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Most frequent questions and answers

Sadly, sexual predators and child molesters are sprinkled throughout every society everywhere. A rapist can be of any race, age, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. They can cause so much damage to their victims, and the police and other law enforcement agencies are sometimes unable to apprehend them or might even be uninterested in doing so. When this happens, many members of society choose to hire a sex predator and a child molester private investigator as they locate a private investigation agency to conduct sexual predator private investigations.

Of course, many people do not even know where to turn to find a sexual predator private investigator. Indeed, finding someone in the private sector to conduct sexual predator private investigations can be a daunting task, because it takes so much more education and training than what is needed for them in Oklahoma City.

To assist those with finding out more information about these detectives, the owners of our private detective agency have put together a series of questions and answers about how to hire the best child predator private investigator to conduct child predator private investigations. These questions and their accompanying answers are listed below as follow:

They basically do what their name implies. Whenever child abuse occurs at the hands of a child predator or when the government charges someone with a criminal act of child abuse, child pornography, child molestation, rape, etc., then many people hire one to help them investigate the alleged incident to help gather evidence and to clarify exactly what happened for the courts, police, prosecutors, and Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS).

The decision to hire one, whether for the accused defendant or alleged victim, is a big decision to make. These legal matters are very complex and serious, so it can be very beneficial to locate one with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to assist in these kinds of matters.

If you are concerned that a sexual predator or a child predator has molested or raped your kid and need to find an expert for your job, then you have come to the right place. Our child predator private detectives stand ready and willing to assist you with all your such cases. 😊

Do not risk your child(ren)’s lives by letting the offender go unpunished so he/she/they can go hurt other children and destroy their lives. Locate one to conduct all your private investigations.

Likewise, whenever the government has charged you with sex crimes of any sort, you need to locate the best agent on your behalf. Child molestations and child pornography charges carry extremely stiff penalties, and those convicted of child rape and other child sex crimes often find that other prisoners beat them terribly in prison, notwithstanding the fact that they lose almost all their rights on the outside/in the real world.

They can earn a pretty decent living. This is because the knowledge, skills, and education required to effectively work as a specialist are so much more than one would need to conduct case inquiries.

This is not to downplay their importance. It is just that these areas, while specialties, do not require as much education, skills, and training as human trafficking, murder, and rape private investigators from private investigation agencies.

A sex trafficking and a rape private investigator from private detective agencies conduct sex trafficking private investigations and rape private investigations, respectively.

Rape private detectives tend to focus on sex crimes not involving the exchange of money or other goods for sexual acts, and they do not usually focus their efforts on rapes and other sexual assaults involving pimps, sex traffickers, and human traffickers. Experts says that offenders commit against victims of any age, gender, nationality, etc.

Likewise, a human and a sex trafficking private investigator to help victims of these crimes. Victims are persons that human traffickers and other pimps have forced into sexual slavery for their own selfish profits. They attempt to help catch human traffickers and sex traffickers in the act, while helping to locate and free their victims of human trafficking and victims of sex trafficking.

Of course, you can also hire one on behalf of those the government has accused of rape, child molestation, sex trafficking, and human trafficking. Oh yes, you can find the best individual to assist you and your criminal defense attorney near me in providing the best possible criminal defense to all sex crimes charges. Your choice to locate one is crucial! 😊

Whenever you decide to hire an expert, one of the first things you will notice is just how much it will cost you financially. Indeed, they will likely charge a starting retainer of at least $5,000 or $10,000. Why so expensive, you may ask?

The retainer amount mentioned above that it will cost to hire them costs more than you might expect, because the level of experience, education, and training required is so much higher. Indeed, not every official is qualified to conduct sex crimes private investigations, just as a wills and trusts lawyer does not need the same skill set as, say, a criminal defense attorney in OKC or an IRS tax lawyer near me.

Remember that you usually get what you pay for, and also remember what you have to lose whether you are a victim of sexual assault or sex trafficking or are someone the government has accused of molesting little kids or sex trafficking innocent sex trafficking victim. How much will it cost you if you never get your loved one back safely from them, or if the government has accused you of rape or sex trafficking and you lose your case? Are you prepared to lose your freedom, right to vote, your job, etc.?

Do you have the needed experience and legal authorization to solve your case on your own? If not, please reconsider any thoughts you might have about the cost to hire a professional. 😉

When you locate them, there are many types of evidence that they may seek out to help victims of rape sex trafficking and accused perpetrators alike. Indeed, some of the most common types of evidence that they collect include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • DNA Evidence
  • Alleged Victim/Witness/Accused Perpetrator Testimony/Statements
  • Surveillance Footage
  • Police Reports
  • Criminal and Civil Background Checks
  • Social Media Scans
  • Identifying Sex Trafficking Tattoos
  • Text Messages/Written Communications
  • Autopsy Reports, if Applicable
  • Criminal Profiling Reports
  • Handwriting Samples & Concomitant Handwriting Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony

These types of evidence listed above are only some of many examples of types of evidence that they will collect. Only experienced and highly trained individuals will fully understand what type of evidence to collect and how to get it quickly and effectively.

