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Stalkers are dangerous, terrible people, and they can cause enormous amounts of damage and harm to innocent people who never deserve to have someone stalk them. Indeed, stalkers often follow people and those close to them, like their family and friends, around in-person, online, and more. From violating their boundaries by constantly messaging their targeted person(s) and her/his/their friends and family to making threats against their lives or even committing murder, stalking is a very serious issue and often requires the assistance of a professional to remedy the legal matter.

When stalkers strike, many people choose to hire a stalking private investigator from our private investigation agency to conduct stalking private investigations on their behalf. Indeed, the choice to locate a stalking private detective can help make your experience with stalking a great deal easier with a better resolution. Sadly, many people do not even know how to find one to conduct stalking investigations.

Fortunately, the owners of our private investigation agency in Piedmont have put together some questions and answers to help educate others about stalking private investigators in OKC. These questions and answers about how to hire the best stalking private detectives as you locate the best private investigation agency to conduct stalking private investigations are listed below as follow:

Our stalking private investigators from our private investigation agency that conduct stalking and cyberstalking private investigations define stalking as the harassment and/or persecution of someone with attention that is obsessive and unwanted.

Our stalking private detective  that conduct stalking and cyberstalking investigations on behalf of others denote that most stalkers are men who mostly stalk females that they know. Most of these females that these mostly male stalkers choose to stalk, according to them, have some sort of delusional romantic/sex/love interest in the people they stalk.

According to our experts, stalking often starts out smaller with something like constant calls or texts to a romantic interest. Many people confuse these constant calls and texts that constantly inquire about where they are and what they are doing as merely someone who loves and cares about them. However, they are quick to point out that the stalkers’ actions are not out of concern and love; rather, but stalkers instead feel incredibly insecure and wish to control their romantic interests.

One of the first things you must do to report a stalker is to fill out a stalking complaint with the city police department or county sheriff’s office in the city/county where you live, as appropriate. Indeed, before you can take the next step and file for a victim protection order (VPO) with the courts, you will also need to file the report with the police first. Victim protection orders, combined with making reports to the local police, may be enough to stop some stalkers from continuing their stalking behavior.

Many stalkers do not stop even after you have taken the actions above, and sometimes the stalking victims do not even know who their stalkers are. When this happens, it is especially important for victims of stalking to hire the best agents as they locate the best private investigation agency to conduct stalking private investigations. When you find one to help this with your case, you can help discover who is stalking you and get added protection from the stalker that can even help save your life! 😊

Whether a victim of stalking or an accused perpetrator of stalking, our experts can benefit you in many ways. Indeed, whether an alleged perpetrator of stalking and/or cyberstalking or a victim of a stalker, your choice to hire one is the right choice. 😊

When working on behalf of stalking victims, they work collaboratively with police, victim advocates, attorneys, nonprofit agencies that help victims of stalking, and others involved in the stalking matter to help bring the stalker to justice and to keep the victim of stalking safe. The number one goal of each detective is to help keep the victim of stalking safe and sound.

When working on behalf of clients who are accused perpetrators of stalking, they will instead work very closely with your criminal defense attorney, your bail bondsman in OKC that writes bail bonds, and others who will help in your legal defense.

Some of the many things that they can do to help victims of stalking and accused perpetrators the government has charged with stalking crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Locate & interview witnesses, alleged victims, alleged perpetrators, etc.
  • Conduct surveillance to see the activities of witnesses, alleged victims, alleged perpetrators, etc.
  • Help locate and review case-related evidence.
  • Provide courtroom testimony on behalf of the stalking victims or the perpetrators accused of stalking.
  • Conduct social media scans and comprehensive civil and criminal background checks to support or impeach the backgrounds, character, and/or credentials of any of the parties, witnesses, and experts involved in the matter.
  • Provide executive bodyguards in OKC protection to victims of stalking and their friends and family members.
  • Advise and counsel victims of stalking about how to keep themselves safer, and by also providing security checks on houses, vehicles, offices, etc.
  • Providing counter surveillance on alleged stalkers and others involved in any criminal proceedings.
  • Provide exclusive access to the best-vetted criminal defense attorneys and the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma.
  • Much more!

Do any of these activities above sound like something that could benefit your case, whether you are the victim of stalking or are someone the government has accused of stalking? If so, the hire a cyberstalking private investigator to conduct cyberstalking private investigations on your behalf. Your choice to locate one on your behalf might just save your life! 😊

Yes, it is indeed very wise to hire a specialist for such cases, whether you are a stalking victim or an alleged stalker. “Why is this so?” you might ask. Allow the owners of our private investigation agency to elucidate . . .

