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Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Gets Real About Process Server Dress Codes

Oklahoma Process Server Dress Code

Although there are no set guidelines for the type of dress code regulations that process server officers should adhere to, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II wants you to know a few things about your appearance. You are a representative of the legal system, regardless if you wear a badge or not. Your appearance means a lot when you are on duty. Showing up to serve someone court documents dressed like you are on your way to a Jimmy Buffet concert is frowned upon. Why? Because you are serving people life changing papers that probably do not bear good news.

Picture this…

You are a very troubled individual who knows your spouse is planning on filing for divorce. You are wallowing in your sorrow at your crappy job and along comes this dude with a parrot hat on, flip flops, and a flamingo t-shirt. The guy has paperwork in hand, asks you your name, and dumps the documents in your lap while saying, “You have been served.” I think the process server in this example is not showing the type of compassion that he should be solely based on his garb.

Nobody says you have to dress in a suit and tie when serving people court documents, but it is a nice gesture not to look so jolly and fun when handing someone paperwork that is going to ruin his or her life.

Here are some dress code options that John Keefe II of Oklahoma wants you to take note of:

Say “no” to sandals.

Oklahoma Process Server Dress CodeSeriously, folks? If your shoe flips and flops while you walk, you should turn back around, go into your house, and grab a nice pair of loafers. Anything that is an open toe, other than a pair of ladies heels, should be frowned upon.

Save the revealing outfits for your significant other.

Honestly, if you are a woman, and your breasts are hanging out, your skirt is super low-cut, and your butt cheeks are making a very grand appearance, rethink your outfit. I am all for women dressing in a way that makes them feel good about themselves, but you have to exhibit some level of professionalism. The same goes for guys! Dr. John Keefe says “no” to daisy duke jean shorts for the dudes.

Consider your location.

As a process server, you will be in all sorts of places throughout your day. This includes and is not limited to, courthouses, places of employment, doctor’s offices, private residences, and much more. You need to choose clothing that is appropriate for all of these locations.

Oklahoma Process Server Dress CodeKeep it business casual.

Dr. John Patrick Keefe says that a good rule of thumb is always to keep your clothing business casual. This way, you will stay comfortable, look professional, and not offend or intimidate anyone with your wardrobe.

John Patrick Keefe, a process server in OKC, would like to leave you with these parting words, “Keep it classy, America!”

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