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Are Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers in OKC on the Job

Couriers and Email Reliable for Process Servers

Process servers are an essential part of the judicial system. They help their clients by delivering legal documents to the court. The major goal of process servers in Oklahoma is to simplify the case process and help their client with a win. For that, they reconcile and deliver the right documents and ensure that everything is according to the court order.

Furthermore, process server in Oklahoma City also finds the defendants. For them, locating a defendant who is trying to hide to avoid trial is not a big deal. But, there are some exceptions where they have to perform some additional homework to find defendants. Sometimes, when the defendant recently changed their home address, they track for their new home. Or at times, they actively try to hide from the court. Since, the process server in OKC have to deliver the documents in 90 days otherwise it will result in the case dismissal, they make additional efforts.

In all the conditions where finding the defendant is a difficult job, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers use other means to deliver the documents. OJPS rely on couriers and emails to send the documents to the defendants. According to process server in Enid Oklahoma, if they can’t succeed in personal deliveries, they depend on emails and couriers to reach the defendants.

Three Reliable Methods Process Server in OKC Use to Deliver Documents

These methods to send documents to the defendant are reliable and effective. Although they are less effective that personal deliveries, but it helps to locate the defendant. When process server in Tulsa Oklahoma delivers files personally, they can find the evidence that the defendant receives the legal documents. They get their signature on document’s copy as a form of identification. But, this doesn’t mean other means to deliver the files are not important. Let’s review each method and understand why process servers use these methods:

1. Email

Today, email has become a reliable and authorized way to process documents to the defendants. Process server in Altus Oklahoma can save a significant amount of time and money by sending an authorized email. Process server in Edmond Oklahoma uses this method as a protection against violent defendants. When the defendant receives the email, they respond as a confirmation.

However, there is a problem with this method as some defendants trying to avoid the hearing ignore the email. This can be a problem, as process server in Oklahoma needs a response in 90 days to proceed with the case. Now, process server creates hard copy of the documents and sends it by mail or courier.

At times, defendants didn’t receive the documents via email because the email address is wrong. They actively don’t ignore the mail. In that case, they can respond to the documents after receiving it by courier. So, the job of process server isn’t that easy as it seems. They have to go down the rabbit hole to conclude the right scenario.

2. Mail

This is the least effective method to deliver the documents as you can’t estimate the time it takes for the post office to deliver the documents. Furthermore, popular companies such as USPS and US Postal Service don’t have a good track record. But, a process server in Lawton Oklahoma uses this process to deliver documents as a formality.

Mail services perform relentless services when it comes to delivering the legal documents. They will drop the documents in the mailbox or leave the parcel on the front porch. In most cases, people don’t receive their parcel or at least in one piece if they have a dog in the porch.

3. Courier

Courier services are different than mail services. Sending legal document via courier service is an effective way. Many process servers rely on this method of delivery to send important documents to the defendants. While delivering the parcel, the courier guy receives signature of the recipient. Thus, through this method you can get the form of identification.

Although courier service is similar to mailing services, sending documents as a courier is the fastest way to deliver the documents. Usually, recipients receive the parcel in a day or two. Process server in Ardmore Oklahoma can request the proof of identification from the courier service and present it as evidence in the court.

Furthermore, courier service is a care-free method to deliver documents. After sending documents using this service, OKC process server can stay assure that the defendant will receive the documents. Process server in Broken Arrow Oklahoma trusts this method to send legal documents without worrying.

Why You Should Rely on Process Server in OKC to Deliver Legal Documents

While you can deliver the documents to the defendant, hiring professional process server in Edmond Oklahoma would be a good decision. When a process server delivers your documents, they will ensure that everything is perfect. They will create a complete file and share with the court on your behalf.

Keep in mind that you have to deliver the documents according to the provincial law. The law explains the proper order and method to deliver the documents to different parties. Process server in OKC has extensive experience in delivering the documents. They can complete the documents according to the legal requirements.


Are you looking for process server in OKC to compile and deliver the documents with the defendants? If yes, then you should consult with our professional team. We have a team of process servers with extensive experience in dealing with legal issues. They will carefully analyze the case and defend you in front of the court. Do you want to learn more? If yes, then talk with our expert process servers in Oklahoma.

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