Victims of stalking often find that stalkers are un phased by mere reports of stalking to police and by victim protection orders (VPOs). Indeed, many victims of stalking will disdainfully assert that VPOs are mere “pieces of paper” that do not do anything to stop the stalking. Sadly, this often turns out to be true and many stalkers end up murdering their stalking victims. ☹

Because of this, many people who become victims of stalking end up choosing to locate an expert. Indeed, those who locate one to help determine who their stalker(s) is/are, engage in evidence gathering to help prosecute their stalkers, to help stalking victims learn how to protect themselves, as well as to provide bodyguard services for executive protection. 😊

Criminal defendants the government has accused of stalking can also benefit from their choice to hire one. Whether innocent or guilty, persons the government has accused of stalking face dire consequences for stalking. Indeed, stalkers can face prison time, loss of their civil rights, and be unable to secure jobs and housing with criminal convictions.

Many persons who hire one to help gather evidence to support their criminal defense, to locate and interview witnesses, and to provide professional testimony during trials and other hearings. Our agents also have professionally-vetted criminal defense attorneys, a bail bondsman that writes bail bonds, and other professionals who can assist with the criminal defense process that they can help personally connect you with.

They are not illegally stalking others like stalkers stalk their victims. Indeed, stalkers stalk their victims to hurt them and because they do not respect their boundaries and want to control them or even kill them.

On the contrary, people hire one with this job. These private investigations that licensed individual conduct are completely lawful and are only for private investigation purposes.

According to our cyberstalking private investigator that conduct cyberstalking private investigations, the four SLII categories of stalking are as follow:

  • Surveillance (S)
  • Life Invasion (L)
  • Intimidation (I)
  • Interference Through Sabotage and/or Attack (I)

Bryan Kohberger is one prime examples of an “incel” (involuntarily celibate) person who is very sick in the head. He stalked out multiple victims on many occasions, and eventually he went in and murdered 4 innocent college students in cold blood. Bryan Kohberger is one strong example of why you always want to hire a stalking private investigator on your behalf, whenever you even slightly suspect someone might be stalking you. Sadly, it appears that none of Bryan Kohberger’s stalking/murder victims never even knew he was after them. ☹

Many people wonder who the most common victims are, and our stalking detectives often find themselves needing to answer this question for others. Thus, according to them, the most common factors among stalking victims are listed below as follow:

  • 4 Out of 5 Stalking Victims Are Women, While Men Commit Most of The Stalking.
  • Most Know Their Stalkers. Less Than ¼ of Women And Only About 1/3 of Men Actually Personally Know Their Stalkers.
  • Women Who Become Targets of Stalking Are Usually Stalked by Current and Former Romantic Partners.
  • Females Who Are Between The Ages of 18-24 Experience The Vast Majority of Stalking, While Females Ages 18-29 Experience a Composite Total of 52%.

These statistics above are just some of the many statistical facts about stalkers and the types of victims they choose. Indeed, they, just like other predators, prefer vulnerable people upon whom they can prey. ☹ Thus, when stalkers strike, you need to locate a specialist to solve the case on your behalf.

Ever wonder what characteristics stalkers have? Our stalker private investigators have put together a short list statistics of common characteristics that many stalkers share. These characteristics of stalkers are as follows:

  • Gender: 4/5ths of Stalkers Are Men.
  • Rejection: They note that many stalkers are involuntarily celibate (incels) and they often have great difficulty forming and maintaining relationships with others. Many stalkers experience much rejection from romantic and perhaps even mere acquaintanceships and friendships, so stalking often becomes a pattern of behavior for many such people facing rejections.
  • Obsessions: They also note that many stalkers become obsessed with people they stalk. This is usually out of romantic interests or even anger, control, vindictiveness, and/or jealousy. When obsessions occur due to romantic reasons/fantasies, the stalker may or may not be currently romantically involved with the person she/he/they is/are stalking.
  • Intelligence: Each also denote that most stalkers are highly intelligent in their verbal IQ areas. However, when it comes to performance IQ and emotional intelligence/EQ, stalkers often lack the needed social skills needed to find success.
  • Motivation: They denote that stalkers are often highly motivated by delusional thoughts that the person or people they are obsessed with are the “only” people they can ever “love”. Stalkers with revenge and vindictiveness as their main motivations find themselves highly motivated to punish their stalking victims.

