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Find a Serial Rapist Private Investigator FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Rape is a terrible thing, no matter the age or circumstances of the perpetrator and victims. Whether it stems from sex trafficking, a serial rapist who is psychopathic, or a child molester offending out of opportunity, it is never okay. However, many law enforcement agencies and police departments are unable to solve rape and sexual assault cases, due to a lack of experience and education, desire, and/or motivation to do so. This is why there is so much work available for those in the private sector who are serial rape private investigators at private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City that conduct serial rapist private investigations and sex trafficking private investigations.

Many people do not know what sexual predator private investigators at private investigation agencies in Oklahoma that conduct rape private investigations are or how to locate one. To help the general public find a sexual assault private investigator in Oklahoma City, the owners of our private eye agency have put together a series of questions and answers/FAQs. These questions and answers about them are hereby listed below as follow:

Each child molestation private investigator notes that molestation and rape come with many short-term side effects resulting directly from the trauma that children and teenagers experience. ☹ Indeed, when child rapist and other serial child molesters inflict sexual trauma onto anyone, but especially vulnerable children, the effects can be truly devastating. Indeed, our rape private detectives note that these short-term effects of child sexual abuse (CSA) usually include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Physical Harm & Trauma to the Victim’s Genitalia
  • Pregnancy/Impregnation
  • Pain When Urinating
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Stomach Aches
  • Nightmares
  • Bed-Wetting/Regression to Earlier Life Stages

As you can clearly see, our experts can suffer many short-term consequences of the harmful actions their perpetrators engage in. ☹ When this happens, you need to hire one on your behalf and on behalf of the victims of child sexual abuse.

Every agent knows there are numerous long-term effects of molestation. Having already previously discussed their short-term effects, our professionals have hereby listed many of the longer-term effects of child sexual abuse below as follow:

Physical Effects of Sexual Abuse – Long-Term:

Anytime there is sexual abuse, there tend to be long-term effects that the unfortunate victims of child sexual abuse and rape suffer. They include that the long-term physical effects of rape and sexual assault include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unwanted/Unplanned Pregnancy/Impregnation/Knocking Up


  • Physical Injuries Sustained During the Sexual Assault


  • Long-term Health Conditions, Including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, & Obesity

As any official can attest, the physical trauma aspects of rape and other sex crimes can prove debilitating and, in some cases, as with the transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), even potentially life threatening. Nevertheless, the long-term psychological trauma and harm that perpetrators of sexual violence inflict upon their victims of sexual assault are even greater in number, can last just as long, and can inflict terrible damage upon survivors of sexual assault, rape, and forcible oral sodomy.

Psychological Effects of Sexual Abuse – Long-Term:

They are also quick to point out that perpetrators of rape, other forms of sexual assault, and child molestation inflict just as many, if not more, long-term psychological effects onto their victims than physical injuries. They denote that these long-term psychological effects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Feelings of Anxiety
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Depressed Mood
  • Eating Disorders, Such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Binge-Eating
  • Impairment of Cognition
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Trust, Intimacy, & General Relationship Issues
  • Heightened Risk of Substance Abuse
  • Greater Risk of Sexual Promiscuity/High-Risk Taking
  • Increased Risk of Self-Harm & Suicidal Tendencies

Do these long-term psychological effects sound terrible? Well, if you said, “Yes,” then you are right! Every individual can attest to the psychological atrocities that victims of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse experience throughout the course of their lives.

This is why so many people choose to hire them. When you locate a rape private investigator to conduct rape private investigations on their behalf.

There are also some specific traits and characteristics of long-term sexual abuse trauma that women suffer after sexual trauma. Our private eyes have listed these below as follow:

Female-Specific Effects of Sexual Abuse – Long-Term:

  • Development of Abnormal Physical Characteristics
  • Depression, Anxiety, and the Development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Unexpected Teenage Pregnancies
  • Engaging in More Self-Harm Behaviors & Suicide
  • Partaking in Risky Sexual Behaviors
  • Increased Likelihood of Abusing Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Less Likely to Complete High School
  • Greater Chance of More Lifetime Traumas
  • Higher Risks of Exposing Their Children to Abuse & Neglect

Women certainly have plenty on their plates to deal with, without having to add to it the long-term effects of sexual assault and trauma. As any detective can attest, the deplorable consequences of sexual violence against women can often prove to be too much to bear.

