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What Happens When Your Best Friend Is The One Being Served? Tinsley Responds

What Happens When Your Best Friend Is The One Being Served? Tinsley Responds

Sometimes, life hands us shitty situations. Those situations can be overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing, but they are also a part of life that we cannot avoid. They are something we have to get used to. As a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is no stranger to shitty situations. In the process of serving world, the possibilities involving undesirable situations are endless. One of those situations involves serving one of your good friends the necessary paperwork to complete your job.

While the situation is definitely one best avoided, there are times when you cannot get around the fact: you need to serve them papers, friend or not. This leads Tinsley Keefe to offer tips on dealing with the state of affairs. No one wants to be in such an awkward situation, but if that time comes regardless of wants . . . you will need to be prepared. You will need to know how to deal with it. For starters, Tinsley suggests the cliché approach of running with your tail between your legs.

Okay – so maybe not that exactly, but at the very least you can phone colleagues/other skip tracers in Oklahoma in an effort to hand off the job. However, there are several downsides to that option. For example, you are missing out on business which means you are missing out on money. Even more, you are risking the possibility of appearing unprofessional. Tinsley Keefe has operated as a process server in OKC long enough to know that the best course of action is acting completely normal. You should treat your friend like any other client.

Of course, explain to them that you are only doing your job. What do they expect you to do? You cannot bend the rules for them – and you should never bend the rules for them. Do not put your ass on the line for a mistake made by another person. If the situation becomes really sticky, even after explaining to your friend, you can try the open communication method. Speak calmly, and if nothing else, ask them to drop the subject and move on. If a friend cannot respect your job, they are not worth it.

Finally, Tinsley reminds you to not focus on the negative more than the positive. One shitty situation is nothing in comparison to dozens of good situations. It is very unlikely that every person you serve papers to will be someone you know. If that is the case, you need to take a step back from the spotlight and reconsider your priorities.

Whether you are a process server or a police officer, your job should always come first in the legal sense. Do not hand out freebies when you are not allowed to. Do not abuse the job you are given by breaking the rules. And definitely never break the law for a friend – because any friend that asks you to break the law for them is not a very good friend at all.

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