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Most frequent questions and answers

All too often, children fall victim to perpetrators of sexual violence and other forms of child abuse and maltreatment. Child molestation happens to kids and teens of all ages and genders because of their vulnerability. Whenever this occurs, many people contact law enforcement or the Department of Human Services (DHS). Sadly, these agencies often fail too many children. Thus, many people choose to hire a child molestation private investigator from the best private investigation agency to conduct child molestation private investigations.

Many people need to learn more about how to locate one. Indeed, many people need help finding them.

Fortunately for society, the owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City have put together a series of questions and answers about child molestation and child abuse private investigations that potential and future clients often ask. These questions and their accompanying answers about them are listed below:

Our child abuse private investigator states that there are several main types of child abuse. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Parental Substance Abuse
  • Sex Trafficking/Human Trafficking
  • Parental Abandonment

If you have any further questions about child abuse or need to know more, then please find a detective as you locate a private investigation agency to conduct child molestation private investigations today.

The children who are most vulnerable to child abuse typically include the most vulnerable kids: Babies and very young kids because they are so little, as well as kids with disabilities and those who require continuous care are most vulnerable to abuse. Also, girls are more likely to find themselves victims of sexual abuse and kidnappings. Additionally, the average age of human trafficking for boys is 11, while the average age for girls is 12. There is no data on non-binary and gender-fluid children. As you can see, the more vulnerable the child/teen, the more likely it is that she/he/they will become tragic victims of abuse. ☹

Child abusers come in all shapes and sizes and can be other children, teens, and adults. According to our detectives, many child abusers share some or all the following characteristics and traits:

  • Having Thoughts About Being Sexual With Children and Acting on Those Thoughts
  • Immaturity
  • Low Self-Esteem/Low Self-Worth
  • Poor Self-Control
  • Often Married or Otherwise in a Committed Relationship
  • Cognitive Distortion
  • Lack of Impulse Control
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Previous Victims of Physical, Emotional, and/or Sexual Abuse & Neglect
  • Overwhelmingly Religious – Especially Religious Leaders
  • History of Substance Abuse
  • Often Male
  • Often White
  • Often Middle-Aged
  • Often Very Intelligent and Perhaps Highly Educated, But Not Always!
  • Often the Parents of the Child or Other Family Members/Close Friends
  • They Have Access to Children.

They denote that someone having the qualities above does not automatically make that person a child abuser. However, the more traits and qualities above they have, the more likely the chance that she/he/they could be a child abuser and/or enabler of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

To spot an abused child, our professionals state that there are several indicators to be on the lookout for. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sudden Changes in Behavior
  • Hostility
  • Withdrawing From Friends, Classmates, Other Family Members, & School
  • Acute Loss of Self-Confidence
  • Hyperactivity Not Associated With ADHD
  • Anger
  • Unusual Crying
  • Anxiety and/or Sudden, Unusual Fears Not Associated With Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or Other DSM V Manual Disorders

The indicators above are only some of the many possible indicators. While any of the indicators above does not necessarily indicate child abuse, our agents wish to remind everyone that the more of these qualities you see in a child or teen, the greater the likelihood of abuse.

If you or anyone you know has experienced it, please contact a member of law enforcement, teacher, parent, social worker, counselor, or child abuse private detective you trust for help. They will always stand ready and willing to assist with investigations whenever you need them.

Several difficulties come with investigating crimes that someone has committed against children. Firstly, the mere fact that the victims are children can make the investigation especially heartbreaking and difficult, as any specialist from the best private investigation agency can tell you.

Secondly, trying to get children and teenagers, especially very young kids, to verbalize what happened to them properly can also present a big challenge. Many young kids lack the language and verbal processing skills to properly communicate their needs and experiences to adults in an effective way. This can become more difficult if an adult or another child or teen has threatened them to stay silent. Only people expressly trained in interviewing children should undertake the task, and they should not do so in the presence of anyone who might have been an abuser.

Whenever a person goes missing in Oklahoma, there is a special alert system that can alert everyone’s phones to make them aware. The intended purpose is to help find the missing persons as quickly as possible. Most of the time when Amber Alerts go out, it is because a child has gone missing. Amber Alerts only take place when someone has abducted the missing person, and law enforcement have reasonable suspicions to believe that the child, teen, or adult is facing imminent danger.

In the State of Oklahoma, some persons are “mandated reporters.” A mandated reporter is anyone who is at least 18 years of age who has reason to believe that a person under 18 years of age is a victim of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect to report the situation right away to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS). The State of Oklahoma can criminally charge anyone who fails to report such occurrences.

Whenever it comes to the point where allegations of abuse have evidence that makes it more likely than not that the allegations are true, then the allegations are to be substantiated. This level or standard is called the “preponderance of evidence.” It is important to remember that not all allegations of abuse are true.

