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Establish Positive Relations When Filing and Retrieving Legal Documents

The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Positive Relations With Oklahoma Court Clerk Staff Members When Filing and Retrieving Legal Documents

Anyone who has ever found reason to retrieve court documents from the county court clerk’s office in Oklahoma, knows just how important it is to maintain positive relations with the staff members. Building and maintaining positive relations with these key people, whether the person requesting the items is a private individual or an Oklahoma document retrieval specialist, is vital. Indeed, the entire process should be an enjoyable and relatively stress free process for all parties involved.

The process to retrieve documents from a court clerk’s office in Oklahoma is usually routine. The document retrieval specialist should go down to the court clerk’s office with the case number, name of the person involved in the case, and cash or credit card, etc., in hand. Having this information readily available helps cut down on confusion, delays, and other time spent trying to locate it later on. This also speeds up the process for the staff and other individuals who are seeking to retrieve documents.

The court clerk’s office can sometimes be a stressful place to work. This is especially true in larger district court clerk offices such as the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office or the Tulsa County Court Clerk’s Office. The staff in these larger county court clerk offices can sometimes get so swamped by large numbers of customers with extensive orders. Other clients (i.e., attorneys, individuals, document retrieval specialists, etc.) can sometimes exhibit rude behavior, and this never helps. When taking holiday seasons, instances of high profile cases, etc., into consideration, these factors can exacerbate the stress levels of both the staff and those seeking to file or retrieve some type of document.

When either the court clerks or the clients begin to get rude with one another for any reason, the document retrieval process in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa, Stillwater, Norman, or elsewhere can begin to break down. Hard feelings can abound, and the staff might want to work slower, smile less, and not put forth as much effort to be helpful. Likewise, when an Oklahoma court clerk official says something offensive to a patron, the attorney, document retrieval specialist, etc., might retaliate by slowing down the line, “forgetting” items, etc. This is something everyone should avoid.

It is always crucial that Oklahoma document retrieval specialists always strive to maintain positive relations with all of the workers at all of Oklahoma’s court clerk’s offices. If they do not and if the workers retaliate against them in any way, it will hurt the clients that document retrieval specialists in Oklahoma are paid to serve. Equally important, if not more so, is the fact that no matter how rudely or nicely someone acts, it is always important for a document retrieval specialist to use good manners, have all pertinent information ready, and to thank the person who helped him or her.

Court clerk staff members in Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, Canadian County, Tulsa County, and elsewhere are public servants. However, public servants, which include teachers, fire fighters, police officers, librarians, and others, are not around for amusement or for people to abuse. They are also people with feelings, thoughts, and families. They diligently serve others to the best of their ability, and like other public servants, they rarely get a great deal of thanks from others or the pay they deserve. The more that Oklahoma document retrieval specialists and court county clerk officials can help one another out, the smoother the process goes for everyone involved.

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