Other Common Traits Among Stalkers:

Our experts have some other common characteristics of stalkers they would like to share with you. According to each of them, some of the core personality characteristics of stalkers are hereby listed below as follow:

  • Deceptiveness
  • Jealousy
  • Obsessive-Compulsive/OCD
  • Narcissistic Personalities
  • Manipulativeness
  • Falls “In Love” Right Away
  • Social Awkwardness/Uncomfortable to Be Around
  • Controlling Behavior
  • Fails to Take Responsibility for Her/His/Their Own Feelings & Actions
  • Does Not Understand How to Take, “No” As An Answer
  • Not Able to Properly Cope When Rejected
  • Very Entitled
  • Depends on Other People For Her/His/Their “Sense of Self”

Do the characteristics they listed above sound like someone you know? Is someone stalking you, or has the government charged you with stalking others? If so, you need to hire a female private investigator to female private investigations on your behalf. 😊

Our detectives of stalking are quick to point out that there are many types of stalking behaviors that many stalkers engage in. Indeed, many victims of stalking and members of the public in general are not even aware of what constitutes this behavior.

Fortunately, they have listed common stalking activities below that many stalkers typically engage in:

  • Any attempt to approach a person in any public area or even on their private land.
  • Showing up where someone lives, works, goes to school at, works out at, etc.
  • Attempting to contact someone and/or her/his/their friends, family members, colleagues, classmates, etc., in any way whatsoever without that person’s consent. This may include, but is not limited to, E-mail, text messages, in-person, via apps, over cell phones, leaving written notes on the person’s vehicle, social media websites, U.S. Mail, with flowers/candy, etc.
  • Making up fake social media profiles to view the person’s activity.
  • Choosing to hire a private investigator to follow the person without a valid legal reason.
  • Any action which violates a victim protection order (VPO).
  • Trying to follow, “merely” observe, or “accidentally” show up at the same place as the person.

These items above are just some of the many examples of stalking. If someone is stalking you or someone you love and care about or if the government has charged you with stalking-related crimes, then you need to hire the best agent to solve the case on your behalf. Locate the best agent today to conduct all your stalking investigations. 😊

As any specialist can tell you that stalking behaviors clearly violate boundaries. Just as you must constantly enforce your boundaries for others to respect them, so, too, must you nip stalking behaviors in the bud as soon as they start. If you think that enforcing your boundaries and combatting stalking right away are not important, then think again!

When you do not address a person’s stalking behaviors right away, then they will only get worse and worse. Stalkers will keep upping the ante and will go bigger and bigger. Those that commit murder often start out with smaller stalking behaviors and work their way up in the types of stalking behaviors and the frequency with which they commit them. Most stalkers do not commit murder right away. Thus, it is imperative for you to nip stalking in the bud and to get help by contacting law enforcement and choosing to hire one to do this job on your behalf. 😊

They can find themselves triggered by many different things that makes them start stalking others. Firstly, they have toxic personalities with stalking qualities as part of their personalities. The owners of our private investigation agency have listed many of these traits elsewhere on this page. However, some of the most common triggers that make them want to stalk others, according to our detectives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Firing from a job/place of employment
  • Rejection by romantic interests
  • Arrests by law enforcement
  • Breaking up with a romantic partner
  • Becoming an “incel”/involuntarily celibate
  • Someone “wrongs” the stalker somehow

These are just some of the many triggers that can make stalkers, such as quadruple murderer Bryan Kohberger, want to stalk and perhaps even heinously murder other people. If someone has begun to stalk you or if the government has charged you with stalking-related criminal charges, then you need to hire an individual as you find the best private investigation agency to solve such cases. 😊

As every official can tell you, victims of stalking can suffer terrible consequences. ☹ According to them, the most common consequences of stalking that victims suffer include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Tremendous Fear
  • Feelings of Being Unsafe
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Being Less Likely to Leave Their Home/Engage in Social Interactions

Do you see why we must stop people who stalk? Stalking is not okay, and stalkers can inflict horrendous harm upon their stalking victims. Thus, victims of stalking should always alert law enforcement at the first sign of stalking, as well as to hire a specialist.   

