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Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Rescuing A Family Member From A Cult


When a family member disappears, the last place we think they are is in a cult. However, this scenario is quite real and happens every day. Sometimes loved ones will join groups like this on their own, because they are looking for community, companionship, and someplace where they feel accepted. The community never advertises itself as a cult, but the actions of its members often say otherwise. cult

Convincing a family member that he or she is indeed in a cult can be difficult. Trying to get that person to break away from the group can be next to impossible if you do not have the right skills. However, before these two things can even be thought about, you must first locate the family member. That is where Dr. John Patrick Keefe II comes in. John Keefe II and his private investigation team will do everything that they can to find your loved one.
What if your family member didn’t join the cult of his or her own will and was kidnapped? Naturally, your first course of action would be to call the police. After you give your statement and the officers leave, you begin to notice days going by without any word. The police aren’t always as helpful as you’d like them to be, because they often have an overabundance of missing person cases to work. Calling a private investigator in OKC can be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Cults are the real deal folks. Helping people escape them can be tricky, especially if they joined willingly. For one, you have to deal with the element of brainwashing. Cult leaders will often use scare tactics, abuse, and other forms of mental and physical warfare to keep their members in line. Many times, people are brainwashed into thinking that God wants them to be part of the cult, and if one should leave, he or she will be punished. Hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma such as Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is the right thing to do.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City understand how bad you want your loved one back from the cult. They will apply covert operations to reunite you with your loved one. There is a technique for locating people that do not want to be found, such as those voluntarily involved in cults. There are also particular tactics used to find victims of cult kidnappings. Dr. John Keefe II and his team are privy to all of these. Allow them to bring your loved ones home from the cult. If anyone can do it, private investigators in Oklahoma City can.

Even if a loved one seems “happy” living in the cult community, he or she is still in danger. Most cult followers are waiting for something miraculous to happen such, as aliens to visit or angels to fly down from heaven and take them back with them. When these things do not happen, cult members get frustrated and sad stuff like suicide can ensue. If you know your loved one has been scooped up by a cult, Private Investigator John Keefe II will help you find them.

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