According to our experts, there are several steps you should take when processing an allegation of abuse against a child, teen, or adult. These are listed below as follow:

  • Ensure the safety of the alleged victim.
  • Document any statements and collect evidence during child abuse private investigations.
  • Determine via an administrative process or possible indictment whether there is enough evidence to proceed to a trial or formal hearing.
  • Let the accuser and her/his/their representatives/district attorney/Oklahoma Department of Human Services present the case, and then the accused should get to present a defense.
  • The judge, jury, administrative officer, etc., will decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. Civil lawsuits may also follow, regardless of the outcome of the criminal determination.

They always remind everyone that it is essential to remember not to try the accused in the Court of Public Opinion and to always cloak her/him/them in a veil of innocence until proven guilty. While it is important to bring justice to a true victim, it is also important not to convict an innocent one or to unnecessarily ruin her/his/their reputation.

When you make a report of abuse or neglect to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS), they will assign it a level of severity as a 1, 2, or 3. If they really feel that the allegation is extremely severe, they may likely act on it right away. If, however, the  level of alleged abuse is not considered serious and imminent, then the DHS workers will likely just keep it on file and see if anyone else makes further reports or if new information and/or additional allegations become available.

While it is certainly possible for kids and teens to lie about another adult abusing them, it does not happen very often at all. Those who do lie may do so just to see what happens or to feel “cool”, in the event they are feeling depressed. It is also possible that kids and teens may lie just to cause someone to worry about them. Years ago, there was even an incident where a female kindergarten student even lied about getting abused by her male teacher and paid all her classmates $1.00 to back up her story. Once again, however, our detectives all caution that all these incidences are very rare indeed.

While it is true indeed that children rarely lie about child abuse, it can and indeed does happen. Additionally, adults and even other kids and teens can also coach kids into lying, and adults, too, can make false accusations of sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse to retaliate, manipulate, or just because they are terrible people without consciences. Thus, our criminal defense attorneys in OKC and child abuse private investigators at our private detective agency recommend that persons accused of child abuse, whether innocent or guilty, immediately take the following actions:

  • Try to stay calm. Whether guilty or not, accusations of child abuse can still be terrifying. The repercussions that can follow can be very harsh and quick. Please just try to stay calm and do not let anxiety get the better of you or otherwise make the situation worse.
  • Discuss your legal case with NO ONE other than your criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma. Period. There is to be no discussion about this. Do not even discuss the accusations with your spouse, your parents, or even your children. You never know where somewhere might come out of the woodworks and end up testifying against you. SAY NOTHING TO ANYONE – EVER!
  • You need to immediately hire a criminal defense attorney to provide you the best possible criminal defense. You will also want to hire a bail bondsman to write bail bonds on your behalf. The third part of any decent criminal defense triad means you will also need to hire the best child molestation private investigator to conduct criminal private investigations. By choosing to hire these three legal professionals, you are helping to tilt the legal odds back in your favor and will experience a much more favorable outcome with them than you would without them.
  • Our agents also strongly recommend that you gather as much evidence as possible to help with your defense. From witnesses to physical evidence and more, when you locate a criminal defense attorney and find a child molestation private detective, you will need to have them begin collecting evidence to fight the allegations immediately.
  • You will want to use whatever evidence and witness testimony you have to challenge the credibility of the accuser. From criminal charges to witnesses who know about the accuser’s skeletons in her/his/their closet, our criminal defense lawyers and criminal detectives assert that you will want to come out swinging with everything you can.
  • Stay off your social media. In fact, shut it down if there is an active investigation against you and especially if the government has filed criminal charges against you. Why? Our professionals contend that private investigators and police officers will just use your social media against you. From searching through all your social media posts to contacting your family and friends on there, it is simply too dangerous to keep searchable and active.
  • You will also want to work together with your hired specialists to come up with the most effective defense strategy possible.
  • You and your criminal defense attorney will want to remind accusers about just how making false reports is a crime. People can go to jail for making such false reports, and successful defamation cases can easily wipe out all their finances. Hopefully your accuser is not financially impoverished, because these reminders might just be what it takes to convince your accuser to not go after you with these salacious accusations.
  • As mentioned above, you will want to seek compensation for false accusations that someone has made against you. Do it for yourself and your own loss of reputation, but also do it to protect other future would-be victims of false accusations.

If someone ever accuses you of child molestation or other forms of child abuse, then you need to find a criminal lawyer and hire a bail bondsman. Work collaboratively together with our defense lawyer and with our investigator to beat back the charges and keep your reputation and legal freedom intact. 

Whether a victim of child abuse or an accused perpetrator, it is very important that you hire a professional to solve this case on your behalf. Our criminal defense lawyers are fully vetted and are top-notch, just as our detectives at our private investigation agency. The owners of our private investigation agency have also vetted the bail bondsman.

If the government has accused you of such crimes like child molestation, then your choice to locate a criminal defense lawyer and an agent from our private investigation agency are your best chances of beating back the charges. Indeed, our bail bondsman will likewise help you stay out of jail while the investigation proceeds. Without these individuals on your side, you are left open and completely vulnerable, like a knight without a shield or armor. Whenever you hire these officials, the chances of the police and prosecution securing a conviction go way down. So, be smart and wise – lawyer up!

If you or someone you know have become the victim, then your choice to hire one can also prove very beneficial. Indeed, police officers, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) workers, and judges can often get things wrong and/or do not do an extensive investigation.

