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Can Notaries Act As Proctors For Exams?

A notary public has one main role — to make sure that the legal documents are being signed by the correct person by carefully verifying them, thus preventing fraud from taking place. To be a notary public in Oklahoma City, you cannot be convicted of any felony. Thus, what safer way would there be to make sure that those students who are taking online exams are being invigilated, than by hiring a notary public as a proctor? But can notaries act as proctors for exams? Let’s explore.

Why Students May Need An Independent Exam Proctor

Due to the changing times and influx of modern tools and technology, educational institutes are allowing their students to study and take classes online. Thus, for students who opt for online classes and assessments, it is essential to make sure that they do not cheat, as it can be very easy for them to do so when they are giving online tests alone. To limit cheating, students are required to take their exam outside of their residence, for example in a library or anywhere suitable with internet access. The independent exam proctor meets the student at the location chosen and there the exam begins.

How Are Notaries Fit To Be Proctors?

Proctors do not require a notary commission, but since notaries have underwent a detailed background check, they are the model candidate for a trustworthy and impartial proctor. This does not only assure the school that the student will be invigilated appropriately, but it will also help the student feel comfortable while giving their exam.

How Does It Work?

  1. The school sends test instructions and one copy of the exam to the notary public from Oklahoma.
  2. The student brings their identification documents along with them to the chosen location. Once the students have been verified through their identification documents, the notary then administers the test.
  3. Once the exam is completed, the notary certifies the exam and it is then forwarded to the school.
  4. The student can bring along only the items that are allowed by the school, for example stationery, notes or a calculator, which are checked by the notary public from OKC before the exam commences.
  5. Items such as cellphones, books or personal digital assistants are not allowed during the exam.

Thus, notaries are very well-qualified to act as proctors for online and even written exams, and can ensure that the exam is taken within the conditions set by the school.

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