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The aim of hiring a private investigator for child investigation is to get a capable hand to render satisfactory services. This article contains a guide on the hiring process to help you achieve this. Hiring the best private investigator from a private investigation agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, to conduct Oklahoma child custody private investigation should be seamless, and this guide will help you achieve it.

Who’s A Child Custody Investigation Private Investigator?

Child custody investigation private investigators are expert detectives under a private investigator agency in Oklahoma that specializes in the impartial assessment of a parent or both parents and family members to deem any of them fit or unfit to take custody of a child.

The investigation focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the parents, with emphasis on parenting skills, child development, and family dynamics. This investigation is usually needed during a divorce. The court can initiate it, or you can hire a private investigator privately on your own.

Why It’s Important to Hire A Good Child Custody Private Investigator

You shouldn’t compromise when hiring the best private investigator at a private investigator agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, to handle your child custody investigation case because the investigation result affects your child’s well-being and safety in the long run.

Missing important evidence of acts that may have detrimental psychological effects on a child, or failing to uncover unhealthy parenting styles, unfit living, etc., are costly. Thus, you must get the best hand for this investigation to avoid paying a heavy price for anything contrary. Below, we look into ways to hire the best Child custody private investigator to handle your case.

Proven Ways to Hire The Best Private Investigator from a Private Investigation Agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, to Conduct Oklahoma Child Custody Private Investigations

If you need an Oklahoma Child custody private investigator in Bethany, Oklahoma, here are tips that can help you get the best:

Referrals from a trusted source

This is one of the most reliable ways of getting an excellent child custody investigator at a private investigator agency in Bethany, Oklahoma. Friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors that have had the cause to use a child custody investigator in the past can always refer a good one to you, provided they had a good experience working with the private detective.

It’s most advisable to get your referral from two or more people, compare the list you’ve got, or review them separately to choose the best in your opinion. Individuals love to maintain credibility, and as such, trusted allies will always ensure their referrals aren’t out of bias or inclination towards the person. Rather it is based on competence and experience.

Internet search

Search results for inputs like “Best child custody private investigator in Bethany,” “Private investigator agency in Bethany with the best child custody investigators,” “Best child custody private investigator near me,” etc., can be useful in your quest for the best private investigator to handle your child custody investigation in Bethany, Oklahoma. Your result will contain numerous options, and you can always review each search result to choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Leverage social media platforms

Social platforms are becoming increasingly useful in searches. They’re millions of individuals online, with a higher chance of 100,000+ individuals from the region you wish to hire a private investigator for child custody investigation. Sharing your needs and criteria, you require a private investigator in Oklahoma City to help you get the best candidate in a short while. It’s usually less stressful than an internet search.

Things to do before hiring a private investigator for child custody investigation

You can get a private investigator at a private investigator agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, using the methods above. However, you must do certain things to increase your possibility of hiring a good private investigator that can provide satisfactory services. These things include:

Highlight the traits you want in the private investigator

As unnecessary as this may seem, it helps you hire the best private investigator for child custody investigation faster. You have a better chance of hiring a competent private investigator that can deliver satisfactory services when you have preconceived traits you seek in the prospective private detective.

To achieve this, you must research the role and what makes a good child custody private investigator. With this, your searches become intentional, and it would be easy to choose between multiple options.

Review the track record of the prospective private investigator

Online reviews and past clients’ experience with the prospective private investigator you intend to hire can help you gauge their competence level and how easy it is to work with them.

Carefully reviewing these pointers can help you determine the perks of working with the private investigator and what to expect as cons.

You should also consider the reputation of the private investigation agency the private detective you intend to hire works, amongst other things. Track records also reveal the prospective investigator’s experience level, expertise, and knowledge in the field.

Ensure the prospective private investigator has the required credentials

Another thing you want to make sure of is that the private investigator you’ll be hiring for your child custody investigation case possesses the necessary documents and licenses to work. This is important because, without them, most of the private investigator’s activities would be deemed illegal under the law.

Top child custody private investigators at a private investigator agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, must know the necessary documents and credentials to carry. It is equally important for you to research the role to know the right things to demand when hiring a private investigator.


Following the steps mentioned in this article effectively can help you get the best private investigator at a private investigation agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, for a child custody investigation in Oklahoma. You should also implement the necessary tips to hire the right private investigator.

Excellent track records, professionalism, timeliness, availability of necessary documents and licenses, and great reputation are the top qualities to look out for in the private investigator.

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