If you want to have experience on your side and want to tilt the legal scales in your favor, then you need to find one to solve these cases on your behalf, then you have come to the right place. Locate one as you find the best private investigation agency today. 😊

They have always existed in societies around the globe. While usually men, they can come from any background, race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, veteran status, political affiliation, sexuality, and disability. Why, though, do people become sexual predators and commit sex crimes? Our sex crimes private detectives in Oklahoma City are more than happy to answer this for you.

People with pedophilia, often male but not always, lack the needed wiring in their brains that tell them to protect children. Instead, these individuals, often socially inept with a narcissistic view of themselves, instead turn into child predators because they find themselves so infatuated with prepubescent children. It may start with masturbation to photographs of naked children engaging in pornographic acts, but eventually the need for something more coalesces and turns into actual sexual abuse. According to our agents, the sexual attraction itself of actual pedophiles is not something they can change.

Our specialists denote that the best way to prevent child abuse is through prevention. According to them, this prevention technique means that the best way to help prevent pedophiles from offending and committing sex crimes against children is to allow them to feel comfortable to seek help.

Yes, this basically means that persons with pedophilia need understanding and compassion with the fact that they cannot control their sexual attraction, while simultaneously receiving assistance to help them not act out on those feelings of sexual attraction to children via medications, coping strategies, therapy, support groups, etc. They caution that these preventive measures will not change the sexual orientation of those with pedophilia, though they can help reduce the number of children who become victims of sexual abuse.

Another type of sexual predator and child molester, according to our detectives, is the situational offender. Indeed, a situational child predator is an opportunist. While not necessarily having a primary or secondary sexual attraction to prepubescent children, a sexual predator and a child rapist who are not pedophiles commit sex crimes because the opportunity presents itself and, well, why not?

Many rapists and other sexual assaulters have other reasons why they commit their rape and forcible oral sodomy against children. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Poor Self Control
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Little-to-No Boundaries
  • Poor Understanding of the Meaning of Consent
  • Poor Social Skills
  • Narcissism/Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Revenge
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Sexual Attraction
  • Opportunity
  • Unfulfilled Sexual Desire/Horny

Our criminal defense attorneys in OKC and pedophile private investigators that conduct criminal private investigations note that the reasons listed above are not an all-inclusive account of child molesters’ motivations for sexual assault against children. Regardless, child sexual abuse against kids is never okay for anyone to do. The reasons above do, however, provide perspective and can help therapists, social workers, etc., better implement preventive measures aimed at lowering the incidences of sexual offenses against children.

Our investigators assert that the punishments for committing sexual offenses in Oklahoma are especially harsh. Indeed, some of the most common penalties, according to them include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sexual Battery on Someone 16 Years of Age or Older:

Between 1-15 Years of Prison Time and Sex Offender Registration

First Degree Rape – 1st Attempt:

Punishment Entails 5 Years to Life in Prison Without Parole, or Even Death – The Punishment is Harsher for 2nd+ Offenses.

Rape in the 2nd Degree:

This Punishment is 1-15 Years for 2nd Degree Rape.

Rape That Includes Any Threat of Violence or Which Causes Actual Fear in the Victim/Actual Violence Used Against the Victim:

Up to Life Imprisonment for This Sexual Offense.

Making it to Where a Victim is Not Able to Give Consent to Sexual Acts:

Up to 15 Years in Prison as Punishment.

Anyone Who Causes Rape by a Third Person:

Up to 10 Years in Prison or Up to Life in Prison if the Victim Was a Minor.

Indecent Exposure:

This Includes Fines of $500-$20,000 and/or Time in Jail of 30 Days Up to 10 Years.

Any Other Sexual Crime Against Children Not Listed Above Will Involve a Sentence of 25 Years to Death.

As you can see, the penalties for all sex crimes in Oklahoma are very severe. This is why it is important to hire a specialist, whenever the government has accused you of sex crimes.

If you need to find the best criminal defense lawyer and a detective, then locate the best one at our private investigation agency in Del City, OK to conduct all your sexual assault investigations and rape investigations. 😊

When the government has charged you with a sex crime, our investigators note that there are several strategic, plausible defenses that defendants can proffer in their defense case. Our criminal defense attorneys and these agents list these noteworthy defense contentions as follow:

  • Wrong Person – The accused defendant is the wrong person, and the accuser got the person’s identity wrong when she/he/they made the accusation.


  • The Act Was Consensual – For a sex crime to have occurred, the alleged victim must have been unable to consent to the sex act. Thus, if the accused defendant can show that the alleged victim consented to the act, then a court cannot convict the accused sex offender of any crime.
  • Weak Prosecutorial Case – The government has charged an individual of a sex crime, but it is unable to fully prove the elements of the case required for a conviction.
  • Inability to Perform the Act – The alleged victim has accused someone of performing a sexual act that she/he/they was/were incapable of performing. This may be due to a sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction/ED, or a mental/cognitive or physical disability which would preclude the accused from engaging in such a behavior.
  • Verifiable Alibi – The accused rapist or accused sex offender was at another place at the time of the alleged incident and can prove it.

