Process Server and Investigation

How Process Servers Catch Those Evading Service

For those who think it’s easy to evade being served papers- think again! You will only make it harder for yourself if you think that avoiding a process server will get you out of being served, as there are other ways a process server can adopt to serve you and sue you. Here are the ways process servers catch those evading service (and no, it is not illegal or as dramatic as some movies may portray it to be) or use plan B or C to serve papers.

Asking Neighbors

Neighbors of the person being served papers can be a valuable source of information for process servers, as they might know their whereabouts. If a neighbor is willing to comply and give information to the process server in Oklahoma City, they may contact them as soon as the target is at home.

Following them on social media

You can find out a lot about a person through social media. A process server in Oklahoma can follow their targets on social media to know about their whereabouts through their posts. It is legal, as oftentimes social media pages are public.


This is a lengthier and more determined way to find evasive subjects, as many times process servers can stakeout to familiarize themselves with their target’s daily routine, and where they may be. This can ensure that process servers in OKC find the subject on purpose rather than by chance.

Posing as someone else

Process servers may at times act as delivery persons so that they can contact or come face to face with their target. There are other creative ways process servers may contact their subjects (legally) however, if disclosed, those ways may prove to be ineffective.

Plan ‘B’ and ‘C’

Process servers have a plan B and C to effectively serve the subject papers if physically finding them is proving to be difficult or impossible. Here is what plan B and C entail:

Plan B

There are two steps that the process server can take when carrying out plan B:

  1. They can leave the court papers at the subject’s house or at their place of work with another adult or
  2. They can mail a copy of the papers via certified mail to the subject’s home or place of work’

Plan C

Even though it is hard to avoid the strategies listed in plan B, if the defendant still manages to evade being served papers, plan C entails the process server in Stillwater will get a grant by a judge to serve the defendant through publications. This is highly effective as ads of the subject being sued and called into court can alert them far quicker than any other method.

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