As any investigator can tell you, stalkers are sick, toxic people with no respect for the boundaries of others. Often lacking social skills and empathy, stalkers cause much destruction and harm to their stalking victims. ☹

Stalkers’ atrocious behavior also often stems from their own mental illnesses. Indeed, they denote that many stalkers suffer from mental illnesses which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – Especially in Female Stalkers

These are just some of the personality disorders psychologists, psychiatrists, private investigators and detectives of stalkers at the best private detective agencies. If someone is stalking you or someone you love or if the government has criminally charged you with stalking, then you need to hire one to conduct stalking private investigations. 😊

Sadly, the laws of Oklahoma mostly consider the crime of stalking to be a misdemeanor with a mere punishment of up to a year in prison, up to $1,000 in fine, or both the fine and imprisonment. However, unless the case of stalking was severe and/or the perpetrator had many other previous criminal offenses, most stalkers charged with a misdemeanor stalking criminal charge will likely not see any jail time. Of course, sometimes the government charges stalkers with more serious crimes called felonies.

Under certain circumstances, the government can charge stalkers with felony crimes of stalking. This occurs when stalkers violate a victim protection order (VPO) or a condition of their parole which mandate no contact with the individual they stalked. Also, if an accused perpetrator has already finished her/his/their sentence for a threat or actual use of violence against their stalking victim or a member of her/his/their family, then the stalking crime is also a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Indeed, felony stalking charges carry up to 5 years imprisonment and/or up to $2,500 in fines.


To know who is stalking you, you need to find out who is engaging in the stalking behaviors against you and know how to identify stalking behaviors themselves. Our stalking private detectives have previously described some of the common types of stalking behaviors that many types of stalkers engage in elsewhere in this set of FAQs.

According to our cyber stalking private investigators, the most common form of stalker is one known as the simple obsessional. These types are generally males who are hyper focused upon their female ex-lovers, ex-bosses, ex-wife, etc. Obsessional ones, according to our professionals, often start their stalking before the romance/sex relationship or work relationship formally ends.

Yes, without a doubt, any member of law enforcement, licensed criminal defense attorney near me, bail bondsman near me that writes bail bonds near me, therapist, stalking private investigato will assert that stalking is a clear form of emotional abuse.

When dealing with stalkers and cyber stalkers, it is imperative to ascertain what type of stalker or cyber stalker you are dealing with, according to our professionals. Indeed, once you know what type of stalker you are dealing with, you can have a better idea of what her/his/their motivations for stalking you are and how dangerous the stalker might be.

Thus, for the public’s benefit, the owners of our private investigation agency have decided to list the different types of stalkers below:

  • Rejected Stalkers: These type of stalkers are ex-lovers of their victims. Rejected stalkers either seek to “fix” the relationship and stary again, or they want to seek revenge upon their ex-romantic partner for the rejection or perceived rejection itself.
  • Resentful Stalkers: They want to exact revenge upon someone who has made them angry or who has otherwise “done them wrong” in some way or another. The more fear and terror a resentful stalker can inflict upon her/his/their stalking victim, the more powerful these kinds of resentful stalkers feel.


  • Intimacy-Seeking Stalkers: They often view their stalking victims, most of whom are acquaintances of theirs, as someone they would like to pursue a romantic interest with. By engaging in such behaviors, these individuals erroneously believe that these people they are stalking will change course and will want to date and even pursue a romantic relationship with them. Please keep in mind that most of them are very socially awkward and often suffer from mental illnesses like erotomania.
  • Incompetent Suitor Stalkers: They often suffer from a lack of social skills, which may be due to autism or another disability. They often want to have a short-term sexual relationship or date with their stalking victim, instead of a meaningful relationship. Incompetent suitor stalkers often just tend to not to know how to obtain and sustain a romantic relationship. Their behaviors are usually short-lived, but sometimes their behaviors can continue because they do not have an awareness of the seriousness of their actions and/or do not really care how their stalking behaviors affect and harm their victims.
  • Predatory Stalkers: They can be of any gender and can seek out victims of any gender. While most of them are male and stalk female victims, this is not always the case. These types of individuals are in it for sexual gratification and to satisfy their deviant sexual behaviors. Often deriving power from their stalking activities, they often engage in voyeurism and the collection of personal information about their stalking victims, prior to sexually assaulting their victims.

If you find that you or someone you love has become the victim of a stalker or if the government had charged you with stalking, then you need to find the best private investigator for it me to conduct stalking private investigations on their behalf.

Merely having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) does not mean a person will stalk someone else. Indeed, obsessions and compulsions concomitant with OCD can manifest themselves in ways which have nothing to do with other people at all. Some people with OCD do stalk others, as obsessions and compulsions can include stalking others.

