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Most frequent questions and answers

Have you ever wondered what a process server in El Reno, OK do? If so, you are certainly not alone in not knowing what these professionals from the best private investigation agencies in El Reno, Oklahoma do. Indeed, they perform an invaluable service that is vital to the basic functioning of our judicial system. Sadly, many people grossly undervalue their worth and fail to appreciate just how danger a job that they have.

To better help the general public better understand just how difficult their jobs have and what they do on a daily basis, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of facts that are extremely beneficial to people who wish to locate them so they can subsequently hire one to serve court papers and other legal documents. These questions and answers about process servers from the best private investigation agencies in El Reno, OK are listed below as follow:

They serve court papers and other legal documents to people, businesses, the government, etc., on behalf of the courts. They deliver notices of legal actions and other documents to defendants/respondents, witnesses, etc. Without them to serve this vital function, there would be no court/judicial system.

Private investigators, on the other hand, investigate both civil and criminal matters. They do not serve court papers or other legal documents unless they hold a separate process server in Oklahoma license. Court clerks issue the licenses for them from the best private detective agencies in Oklahoma, while the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) issues private investigator in Oklahoma licenses.

Process servers in El Reno have a very dangerous job, as do private investigators in El Reno from the best private investigation agencies in El Reno. Many persons who are licensed as process servers in Oklahoma are also licensed as private detectives in Oklahoma at private investigation agencies in Mustang, Oklahoma and vice versa.

If you need to hire the best private investigator and process server from the best private investigation agency, please find them today for more information. You can locate them at the best private detective agency in Mustang, Oklahoma. OURS

They serve all kinds of legal papers and other court documents. Some of the most common types of legal papers and other court documents that they might serve include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  1. Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  2. Summonses & Petitions
  3. Petitions for Replevin
  4. Notices to Pay or Quit
  5. Summonses and Petitions for Forcible Entry & Detainer
  6. Subpoenas to Produce Documents
  7. Subpoenas for Deposition
  8. Notices of Termination of Employment/Rent/Leases
  9. Garnishment Documents
  10. Court Orders/Minutes
  11. Hearings on Assets
  12. Indirect Contempt Citations
  13. Demand Letters
  14. Notices of Non-renewal
  15. General Letters
  16. Much More! 😊

If you need to hire a professional to help you with this, look no further. You have already been able to locate one. To find one, please hire the best one from the best private investigation agency today. 😊


The cost to hire them can vary depending on several factors. To hire them, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Whether or Not You Need to Locate a Missing Person – If you need our officials to conduct skip tracing to find missing people, there is a small fee to hire one to do so.
  2. The Number of Pages to Print Out – If you send an expert up to 9 pages to print out – up to 20 pages for NAPPS members – there is no additional fee. However, for those who send over 9 or 20 pages respectively, there is a small fee to cover the cost of printing. Indeed, some clients will send them hundreds or thousands of pages to print out, and the toner and paper costs eat up too many profits. ☹
  3. The Speed of Service You Need – If you are not in a hurry and are able to have them serve your court or other legal documents on a routine basis, the cost will obviously be substantially less. If, however, you need to hire them to serve your court documents or other legal paperwork the same day or even right that second, the cost will be higher because they must justify to other clients why they are attempting their routine serves only after the rush serves are done.
  4. Whether the Weekend or Holiday is Approaching – If weekends and/or holidays are approaching, you may want to consider choosing them to serve court papers on a rush, rather than a routine, basis if your court date is quickly approaching. Likewise, if you need service on a major holiday in the USA such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., then there is obviously a surcharge.
  5. How Many Defendants You Need Served – Like the sheriff and other process servers, our process servers and private investigators at our private investigation agencies charge per address. Thus, if you have many defendants at one address you need to have one serve papers to; you can expect to pay extra money.
  6. The Number of Addresses Our Process Servers Must Go To – Once again, just like a sheriff’s deputy and other process servers, each charge per address. Thus, if you are unsure about which address to have them to go to, then it is best to locate them to conduct nationwide skip tracing on your behalf to help locate missing persons before attempting service of process. 😊
  7. Whether You Need Any Documents Filed and/or Retrieved – If you need them to file or retrieve court documents on your behalf prior to service of process, then there is an extra fee to make the trip to the court clerk’s office and for any certified or non-certified copies you may wish to have.
  8. Whether the Defendant/Respondent is Particularly Dangerous – Let us face it: Some defendants/respondents are very dangerous indeed. Sadly, this is sometimes the case and their dangerousness can result in great bodily injury or even death. ☹When you know in advance that the defendant/respondent is very likely deadly, you have a duty to inform us and to let them charge more to hire an armed private investigator from the best private detective agency to accompany her/him/them for additional protection.
  9. Remoteness of the City/Town – Needless to say, when you need to hire a process server near me and need to hire a private detective near me from a larger city, there are often more process servers in El Reno and private investigators in El Reno from private investigation agencies in El Reno in that area to serve court papers. Thus, the cost to locate a private investigator and the cost to locate a process server from the best private detective agency to serve court papers there is going to be less.