Boys, men and non-binary individuals also become victims of rape, forcible sodomy, and other forms of sexual violence and abuse. While slightly less common for boys and men than for women, some persons of the male sex and gender do experience sexual violence in their lifetimes. They have listed many of the long-term effects of sexual abuse on boys and men below as follow:

Male-Specific Effects of Sexual Abuse – Long-Term:

  • Affliction of Long-Term Mental Health Issues
  • Questioning What Their Own Sexual Orientation Is
  • Stepping Back From Relationships With Others/Self-Isolation
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Inability to Relax
  • Being Afraid of a “Shortened” Future
  • Suffering a Sense of Lost Masculinity (“Men Fuck, They Do Not Get Fucked” Mentality)
  • Avoidance of Wanting to Think About The Sexual Trauma/Abuse, Which Often Exacerbates
  • Not Wanting Anyone to Know About the Abuse, for Fear of Them Not Believing the Victim/Survivor and/or Fear of Judgment by & Ridicule From Others

In addition to all the above, they also point out that many victims also grow up to physically and sexually assault others as well. While this is especially true of younger victims such as children and teens, it can also prove predictive of the behavior of those who were adults when it occurred. ☹

Sadly, victims also often experience an increased likelihood that they will become future victims of sexual trauma. They point out that victims say that that sexual trauma decreases a victim’s sense of danger.

Forcible oral sodomy, child pornography abuse, and can also lead to survivors of sexual abuse to believe that love and sex should be dominating and even forceful. As such, these survivors of sex crimes often tend to drift toward those who are sexually very dominant and even violent, leading to repeated victimization. ☹

As you can see, they have pointed out some of the many types of long-term effects that victims of rape and other sexual abuse can and indeed often do experience. This is why it is so imperative for all victims of rape, forcible sodomy, sex crimes, and child molestation to hire a child molestation private detective so that the path to healing can begin.

Our investigators note that survivors of child sex abuse often suffer from anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, and the nightmares that often accompany those feelings. Thus, as a defensive mechanism to protect itself from overwhelming feelings and thoughts, the body and mind will often regress to earlier stages of development. Thus, our private eye try to help victims of sexual assault, rape, and child pornography victimization.

A false claim of child sexual abuse, child molestation, child rape, and child pornography occurs when someone makes a claim of one of the sex crimes above when indeed no such crime ever occurred. Anyone can make a false claim of rape, sexual abuse, forcible oral sodomy, etc., no matter the age or gender of the person.

It is rare for a young child to make a false claim of rape or sexual molestation, but it can happen. Adults can and sometimes do also make false claims of it on behalf of a child or teen. Parents and other adults often do this out of spite, manipulation, retaliation, and just because they are terrible people.

Older teens and adults are more likely able to make false claims of molestation and rape than older adults, yet they, too, can also experience rape and other forms of sexual assault. It is important to remember that every person who claims she/he/they was/were sexually assaulted by another individual deserves to have people listen to them. However, because many people make false claims of rape, child molestation, etc., not every victim deserves to have people believe them. There must be some sort of evidence to collaborate the claims of such assault, before legal actions and social sanctions against them commence.

These false claims of molestation, as any private detective, can cause irreparable harm to a person’s reputation and life. Indeed, they denote that a felony conviction and lifetime registration as a sex offender in the State of Oklahoma will have the following effects upon an individual’s life:

  • The person will have significant difficulty securing employment, as most employers shun person with felony convictions and sex offender registration.
  • Securing adequate housing will be almost impossible for someone with a felony conviction and sex offender registration, because apartments will not rent out to persons with these convictions/registrations. In addition, persons who are registered sex offenders also face severe restrictions on where they can live. They may not live around schools, parks, etc., and in most cities, there are such child-centered places located just about everywhere.
  • Volunteering with nonprofit agencies becomes impossible, because many nonprofit agencies do background checks on the individuals prior to allowing them to volunteer with their organizations.
  • Because registered sex cannot be around children, good luck being around your own kids. ☹ Sex offender registration can destroy the basic family structure in punitive environments like Oklahoma.
  • Felons are unable to vote or own firearms, so a felony conviction can be especially damaging to a person who wishes to partake in these activities.
  • News channels often plaster offenses that involve felonies and sex offender registration all over the news and the Internet. Thus, good luck having any type of a social life, dating/getting remarried, etc., with a felony conviction and sex offender registration. ☹

If you or someone you know has encountered a difficult situation where you may be facing a felony conviction and permanent sex offender registration, then you definitely need to hire the best official to help you. These professionals have the needed experience, education, and training needed to help you secure the best possible legal outcome and hopefully get your criminal charges dismissed or a not guilty verdict rendered.

