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How Oklahoma Private Investigators and Process Servers Can Elicit Greater Police Cooperation and Assistance

Oklahoma PRivate Investigator and the Police

Police officers can sometimes prove to be very helpful to private investigators and process servers.  Indeed, in some cases investigation agents, process servers and police officers perform very similar tasks.  All three professions often encompass various aspects of the law, and thus everyone’s job becomes much easier when all sides work collaboratively rather than against one another.  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers examines some of the ways in which process servers and legal detective can increase the likelihood that police officers will want to assist them, or at the very least not hinder, their investigations and service of process.

The first and most important things all Oklahoma private detectives and process servers should do is to make sure that they always carry the proper identification.  Investigation representative should always have their private investigation licenses, a driver’s license, etc., on them at all times.  Likewise, legal agent should also have their process server license and their driver’s license on hand whenever they go out to serve papers.  Doing so ensures that each Oklahoma City private investigator and process server has everything he or she needs to both identify themselves and proves that they have a legal right to conduct his or her activities.

By law, police officers have the right to perform certain functions within the scope of their duties.  No other individual may interfere with those job tasks, unless the police officer is doing something wrong (i.e., police brutality).  Likewise, once a law abiding Oklahoma process server or private detective has properly identified himself or herself to a police officer who has asked to see identification, there is nothing that that any law enforcement personnel can legally do to interfere with the performance of those lawful duties.  This is why it is so imperative for Oklahoma City process servers and private investigators to carry their process server and private investigator licenses, as well as their drivers’ licenses, at all times.

An owner of a reputable private detective agency or process serving company in Oklahoma will often take great care to let law enforcement officials know of their presence in advance.  This is especially true if the process server or private investigator plans to stay in one area for an extended period of time.  Calling or physically going to the police station in advance and presenting proper identification can prove to be very beneficial.  By doing so, police officers can verify that a person who claims to be a process server or private detective really is who he or she claims to be.  However, it is imperative that process servers and private investigators remember that they do not have to, and in many cases are forbidden from, releasing specific names and/or the general nature of their service/investigation to the police.

When contacting the police in advance, it is important for process servers and private detectives to help give them other non-sensitive important information.  Providing them a physical description of the process servers or lawyer, the make, model and tag numbers of the cars that will be in the area, and a contact number of the individuals working the case will often put their minds at great ease.  That way if people start calling in to report a “suspicious” vehicle or other unusual activity, the police officers can choose call the Oklahoma private investigator or process server first to see what is going on.

Contacting the police in advance will often, but not always, keep police cars from showing up at a private detective’s or process server’s location with multi-coloured lights on, sirens blaring, etc.  This, of course, could prove to be disastrous for an investigation or serve.  What private detective agency or process serving company wants the entire neighbourhood to know of their employees’ presence?  Having the police show up during surveillance or while on a difficult serve could potentially blow everything and would not help out the client.

Making friends with the police and other law enforcement officials can also help a private detective or process server reap numerous positive rewards.  Whether this takes place in a professional capacity or with people on the force that are already known by or introduced to private investigators and Oklahoma process servers, knowing people in the right places helps!  Of course, it is not only beneficial to be well-known, but also well- liked and well-respected.  Spending a little time to invest in these relationships, which can even be as simple as smiling and saying, “Hello” to police officers as they walk by, not only makes deposits into their emotional bank accounts but is also the nice thing to do.  In addition, massaging a police officer’s ego, if not overdone, can also help.  A little investment in advance can come back to help in the future when it especially counts!

After having had a gun pointed at him by a crazy lady, a process server made it a point one time to get to know the local sheriff’s deputies as he filed the report.  They all talked, laughed, shared stories, and more.  While later having to wait in his car while trying to serve papers in the same town on behalf of a new client, a suspicious neighbour eventually contacted the local police.

The local police showed up first, and they began questioning the process server.  However, when the county sheriff’s deputies soon arrived and the process server got out of his car to greet them, the police officers asked them, “You know this guy?”  When the sheriff’s deputies acknowledged that they did and that everything was good to go, the local police immediately backed off and went to inform the normally paranoid lady that everything was okay and that they could not make the Oklahoma process server leave the area.

This is once again a very good example of how Oklahoma private investigators and process servers who know people within very similar professions can have an easier time.  The greater one’s sphere of influence is, the easier life often becomes.  Those who run the most successful private detective agencies and process serving companies have mastered this invaluable concept.

It is also extremely important for private detectives and process servers in Oklahoma and elsewhere to make sure that they follow all laws.  If a process server or private investigator is doing everything in accordance with all local, state and federal laws, then police officers have no way to complain about or otherwise impede the duties of those working for process serving companies and private investigation firms in Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, El Reno, and elsewhere.  Unfortunately, following the laws is not always sufficient.

Sometimes police officers do not know what the laws are.  Indeed, police officers are trained in criminal law, not civil law.  Not wanting to appear ignorant, some police officers may just go with whatever they think the laws should be.  Others may call their supervisors or even call for the assistance of the county sheriff or constable, as they are often charged with the responsibility of serving papers, etc.  At other times, since law enforcement officials really may not know what private investigators and process servers can and cannot legally do, they may just let them proceed with their duties unhindered.

It never hurts for process servers to have a copy of the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on hand.  Investigation agent should have any pertinent laws, which are often on, readily available by phone or on paper.  This way if police officers are ignorant of civil laws pertaining to Oklahoma process servers and lawyer or are intentionally trying to interfere, they can get a quick and easy reminder.

In addition, having copies of local ordinances pertaining to parking on public property, what does and does not constitute trespassing, and the amendments to the United States Constitution on hand can also prove to be quite useful.   Sometimes an Oklahoma process server or private investigator will need to remind police officers about such rights as the freedom of speech and association, what the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the United States Constitution really means, etc.  Always knowing the laws in advance is smart and makes excellent business sense.

Process servers and private investigators should definitely take great care to always act professionally.  Circumstances may arise when police officers do everything wrong or even break multiple laws.  Indeed, the field of law enforcement often attracts people with a strong desire to protect and serve, but it can also draw in people seeking power, authority, and those who do not appreciate having their authority questioned.  Private investigation agencies and process serving companies that encourage diplomacy, tact, patience, kindness, collaborative leadership, respect for the law, and polite assertiveness will often prosper the best. 

Another crucial element of garnering the cooperation of police officers is for Oklahoma private investigators and process servers to never try to intentionally antagonize law enforcement officials.  These people are also fellow human beings with thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations, goals, insecurities, and fallibilities.  Many of them have families, and they are as fragile as the next human being or other life form.  Trying to make a police officer irate or otherwise irritated will seldom, if ever, accomplish any noteworthy desired goals.  Since investigation agents, process servers, and law enforcement officials often perform at least some of the same duties, it is essential that Oklahoma process servers and private detectives do everything they can to get them on the same team.  Hopefully no one is out to break the law or cause any harm; everyone just wants to do their duties and go home to their families.

Private detective agencies and process server companies in Oklahoma and elsewhere can often find great success when interacting with law enforcement officials.  Knowing how, when, with whom, where, and why interacting with law enforcement officials in a variety of situations is crucial.  Eventually there are times when private investigators and process servers need help from local law enforcement agencies.  By working together instead of against one another, Oklahoma City process servers and private investigation agencies can find much greater success!

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