Of course, some of the towns and cities they must serve court papers and other legal documents in are very tiny, and there are no process servers to serve papers there. In these instances, they must drive from longer distances to and from the defendant(s)/respondent(s) to serve the court papers and other legal documents. Thus, the service of process in these circumstances costs more to hire these professionals because the owners of our best private investigation agency must pay more.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the cost of hiring them. If you need to locate the best individual, you can find them from our best private detective agency with us! 😊

No, under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, persons with felony convictions or pending charges, violent misdemeanor convictions or pending charges, their licenses that judges have revoked more than twice, or who have been made to register as a sex offender on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry may not become ones. Of course, if the governor grants a pardon for the criminal charges specified above, then it may be possible for the person to become a process server in Oklahoma once more.

The day in their life is often a very busy one. Their activities often include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Conducting Nationwide Skip Traces to Find New Addresses on Evasive Respondents/Defendants
  2. Performing Document Filing & Retrieval in Oklahoma
  3. Conducting Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  4. Performing License Plate Checks
  5. Waiting and Watching for Evasive Defendants/Respondents to Come or Leave
  6. Serving Court Papers & Other Legal Documents/Filling Out Affidavits of Process Server
  7. Answering Phone Calls, E-mails, Etc.
  8. Meeting With Clients
  9. Managing Their Staff
  10. Maintaining an Office, if Applicable
  11. Marketing/SEO/Finding Clients
  12. Conducting Civil & Criminal Private Investigations, if Also Licensed as a Private Investigator
  13. Training/Taking Licensing/Continuing Education Classes
  14. Conducting Post Office Box Checks to Find New Addresses on Evasive Respondents/Defendants
  15. Conducting Forwarding Mail Checks to Find New Addresses on Evasive Respondents/Defendants

As you can clearly see, they stay very busy. Therefore, they charge the amounts of money they do as compensation for their dangerous and very involved professions.

If you need to hire one to serve court papers on your behalf, then contact one here today. 😊You can locate the best agent today. 😊

There are many traits and characteristics that make one a good agent. These helpful traits and characteristics can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Self-Directed/Self-Motivated
  2. Honest
  3. Hardworking
  4. Excellent Communicator
  5. Punctual
  6. Excellent Team Player
  7. Creative
  8. Driven
  9. Great With Paperwork
  10. Independent Yet Able to Take Direction
  11. You Have Excellent/Reliable Transportation With Tinted Windows

Do the qualities above sound like you? If so, then you should apply to become a specialist at our private detective agency. The owners of our private detective agency, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing, are always looking to hire those who can demonstrate the aforementioned qualities.😊

There are many pros and cons to those who choose to become one. According to our process servers, the pros of becoming a professional are as follows:

Pros of Employment:

  1. Flexible Hours
  2. Part Time/Full Time Work
  3. Self-Direction/No One Constantly Looking Over Your Shoulder
  4. Thrill of the Hunt/Excitement
  5. Easy Licensing Requirements/Low Cost of a License
  6. Tons of Tax Deductions/Little, if Any, Tax Liability
  7. Chances for Collaboration With Colleagues
  8. Opportunities to Expand Your Business
  9. Freedom to Set Your Own Schedule
  10. Continuing Education Classes & Other Legal Licenses Such as Private Investigator in Oklahoma Available
  11. Quick Payouts/Quick Cash
  12. If You Make a Mistake, Someone is Unlikely to Die/Not Rocket Science or Brain Surgery

Cons of Employment

  1. Dangerousness of the Job
  2. Lack of Benefits
  3. Working Odd Hours/Evenings/Weekends
  4. No Guaranteed Set of Hours
  5. Lack of Employee Protections vs. 10-99 Lack of Protections
  6. Disliked by the General Public/Poor Perception of the Field of Process Serving
  7. Interference From Law Enforcement

As you can clearly see, choosing to find employment and jobs as a process server comes with many pros and cons. If you are thinking about beginning this exciting career, then you may wish to locate one to further discuss your questions.

Yes, they really do serve other people. By delivering court papers and other legal documents to individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations, they provide official notice to litigants involved in court proceedings and other legal proceedings. Without them, our court systems as we know them could not continue to exist.

If you need to hire one, then you have certainly come to the right place! 😊 You can locate them here. Please come and find one here today. 😊

Unless you are not a party to litigation or are not a witness, etc., to it and are not the attorney representing one of the litigants to the lawsuit, then you cannot simply “refuse” service by these individuals. They serve as officers of the court for service of process purposes, and as such if they serve you with court papers or other legal documents you must take them seriously.

The purpose of having these specialists serve court papers and other legal documents is to ensure that a disinterested party of good moral character informs the individual involved in pending litigation of certain legal actions one party has taken against another, to inform witnesses of their mandated testimony, etc. They often make some sort of statement such as, “You have been served” or, “Here are some court papers for you” when handing court papers and/or other legal documents to a defendant/respondent, witness, etc.

They will typically only try to trick people into getting served who are actively avoiding service. From pretending to be food/delivery drivers to much more elaborate schemes, a crafty process server will attempt to create and devise all sorts of tricks to serve evasive defendants/respondents.

If you do not wish to have an expert try to trick you and do not want to go through all of that, please do not try to hide from them and try to avoid them. Instead, just cooperate with them.

There are many ways to serve defendants/respondents and witnesses in legal cases who are avoiding them to serve people who are avoiding service of process. They often use the following tactics to serve evasive defendants/respondents and witnesses:

  1. Waiting and Watching/Surveillance on the Person of Interest (POI) – One way that they try to find a missing person is to simply wait and watch for her/him/them to come or exit from a home, place of work, etc. Eventually people leave their homes or offices or arrive there, so if a client is willing to be patient and wait and watch for a POI to come or go, it can really pay off when it comes to serving a very evasive defendants/respondent or witness.
  2. Tricks & Disguises – Sometimes they use disguises, such as a FedEx Office-looking uniform, fake Uber Eats or Door Dash food delivery, pizza delivery, “wrong house” visitor, etc. These tricks can sometimes work wonders, when one needs to serve an evasive person. 😊
  3. Skip Trace Service – Another method our agents use is to use their nationwide skip tracing and skip trace serving. By adding some information into their database that is listed below as follows, our skip tracers, process servers, and private investigators can often pull up a plethora of information about a person of interest (POI):
  4. Full Legal Name
  5. Driver’s License
  6. Social Security Number
  7. Current & Previous E-mail Addresses
  8. Current & Previous Phone Numbers
  9. Current & Previous Home & Residential Addresses & Dates at Each Location
  10. Social Media Website URLs