Most victims are female, and most are adults between the ages of 18-29. Adults between these ages, especially as it relates to females, tend be prettier, less experienced, more vulnerable, and perhaps more likely to be single than their older counterparts and more likely to go on dates and socialize with others. Unlike minors, many adults aged 18-29 are no longer under the constant watchful eye and protection of their parents, though some exceptions do exist for offspring of all ages. Thus, stalkers choose the easiest, prettiest, most vulnerable prey they can find to harass, manipulate, threaten, etc.

While law enforcement and the judicial system typically consider harassment of one person by another to be a crime, this criminal charge is not generally viewed as serious in nature as stalking this.

Each private detective has suggestions for what to do when they begin stalking their victims. According to them, the ways to combat stalkers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identify the Problem as Stalking by Knowing What Constitutes Stalking.
  • Know and Understand What Type of Stalker You Have.
  • Try to Understand How Much Danger You Face.
  • Remain Vigilant & Watchful for Signs of Stalking.
  • Make Sure You do Not Have Any Contact With Your Stalker.
  • Ensure You do Not Accidentally Give Off Any Unintentional Signals or Messages to Your Stalker.
  • Make Sure All Your Personal Information is Hidden.
  • If Needed, Seek Out a Victim Protection Order (VPO).
  • Seek a Move to a Location You do Not Disclose to Anyone Else.
  • Ask Others for Help – Law Enforcement, Stalking Private Investigator From a Private Investigation Agency, Family & Friends, Etc.
  • Make Sure Other People Know About Your Problem, So They Can Help Support You & be on the Lookout for You.
  • Make Sure You File Police Reports of Stalking to Law Enforcement.
  • Hire an Attorney for Stalking in OKC to Help You Fight Legal Battles,
  • Get Assistance From Anti-Stalking Organizations & Other Non-Profits.
  • See a Therapist for Assistance.
  • Contact a Victim’s Advocate.
  • Make Sure You Enact a Special Safety Plan.
  • Conduct Security Checks on Your Home to Ensure Your Safety is Maximized. Install Video Cameras, Deadbolt Locks, and Burglar Alarms.
  • Share Your Location on Your Phone & Vehicle With Your Closest Family.
  • Ensure That You Collect & Retain All Possible Evidence of Stalking.
  • Make Sure You Record All Phone Calls & Save Voice Mails, Text Messages, E-nails, Social Media Messages, Etc., From Your Stalker.
  • Remain Constantly Vigilant.
  • Keep a Log of All Stalking Activities You Experience.
  • Stay Alert to Any Signs of Escalation of Stalking Tactics & Their Frequency.
  • Always Set Clear Boundaries That Send Clear Messages to the Stalker That Such Behavior is NOT Okay.
  • Ensure the Stalker is Fully Aware That You do Not Want Any Kind of Relationship With Her/Him/Them.
  • Make Sure Your Stalker Knows That You Will NEVER be Interested in Any Kind of Relationship With Her/Him/Them, and No Actions of Hers/His/Theirs Will Ever Change That.


  • Always Try to Remain Calm & do Not Communicate Anything to Your Stalker When Emotional.
  • When You Must Communicate With Thwm, Ask for Support From Others to be There With You.
  • Make Sure You do Not Engage Him/ Her With a History of Violence in Any Way, Shape, or Form.

These tips above are some of the best advice that each agent can provide to victims of stalking.

If you need to hire one, then look no further! You can easily locate them as you find the best private investigation agency. OURS😊

Our specialists denote that there are tons of ways that stalkers can cyberstalk people from the relative “safety” and “comfort” of their own homes. The ways which cyber stalkers often stalk their victims via cyberstalking include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communicating with their victim via E-mail, text messages, or social media/chat app messages in ways that are threatening, frightening, etc., to the stalking victim and/or her/his/their friends & family.
  • Any form of harassment on social media.
  • Tracking their victim’s phone, Internet, iPad, & other computer usage.
  • Using GPS technology or even choosing to hire an expert to follow the stalking victim.

These are just a few of many different examples of cyberstalking. If you or someone you know is experiencing cyberstalking, then you need to hire a cyberstalking private investigator on your behalf. Do the right thing and find the best individual today to help you with this case. 😊

According to each expert in our company, only sick, toxic, dysfunctional personalities stalk others. Each one always recommend that you never date and certainly never marry or have children with a stalker, lest you severely regret your decisions!

More specifically, they also note that many stalkers are terrible narcissists and even more dangerous sociopaths. Indeed, stalkers come across to many others as charming and charismatic and perhaps even very comely and sexy. They always continue to warn others not to let these qualities fool their stalking victims and others, however.

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