Thus, when you choose to find one, you are choosing to have a separate set of eyes to thoroughly examine what happened to help determine the truth. They can help gather evidence, interview witnesses, locate missing persons, run nationwide criminal background checks and social media scans, and so much more. 😊

Whenever someone makes a report of child abuse to the police, they will generally make an investigation into it and will try to determine if someone violated a law. If the allegations are substantiated, law enforcement then determines who the offender is and then goes to apprehend her/him/then. Our detectives state that police will work together with prosecutors to file criminal charges then provide support and guidance to family members and/or the victims of child abuse as necessary.

There are many ways that a person can help prevent this crime. Indeed, any official conducting child abuse investigations can tell you that it is much better and easier to prevent child abuse than it is to deal with it after it has already happened.

They state that the best ways to prevent child abuse are listed below:

  • Know and understand what it is.
  • Look at your own behavior and actions.
  • Educate yourself and others, including your children, about it and how, where, and why you should report it.
  • Be sure to support prevention programs aimed at preventing it.
  • Try to volunteer your time and money toward organizations whose goals aim to prevent child abuse and to help those affected by it.
  • Always ensure you teach kids and teens their rights about their bodies and overall health. Help teach them what emotional, sexual, and physical child abuse and neglect are.
  • Give your support toward prevention programs aimed at educating children about child abuse and helping those affected by it.
  • Make sure you review your own behavior and actions, and ensure you never use corporal/physical punishment with which to discipline any minors. This is not helpful and only teaches them to be aggressive and to solve conflicts with violence. 
  • Our investigators ask that you immediately report any child abuse you see to the authorities. Indeed, in Oklahoma, almost every adult is a mandated reporter. Thus, reporting it is imperative.
  • Know what the signs of child abuse are.

Our experts can help both alleged victims and accused criminal defendants in plenty of ways. Indeed, they usually assist with the following:

  • Surveillance – Surveillance and the general keeping track of a person’s activities and whereabouts can be especially helpful. From witnesses to alleged victims and accused perpetrators, hiring the best among these individuals can be imperative.
  • Skip Tracing Service – Need to locate a missing person? Want to know how to contact someone on the phone, via E-mail, or in person? During investigations, the choice to locate a specialist to conduct skip tracing. It is inexpensive and quick, so locate aone to conduct skip tracing services for you today. 
  • Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search – A social media/deep Internet searches scan can prove to be very helpful in learning more about someone. Social media scans/deep Internet searches can help show things about a person of interest (POI) online, such as certain social media profiles, public posts the person has made or about whom others have made, as well as public news stories about the POI. Social media scans/deep Internet searches can prove to be a tremendous complement to our nationwide skip trace service and nationwide criminal background checks. 
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks – One of the best ways to discredit an alleged victim, accused perpetrator, a witness to child abuse, an expert witness, etc., is to run a nationwide criminal background check on her/him/them. What exactly are their hidden skeletons in the closet? If you are not sure, you can easily hire an expert to conduct a criminal background check for you. 
  • Interviewing Alleged Victims, Accused Perpetrators, Expert Witnesses, & Members of Law Enforcement – Interviewing alleged victims, expert witnesses, alleged perpetrators, and members of law enforcement can prove to be crucial to solving allegations of child abuse, child molestation, and child pornography. You should locate an official to interview witnesses and others involved in allegations of child abuse.
  • Reviewing Previously Retrieved Evidence – It goes without saying that law enforcement personnel, social workers with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS), and others can certainly miss things when conducting child abuse investigations and criminal private investigations. Thus, when you hire a professional, they can help review previous evidence and collect new evidence that could be helpful in solving your case. 
  • Going Door-to-Door – Sometimes it takes going door-to-door to interview people, gather evidence, and to locate missing people. There are so many ways that they can help when solving criminal investigations.
  • Uncovering Discrediting Evidence on Witnesses, Victims, and Accused Perpetrators – When you are involved in allegations of such crime, it can be very helpful to undercover the “goods” on people involved in the matter. Whomever you are trying to discredit, our professionals are adept at uncovering it! Get the edge and put the odds in your favor by digging up the dirt on others before they get it on you! 
  • Testifying in Courtroom Trials & Administrative Hearings – Detectives routinely testify in both administrative hearings and criminal trials throughout the United States and indeed worldwide. They can provide invaluable expert witness testimony that many judges and juries find very credible. Criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City are much more likely to hire a criminal private investigator to testify in trials and administrative hearings.

It is not inexpensive to hire one. Indeed, when you locate one as you find the best private detective agency to conduct child molestation investigations, it will likely cost well into the thousands of dollars for a decent one. Other more basic services that they offer, such as nationwide skip tracing and social media scans/deep Internet searches, tend to be cheaper, but more in-depth child pornography investigations and child molestation investigations are not.

Hiring the best child abuse private detective costs more because this field is highly specialized. Many other private investigators at private investigation agencies in Oklahoma have no knowledge or experience in conducting such inquiries. They must undergo much training, education, and hands-on experience to conduct these types of criminal private investigations.

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