When combined with a criminal defense attorney in OKC and a bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in OKC, your choice to locate a pedophile private investigator to help you conduct sex crimes investigations will add the vital third component of the strongest possible criminal defense team. Do not risk your future by being cheap and foregoing any of the three legal professionals above. If you lose your criminal case and end up with a felony conviction and sex offender registration, your life is permanently screwed. ☹

A SART nurse is an acronym for a Sexual Assault Response Team nurse, because a SART nurse is a member of dedicated, compassionate professionals who are specially trained to provide an instant sexual assault, multidisciplinary approach/response to teens and adults who claim they are victims of sexual assault, rape, etc. Sexual Assault Response Teams are crucial to helping victims of sexual assault, rape, etc., in the most comprehensive manner possible.

A more specific name for a nurse who assists with its examinations is the acronym “SANE nurse”. A SANE nurse is likewise a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and a member of the SART team which we described above. SANE nurses gather the critical information from an alleged victim via a RAPE kit. Rape kits often take samples of DNA, and the Examiner looks for tears, scratches, etc., around the area where the sexual trauma allegedly occurred.

He/ She collects evidence about rape, sexual assault, and child molestation from three separate sources. All this evidence is very important to helping to prove whether a rape, child molestation, or sexual assault occurred.

The evidence they need to conduct comes from the alleged victims, from the accused perpetrator, and from the purported crime scene itself.  Our sex crimes private detective will describe its different types of evidence in a later question you can find when you scroll down a bit further.

In the military, there are two types of reporting for sexual assault. Due to the rampant nature and occurrence of sexual assault in the United States Military, it is important that those victims report it so that they can receive the appropriate services. Also, our serial rape private detective note that it is important that victims report the incidents so that the rapist can be stopped from harming others.

They note that the first type of military sexual assault reporting is restricted reporting, also known as confidential reporting. Restricted/confidential reporting is when a victim who is an adult can access needed services, such as healthcare, a variety of legal services, and advocacy services which can help her/him/them recover without involving the military command or law enforcement.

Because many victims in the military worry that reporting the incident will negatively affect their military careers and/or are concerned no one will believe them, some persons in the military choose this option. Other victims may just want to put the terrible experience behind them and do not want the perpetrator to get into trouble. Whether this is the best decision overall for the victim and society, our private investigator from our private investigation agency say, depends on each victim of sexual assault/rape.

The other option for military servicemen, servicewomen, and non-binary servicepersons who wish to report rape, forcible oral sodomy, or another form of sexual assault, is for them to choose unrestricted reported. Also referred to as non-confidential reporting, unrestricted reporting means that the command and law enforcement are also notified and involved in the investigation into the alleged sexual assault/rape. Its victims who choose unrestricted reporting may still access all the other benefits as services as those who opt for restricted/confidential reporting.

According to each specialist, it can easily take months and even years to complete. These types of crimes require a high standard of high-quality evidence, as false charges such as child pornography and incest can have tremendously damaging effects for the accused – especially if that person is innocent and did not commit the crime.

When you hire one in Oklahoma City to conduct investigations for you, you can rest assured that each will do everything in their power to be as thorough as possible during the private investigation.

They will work just as hard and diligently for alleged victims of sexual assault, child molestation, and rape as they will on behalf of accused perpetrators of sex crimes and indecent exposure. When you locate an expert on your behalf, you have tilted the scales of justice in your favor. 😊

According to our detectives, most child sexual abusers, child rapists, etc., in a non-prison setting knew the sexual assault victims and rape victims before they committed their sex crimes and other sexual offenses, or about 93%. Thus, this debunks any myths about most rapists and sexual offenders mostly being strangers to their victims.

Breaking down the data even further, about 59% of sexual assault and rape victims who were minors at the time of their victimization knew their alleged perpetrators as acquaintances, while 34% of their accused perpetrators were their own family members. A mere 7% of accused rapists and pedophiles were complete strangers to their rape and child molestation victims.

Thus, our agents always urge parents and other guardians to carefully choose whom they leave their children with and to teach their kids/wards what consent is and what rape and child molestation are. All children should always feel safe and comfortable with telling their parents, teachers, police officers, etc., should anyone ever attempt to touch them inappropriately, take lewd photos of them, etc. No child, teen, or adult ever deserves to have ANYONE touch them inappropriately, rape them, take lewd photographs of them, etc.

