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Can Notaries Be Sued?

A notary public’s life usually just comprises of a lot of desk based work, with clients coming in and out. Notaries also travel to their client if needed, or if they want to pursue their career as a freelance notary public. Notarizing documents for a living may sound easy and interesting. However, even the job of a notary public in Oklahoma City can be difficult. Even authorized public officers need to be aware of getting sued. How can notaries be sued? Let’s explore.

What Does A Notary Public Do?

A notary public is an authorized public officer who performs legal formalities such as drawing up or certifying contracts, attesting deeds etc. Thus, you may wonder how someone offering a straightforward service to people might get sued.

Reasons A Notary Public Might Get Sued

The main reason a notary public from Oklahoma may get sued is for being negligent when it comes to notarizing forged documents. A notary public from OKC may also get sued by the lender if you return documents too late. If a borrower cancels their loan, a lender may sue you. Your state government might come after you if you wrongly advertise yourself as a notario or an expert on immigration. And the simplest reason notaries may get sued is for not requesting the signer’s personal appearance. These are some of the reasons why a notary public might get prosecuted.

How Notaries Can Avoid Being Sued

The easiest way to avoid being sued is to follow the state’s requirements regarding a signer’s personal appearance no matter what. Always make sure you have the complete set of documents needed to notarize the document. Another thing notaries can easily accomplish in order to avoid a lawsuit is by requesting their signer’s identification. Also, make sure the signer is aware and willing to sign the documents, as it could cause a huge problem if they are reluctant, pressurized or disoriented. A simple way to make sure they are willing is to ask them simple questions regarding the documents they are about to sign. If you are notary public in Oklahoma City make sure to keep a record of all of your notarizations.

Overall, a notary public may not have been intending to cause any harm or perform an illegal act. However, it may still unintentionally be done, in which case the notaries should take preventative measures to avoid lawsuits and also should be extremely cautious before notarizing any document. So, the best advice for notaries in order to stay out of trouble is to not offer any extra advice and to remain impartial.

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