, and the district attorney. Try your best to provide them with everything they ask and to be as helpful as possible.
  1. It may help you to file a victim protection order (VPO) against your attacker. An application for a VPO will provide you with additional legal safeguards that can benefit you and allow the police to provide you with further assistance.
  1. You should continue to monitor the perpetrator’s legal case via this link.
  1. You may also monitor whenever your attacker gets released on Vine. You will want to know this information in case the perpetrator has threatened to cause you and/or those you love further harm upon her/his/their release.

If you find yourself needing more information and advice about such matters, please contact one today for more information. 😊

If the State of Oklahoma has charged you or someone you love with sex crimes, then you need to act very quickly, wisely, and decisively. Your entire life and future are on the line, and all the following are in jeopardy:

  1. Current Job & Future Places of Employment
  2. Family/Spouse/Custody of Your Kids
  3. Reputation/Social Ridicule/Ostracism
  4. Where You May Legally Live
  5. Sex Offender Registration
  6. Which Organizations You May Volunteer For
  7. Which Schools, Universities, Etc. You May Attend
  8. Your Financial Future/Ability to Support Yourself & Your Family
  9. Your Emotional Health
  10. Your Criminal Record
  11. News Media Stories/Humiliating Internet Search Results
  12. Ability to Secure Professional Employment & Gun Licensing
  13. Voting Rights
  14. Civil Lawsuits Relating to Sex Offenses That Can Take Your Assets
  15. Prison Time – Possibly For Life Without Parole
  16. Possibly Getting Murdered While in Prison

Now do you fully see what is on the line, when the State charges you with sex crimes in Oklahoma? Thus, you must act quickly to find the best agent to investigations on your behalf.

You must truly understand just how serious your situation is. The police and district attorneys employ only their most experienced investigators and sex crimes prosecutors to send people to prison for life, so if your defense team does not include your decision to hire the best individual, then you may likely face prison time and a horrible life ahead. ☹

Bad people can commit rape, forcible oral sodomy, child molestation, sexual battery, sexual assault, sex trafficking, etc., for a variety of similar reasons. The best experts will readily tell you that sex crime offenders tend to offend for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Control Issues
  2. Need for Power Over Others
  3. Lack of Boundaries
  4. True Sadism
  5. Lack of Empathy
  6. Poor Self Control
  7. Sexual Addictions
  8. Pedophilia & Other Paraphilias
  9. Sociopaths
  10. Manipulation
  11. Failure to Check ID/Accidental
  12. Poor Social Skills
  13. Low Self-Esteem
  14. Repression of Sexuality – Often Due to Religion and Societal Expectations
  15. Disabilities/Significant Emotional and Social Delays
  16. Psychopaths
  17. Social/Romantic Rejection
  18. Narcissism
  19. Revenge
  20. Situational Offending/Offenses of Opportunity
  21. Financial Incentives/Sex Trafficking
  22. Previous Sexual Abuse
  23. Terrible Upbringing

None of the reasons above constitutes a valid moral or legal excuse for anyone to violate the bodies and minds of others sexually. However, knowing what these causes are helps add perspective to and insights into what motivates such pathetic acts. etc.

Some people are just terrible people, and they will make terribly untrue, false accusations against anyone for a variety of reasons. Our agents will easily assert that false “victims” typically lie about having been “sexually assaulted” for one or more of the following reasons:

What are the 4 types of sexual misconduct?

  1. Manipulation
  2. Extortion
  3. Control Issues
  4. Need for Power Over Others
  5. Lack of Boundaries
  6. True Sadism
  7. Lack of Empathy
  8. Poor Self Control
  9. Low Self-Esteem
  10. Need for Attention
  11. Manipulation
  12. True Sadism
  13. Revenge
  14. Terrible Upbringing
  15. Financial Incentives
  16. Narcissism
  17. Psychopaths
  18. Social/Romantic Rejection
  19. Sociopaths

Sadly, people with the traits and qualities mentioned above do exist, and many will easily say horrible things about others with absolutely no regard for their lives, futures, hopes, dreams, etc., and will have no remorse about doing so even after many years have passed. Therefore, if the State has charged you with sex crimes, you need to hire the best professional to conduct investigations on your behalf.

The four types of sexual misconduct include the following:

  1. Rape/Sexual Assault (Forcible Oral Sodomy, Rape by Instrumentation, Anal/Vaginal Penetration, Etc.)
  1. Sex Trafficking
  1. Incest Among Adults
  1. Indecency/Lewd Conduct

Statutory Rape and Other Unlawful Sexual Activities With Underage Minors

  1. Incest
  2. Touching the Genitalia of a Minor
  3. Enticing a Minor to Engage in Sex Acts
  4. Indecent Exposure to a Minor
  5. Rape of a Child
  6. Forcible Oral Sodomy
  7. Child Pornography
  8. Solicitation of a Minor

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a sex crime, then you need to find the our agent to help bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. Likewise, if you find yourself to be someone whom the State has accused of a serious sex crime, then you need to hire the best individual.

The side with the best criminal team wins, so which one will you choose to win? Will you show Lady Justice that you are right, or will you let someone else make your life miserable? Contact us today!

Statistical empirical data shows that out of 1,000, victims only report about 310 of them to the police.

They often refer to law enforcement personnel who investigate sexual assaults, sexual battery, sex crimes, rapes, child molestation, indecent exposure, lewd acts with children, sex trafficking, forcible oral sodomy, rape by instrumentation, etc. Police detectives turn over the evidence they find to local district attorneys or other judicial authorities, who decide whether to press charges. They receive their salaries from their respective governments, and they conduct their rape investigations and forcible sodomy investigations on behalf of the alleged victims only. While their focus should be to objectively determine the truth of what happened in the alleged sexual assault, the focus of many detectives is to try to find evidence to convict an accused individual regardless of her/his/their guilt and culpability.

The term sexual assault private investigator or sex trafficking private detective often refers to criminal private investigators whom the State of Oklahoma has licensed via the Council on Law Enforcement for Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.). They own or work under a private detective agency and conduct rape, sexual battery, and child molester for a private fee. They often work with criminal defense attorneys, a bail bondsman, and on behalf of criminal defendants accused of sex crimes charges.

They may also work for alleged victim of sex crimes, helping them and their families try to gather enough evidence to help secure a conviction and perhaps to help the police with their investigations. The sad fact is that those involved in such cases often do not take these crimes seriously and/or claim they “lack” the necessary resources to conduct investigations adequately – even though they can always request assistance from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). Thus, many victims and their attorneys feel better knowing they have an independent person vis-à-vis their diligently working on their cases.

Yes, those working as one are very ethical professionals.

Sexual assault awareness month (SAAM) in the United States is in April of each year. This special month is dedicated to bringing about more awareness, its victims, and the great trauma and harm that such perpetrators inflict upon their victims. ☹

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