In exchange for the information above, our agents can often find the following information about a POI:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Current & Previous E-mail Addresses
  5. Current & Previous Phone Numbers
  6. Current & Previous Home & Residential Addresses & Dates at Each Location
  7. Professional Licenses
  8. Nationwide Criminal Background Information
  9. Liens
  10. Bankruptcies
  11. Judgments
  12. Employment History
  13. Family/Friends/Neighbors’ Information
  14. Gun Licenses
  15. Global Watch Lists
  16. Marriage License Records – California Only
  17. UCC Filings
  18. Titled Properties – Vehicles, Office/Home Buildings
  19. Much More!

As you can see, there is much helpful information that they can find with a skip trace and nationwide skip traces. Our skip trace service is very quick, very inexpensive, and often provides very accurate results. Make no mistake: If you are avoiding our officials they will find you with their skip tracing. 😉

  1. License Plate Checks – Sometimes they can check license plates of unknown vehicles of persons of interest (POIs) to see who owns the vehicles and where that person(s) live(s). License plate checks can be an invaluable tool that skilled individuals can use to locate missing people and to find missing persons.
  2. Forwarding Mail Checks – Whenever people move from one location to another, they often file a forwarding mail request form with the United States Postal Service (USPS) so they can have the USPS forward their mail to their new residential and/or office location(s). They have special access and can file a request form that allows them special access to where that new location(s) is/are. 😉
  3. Post Office Box Checks – Whenever a person of interest (POI) rents out a post office box at a post office in the USA, the USPS requires that person and/or company to associate a physical address with it. To locate missing persons, our specialists can also file a special form with the USPS to find the name and physical address associated with a particular post office mailbox that the general public does not have access to. Like Forwarding mail checks, these P.O. box checks are quick and relatively inexpensive. 😊
  4. Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – You can also hire a private investigator from a private detective agency near me to conduct a social media scan/deep Internet search of a person of interest (POI). When you locate them to find missing people, they can pull up the following information about a POI with a social media scan/deep Internet search:
  5. Public Posts the POI Has Made About Other Persons
  6. Public Posts Others Have Made About the POI
  7. Certain Social Media Profiles of the POI
  8. News Stories About the POI

See how this information could be helpful when you need to hire a process server. Each person is very skilled in being able to find a missing person, so find one today to help you.

  1. Actively Monitoring a Person of Interest’s (POI’s) Social Media – As many of you know, many people willingly post their entire lives onto their social media accounts, and they can use this information to find missing persons. Indeed, you can hire one to attempt to add the POI as a friend on social media with a fake social media account she/he/they would be more likely to identify with and hopefully gain access to where the POI is, whom the POI is with, what the POI is doing, and at what time and date the POI is engaging in the activities.
  2. Going Door-to-Door – You can also hire a private detective to go door-to-door to in neighborhoods and to businesses to ask about the whereabouts of a POI. While this method does take more time and financial resources, they have certainly done this many times before and will be happy to use this method to help locate missing people on your behalf.
  3. Contacting Family/Friends/Employers of the POI – Yet another tactic you can do is to call and visit the family members, friends, and current and previous employers of the POI to find the disappeared individual. Each agent is very adept at being tactful and carefully and diplomatically extracting location information from individuals through a variety of discreet techniques.

If you need to hire a private investigator or a process server from the best private investigation agency to go door-to-door on your behalf to find missing people for you, then you have certainly come to the right place! 😊 You can locate them today for this job from our best private investigation agency. 😊


  1. Catfishing – Cat fishing is when you hire these individuals to go undercover and create fake romance and sex profiles to look for and bait cheating spouses and romance scammers to discover their infidelity, scams, and if needed their locations. If you need to locate people, then you can hire the best officials today to help you. 😊

You see, there really are many ways that they can use to find missing people. If you need to get this job done, please find an expert from our best private detective agency in El Reno, Oklahoma today. 😊

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