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Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Finds Humor in the Possibility of Two Private Investigators Following Each Other

Possibility of Two Private Investigators Following Each Other

Private investigators in Oklahoma City, often have a reputation for being serious, no-nonsense individuals, who are all business. But, as Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe, a renowned private inquiry agent and criminologist, has found, a little humor can go a long way in this line of work. In fact, Dr. Keefe argues that humor is a necessary ingredient for success in the world of private investigation.

The Possibility of Two Private Investigators Following Each Other

One of the most common misconceptions about private investigation is that it’s a solo job, with private investigators in Oklahoma City working independently and not interacting with other professionals in the field. However, the reality is that private inquiry agents in Oklahoma City often cross paths, and in some cases, they may even end up following each other on a case.

This scenario is more common than one might think, and it can lead to some entertaining and comical situations. Dr. Keefe recalls one instance in which she was assigned to follow a suspect, and unbeknownst to her, another private investigator in Oklahoma City was also on the case, following the same suspect. As she explains, “I was tailing my subject, when I noticed that I was being followed. It turned out that the other private investigation officer in Oklahoma City was also on the case, and we were both following the same person.”

Finding Humor in the Situation

At first, Dr. Keefe admits that she was a bit taken aback by the situation. But as she continued to follow the suspect, she realized that the other private investigator was not a threat but rather a colleague. And with that realization, she found the humor in the situation and was able to laugh it off.

In her experience, humor has been a valuable tool for diffusing tense situations and for building rapport with clients, suspects, and even other private investigators in Oklahoma City. “Laughing at ourselves and finding the humor in situations is a great way to diffuse tension and build relationships,” she says. “And in the world of private investigation, building relationships is key.”

The Benefits of Humor in Private Investigation

According to Dr. Keefe, the benefits of using humor in private investigation go beyond just diffusing tense situations and building relationships. She argues that humor can also improve a private investigator in Oklahoma City’s work, making them more creative and effective in their investigation techniques.

For example, when faced with a challenging case, a private inquiry agent in Oklahoma City who can find humor in the situation is more likely to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. Additionally, a private investigator in Oklahoma City who is able to use humor to build rapport with a suspect or client is more likely to get the information they need to solve the case.

In addition to these benefits, humor can also be a great way to reduce stress and burnout in the high-pressure world of private investigation. Dr. Keefe notes that private investigation can be a stressful and intense job, with long hours and high stakes. But by using humor, private investigators in Oklahoma City can take a step back, relax, and reframe the situation in a more positive light.

Humor as a Deflection Tool

When conducting investigations, it is important for private investigators to remain unnoticed by those they are investigating. This can be difficult if the person being investigated starts asking questions or becomes suspicious of the investigator’s presence.

In these situations, it helps for private investigators to have a well-honed sense of humor that allows them to deflect attention away from themselves and onto the person being investigated. This can help keep suspicion away from the investigator and allow them to continue their investigation without interruption.

Humor as an Icebreaker

In addition to deflecting suspicion, humor can also serve as an icebreaker when dealing with people who may be reluctant or unwilling to talk about certain information needed for an investigation.

Many people respond better to someone who makes them laugh than someone who appears serious and intimidating. A good joke or funny story can help put someone at ease and make it easier for them open up about what they know or have seen related to an investigation.

Humor as a Conflict Resolution Tool

Private investigators often find themselves in tense situations where two parties are disagreeing or arguing over something related to the case at hand. In these moments, having a sense of humor can be invaluable as it allows one party (usually the private investigator) to diffuse the situation while still getting everyone’s attention and keeping them focused on finding a resolution that works for both sides involved in the conflict.

Humor allows people in dispute with each other to step back from their positions long enough for cooler heads prevail so that all parties involved can come together and resolve their issues without any further escalation of hostilities taking place between them.

Humor Helps Investigators Connect With Their Sources

Having a good sense of humor is an invaluable asset when it comes to conducting interviews and interacting with witnesses or other sources. People tend to respond better when they feel relaxed and in good spirits, rather than feeling defensive or threatened by your presence.

A few well-timed jokes can help put them at ease and make them more likely to open up and share information that could be crucial to your investigation. Humor can also help build rapport between you and your source, which is essential if you want them to trust you enough to provide accurate information.


In conclusion, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe’s experience as a private investigator and criminologist highlights the importance of humor in the world of private investigation. By finding humor in the possibility of two Private investigators in Oklahoma City following each other, Dr. Keefe demonstrates the power of humor in diffusing tense situations, building relationships, improving investigation techniques, and reducing stress.

So, for all aspiring private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma out there, remember that a little humor can go a long way in this line of work. And for all private investigators in Oklahoma City currently on the job, don’t be afraid to find the humor in your work.

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