According to each professional who has experience of solving such cases, almost 99% of those who commit sexual assault, rape, child molestation, etc., are males, while only about 1% are females. This information does not consider those who are non-binary, transgender, etc., into that data.

Our professionals state that current empirical research shows that mothers abuse their children at far higher rates than fathers do. In 2021, about 210,746 children became victims of abuse due to their mothers, while 132,363 cases of reported abuse in 2021 stemmed from actions on the children’s father’s part.

Our serial rape private investigators at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City that conduct serial rape private investigations claim that child molesters and other child sex abusers share some common characteristics when caught abusing children. They have thus listed these common reactions below as follow:

  • Denial
  • Seeking Sympathy
  • Attempting to Plead “Guilty But Insane”
  • Fabricating Stories
  • Justifying Her/His/Their Crimes
  • Minimizing What Happened
  • Making Claims of Mental Illness
  • Attacks

Rarely do sex offenders and perpetrators of sexual violence ever just admit to the acts right away. They say it is common for pedophiles and sex offenders to deny, deny, deny, to avoid prosecution and responsibility for their actions.

People become sexual predators for different reasons, according to our private eye. The reasons are listed below as follow:

  • Pedophilia, Ephebophilia, and Hebephilia: This is when an adult has a sexual interest in minors, and it is often genetic or stems from some sort of biological cause or factors that manifests itself – mostly in males – when they reach about age 16.
  • Abusive Situations Growing Up: Children and teens who experience sexual violence, physical violence, and emotional abuse tend to develop those same tendencies toward violence and toxicity. The same concept holds true for a tree that gets bent in a storm and thus grows up in a crooked fashion. You cannot expect humans or trees – or anyone, really – to grow up in a healthy fashion when they experience terrible trauma.
  • Situational Offenders: Some do so because the opportunity to become one opens. These rapists and child molesters are referred to by our private eyes as situational offenders. Jails and prisons are full of people who commit rape and with their accompanying rape victims, and some rapists in jails and prisons are indeed situational offenders. If the situation did not present itself, then the sexual predator, absent the circumstances above, likely would not have committed the sex crimes.

Our detectives would like to note one thing. While most people would agree that sexual activity with minors, even older teenagers, is something to avoid, it is worth noting that the age of consent for sexual activity and marriage in many states is younger than 18. Indeed, Joseph in the Bible was in his 20s, when he knocked up 12-year-old Mary with Jesus, but no one ever makes a big deal about that.

Additionally, there are some 14-year-olds who develop earlier and with bigger features (i.e., teens with very large breasts and big curvy butts) who look far older than their age. These young teens look more like women than many 21-year-old adult women with flat chests, no butt, and very childlike faces. So, to say that it is a “disorder” to find sexual attraction on the physical level to a teen who is younger but who looks much older is unfair.

Of course, on the moral and legal levels, initiating any sort of sexual and/or romantic relationship with someone who is not of age is not okay, nor is possessing or viewing child pornography. Those actions are indeed exploitive and must be avoided, warn our private investigators and indecent exposure private investigations.

Also, when it comes to pedophilia, it is not the fault of a true pedophile that his/her/their body and mind is attracted to prepubescent minors. There is a biological predisposition for persons with pedophilia to have a sexual orientation toward minors that they have absolutely no control over, state our specialists.

They note that pedophilia lies dormant within persons with pedophilia, and then at about age 16 it just pops up and activates as their minds grow and develop. It rarely, if ever, goes away, and its exact cause is unknown.

Of course, it is wrong for those with this to act out on their sexual orientation via romantic relationships, sexual activity, or via child pornography. Instead, there are some proactive steps that our society can take to help reduce the amount of sexual exploitation that child victims of sexual abuse experience.

Instead of ostracizing persons with pedophilia and forcing them into the deepest, darkest corners of society for even mentioning they have an attraction to prepubescent children, the experts instead recommend a more compassionate, empathetic approach.

By making it easier for people with pedophilia to come out and seek assistance from a medical professional, confidential support groups, and society, our agents suggest that we instead make it easier and more acceptable for them to come out and seek the help they need. This proactive rather than reactive approach, our private eye could save so many innocent child and teen victims from exploitation.

According to our serial rape private investigator at our private detective agency that conduct serial rape private investigations, children under the age of 6 experience abuse at the rate of 25 for every 1,000 young children in that age category. Likewise, kids 6 and older have reported victimization rates of 8 for every 1,000 youth. Any number higher than 0 is far too high, note our professionals.

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