As they can attest, the defenses above to sex crimes charges are typically the most common. If the government has charged you with sex crimes and you need help with our sex crimes defense or if you have become the victim of it and do not want the perpetrator to get off scot-free, then you need to hire a professional on your behalf. Choose our private investigation agency to find the best individual to do this job on your behalf. 😊

In punitive, superstitious, religious, uneducated societies like Oklahoma where politicians like Donald Trump have smiled while claiming, “I love the poorly educated!”, the first thought of many people is to lock up people with pedophilia and other sex criminals for life and to simply throw away the key. While it is true that some sexual predators and child molester are indeed too dangerous to go out into society and may be beyond rehabilitation as with true sociopaths and psychopaths, many are not. Locking up everyone and throwing away the key is not the best long-term answer for some rapists and sex offenders, in terms of the economic and social costs to society.

According to our private investigators, one of the best preventive measures to reduce the number of sexual offenses against children by those with pedophilia is to make them feel safe enough to come out and seek help. They point out that this is key to preventing much of child sexual abuse in our society.

They note that pedophilia often stays dormant inside of individuals of all genders, though usually male, until they hit puberty whereby it re-awakens inside of them. Because of society’s extremely harsh reactions to anyone with a mere thought of possibly having a sexual attraction to children, most people with pedophilia stay silent and hide their feelings from the view of other people. However, as any decent official will point out, persons with pedophilia will instead collect and perhaps even produce prepubescent child pornography and may molest or rape children when the pornography gets boring.

By making the possibility of seeking assistance with their medical condition a viable, safe, non-judgmental option for people with pedophilia, they contend that they can receive medications, learn coping strategies, and find support groups and therapists who can help keep them from offending against children in the first place.

According to them, it is also important that our society focus more on restorative justice than just throwing everyone in jail forever and losing the keys. Indeed, Norway has a prison system that treats all prisoners with respect and dignity, and Norway itself has a maximum sentence of 20 years for any given crime.

They state that there is no perfect model or method of eliminating all child sexual abuse and pornography, but the United States needs to rethink its current model of how it treats sex offenders. Yes, their crimes are terrible and cause enormous harm to society, but locking everyone up and throwing away the keys benefits no one except the owners of private prisons. They also denote that even for those whom the government does not lock up indefinitely, the lifetime of poverty, social isolation, etc., and lack of almost all legal rights these individuals face clearly violate the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution – The Right to Freedom From Cruel  Unusual Punishment.

They note that the age of consent and an overall ability to consent have long been contentious issues in modern societies. This is because not everyone agrees on what a proper age of maturity is to be able to consent to sexual intercourse and marriage. Indeed, child marriage and sexual intercourse – and accompanying accidental pregnancies/getting knocked up – involving minors is still common and legal throughout many parts of the United States. Even Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, was only 12 years old when a 20 years old+ Joseph impregnated her, but what it wrong for him to have done so 2000 years ago? Does that make Joseph a child molester/pedophile, or was that just a reflection of how things were done 2000 years ago?

Most experts agree that children and teens lack the ability to consent to sexual intercourse with adults or older teens, until they reach at least 16 years or 18 of age. However, if they have sexual intercourse at age 11 with someone else of a similar age, then it is okay? But then again, while a teen can legally consent to sexual intercourse with an adult at age 16 in Oklahoma, if the interaction involves money, then the child becomes a victim? According to our agents, consent in the USA is kind of a difficult and complicated standard to pin down, but society is basically trying to protect children from adults and older teens who would otherwise take advantage of their lack of cognitive development for their own sexual gratification.

Many point to science that shows that human brains do not even fully develop until about age 25, so what exactly should the proper age of consent be for many important things until then?

Other important factors with consent, even when someone is of acceptable cognitive age, according to our experts, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Whether non-consensual force is used during the sexual act.
  • Whether alcohol, cognitive impairments, etc., preclude an ability to consent.
  • Whether an imbalance of power, such as military officers, teachers, police prison guards, etc., exists. In some states, this unequal relationship makes sexual intercourse, even if otherwise consensual, illegal.
  • Whether both parties are of the legal age required to consent.

The factors above, while not all-inclusive, are some of the most common issues of consent that our detectives deal with. If you have further questions about consent or need a professional consultation about sexual assault because you are a rape victim or a person the government has accused of sex crimes, then please locate a criminal defense attorney and a pedophile private investigator as you find the best private investigation agency  to conduct sexual predator and child predator private investigations on your behalf. 😊

According to them, consent to sexual activity is the agreement between two people to engage in such activity. Both persons must have both the cognitive ability to consent, and in some states may not have an imbalance of power such as a teacher and student/jailer and prisoner, etc.

If you continue to have questions about consent and are a victim of sexual assault or someone the government has accused of committing rape, lewd molestation, indecent exposure, etc., then you need to locate a private investigator to solve this case on your behalf. Do not delay; call us now for help! 😊

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